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Best wishes for a long and successful NBA career, Reggie. Thanks for some great memories. We'll miss you in The Hump.
"Every extra minute I get to spend in Starkville...is a gift." These guys are just hilarious.
The answer to the question as asked (gratest team, not just greatest college football team) is obviously the 1992 US Olympic basketball "Dream" team. Wright can exclude them if he wants but that's still the answer. Christian Laettner, David Robinson, Patrick Ewing, Scottie Pippin, Chris Mullin, Karl Malone, John Stockton, Clyde Drexler, Charles Barkley, Larry Bird, Magic Johnson, and Michael Freakin' Jordan. And a coach who could blend all that talent and all those egos into a functioning super team, Chuck Daily, assisted by P.J. Carlesimo, Mike Krzyzewski, and Lenny Wilkens. Their closest win was over Croatia 117-85 in the Gold Medal Round.
Good call, Yank. I wouldn't mind seeing two analysts on MNF, an O lineman and a Linebacker who called defensive adjustments for his team in his playing days.
Easy: Totally obvious yet missed by every official pass interference call in the Saints/Rams 2018 NFC Championship game. Cost the Saints and Brees another bite at the Super Bowl apple. SEC moments? The 2014 loss to Ole Miss. Even with an understandable loss to Alabama we were still #4 on the AP chart and might have made the playoffs. But that loss, along with the downfall of the formerly top 10 teams we had beaten, exposed us as overrated and spoiled the dream.
How about 2014 LSU (#8), Auburn (#2), and Texas A&M (#6)? All three were in the top 10 when they played MSU. All three lost to the Bulldogs, vaulting MSU to its first ever #1 ranking. But the #1 was fools gold as proven by late season losses to Alabama, Ole Miss, and Georgia Tech and a final AP ranking of 11th. LSU and A&M both finished with losing SEC records and were unranked in the final AP poll. Auburn went .500 in SEC play and ended the season with a bowl loss to Wisconsin and a #22 AP ranking.
Hey, Corch? Can your bulldog walk on two legs? Ours can. At least he can on the old logo.
I'm assuming membership should be judged on lifetime achievement of the SEC athlete. Thus, Saint Tim doesn't make it in spite of being maybe the most successful college QB in history. So... Bo, because two sports. Shaq, because championships. Chamique Holdsclaw, because Title IX. Will Clark, because, well, I'm a homer.
*er...sorry. That should be Kirb...as in Kirby...not Krib as in lets hang out back at the krib.
Not seeing that one, Krib. Garropolo maybe but the jury is still out. Meanwhile Tannehill may have been more held down in Miami than propped up by Henry & Company. After all, Tannehill did complete 70% of his passes with 22 TDs vs. just 6 Ints. Call him efficient, but I will build a team around that kind of efficiency all day. As for Dak's payday, he's earned it. No way is he the best QB in the NFL but he has been underpaid for three years and its time for Dallas to fork over some thank-you money. And his contract will only look crazy until the next QB contract is inked.
Fisher? Malzahn? Stoops? What have they done in recent memory? No, Booger got it right.
Pettit should be at least a number 2 seed. My final four: Maravich O'Neal (hard though it is to pick against Sir Charles) Pettit Davis
LSUSMC, I agree Shaq must be on any all-sec all-time starting five. But I also agree Irenaus' main point. Howell is seeded far too low. Maybe Howell played too long ago. SDS staffers are notoriously under-educated about sports history from before they were born. Maybe it's the ppg. But Howell played before the shot clock and we know what that did for scoring. Heck, even I scored (with several young ladies) after the shot clock went into effect in the mid '80s.
"We can make this time productive. And the worst thing you can do is sit and pout and whine and worry about what you don't have." Good advice.
