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We may have seen the emergence of a running game during MSU's last two games of the season as they ran for 151 and 123 vs. Mizzou and Tulsa. They averaged 5.4 yards per attempt against the Tigers and 4.1 ypa in the bowl game. If they can keep that up it should help the passing game achieve the kind of success Leach is looking for. But it will take a special O-line that is designed for pass protection to be effective in the run game against most SEC rushing defenses.
Thanks for five years of hard work and on the field thrills, Kobe. Now go get paid.
I like the comp of The Slim Reaper to Larry Fitzgerald. It will be interesting to see if DeVonta can match Larry's sartorial game once he is pulling down NFL money. I've always felt Fitzgerald was one of the league's sharpest dressers as well as being one of its smoothest receivers.
Great linebacker. Thanks for all the hard work you put in and the leadership you provided. Now go get paid, Erroll.
Thanks for pointing that out. When I read this article my reaction was "Wait, that isn't right. I remember being a little disappointed that Rogers wasn't selected All Freshman." And I was until I remembered that kid from Mizzou.
Heath deserves deserves tp be criticized for kicking a player who is on the ground.* Heath deserves to be ridiculed for then running and hiding like a kid caught stealing candy. Heath deserves to be tossed off the team for his chest pounding on social media. *Bratton deserves to be criticized for his sloppy reporting regarding where the kick was delivered.
But congratulations, Heath. You made everybody forget about the whole Florida shoe thing.
What a moron. Unless he improves his route running about 100%, I don't see much of a future for this guy, in or out of football.
This just in. MSU defensive lineman Devon Robinson has entered the transfer portal and my not be playing with the Bulldogs next season. You heard it here third.
Almost as classy as Kentucky leaving an o-line spot open to honor Coach John Schlarman was Vanderbilt's decision to decline the resulting delay of game penalty.
Can't blame the young man. Good luck to him wherever he goes.
Can't blame the young man. Good luck to him wherever he goes.
Those who give also deserve to get a little so for Connor a stocking stuffer: A set of noise cancelling headphones so he can shut out all the noise he gets in the SDS comments sections. Merry Christmas, Conner. And Merry Christmas to all.
I think most of the fans who consider a two loss season and missing the playoffs a failure are Alabama fans. I think that is just the bar that Alabama has set for itself through long term excellence.
Flip Trask (who I love) and Jones and you have something.
Score: Alabama 5 LSU 4 Ole Miss 4 Miss. State 3 Tennessee 3 Texas A&M 1 Arkansas 1 Georgia 1 Florida 1 Kentucky 1 South Carolina 1 So that's 18 from the SEC West and 7 from the East. That's seven for Mississippi's two schools and 7 for the entire SEC East. Numbers are fun!
I'm confused. So Monde can't do anything to improve his draft status with another year at aTm but his improved play this year is "pointing toward an upward trajectory." I'm confused. Otherwise these rankings are fair. I would put The Maroon Cowboy ahead of Johnson and Nix, but I'm a homer.
Here's the problem with the Alabama Heisman thing. Jones, Harris, and the Slim Reaper will split the vote, allowing Trevor Lawrence to take the award. I would love to be wrong as I think any one of the Alabama trio deserves it as much or more.
Frankly I don't think any of these are SEC locks except for Bama over ND.
Well, I don't like this matchup. But the important thing is the extra practice time it will give the Bulldogs with a look toward the 2021 season.
Well, the semis should both be laughers but the finals could be interesting. I was hoping to see aTm in the 3 spot and OSU in 4, just to see what the improved Aggies could do against a real contender in Clemson.
Where's the Birmingham Bowl? I was looking forward to my favorite celler-dwellers playing in the BB. Not so much for the game as for the SEC Shorts YouTube video that would surely follow.
Keep working, Marcus. You may end up on a practice squad next season but if so it doesn't mean your story has been written.
Not worried about the QB room. We need to upgrade that O line.
After the anemic offenses coached by Moorhead and the slow start this season, the air raid is finally a breath of fresh air. Leach's system will rarely, if ever, beat a team like this year's Alabama if MSU has to rely on the good-not-great level of talent that usually says yes to Starkville, but I like where things are going. Whatever the pirate is serving, I'll have some more, please.
Agree that the future looks like a lot of fun. I also like the slightly toned down level of hate between our fan bases, although that may just be the COVID. Props to Ole Miss conditioning staff. Their boys ran that no huddle quick snap stuff all day long.
I'm thinking everybody here who is throwing shade on the Sarah Fuller story has something in common: no daughters.