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Obviously you think the REM catalog is Losing My Religion. Go back and listen to any album by them from the 80's and find a "clunker" for me.
As far as my tastes go, Tom Petty over REM is ridiculous too. But Hootie, it's not even a question that REM is better. Hootie, the Rock and Roll HOF is on the line, no wait, they said wrong number.
"Bobby Petrino is not an assistant coach. There will be power struggles between he and Fisher, and there will be a winner and a loser." HIM not he
How about every other level of college football? High school football? They have been doing it forever. The only level that doesn't have a full playoff is FBS. It's all about the bowls and money. To say anything else is playing into the narrative that has been spewed by the bowls forever.
Alabama sure played the mighty Vols closely. And last time I checked, LSU hasn't played UGA yet. Everyone was saying the same thing in 2018 about LSU/Georgia. That's why they play.
A nice consolation would be to get to play K State at full strength!
Welcome to what it has been like for LSU playing Bama and Florida every year for the last 15 years.
You like correcting everyone else. I guess you only care about what's important to you, not grammar.
"Yeah that was odd seeing he and Houston Nutt in the same frame." Him not he
Hogs will be tricky; hopefully CBK's message will sink in and they play up to their potential.
Glad to see classy Bama fans on here. It was a great game! I was thinking to myself when BY threw the long touchdown, well if LSU loses, this is a great first year no matter what.
Luck? You could say that about every play in the game, faulty logic
I mean he did say BOLD predictions...
I get it, but disagree. He's groovin in place on a little circle that's moving around; not a whole lot even Travolta could do in that spot!
Really, you probably were saying the same thing in 2003 and 2007. Last time I checked, the Vols haven't won anything yet. Let's see when the Vols raise the national championship trophy again. Seems like the last one was last century.
Why must these writers keep bringing up the "southern accent" thing and cringy dance moves. Good for him dancing. I think most men out there are too scared to be made fun of for dancing which is why our boy Connor here keeps bringing it up.
It's because of all of the hype before the season started. Plus, there are a lot of unrealistic Aggie fans out there. I visited that campus back in the 80's, lots of bragging about mediocrity back then and nothing has changed. Let's talk about the weird traditions: don't walk on the grass, yell leaders, "howdy," yell practice with those overalls, military fight songs...
Great points. I think most of the fan base is reasonable, but the most vocal people are usually the complainers.
It's not because of the tackles. PFF has them with very high grades. The whole line is still trying to get cohesive and have been playing better each week, but they still make youthful mistakes.
1) Take the LSU icon away from your profile 2) Have you watched a game at either stadium 3) Tennessee hasn't played in a tough environment on the road this year 4) LSU fans are delusional. Tell that to the oddmakers in Vegas