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SevenT, you do know Ray is from TUscaloosa, went to 'Bama, and now roots for Missouri, right? Try to keep up.
Steven Ray is a big fan of Stingray. His MSU superfan shtick now looks like simple self-promotion. Didn't he move on to Missouri fanhood? I don't see him winning this suit. No attorneys are listed on his filing, according to the clip, and the meme only accuses him of LOOKING like a child molester, not of being one. Ray has absolutely made himself into a "public figure" with his Internet presence, so a liable suit is probably out. I don't even know what the legal tests are for "negligence, invasion of privacy and wantonness." I kind of feel for Ray. He took a lot of heat during his fifteen minutes of fame, mostly for his appearance and the fact that he is a Bama grad rooting for another school. But really, he brought it on himself with his pursuit of fame.
It isn't ideal especially when it comes to amenities, but Legion Field does seat over 71,000. By contrast, Raymond James (Tampa Bay Bucks) only holds 65,000, Heinz Field holds less than 70,000.
Oh. The controversy was about whether or not the ball was on the rim when it was tipped. Um....please disregard my previous idiotic comments.
I think San Antonio would be a better bet. But I don't know if they will put in a bid.
The ball just has to be out of the shooter's hand when the light goes off.
Agreed. The ball was part way through the rim when the light went off. Clearly the tip in was well off Bigby-Williams' hand when the backboard lit up. It had to be reviewed pro forma but calling this "controversial" is just SDS click bait.
You guys blaming "karma" might as well blame a black cat that crossed his path or salt he spilled. Karma. Give me a break.
I expected to see MSU on this list. Then I remembered we were only 8-5 last year. I guess we can dig up six wins somewhere next year.
Good recruiting job by JoMo and the rest of the coaching staff. But I sure wish we could have held on to Washington. He could have been The Answer at left tackle for years to come.
Easy to see why the Ryan character was so awkwardly pushed forward by the writers. In addition to playing Ryan, B.J. Novak's show credits at one time or another include co-executive producer, executive producer, supervising producer, co-producer and associate producer. Gotta keep the boss happy.
Exactly what I was thinking. Without pictures/video in the hands of the public it isn't news and if it isn't news it never happened, as far as the NFL is concerned.
I don't see any names that don't look like first round pics. So, yeah, barring surprises, I think 14 pics will probably happen.
Stidham looked good. Lock looked better. Sweat looked unstoppable, including putting a much bigger o-lineman on his butt. Didn't get to see Debo but looking forward to seeing him on Saturday.
File all this under "way too early". But "Mississippi State is at No. 15 for some unknown reason..." ? The reason is clearly because our coach is an offensive genius. Look at last season! (Just limit that look to Arkansas and non-conference games. ) /sarcasm
They are Razorback fans. I think they have been punished enough.
The fact that he is already thinking about his future after football is to this young man's credit. I hope he finds what he is looking for in a school.
This entire business is the work of just a few over-zealous UCF supporters. (And we SEC fans know something about being a little over-zealous.) It would be wiser to simply ignore their misguided attempts at attention than to give in to the temptation to enter the debate. As Mark Twain (or George Bernard Shaw or Lincoln) supposedly said: "Never wrestle with a pig. You both get dirty and the pig likes it." Wise words, wherever they came from.
Mahomes probably deserves to be named MVP. But day-um, Drew Brees has NEVER won an MVP. Seems like any season he and/or the Saints do exceptionally well, there is always someone who has a breakout year or an exceptional year and knocks Brees out of the running. Drew should get some kind of lifetime achievement MVP.
Probably back when the location was chosen everyone thought one or maybe even two PAC 10 teams would vie for the NC. Right?
Which is exactly what the Finebaum staff is counting on.
Been waiting for someone to bring that up. When your strength is the run game, you don't give up the ball with just over four minutes left. Even after yet another stand by our great defense, there just wasn't going to be enough time for a final drive by our offense. When the punt team hit the field I stood up, threw up my hands, and yelled, "Well, that's the game!"
Unfortunately when you tell a lot of these kids to "look at the big picture" they immediately think NFL, not team.
Way more soft touches than tough outs in those non-conference schedules so far. But some good teams are emerging again this year. I agree that this could be a very fun season in-conference and later.
And if CF does pull out a win, this column will be the Ghost of Christmas Just Past for all the coming year.
So on Christmas Day you give us this lump of coal where now you predict that all SEC teams will win except Auburn (ho hum), AND... ...in the MOST IMPORTANT game for the SEC and the P5 (outside of the playoffs) you predict a win by Central Florida over LSU. Joe Cox, thy name is Grinch.