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Should be interesting. Agonizing but never dull. Leach won't come in and "adjust" his system to the talent he inherits. He will run his system and take his lumps for a year or two as players adjust and adapt to it. I'll be happy with seven wins next year, and nine or more would put me over the moon. But if the famously impatient MSU fan base can show a little long-view thinking, the mid 20s could be a whole lot of fun.
Oh, well. I see Buckley is off to Oxford. So is this the result of Leach bringing a couple of his defensive staffers over from WSU?
HC's come and HC's go, but Tony just keeps on doin' his thing, and very well. Hope we can also keep Terrell Buckley.
Love Shoop or hate him (I'm somewhere in the middle), news that The Pirate has offered the DC job to Brian Newberry of Navy may either be because of, or the cause of Shoop pulling up stakes. If a move for Shoop is the result of Coach Leach wanting to move on, player discipline is probably the issue. And I expect someone who coaches at one of the military academies would be strong in that department.
...and kicked off the greatest season in LSU history and arguably the best season by any offense in the history of college football.
Some of those are much longer than "moments". One event that is closer to a "moment" is the win over Texas. LSU showed they could outscore anybody and Joe Burrow loudly announced his presence on the college football stage, going 31-of-39 passing for 471 yards and four touchdowns. It was the first time we saw just how dominant LSU was going to be in 2019.
Hill and Thompson coming back for their senior season? Could make a huge difference in Mike Leach's first season at MSU.
Thanks for a great three years, Kylin, for the decision to make it four, and for that fantastic tweet. You just moved even deeper into the hearts of Bulldog fans everywhere.
The top 4 are fine, although the exact order is tough to call. As for the rest, move Pruitt up some and move Leach down a few slots until he has coached some SEC games. And I say that as someone who is really excited to see Mike take over at MSU.
That said, apparently two yearrs is NOT too short to determine how bad a new HC is, at least not in Mississippi.
Happy for JoMo. Should do well at Oregon and back in his comfort zone as OC.
It will be interesting to see how much of Burrow's success was due to the influence of Brady...and vice versa.
Hey, remember, Louisville went to the Music City Bowl and beat Mississ............um............never mind.
Congratulations to everyone who is part of the LSU program. Happy for them and for all the LSU fans who hang out here on SDS. Geaux Tigers
Agreed (with LSUSMC). LSU is just that good. Their D may not be quite up there with the best defenses they have put on the field over the last few years, but they are plenty good enough. As to the "crushing score", LSU could have had more with a better start. And don't forget, they took a knee twice inside the Clemson 5 at the end of the game. Would you have been happier had they doubled* Clemson, 49-25? *roughly
Undeserved, 55. I thought this was ok in a kind of funny way. But I already know the answer to #7. Instagrams don't last. One's legacy is defined on Twitter. Just ask The Donald.
I really enjoy the trash talk and verbal jabs I exchange with Ole Miss friends. Still most of us agree that there has been a little too much hate the last few years. Seems like sometimes the hate is just over the top, a boyish effort to show the rest of the country how tough we are and how seriously we take our football. Don't get me wrong. I love to see a good drubbing of the bearsharks in the egg bowl. But I hope piss-gate and the subsequent hiring of these two coaches marks the end of the old and the start of a new era in this great rivalry.
He should be coaching better players than he had at WS or TT. Won't help in the SEC West where opponents also have better defences than he is used to facing. But should help against non-conference top 25s, the few that we play.
Leach played football in high school. He switched to rugby in college.
Nope. This guy is the best available and we are lucky to land him.
Here's the thing about something like the air-raid offense. Sure, most years you will lose to the top teams in the conference. But maybe you luck into a really talented QB and you happen to have a couple of pretty good receivers and a line that can pass block. It won't happen often but when it does, that can be the recipe for some big upsets and a sweet season or two. Maybe even a trip to Atlanta. I just never see this kind of thing happening with the typical teams that "play MSU football", ones that are physical, run heavy, and focus on D. If you can recruit, every now and then you get a nice roster. With the traditional MSU "nice roster" playing "MSU football" the floor is high (6-6?) but the ceiling is not (8-4?). With something like the air raid, the floor is lower (4-8?) but the ceiling is way up there (10-2? 11-1?). Dak wasn't Dak until he developed his air game. The best rushing QB in the history of the SEC wasn't Dak because he never did develop as a passer.
Sad but true. Most coaches who hire on with mid-pack sec schools are on their way up or on their way down. Either way, before long they are on their way out.
WJ, I agree with your take on the Moorhead bashing, but I don't think you have read many comments if these are dumbest things you've seen posted on this site recently. (This site is a sight sometimes, though.)
If nobody else wants him, we'll take him. I'm sure Coach Grantham can keep him on the straight and narrow in Starkville.
The merits of Moorhead's coaching tenure, or lack thereof, mean less than nothing now. He is gone and there is little of real practical value to be learned from his tenure here. Moving on, I'm not so sure Holtz would be a bad choice. He could turn out to be a great HC who has learned valuable lessons in the past. He could turn out to be a disaster. The fact is, any hire is really a shot in the dark. Who predicted Sabin after he had burned out in Cleveland? Who thought Ed O would amount to anything after Ole Miss or even later when he took a job as a d-line coach at LSU after being passed over at Tennessee? And the list of sure-fire hires who flamed out is way longer.
So is his dad. Heck, I'm available at just a million a year. Point being?
Never mind. Judge will be the next Giant's HC, according to multiple sources.