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LSU? Are they expected to find a consistent QB? Been a while. MSU? We will see if the problem last year was at QB or at WR.
The statue is kind of cool, though. Paint it black and donate it to West Point.
Obviously some folks have spent too much time in Fantasy Land over at Disney.
a) Great article. One of the best written pieces I've seen on the Internet in a while. I'm not agreeing or disagreeing, just complementing the writing. b) Dan, Dan, Dan. I bet Megan pointed out a few unpleasant facts about those Florida fans when you were weighing the pluses and minuses of the decision to take the job. So don't say you weren't warned. (Not knocking ALL Gator fans but, based on this article, there are plenty who fit the mold. (Also based on "Big Trouble".)
Agreed. And I will take MSU and the over, although that's no sure thing.
Both are pretty good coaches. But five years from now I think the guy with the most hardware will be JoMo. He probably will no longer live in Starkville as success will mean calls from places that will pay him a lot more to run higher profile programs. Michigan, maybe?
Did I really say "Dabo"? Of course I meant Jimbo.
Oh, and I agree with those who think Auburn will be a really challenging game. I think LSU will be as well, and who knows what Dabo might cook up over in College Station. Then there's the always unpredictable egg bowl. Hey, we might finish 6-6 what with the new system and all.
Please stop picking the 'Dogs to finish high in the west. We do best when all the prognosticators pick the team to finish at or near the bottom in preseason polls and columns. All this talk about how good MSU is with all those returning starters and so forth just makes me nervous as all get-out.
I remember Rocky. Not a great hire. But the HBC would not have lasted at MSU long. With success there he would have still ended up at UF.
What were these knuckle-heads thinking? Throw the book at 'em.But headline should probably now read "4 FORMER Mississippi State students..."
Just to be clear, I am NOT calling Black or OM a turd. I am referring to the fact we lost a commit to them.
Stategrad, OM flipped a four star. You can put all the honey on a turd you want but it won't go down any easier.
Westgate isn't trying to predict outcomes. Westgate is trying to set odds that will balance betting on both sides. Lots of Michigan fans out. Lot of people who still think Harbaugh is The Magic Man, too.
So I checked a half dozen 2019 draft prediction sites. None of those three from MSU were mentioned. (But I do think Sweat and Simmons have the tools to go in the first or second round if they have good seasons.)
The new HC is a big ? but having a new DC is nothing new for the defense that has never had the same coordinator two years in a row.
One buzzer-beater didn't beat us, nor did one bad no-call. Notre Dame beat us. The game of basketball is filled with ebbs and flows. The Lady Bulldogs offense ebbed in the third quarter and the Irish found their game. What happened at the end was a coin flip. Some shots fall and some don't, even for the best players.The three that rocked the world this year didn't even need to fall for the Irish. MSU would have needed Teaira on the floor in overtime to counter the Irish overall size advantage and offensive firepower. Like most, I didn't expect Notre Dame to hit a buzzer beater for the win, but I did expect them to win in overtime when the score remained tied with so little time left. I felt the game was over when McCowan fouled out.A lot has been posted elsewhere about the women's basketball team killing the dream of a first team=sport NCAA championship. That's a lot to put on the shoulders of these skilled, poised and accomplished women. I'm disappointed that they fell just short but I am more grateful for the ride they gave us Bulldog faithful these last couple of years. And we will always have William's buzzer beater vs. UCON. Long after the pain of this loss fades we will look back on the athletes and personalities on this team and smile.
Why did they even put an SEC sticker on this story? Should probably have gone with the AU sticker.Auburn? Really?And I'm not really feeling the last two on the full list. (USC/ND and LSU/Miami)
Um...please don't make us all look like loons.
Thanks, Tennessee, for giving us Saints fans another great player to cheer for.
OK, I defended the UCF people for enjoying themselves with the whole "National Champion" thing in another thread. But really, DK. You are the troll's troll with that one. So how's that new gig working out for ya?
I take a back seat to no one when it comes to SEC pride. But I'm ok with the UCF thing. They went undefeated and they beat the team that beat BOTH of the finalists. Under the very old poll system, they might well have been declared National Champions by the AP Poll or the Coach's Poll. Let them have their fun. They earned it.
Oof...NOT the way you want to get your picture in a SDS blog.
Thank you, Aggieland, for backing truth. We had some ok receivers last season. Unfortunately they spent much of the season in rehab. Donald Gray and Gabe Miles were the pretty good seniors and they suited up, often hurt, for 13 out of 26 starting opportunities. Both were out for most of the second half of the season. The rest of the receivers weren't all that good, and I am being kind. In 2018 one or two of those not-all-that-good wideouts should improve and we have some great new receiver talent already on campus or coming in next fall. That should give us a much better idea of Fitz's true passing ability.
Scott Stricklin (AD at Florida) Not sure if this helps or hurts Mississippi State.
Poll was taken recently, not right after the MSU beatdown of LSU.
So if a guy signs and ends up a sign and place (at a community college, for example), is he fair recruiting game after a year or two as a juco player? Or is he more or less locked in to the school that originally signed him once he qualifies academically?