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In other words, the above odds don't reflect what odds makers think will happen. It reflects what odds makers think about what joe public thinks will happen.
Remember, this isn't a prediction. Its an attempt to balance the money bet on both sides of each proposition.
I assume Jones and Nutt haven't seen Auburn's schedule yet. Either that or they don't know Auburn's road record over the last few years.
Sorry, Auk. I clicked the wrong "REPLY" box. But you know who that was meant for.
Point made, Col. You long ago devolved into insulting rant. Let us know when you are done with the "holier than thou" speech so we can go back to football. And by the way, your handle reeks of "my college, right or wrong".
OK. The SEC-hater is on the job, for now. Let the trolling begin.
Nice that Fitz made the list, even if he is a very long shot. I think that's more a testament to the overall quality of his team on both sides of the ball. And I say that with the greatest respect for Fitzgerald and for his possible upside as a passer.
I agree that Shumur (and a few other SEC signal callers) are more polished passers, but a running QB of Fitz's size and skill can still beat a more polished passer in the SEC. And when you lose most of your best wideouts you can still get a lot of mileage out of the RPO if your QB is big, fast, tough, and smart.
Come on, guys. Before you rip on ILMD's writing skills (which admittedly could use some polish), remember that "too" is spelled with two o's when it means "also" or ""excessively". Then again, if you come to an SDS comments section for world class prose, you might want to reconsider your priorities.
You have a lot of really good players among the 14 SEC schools. There are a lot of very good players who missed the cut on the short list. Fromm needs to show again this year or he may not even be starting by season's end. Ask Alabama.
Hell, I went to Mississippi State and I even get it. But I guess some dogs are sharper than others. I would have put Lock a little higher and Stidham a little lower. But it's not a bad list all in all.
If you don't want Jalen, we'll take him. OK...not really. We're pretty set at that position for a few years. But he should be starting SOMEWHERE.
You're a guy who trolls SDS looking for MSU stories on which to comment. He gets paid to opine on college football.
I sort of agree? But I can't recall the last time before this year that we were NOT told we won't do very well. I do remember more than one upset loss suffered by Bulldog teams in the past that followed a rise into the top 20 when players started reading their press clippings. I'm thinking this bunch and this coaching staff has the right stuff to avoid that sort of problem.
The Aggies have a dog. The Vols have a dog. The Tigers have an eagle. The Tide has an elephant. Now the Rebels have a fish. So, no big deal... Except, Reveille is a beautiful collie, among the most handsome canine breeds. Smokey is a handsome bluetick hound, a noble hunting breed. The War Eagle is really well trained and gets the pre-game crowd fired up at Jordan-Hare (and Auburn also has Aubie the Tiger). And it's pretty hard to make a mascot outfit that resembles a tide. (Tulane has enough trouble doing it with a wave.) Meanwhile, Ole Miss has a goofy looking fish who's only redeeming value is that it is less offensive to a third of the state's population than a southern planter and not quite as lame as the mascot it replaces. (But don't tell anyone from Cal or Chicago I said that.) So, who is your favorite mascot? I kind of like that chicken they have over in Columbia.
I would remind Mr. Fitzpatrick that his receiver squad was so good and so thoroughly dominated the other team's DBs in the 2017 Tax Slayer bowl that the best qb they ever had was picked off four times.
OK. Five Reasons why "Land Shark" is just dumb: 1. Sharks are aquatic! That means they live IN THE WATER. So the name is an oxymoron. (Must resist "Oxford Moron" cheap shot.) 2. Are we going to talk about the shark-infested waters of Sardis Lake? 3. OK, I get it. LAND sharks don't need water. But, like Chevy Chase, they do need good SNL writers. (Search youtube.) 4. The whole "land shark" thing started with a really good Ole Miss defense. Remember when Ole Miss had a really good defense? It's been a while. 5. So if you want your mascot to represent your team strength, Rebels, you might go with The Imuno-Compromised because A.J. Brown catches EVERYTHING. I'm trying to come up with a good cheer but so far, no luck.
I don't know much but I do know this: Based on who is returning and who has been added, I know which offense is better against the other team's defense, at least on a neutral field. And we all know the Egg Bowl is played in Jackson, right? Oh, wait.
OK. Col Rebel has been gone from the scene for a while now. But the Rebels are still the Rebels. Ole Miss has a mascot that is different than the team name, kind of like Auburn? As a lover of all things maroon, I am required to find the whole landshark thing kind of silly, but I will be the first to admit it is a big improvement over the black bear. It's actually kind of cool to have a mascot you can mime with a simple hand gesture. Just don't do it after a tackle for a one yard loss when your team is down by three scores.
OK. I get it. But the SEC is a lot more interesting when our guys AND your guys are good and bowl eligible.
OK. Finally someone is dissing MSU this season. Love it. We do best when the experts think we are about to $h!t the bed.
I like the predictions. Auburn makes me a tiny bit nervous but as you said, they just don't look like the same team away from Jordan-Hare. LSU makes me a little more nervous because it's in Red Stick. Even with Dak's best team, the team that reached #1 for a while, even when we dominated them, the Tigers came back and almost tied the game at the end. Ole Miss scares me the most because of one guy: A.J. Brown.
Because Clemson is. And they are probably a little better than Ga. Take care of business and maybe Ga will get a crack at the Orange Paws. But here's my question. Do you root for Ga Tech if it helps the Dogs in the playoff picture?
I would love to believe you that maybe 'Bama is vulnerable because of "this QB thing." But I think Sabin knows way more about handling his guys than you do or I do or most other head coaches do. So I'm not counting on it.
I was surprised to see LSU but no USC. Is it the "East" thing? I donnow. Also that's a mighty big gap from Auburn to MSU. Not saying which one is overrated and which is underrated. Well, ok...maybe I am. Fall will tell.