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Come to the Mississippi Gulf Coast for the sports betting. But stay for the shrimp and the blackened snapper.
Jeffery Simmons is gonna be pissed he was left off the first team. My condolences to the opposing O-linemen and quarterbacks he takes it out on.
Frankly I would prefer tonight's game being a nice boring 7-2 win by MSU. But this has turned out to be a crackerjack series. Nice to see these two teams get the errors under control, too.
Good to see MSU well down on that list. The lower the SIDs and SEC press pick us, the better we do.
If we finish lower than second in the west it will be a disappointing season.
I can't let this one go without a mention of the best running back I ever saw in person, a player who went on to have a pretty good career in the NFL, rushing for over 18,000 yards, a career record that still stands. Emmitt Smith was not a flashy runner in college, nor was he blessed with freakish power or size. But he always seemed to be wherever the nearest tacklers weren't and never seemed to take a direct hit. Anyone who doubts Smith's place on the Mount Rushmore of SEC running backs merely needs to read his bio entry in Wikipedia.
Way to stay classy, LSUSMC. Y'all ran into a buzz saw in those Bevers. The diamond Tigers finished the season strong and the future looks pretty bright.
Pretty good write-up. Keep 'em comming.
I hope his coverage skills and his tackling are better than his grasp of percentages. So lets help the kid out. He MEANT to say "(100 - B)% where B is the number of bowls Ole Miss has been to the last two years. Another over-hype from SDS. Lets pump the brakes on the MSU hype train, boys, at least until fall.
Just in case you missed it, MSU is the first team to lose their first regional game and then go on to advance to the super two years in a row. Last year they pulled off the rare feat in the Hattiesburg regional. Only 7% of teams in the super regional era have lost their first regional game and gone on to advance.
Pretty sure at this point the "home team" would get hit with penalties early and often under the old "ban" rules if they were reinstated today. Zebras love TV time. I went before there was any rule, or at least before the SEC started using the "artificial noisemaker" rule to control the cowbells. It was mighty fun, especially when the Rebels came to town.
Much ado about nothing. Pretty much everyone stops ringing when the center gets to the ball. This rule change doesn't change anything. It just makes the rule a little more specific and thus easier to enforce. This is a non-story.
Stay classy, BT. BTW, it's "TOO stupid", not "to stupid".
MSU might have the easiest. Well, K-State could be tough on the road. Ya never know that early.
I think Les is a lot more entertaining when he is NOT reciting scripted dialog. That said, BOTH HANDS ON THE WHEEL, LES! (Very entertaining video, btw.)
So what's happening between 9/15 and 10/27?
I would love to find out more about the studies that have been done in Texas and W. Va. like who did the studies, what the metrics were, and how statistically robust the data was. Meanwhile, the fact that those who can afford premium seating have access to a cold beer during the game while those of us in the "cheap seats" are denied that option strikes me as blatant discrimination and hypocrisy of the first order. The economic argument is very much secondary to the welfare of the average fan, but is still significant.
I think it's a bit unfair to call MSU's hire of Croom "a poor one". He took over a program with many problems, from NCAA infractions to a locker room culture that was far from ideal. Croom cleaned up the program and had it on the upswing toward the end. 2007 saw an 8-5 seasson that included the first bowl win in a while. But the 4-8 the following season was just too much for Bulldog fans to take. The next guy was a decent hire, too. Guy named Mullen.
Thanks for the clarification, ruff, and for (apparently) taking the time to read the source material. I was about to make the same comment as you did initially. I see further that Goodbread stuck with SKILL POSITION offensive players. Given all that, I have no major problem with his list.
Maybe they meant North North Carolina, and North South Carolina.
And we screwed the pooch again by copying, rather than cutting in moving the last line to the first paragraph.
Forget pretty much everything I just posted. Just haven't had my coffee yet and my brain decided to do a back flip and criticize the original article, which was just fine, even if the original quote is ill-informed. I MEANT to say that Conner sure used a lot of words to argue against some off the cuff hype that some assistant fed to an Athlon writer. Sure, the assistant has put an opinion out there that is probably full of pixie dust, but Conner's response comes off as defensive and only serves to focus more attention on the coach's quote. Fewer words could have just as effectively rebutted the coach's comment. (Yeah, I know. The pot just pointed out all that soot on the kettle.) Just haven't had my coffee yet and my brain decided to do a back flip and criticize the original article, which was just fine.
All in all this is an insightful and fairly well reasoned argument. It's also a lot of words spent to support a position that is just not very accurate. OM players showed what they could do when they were highly motivated in last year's Egg Bowl. The talent is there. Now the coaching staff just needs to figure out how to get them pumped up every Saturday. And even that will become far easier in 2019. The OM program is hardly a dead team walking. It isn't even in the ICU.
Be nice, BT. We're the ones keepin' y'all out of last place.
Well done, Rebs. Good luck in the NCAA's unless we happen to meet again. You, too, Tigers.
Indeed! I thought LSU needed to win a couple of tournament games to sneak into the NCAA tourney. Now it looks like they might earn a slot as conference tournament champs. Even if they drop today's game they should be a lock for the NCAA's now, having beaten the teams they beat to make the final. Good luck to the Bayou Bengals today and going forward. (Nothing to say about the other team...see avatar)