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I can't criticize East for the negative view on MSU. After all, that's the idea behind this whole "Skeptics Guide" series. And I don't think he is that far off the mark on most of his concerns. I do take issue with the whole "lack of a run game" narrative when it is based strictly on rushing attempts and yards since it ignores the many sing passes and other short passes to the RBs that this offense uses as an extension of the running game. That said, for the RBs to succeed in the air raid, I think MSU needs to recruit RBs with a faster twitch and better first moves rather than the punishing power backs that have been a staple of the MSU run game in the past.
"The coach who could have multiple national championships were it not for some conservative play calling in 2017 and a conservative decision at quarterback that impacted 2018-2020." And this simply demonstrates that Saban is still #1. I think Hayes believes this and is simply trolling for comments. Well, mission accomplished.
"No coach will be successful in the SEC overnight" This is what every A&M fan believes, given their own coaching situation. But you know what? Gig 'em is not wrong.
Because if you don't have any hardware the thrilling wins and all the enjoyment of watching your team do well...all that is totally meaningless.
Bats are fine. Defense needs work to match last year's late season gloves. Pitching. It's always about pitching. Who will step up as the season moves on. Really miss Landon. Might have pulled out that second Georgia game with him on the mound as a closer. Was moving him to the starting rotation a good idea? His pitching certainly merited the move but he was such a diffference maker last season coming out of the bull pen.
When was the last time MSU fell out of the BA top 25? I can't remember that long ago.
I'm sure Georgia will be favored but I'm also sure they will, or at least should be on upset alert if MSU comes into the game 5-1 in the SEC. All of this is possible. Not likely but possible. And, yes, I am inside of, not "outside of Mississippi".
Anybody from 1 through 6 could win the SEC regular season, the tournament, or a natty. And 7-9 are all legit dark horses for an SEC crown. Heck, even SC could surprise. This is the deepest SEC field I can remember.
I think the bubble may have popped for MSU.
MSU lost some hitting after last season. We will miss Will Bednar but the pitching staff is deep and Landon Simms will return as one of the best shut down closers in college baseball. But they rode their defense to a CWS championship last year and I expect the gloves will be just as good this year.
Lay out a bunch of Triscuits on a baking sheet. Put a small square of cheddar on each one and top with a pepperoni slice. Bake at 350 for about 10 minutes or until cheese melts and pepperoni begins to "sweat". Serve hot and take a bow.
I thought I heard a few folks saying that when the Dirty Birds were up 28-3 over the New England Bradys.
Plus he would waste the money he spent on Southern dialect coaching.
Jeffry Simmons and Chris Jones, All Pro interior defensive linemen.
Very funny, Mr. T. (ok...actually that was pretty funny.)
I don't think you really "get" the MSU family.
Best of luck at the next level And even if you are an out-of-stater, you will always be part of the MSU family.
But he might get hired. Regardless, I wish him all the best.
Take-aways: -When you lack depth missing a few key players can really hurt. -For whatever reason, Tech ran the ball down the throats of the MSU defense. -Tech looked prepared and fired up. MSU looked rusty and disinterested. -Maybe a head coach should focus more on getting his players ready and less on his grudge against the opposing school. -Texas Tech: It just means more!
Can I say "Happy New Year" here? OK. Happy New Year to my fellow SDS addicts, a little early but heartfelt nonetheless.
Thanks for helping keep Will healthy and for opening up lanes for Dillon and Jo'quavious every now and then. Good luck at the next level.
Thanks, Bama. Welcome to the Bulldog family, Marcus. Hope you don't mind a lot of playing time. *wink*
If all four teams are unable to take the field I expect based on the other rules that both games would be declared a no-contest and the national championship would be vacated for the season.
Woke? WOKE? He is a small school head coach who put the interests of his current employer and his football team ahead of his alma mater. Why does this make him "totally woke" or totally not woke if you were just trying to be sarcastic. What does "Woke" have to do with it.
OK, Gamecock...point by point: I think some the buzz around this commitment to J State over FSU is, in fact, racially influenced. Most of us have at least a little bit of racism influencing our behavior. Like tribalism and aggression, it is hard wired into our brains by evolution. The assumption by many that Jackson State is academically inferior to FSU is likely influenced by the fact that it is a traditionally black institution, not by researching the academic standards of both schools. "Losing their minds" is Internetese for commenting vigorously. I probably fell under the influence of the many click-bait video titles on YouTube. But I don't understand why people are astounded (to use your word) that a high school kid might want to play for a charismatic coach with tons of NFL connections at an institution where one thing he does NOT have to be concerned about is racism within the student body or among the faculty. (And, no, I am not making any accusations about FSU. I am trying to see things the way a young black high school senior might see them.) Someone did speak of a "lack of character", as Sutpenns100 pointed out. Others have implied it. And to further cite Sutpens100, if you speculate about "grades having something to do with it, you are speculating about the young man's academic prowess. Bottom line is this. I DO NOT read racism into every event and topic. I do read it into some of the posts in this and other threads covering Sanders and Hunter. Thus, my question is perfectly reasonable. I notice no one has really answered it yet.