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I sort of agree. But once a player is arrested and charged, I think it is appropriate to suspend him pending a full investigation or an outcome in court.
His preconceived notions and political team membership.
Like most things, there is a time and place for Georgia bashing. This isn't it.
Best thing I've read here in a long, long time.
OK. But for us, it's two weeks without a loss. Break out the party hats and confetti.
You have Costello at 12? The guy who set an SEC record for passing yards against DBU? Seems a little high to me.
It's a cliché because it's true: You build good offense from the inside out. Start with great a great O line and you will find skill guys to make the offense hum. I'm not sure Mike Leach gets that. We will see, as he starts building his own team.
You don't have to run the ball much to win with an effective pass-heavy offense, even in the SEC. But you have to have a running game that is a credible threat or it's an eight man zone all game long. Oh, it also helps if your QB doesn't turn the ball over two or five times per game.
Protests like this are just stupid. The protesters probably think they are "shedding light" on an important issue but most people are pretty well aware of, and ok with the fact that we eat animals, use them for testing, etc. This form of "civil disobedience" (with apologies to MLK for even calling it that) only creates further hostility among those who do not see the world the way the protesters do. It is the worst form of "preaching to the choir". Mike Member, PETA (People Eating Tasty Animals)
I hope your prediction for Saban is right, but there are several million husbands and wives, sons and daughters, grandchildren and friends of the 120 thousand people who have died from this disease who would take issue with your attitude. Corona deniers won't get it until someone close to them ends up in the hospital or worse.
Even the stick-a-swab-up-your-nose-and-scrape-your-brain isn't 100% accurate. The speedy tests are less so. And Saban could be infected but symptom free or symptoms may still be in the cards for him.
Nothing is 100% with COVID. I hope you aren't implying that masks are useless because clearly they are the best weapon we currently have. But, yeah, I share your hope that Saban enjoys a speedy recovery.
"I’m not sure if the ugly losses since are a reflection of Mississippi State – or the LSU defense." A: Both
Imagine that Bama offense with Georgia's defense. Oh, yeah, that's what Bama used to look like.
Ironic. While D was the big question mark, MSU may have one of the better defenses in the SEC. Meanwhile an offense that was predicted to hang a lot of points on a lot of teams can't score on one of the weaker passing defenses in the league (based on stats from their first two games.)
Game 1: Costello sets the world on fire Game 2: Costello comes back to earth trying to play the same game vs. a different (and more appropriate) defense. Game 3: Costello starts really pressing, trying to recapture the magic. Game 4: Maybe he and Leach figure it out? This offense is not as good as it looked vs. LSU, but it's not as bad as it has looked the last two weeks. Take what the defense gives you. Stop auditioning for the NFL and just do your job on each play. (/clichés)
Please, everyone stop picking MSU to beat Arkansas and the spread. We are not comfortable with such predictions of success. We thrive on being the dog, especially at home.
I would be thrilled with 6-4 and lots of fun along the way. 7-3 in the West while drawing Georgia and a pretty good Kentucky team out of the east would be a dream season. But I see it unfolding in a different way. I expect MSU to lose a game they should win, but also pull off another upset against A&M, Auburn, Georgia or perhaps (be still my beating heart) 'Bama.
What I said was Trask had a better game last Saturday. I never said he wasn't a top tier NCAA QB or that he isn't a real NFL prospect at this point. This blog is about "player of the week" awards and that is all I was addressing.
Rat poison. Trask had a better game in every measure except total passing yards. I would have had no problem if he had been named SEC O player of the week. KJ throws a beautiful long ball and can really squeeze it into tight coverage but he still has a lot to clean up as I'm sure he would be the first to admit. Don't get me wrong. I am all aboard the Leach band wagon and I think KJ is without a doubt the best passer MSU has ever had, or at the very least the best one I've ever seen and I've been a fan since attending MSU back in the 70s.
Don't spend your entire retirement account buying stock in MSU. Yeah, they could succeed at a level that is rarely seen. But they still could go 4-6. Auburn, A&M, Bama, Georgia are all will take a stout effort and a clean game to win. Kentucky and Ole Miss would only be mild upsets at this point. Missouri, you just never know. My boys took down LSU but the issue was in doubt until late in the fourth. On the other hand, it certainly looks like the Bulldogs could win any game on their schedule, especially if the other team defends man to man all night. I agree 100% about the MSU D, though. They far exceeded my expectations.
I would add MSU and maybe Kentucky. Assuming in each case that the starter remains healthy of course. KJ's arm might fall off by week three.
I think Leech, like Mullen, might be able to do a lot with three-stars, too. While half the five-star high school QBs in the country might have added MSU to their visit list after last weekend, a really solid, accurate three or four star might shine under the Pirate's tutelage and in the Air Raid system. Like you, LilMiss, I am still only cautiously optomistic.
I agree, solid list. I would put Trask above Costello based on zero turnovers vs three (that count), completion percentage, and overall efficiency. Costello did toss some real beauties, several into very (rare*) tight coverage. I think Franks may move up a good bit by season's end. I expect a lot of shuffling among the middle third on this list. *Sorry Bengal fans, but effective tight coverage in your secondary was pretty rare last Saturday.
Honestly, this game has me on upset alert, especially if the Bulldogs spend more time reading their press clippings this week than cleaning up some of the issues they had last week. That said, I do expect the MSU pass rush will make things tough for Franks. And if the Dawgs jump out to an early lead, the Hogs might be in for a long day.