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Y'all know what they say about new coaches. Give them some time to recruit players who fit their systems. Been saying that in College Station for, what, ten or twelve years? PS: Agree with all of the above.
LSU will likely struggle against the MSU rushing attack but if moo-U hopes to pull off the upset it will need the O line to provide some decent pass protection. A few key chunk pass plays vs that LSU secondary could be enough of a complement to the State run game to pull out a very sweet home win. All that said, I would bet on the Tigers to win this road test.
I give Georgia more than a puncher's chance. I think they could lose a game, badly if early in the season or a close one late, and still make the final four. Once there, I like Kirby's chances.
The Number One question: How will Will Rogers perform in a more conventional offense vs. defenses that are built to compete against conventional offenses.
Make it four, Bro. To those complaining about how the SEC media based their rankings on future performances, well, that's what they were asked to do, predict the order of finish in 2023. I do think some really good MSU players got snubbed in the pre-season All-SEC voting though.
Good to see MSU last in the West on pretty much everybody's card. Most years when that happens it means good things for Bulldog football as they generally exceed those expectations. See 2014 for just one example.
No offense to Wright but when he transferred from Vandy to MSU the average IQ of both schools probably went up a little.
This Arnett guy sounds like a head coach. Clearly he is finding his new shoes very comfortable.
Well, well. Not one but two chuckle-worthy bits in one SDS column, i.e. the Mike Leach Bowl bit and "4. Staring at a blank TV for 4 hours". Keep up the good work, Adam.
If you haven't clicked the link to Saturday Out West blogger Jon Gold's hilarious answer to the Pac-12 question it is absolutely worth a click.
Ah, it's Mr. Mexico. The prince of darkness, the nabob of negativity, here to bash fans everywhere. Ron, plenty of USC fans care about USC. Fans of the sport may jump from bandwagon to bandwagon but fans of a particular school will follow and root for their schools teams through thick and thin. They will pay attention to tennis and golf and softball and swimming as well as the big three sports. USC may not ever win another national championship but that doesn't diminish the value of their athletic department, their student athletes or their fans.
Every once in a while it might be wise to look at decisions like this in terms of what is best for college football. At the risk of ceding an iota of power to an inept NCAA, maybe this is one of those times. The power of the SEC means less in a diminished college football world.
Rooting for Vandy. And don't count them out just because KY and FL have "more complete" teams. Two years ago Ole Miss barely made it into the NCAA tourney but won it all. MSU was just an ok team three years ago but got hot, got some timely pitching and won it all. Those kinds of stories are what make baseball so much fun to follow. Anchor Down.
About ranking Arnett dead last, I get that. He is pretty much an unknown quantity as a head coach. And anyway, it's not where you stand in May that matters. It's where you stand in January. Might be an interesting year in Starkville. 2024 could be even more so.
You're not wrong, Bro. But DinaKorrine's bot will never read your constructive criticism, nor will Dina herself.
Oh, how the mighty have fallen. Last two national champions are now arguably the worst two teams in their conference. So much for success breeding success.
Wrong change, IMHO. I believe the pitching problem stems from a lack of talent needed to shut down opposing offenses at this level. I'm not sure a pitching coach fixes that. More a matter of scouting and recruiting and luck. But better coaching might help with the other huge issue MSU is experiencing right now: poor fielding. I see some talent there but I also see way too many little mistakes that better coaching could fix. Of course this is just a fan's opinion. Still, I agree with hailst8r. This smells like a blame-shifting effort by Lemonis.
Bennett is anything but the prototypical can't miss NFL QB prospect but with what he did at Georgia I'm not betting against him.
No one before or since has had a bigger impact on MSU baseball. Few have had a bigger impact on all of college baseball.
They can't fact check or edit their own blogs. You really expect them to moderate the comments? ;-)
SC may not yet be a dynasty but like Georgia FB the Gamecocks may be on their way. This year's loss in the final four could simply be a bump in the road. At minimum, they have a really strong program going up there in Columbia. I don't think you need to win a natty every year to be called a dynasty. (Look at Bama FB.) Given the depth of talent around the country we probably won't see anything like the Husky's run again. So winning it all every two or three years and making annual trips to the final four probably qualifies. So lets wait three or four years before deciding if SC truly is a dynasty or if it is just a good program.
Funny. Flip the order, keep Bama at the top and move Vandy near the bottom and you have a reasonable SEC football way-too-early power ranking.
Pitching looked much better on Sunday. Of course that was a pretty low bar.
I was really glad to see Arnett tapped for the HC job. I think he has all the tools needed to become a very successful head coach. I hope that happens at MSU but even if he struggles here in his first head coaching gig, I think ultimately he will find success. He strikes me as someone who listens, learns, and knows how to apply the lessons he picks up along the way. I would love to see him achieve that success at MSU and to become a fixture in the position for decades to come. That's a long shot these days but there is nothing more powerful in building a successful program than long term stability at the top.
We want Vandy...We want Vandy... ...and maybe Kentucky, too.