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Pretty sure the last time Mississippi State was ahead of Kentucky in any basketball poll was just after the last ice age.
Looks like a very promising left tackle. That could be huge for JoMo's offense.
So what are the chances Nick bribed the committee keep that Heisman rat poison away from Tua?
"Punt, Bama, punt" has officially been replaced with "Fake, Georgia, fake." I still think Kerby gets Georgia to a national championship if the fans don't run him off first.
Herbie got Game of the Year wrong. The Hurts story was great but the marathon A&M-LSU game was the one that will be long remembered, not just for the length of the game and the number of points, but for the heroic play by both offenses during those many overtimes to keep the game going.
Well. All 16 SEC teams made the top 105. Sweet.
You must have missed my point. Or maybe just trolling?
Seriously? The best defense in the SEC and maybe the country can't get even one player from their D line on even second team? Ridiculous.
Worked for us after last year's Egg Bowl.
You can't fall behind Memphis like that and get in, especially with your best playmaker on the sidelines. And before you even begin to say "Citadel", you may be good but you are NOT Alabama.
The guys who are leaving before bowl games are not "most people". They are almost certain to make it into the NFL. At this point they are just trying to stay healthy and work to improve their draft status.
Exactly what I was thinking. Unlike basketball, the CFB final almost always features the two best teams, as demonstrated by their performance throughout the season.
He and Mack Brown are both mentioned as other coaches but I guess they aren't considered "active" yet. Either that or Neil just can't count.
Well this is a "dog bites man" story. Had Brown decided to stay, now THAT would have been a story. I am a little surprised he didn't hang around for their bowl game. Oh, wait. Good luck to a great wide receiver. I suspect his size, ball skills, and route running ability will serve him well during a long NFL career.
Unless you have passed the bar don't even try to argue that lack of criminal prosecution is proof of innocence. Also, no accusations of rape were involved here. This was more of a domestic violence thing. I don't point that out to minimize the seriousness of the accusations against Ball. It's just that domestic violence is much harder to prosecute.
MSU fans quiet...and no, it's not because we don't know how to tweet. We are happy with the guys we already have competing for the starting qb position next season.
The Buckeye faithful probably are pissed. But they have no reason to be upset with the selection committee. They lost to Purdue by THREE SCORES. They beat Nebraska by less than a touchdown at home. NEBRASKA! Then the same thing happened against Maryland. They did have wins over three top 25 teams Meanwhile Notre Dame took care of business, beating Syracuse, Michigan, and Northwestern, all top 25 teams. They did nearly lose to Vanderbilt and only beat USC by one score. And OSU had that huge win over Michigan. But when the resumes are close, undefeated trumps whipping your rival by 23.
If a couple of guys could start making their three-bombs a little more consistently (or if they would quit throwing up contested threes from 10 feet outside the arc) the bulldogs could make some serious noise in the SEC. One thing for sure, with Kentucky looking like it may have a rare down year, this is a golden opportunity for Auburn, Tennessee, and MSU. Or are those cracks in the foundation of the Wildcat's program a sign of leaner times to come?
Somebody remind Kanell that FSU wouldn't make a 64 team playoff this season. No, we do not DESPERATELY NEED an 8 team playoff. We DESPERATELY NEED a cure for cancer, a solution to our homeless problem, and more affordable health care. We would LIKE an 8 team playoff, or at least I would. But we don't desperately need one.
No worries, Florida. Mullen's MSU team knocked off Michigan 52-14 in the 2013 Gator Bowl. Of course THAT Michigan team came in just 7-5. This one is no doubt better and a lot more pissed off. So, yeah, worry a little.
Apparently not ALL Kentucky fans have moved on just yet. There are arguments on both sides. Which is why, when you are looking at the output of a committee, the decision process can look a little self contradictory at times. Anyone who has participated in a lot of committees in their working life understands this all too well.