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I like the helmets, even if the whole color change thing is kind of '90s. Overall, a very nice nod to tradition.
Everybody has a plan until they get punched in the mouth. -M. Tyson This is going to be a really good game. Or at least it has all the makings.
In fact, I think you have every QB listed about one round too early, including Lock unless he absolutely comes alive in the second half of the season. Year of the SEC QB? Pfffft.
Do you really think NFL scouts will put enough blame on Auburn coaching and play calling to give Stidham a free pass to the second round? I don't.
Amen, Brother. Don't you know it. *WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO*
We WILL run the ball on Saturday. We WILL get push on the LSU front because it's not the strongest unit in the Tiger defense. (That would be the defensive backfield but we don't care because we WILL run the ball on Saturday.) We WILL stuff the LSU run game and force LSU to go to the air. We WILL pressure #9, resulting in mistakes and turnovers. We WILL win this game. I didn't believe it until today. But today I saw the light. HAIL STATE
Re: The "Elite" LSU secondary...I don't think MSU puts up 300 yards passing against ANY secondary. The question for the LSU secondary is how they do in run support. Look for a lot of tackles by the safeties who will probably operate from a loaded box most of the game.
Oh, the whole thing is "hope", not just the LSU part. I would take a 6-3 win over A&M with pleasure. I would take ANY win over A&M and be very happy. I'm just glad its at home this year.
Bad enough when you struggle with accuracy. Throw in receivers who can't catch and you will probably find your coach featuring the run game.
A QB will make the difference but I think it is Burrow who will have the biggest impact, positive or negative, on this game. His decision making in the LSU passing game will be every bit as critical as Fitz's decisions are in the MSU rushing attack. And bad decisions in a pass play often result in turnovers. I'm hoping for a "short" game with no serious injuries so that any bye week rust has been knocked off and the team is still relatively fresh and ready for a nice efficient beat down of A&M back in Starkvegas the following weekend.
Everybody claims 'Bama as a big rival, but only Auburn actually is.
Every QB in the SEC has had at least one clunker this season. (OK, every QB not going to school in Tuscaloosa.) Fromm still deserves to be around #2. Who you gonna put ahead of him?
"any team can upset any team or beat any team," says the coach who has not faced a Saban led Alabama team yet, particularly this season.
No way LSU overlooks this game, especially after this and a number of other sources jumping back on to the trendy-again MSU bandwagon. Frankly I think LSU will be a tough get over in Death Valley and even at home, A&M is a toss-up. The Bearsharks scare me because its a rivalry game and because even though they are flawed and horrible on defense, Ole Miss has enough firepower to pull out the upset if MSU has a down day on either side of the ball. With all that said... HAIL STATE
I have yet to see fans agree with any targeting call against a member of their team. So your #1 comment, while incorrect, is understandable. Saying Mason started this one is like saying Spain started the Spanish-American war. Sort of true, but not.
I agree with all that. BUT, Florida fans probably love him and his swagger as much as MSU fans did until he left.
Yeah...I'm pretty sure that down marker will be back on the LSU sidelines next weekend.
Oh, I hope the Tiger players are as over-confident as BT and Gator. It's our best chance for the upset.
So did the Vols prove that UT’s “back” or simply fortunate? Neither one. It proves that UT is improving, enough to knock off a middling SEC team on the road. You couldn't say that four weeks ago.
Great takes. I can't argue with any of them. Maybe next week. "Maybe Fields is about as accurate as Nick Fitzgerald." Ouch. when your QB's name becomes a token for inept passing you get sad, unless the QB who runs the ball like no other QB and the defense is really stout. Then you just get a little gloomy.
I can see a scenario where Alabama makes it to Atlanta, loses a close one to the SEC champ, and still gets in. This, of course, requires a lot of other dominoes to fall. You know, like in a couple recent seasons.
This is just one of the problems with pre-season and early polls. Notre Dame has played ONE top 25 team (Michigan) and two teams that WERE top 25 at the time but fell out because turns out they AREN'T THAT GOOD. /rant
We are dropping like a stone in this critical stat. We were #1. Now TIED for SIXTH? With GEORGIA? We need to kick it up a notch. Come on, Mr. Simmons, lets get the swagger back. (j/k - good on the coaching staff for getting these guys to rein in the emotions a little.)
That, plus other SEC QBs not showing much last weekend. What happened? This was supposed to be the best crop of SEC QBs in years. You have Tua and then BIG GAP Fromm, and then, well, average at best.
Rushing for 195 yards vs Auburn, that's how. Now that JoMo has figured out what to do with him, he and the RBs figure to dominate top and control the pace in a lot of their remaining games.
Fitzgerald as a tight end? If he can catch better than he throws, it could be intriguing. Who was the last college QB to play TE in the NFL? He has the size and speed, and as a qb he must have a pretty good ability to quickly absorb a playbook.
Oh. I like his chances. I also like the swagger. Even with this team, talk of rings and a Heisman was probably a stretch this year, and will be a reach every year given our recruiting disadvantages vs so much of the West. But I think we will have some very nice seasons ahead and an SEC championship down the road.