Auburn fan from Fayetteville, AL living in Gardendale. Here to promote open minds in college football fan bases/campaign for William Wallace as greatest sports writer of all time.

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This is fair. Just about exactly how I’d rank them as well although I’m not certain about Young.
I know the whole point of the article is to have fun/start a conversation during these troubled quarantine times, but I do find it frustrating that the author showers Bama’s defense with praise with all that star power (which they no doubt had) while seeming to ignore the fact that Auburn rushes for 296 yards that game, went blow for blow with Bama, and it wasn’t some fluke win. It was Auburn matching up well with Bama, playing better, and Gus out coaching Saban. Remember, after Auburn called timeout they put their return team on the field and Saban left nothing but fat guys out there. As an Auburn fan though, it was and still is painful to watch such a magical season come up short by Gus taking his foot off the throat of Jimbo “Welp, He’s A Good Kid” Fisher and Jameis “What Does No Mean?” Winston in the championship game. Auburn lost it more than FSU won it. To humor the author, I actually do believe Bama would have won the championship game rather easily. Saban would have coached a much better championship game in the sense that he doesn’t show mercy like Gus seems to do with big leads in important games.
It's hard to beat Auburn as far as beautiful women are concerned, but I would have to say that through my experience on SEC campuses that The Grove in Oxford is the winner in this regard.
Hahaha you're so damn salty. You know you have a weak ass argument when the beat you have is "Missouri was beating Auburn more times than anyone last year." That's reaching dude.....and I don't give a sh*t if Indiana has won three games or not....they are a bottom feeding Big Ten team.
YES!!!! You're back!!!! I was worried you weren't going to write for SDS anymore and it was going to be a sad day in sports journalism.
Insert "we don't get respect" comment from a Mizzou fan here. Oh wait, you lost to a bottom feeding Big Ten team. zzzzzz. On a side note these "What Happened To You" articles were about 100 times funnier when William Wallace wrote them. Where is that guy?
Hey guys I'll be watching Mizzou because they didn't lose many people from last years team and they are really good and they don't get any respect and YAAAAAAWN.
This website has really dropped off in quality since last year. In terms of the layout, substance of the articles, and little things like you mentioned there. I'm disappointed.
Musberger is doing Sam Houston State vs. LSU? Man he really has fallen from grace this year.....
I have to strongly disagree with this statement. Taking away Stephen Garcia and all of his pudgy, alcohol infused greatness would have been a great disservice to all fans watching him. He and the HBC were a match made in heaven.
*Heart. Jesus. Keyboard so hard.....
Actually I meant my hear will explode. Urban style. We should make an Urban Style dance with everyone clinching their chests. It will be way less cheesy than that Korean dude who has a trillion views on youtube.
As an Auburn fan, yes, you are absolutely right. I am going to cherish this season. I mean the Cam Newton season was magical and lots of fun, but coming back from 24 points down to beat Bama isn't quite as exciting as what happened this year. If only we can cap this season off with another win. I think my head will explode. I don't know if I can take it. Oh God. By the way William Wallace (no offense any other writers on this site, you guys are great and all) you are the single greatest sports writer of all time. Period. Keep doing what you do. Your articles bring me lots of joy on Mondays. Thanks man.
That's pretty spot on. I said that A&M would have won it all last year had they played in the SECCG.
I'm glad all the predictions were wrong. I'm fully convinced Auburn is the best team in the country.
Well so many people on this thread were wrong. So much for stopping the run
1 thing to watch for. Tre Mason rushing for 300 yards. Watch out for that lol
My God you're always so mad Wolfman. You keep spewing out this stat of the 4 common opponents........it will be settled on the field so your argument is irrelevant and stupid. I don't know about the three touchdown victory, but I would say Mizzou has a good chance of winning the game. It all depends on Auburn's ability to run the football and keep the ball away from Missouri's freak show wide receivers. Auburn always has trouble covering big receivers. Just chill man. When OSU loses to MSU then the winner of the SECCG will get to play FSU so all will be settled on the field. Chill with your irrelevant common opponents stats. All will be decided on the field.
Two fluke plays. Lucky. These are things I've heard so much tonight. "Luck is when opportunity meets preparation" That's a quote from Bear Bryant. So stop with that. Auburn is easily a top 3 team.
I wasn't pissed. After the review it was clear as to what the right call was. So I wasn't pissed. I would call it worried more than pissed. You sound a bit upset....
Thank God for replay. Best review of the season putting that 1 second back on the clock lol
That's the point I'm trying to make Daniel. Well one of my points. The other point is I've heard more about that one call than I have about Auburn's impressive victory and the turnaround of the program.
Manziel is my favorite player in college football right now. I love watching the guy play. That game just shows that Manziel can't do it all every game. Too many holes on A&M's team. Mike Evans is the best receiver in CFB and no one else is even close. I agree on not trading him for any QB. If I was building a team with a choice of QB it would be him then Winston a close second.
I'm already sick of people making an issue out of the no-call on Manziel on the last drive. Defenses are already handicapped because of all the rules, so I think it was a good no-call. Plus you can see his under shirt when he tackled him, so to me he got all jersey and didnt have his hand in the shoulder pads. Aside from all of that I'm really impressed with the turnaround from Auburn this year. Chizik could get the players there just couldn't coach well and had problems with the talent development. Still I didn't expect to be 6-1 and beat A&M.
I hope you're right about the Auburn/Missouri SECCG. The injury bug has been in Missouri's favor this year as opposed to last year. I'm not at all saying that's why they are winning the East because that's far from the truth. I'm saying they don't have the misfortune of being a wheelchair team like Georgia. They caught me off guard this year though. I wasn't paying Missouri any attention at all until they beat Georgia though, but congrats on the year just far and hope to see them play in Atlanta vs. Auburn
Missouri surprised me as well as probably everyone outside of the state of Missouri, but don't get ahead of yourself. Missouri isn't on the same level against Alabama. In the SECCG, on a neutral field with both teams healthy, Bama would be a 14 point favorite probably and I believe they would cover. Not to discredit what Missouri has done in any way but I'm just being real
I agree with you to a point but I don"t think a one loss SEC champ gets into the NCG this year. I think the only hope for an SECNC is Bama. Florida State is most likely not going to lose and neither is Ohio State or Oregon so it's Bama or bust for the SEC. As much as I like to have another one for the SEC I would love for Auburn to take down Bama which I didn't think as a real possibility until I saw Auburn today.
Bama will not face an offense as good as A&M's all year, and that's including if they play Oregon. We can't base what Oregon's done in the past couple of years against SEC teams because there isn't much to go off of. Beat Tennesee twice (yawn) and lost to LSU and Auburn. Really though Oregon people don't flame an SEC website with talk of Oregon stacks up vs the SEC. At least wait until they do something other than win the PAC 12.........that bein said I woul love to see Bama-Oregon. You have probably the best Oregon team maybe ever, and Oregon would catch Bama on a somewhat down year a far as their defense.