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I'm sorry, but Brady didn't have a "system" which its roots have been used before. I don't discount Brady's value to LSU but he had the benefit of a wunderkind QB, a RB that surprised a lot of people and receivers that will probably all be 1st round choices in the NFL draft this year and next. It was the "perfect storm". Everyone will be watching his effectiveness at Carolina. I wish him well but trust Steve Ensminger had a lot to do with LSU's super season. All this from a diehard Tiger fan. Hope they do it again but I can't see the dominance happening again for a VERY long time if at all!
With no disrespect to those mentioned but why does Joe Burrow have to win the national championship to be considered in that company? None of the team's those players were on came as close to doing it as Joe has. He is as great a player LSU has had if his magic stops now.
Most every team has injuries and LSU certainly has their share on defense. It is always the case to blame injuries or basically ignore a team is a bit better than yours (anyone's). For Alabama it is especially disgusting considering all the crowing about 4 and 5 star recruits galore. I am still a fan of Nick Saban but it is possible to outsmart him once in a while. LSU did that and he acknowledged the team was very good. Please quit whining about a loss due to factors ALL teams face. According to Saban, Tua was fine even at the half. LSU's offensive line lost 3 starters but still advanced the ball at will.
I fully agree. How do people run their mouth about things they have NO knowledge about? Then say they'll have to do "something". THat keyboard courage is a great thing for shallow minds and clueless idiots that try to stir up controversy when there IS NONE. Justin has personal issues to deal with and it is highly insensitive to make light of that. Congrats! Bamaman is the buffoon of the day, hands down.