How do you leave out MSU's 1995-96 squad. Sure they were a pre-season number 1 pick by Sports Illustrated but nobody else thought they would do much that year. After upsetting #1 Kentucky to win the the SEC tournament they came into the NCAA tournament as a 5 seed where proceeded to cake care of business vs.12 seed VCU and 13 seed Princeton (who many picked to upset the dawgs). Then they posted wins over #1 seed UCON and #2 seed Cincinnati in fairly dominant fashion to make it to the first final four in school history.
I've been watching all five seasons of Boston Legal and lots of YouTube videos.
Wow. Rarely have I seen so much misinformation, inappropriate finger pointing, and conspiratorial thinking in one SDS thread. And that's saying something. I would like to throw in a little ray of sunshine. Given how easily the COVID-19 virus seems to get around, it is likely that by summer as much as 80 or 90 percent of the U.S. population will have been exposed. (Most of those folks will suffer mild symptoms or none at all.) This time around, this new virus is praying on a naive population, immunologically speaking. But of tje level of exposure in the US population meets predictions, the next wave of COVID-19 will find the sledding much tougher, as much if not most of the population has developed a pretty fair immunological response to its infectious nature. So I wouldn't worry too much as COVID-19 revisits us next winter, fresh from its visit to the southern hemisphere. We will probably have a new crisis to worry about by then.
Somewhere between complacency and panic lies the wisest course.
And I thought it was tough going without college football for much of the year. While hardly the greatest tragedy to come out of the COVID-19 pandemic, loss of all sports for a month or more really hurts. Last night we went over to MGM Park in Biloxi to watch the Bulldogs play Texas Tech in the second game of the two game Hancock Whitney Classic. Glad we were able to watch the team play at least once this year.
At least MSU ended their season with a five game win streak including two wins over highly ranked Texas Tech.
Unless the spring brings the spread of COVID-19 to a halt, as it does with flu virus season, you may see as many people affected by it as by the flu, and mortality considerably greater than the 11K to 60K who die from the flu each winter. Maybe then One Wolf will abandon his conspiratorial thinking.
Me, too. Wednesday the conference would restrict attendance to tourney games. Today they cancelled the tournament altogether. What part do you not get?
PPG Mason Jones 22.0, Immanuel Quickley 16.2, Reggie Perry 17.2 Reb Jones 5.8, Quickley 4.0, Perry 10.1 Ast Jones 3.4, Quickley 1.9, Perry 2.3 FG% Jones 42.3, Quickley 41.9, Perry 50.0 Games over 40 points Jones 2, Quickley 0, Perry 0 over 30 points Jones 7, Quickley 1, Perry 0 Over 20 points Jones 14, Quickley 8, Perry 11 And let me add Double-doubles Jones 1, Quickley 1, Perry 16 Like 17Tide said, there are several players who are solid candidates for POY and I would have no problem with any of them.
Because he's a top 10 qb and it's just his turn to get paid. Anyway, "richest contract" is really funny money. What counts is what he will make next season and what his total guarantee will be. Even the "richest contract" number will be surpassed quickly by some other top 10 qb working on a new multi-year contract.
Agreed. And a win at SC would absolutely be huge and boost our SEC ranking. Enough to go dancing? Only if we also a) win at Missou and/or home vs Ole Miss or 2) go DEEP into the SEC tourney.
It will be interesting to see if Jake modifies his approach to improve power at the risk of sacrificing average. Probably has to happen if he is going to make it to the show.
MSU gets wins over New Mexico State, NC State, Arkansas, Tulane, two A&M's, Missouri, Kentucky, and Ole Miss, and go on to win a bowl game for a 9-3 regular season (3 more wins vs. last year) and 10-3 overall. Sell the kids, take out another mortgage, and bet the farm.
On a related topic...Upset of the year: Vanderbilt goes into Kyle Field and comes out with a W. But don't disrepair, Friends of Reveille. After racking up their second loss of the season in Tuscaloosa, the Aggies will bounce back with a octuple overtime win over LSU to nail down a nice New Year's Day bowl.
“'The current system is unsustainable.' OK, whatever that’s supposed to mean…" I think it is a reference to the transfer portal.