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In the second half Bama looked like they could have won easily but for three huge blunders early in the game. Then again, LSU looked all game like they could just outscore anybody if they had to.
Najee was awesome. I can't remember the last time I saw so much hard running and athletic play from opposing RBs in a college game. As a not-really-a-fan-of-either-team, it was a really fun game to watch.
Not exactly the high road. Finebaum could have focused on LSU/Burrow positives.
Big Baby can be forgiven for getting a bit overexcited after a huge win but he may find out how rare such wins are in Tuscaloosa going forward. He won't have a Joe Burrow on the team bus for his next visit.
Nope. This poll doesn't even matter all that much, except for teams hanging around from 5 to 10, who might sneak in when (not if) we have one or two chaos weekends.
Oooh...Hoops! Does that mean football is almost over? That's one off-season I'm ready for.
Not sure why the pic in the tweet features Number 2. Thomas Deddrick produced exactly zero of the six hundred forty total yards vs. Arkansas. No knock on Deddrick. But HailStateFB could have picked a more appropriate player. Maybe Number Eight?
a) What better way to rank QBs then by looking at "give value to their team". b) You may not have noticed but many SEC QBs run...a lot. If the do it really well it can offset weakness in the passing game. See Tim Tebow, Nick Fitzgerald, et.al.
"MSU has a game against Arkansas, which is just what the doctor ordered for a team that desperately needs a win." But a loss here would assure a visit from the undertaker.
This game is more of a Must-Not-Lose than a Must-Win.
Nothing brings a fan base together like winning. And nothing gets them sniping at each other like losing. Now is when we find out just how true the whole "we're a family" thing really is. I am not defending any coach or player. I'm defending mutual respect.
Having been gashed several times by big LSU plays, I'm not sure I would give the MSU defense better than a C either. But I would have to rank their performance a little ahead of the offense. Call it a C- on offense and a C+ for the defense, who did hold an explosive LSU to their lowest point total so far this season. And call it an improvement in most areas for MSU compared to their performance in Knoxville. Excepot those penalties! Will they ever clean that up?
I kept looking for Osirus Mitchell on this list. I guess they had Stingley on him all day. And Shrader was smart enough to avoid even thinking about throwing to Stingley's side of the field.
Well, we held LSU to their lowest score of the season. So there's that.
I'm not ready to scramble back aboard the MoJo Express as it careens toward the edge of a clif. But I do think the fight and spirit that has been lacking recently was somehow rediscovered. Maybe its just playing in front of a home crowd that got the team motivated. But those penalties. And not trying-too-hard penalties. Just dumb ones. Especially the pre-snap stuff. We won't win three more games if that isn't fixed. DRILL DRILL DRILL.
So MSU held LSU to its lowest point total of the season. Is the MSU defense pretty good--better than Florida--or is the Tiger offense losing steam as the season goes on? I don't think anyone would argue that the MSU defense is "pretty good". So...
Flip MO and MSU. I mean they lost to Vanderbilt. VANDERBILT! Oh, wait. We lost to the Vols. Never mind.
How bout them Bulldawgs! Holding LSU to its lowest score of the season at...um...36. That's better than the 38 Florida gave up. (Of course MSU was home and the Gators had to deal with Death Valley) But for a team that was fast turning into a complete meth-trailer fire* they played pretty well against the Tigers. OK...the defense played pretty well. *Struggling to come up with an alternative to the "dumpster fire" cliche. I'll keep working on it.
Yeah. That didn't work out at all for Saban. Great coaches can get away with all sorts of nonsense.
When was the last time Coach O, Dan the Man, or Smarty won the SEC? What a dumb and irrelevant question.
That Gus Bus must have extra doors the way people get on and off in bunches.
Not so fast. He isn't making HUGE money at MSU and he would almost certainly be more comfortable and under much less pressure in the B1G. If you set aside your SEC bias, the move could make sense from a personal well being point of view. And I don't see him improving his professional standing at MSU based on his body of work so far, something he probably has figured out himself.
I like JoMo and the team did show more grit in today's loss. But we need someone who can run an offense that can go up against SEC defenses. I do think Moorhead could do well in the B1G. I like Cohen as well. But his only good hire to date was in baseball, the only sport in which he has held a significant coaching job, AFAIK. Both will likely have to go if MSU is to make further progress in its athletic programs. But it could easily go the other way as well.
I really don't care how many eyeballs are on this game. I just care about how our guys play. I am not optimistic.
I just used the "Toilet Bowl" reference in a post to another story. Stay in your lane. Oh. You posted yesterday. Never mind.
I believe JoMo can still save his job, but it will take more than those three wins and a trip to the Toilet Bowl. It will take his team playing MSU football against LSU, Bama and A&M, not necessarily winning but playing tough hard-nosed football on both sides of the ball and getting into the end zone with some regularity. I also believe that none of this is very likely to happen.