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Or beat out Witherspoon for the starting job. If that happens it will mean Mr. Walker is one of the best RBs in the SEC. Imagine the 1-2 punch that would provide the ground game. Not saying by any means that it will happen. Just dreaming via keyboard.
Offense seems better. I am cautiously optimistic that this improvement will hold up in league play. Defense not so much. When a corner back is your leading tackler, there is a problem. While a fall-off was inevitable after last year, it remains to be seen how much of a drop off the defense suffers and that will go a long way to determining how successful this season is.
Agreed. UT is a typical Big XII team: Explosive offense and a defense of explosive diarrhea. Can't get too worked up by the LSU offense. But by the same token, can't get get too concerned about the LSU defense based on this game either. LSU played a typical Big XII game and won it going away.
Guess we will have to beat a top 25 team to make the list. Seems fair.
You have Michigan in the Peach? MICHIGAN? The Michigan that was one wide-right from losing to Army? I know Army is pretty good this year but MICHIGAN? Really? Maybe you just misspelled Ohio State. I don't think OSU is all that, but I do think they will win the B1G championship.
He looks like a true freshman. But a true freshman with some serious talent and a lot of quick.
I donno...I liked LSU, MSU and TN a lot. The Kentucky gif was about something that is too sad to be funny, but it probably did capture how Wildcat fans are feeling.
LSU-UT was a lot of fun to watch unless you were a fan of either team. LSU defense is likely a lot better than they looked against what may be one of the best offenses in the country. Burrow looked as good as any QB I've watched in the last couple of years...not better than Tua or Jalen or Trevor at their best but just as good.
LSU went into Big XII country and won a typical Big XII shoot-out. Good job, Tigers.
Classic look for a renewed instate classic rivalry. Perfect.
Would have liked to have seen KT end up somewhere where he could start in a system that is built for his considerable skill set. But I ain't gonna lie. I'm really glad to have him back in Starkville.
Yeah. 23 out of 27 is pretty sporty against any competition.
As leghumper and LSUSMC pointed out, Hayes studied journalism at Florida. So the hatchet job on Fromm and Smart is not unexpected. Lots of words but very little real substance. Just wild speculation and second guessing. And, yes, the dire predictions sourced to an SEC coach have Mullen's fingerprints all over them.
Give the offense a B+ with Hill and the O line getting them the plus sign. Give the defense a C+ with the plus sign for winning the turnover battle 5-2. That said, those Ragin' Cajun running backs were as good as advertised, fast, quick, and strong.
Day did more than just punt for a 40 yard average. Two of his punts were downed on the Louisiana one yard line. One was due to great downfield coverage but the other was a backspin special that died inside the 1.
But there is this... Nick Fitzgerald vs Louisiana, 2018 – 14 of 21 (.667) 243 yards passing, 2 TD, 0 INT, Rushing: 15 carries, 107 yards, 4 TDs Tommy Stevens vs Louisiana, 2019 – 20 of 30 (.667) 236 yards passing, 2 TD, 0 INT, Rushing: 11 carries, 37 yards, 1TD
I know it's early but how about Bama vs. LSU in Peach and Clemson vs. UGA in the Fiesta? If Tide just gets past LSU on a late field goal, Bama nips UGA in ot in the SEC title game, OK screws the pooch...It could happen but of course it probably won't.
Week 1 Candidate for SDS Understatement Of The Year Award: Regarding A&M - "Week 2 presents a much stronger test against Clemson"
I would have to give Stevens a B+. I saw more misses than hits on the deep ball, including a bad overthrow on a sure touchdown. But he was spot on with his intermediate and short throws, made good decisions, and overall looked like a real upgrade at QB. The bit nasties up front gets an A for some fine protection and run blocking. I'll give the Defense a C. The yards they gave up and the tackles they missed were against some outstanding running backs. But still they gave up a LOT of yards and missed a bunch of tackles thanks to poor technique and bad angle choices. Lets hope that gets cleaned up quick. Otherwise I see a classic MSU season with six or seven wins and a struggle to get to .500 in the SEC. As for Corral, its hard to get into a rhythm when you are running for your life most of the game. I'm just surprised Memphis was held to such a low score. Maybe Mike MacIntyre has figured something out his predecessors couldn't.
MSU defense looked like they were waiting for Sweat and Simmons to walk through the locker room door at halftime. They didn't. A win is a win and the JoMo offense finally looks like it might be a thing, but that defense better clean up the tackling, attack angles, and positioning quick or it will be a long season. But at least Ole Bearshark U lost, so there's that.
So are these guys serving 8 game suspensions? Or does that all come later or what?
You have Stevens ranked much too low. Or at least I hope so.
It's an opinion. It is presented as an opinion. I read it and enjoyed it for what it is. There is plenty of hard core football blogging on SDS. There's also room for lighter pieces like this one. Settle down, haters.
"According to the university...the NCAA and MSU negotiated a resolution regarding academic violations committed during the fall semester of the 2018-19 academic year.