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Unfortunately, I have to agree. An MSU win in Death Valley would be a gigantic upset.
I do hate that we got stuck with UGA as our schedule addition...and on the road at that.
I guess you don't get the whole "always family" thing, USMC. And it's not hate for AHYTHING Georgia related. I like Coke ok. Savannah has tons of charm. And Athens seems like a fun college town.
Happy the dirty birds lost. Happy Dak did well. Happy my three fantasy Falcon players balled. Happy, Happy, Happy.
I love the way sports bring people together.
That Kylin Hill highlight is impressive but that run by Najee is other worldly.
I agree that Auburn-UK is more likely to be competitive. But LSU-MSU is definitely intriguing.
Every year brings a new season where anything is possible. Then we play 'Bama.
I'll be glad when football starts up again so these guys will have something to write about other than what-if's and statements of the obvious.
I know he doesn't fit your narrative here, Connor, but when you talk about the best backs in the NFL you can't ignore that Derrick Henry guy.
OK. That's a little better than "Cut him loose." I'm with you now.
We get Vandy at home and Ga between the hedges. So how is that fair? Oh, well. We get Vandy at home.
Yeah, because Hill has no right to withhold his football talent over a principle he believes in. How dare he put his own scholarship in jeopardy. How dare he deny you the chance to watch him play a game.
This thread is about the confederate battle flag sitting in the corner of the Mississippi state flag, not whatever you are ranting about. The issue has been on the boil for a good while now. Just because you might have opposed change doesn't mean it wasn't the right thing to do.
If mike leach goes three and out too often with his offence, watch out. ;-)
You rank the Pirate number 1 and have Lebby/Lane bringing up the rear? Where is the Hotty Toddy outrage? Hmmm. Maybe they are still hung over from last Saturday night.
So, SDS staff are a bunch of left wing radicals? Some of you don't get out much. Visit Boston or San Fran. Mississippi flag is heritage, not hate? It is very upsetting to a whole lot of Mississippians, not all of whom are black. A state flag should bring people together and inspire them, not stir them up and create resentment and hostility. We have a really nice alternative just ready for our legislature to adopt. And they probably would if not for the great hue and cry from a minority who simply don't get it. Should the NCAA mind its own business? Probably. They have enough problems in house.
Regarding out-of-conference games, how can you overlook that potential thriller between Mississippi State and Alabama (A&M)?
Leach's record in his first year on the job at a new location isn't all that impressive. His programs don't usually get rolling for a year or two. This is entirely understandable. Even St. Nick went just 6-6 in his first regular season at 'Bama. Turn-arounds take time. That said, Leach may break that mold if Costello turns out to be as good as advertised. This could be one of those football marriages made in heaven. Think Joe Burro and Joe Brady, or Drew Brees and Sean Payton on a more modest scale. I can see 5-7 but I can also see 10-2.
Here is the problem with the Magnolia coaches. If the new kids on the SEC block do poorly they won't last long as both fan bases have had a taste of success in the last few years. If they do well, they will probably get offers from better paying and higher profile programs.
If your cookout guest list includes kids, then burgers and dogs are required. I will NEVER pass up ribs as long as someone else is doing the hard work. That leaves wings as the odd animal out. But I would dump the burgers as well if steaks were an option on the three-meat menu. Let the kids eat hot dogs. I'll have my porterhouse medium rare, please.
I think it is fair to say things are trending positively on a national level. Yes, new cases and deaths continue but the trend for both has been downward for several weeks. Fortunately no SEC teams are located in North Carolina. At least not yet.
Tebow and it's not that close. Everybody said he was the GOAT when he finished at Florida and nothing has happened since to change that. Wuerfull sure was fun to watch, though.
Regarding Fitz: Comparing him to running backs is classic apples and oranges for reasons LH61 pointed out. But the point of the article is that this is a really surprising and somewhat obscure fact on its face. It also goes to show just how dangerous Fitzgerald could be with the ball in his hands. He absolutely annihilated average to weak SEC defenses and had a few pretty good games against the stoutest D's.
4th and 95. Not many plays on the play-sheet for that situation.