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This is the way I always read and believe it would be. These kids are offered a college education for their services. When 3% are going to be pro players we changed the rules for the 3%, caring little to none for the student athlete. We allowed student athletes being given a free education to be compared to a employee working for the state . We allowed the media to tell us they were the same. The problem is football that needs to be removed and they have it on it way.
UGA is Vanderbilt football ineptitude in Basketball. Will UGA win an sec basketball game this season? Will a UGA player take in a movie instead of going to receive another butt kicking. Will Florida have mercy on us in basketball? As Arsenal Hall’s use to say thing that make you go hummm.
The people want college football to bring the perception award out, their kids got one in soccer.
She was a reporter trying to get the first response. Reporters pay for being first sometimes. She hasn’t complained only men has. So this woman has a bigger pair than you, she doesn’t need protection. Got to remember do the job or give your pad and pencil to the next man up.
Don’t forget we lose a unit of blood from a pin prick.
To only be playing less than 40% of the game snaps he is definitely the most feared defensive lineman in college football.
How could any college bring in someone with his standards in his life. At Florida he allowed players to do drugs, and murder a few people, at Ohio St he covered up a wife beater, now here at Jacksonville he performs his normal personnel standards and we are confused. You would really have to come up with a great line to justify exposing young men and women to this man if you you were USC, but for that school and state it’s a perfect match.
He was playing bad last year. He has to sit out the rest of the year, that way ESPN can continually tell us how good he is. He tanked it big time in LSUs loss to Miss St last year.
NIL would be much better sale from USC than Oxford. I think in 2 years NIL cash stream will be much more important than we ever thought. The dynamics of recruiting will shift drastically, more population for advertising dollar, more money to offer. There are no rules about money anymore which should stop everyone from cheating right.
I agree. Double your salary. Now days schools sign brainless buy out clauses.
Because there are not that many teams that deserve a playoff spot. Unless we turn 6 spots or so over for social play off spots because they are nice and a little small school with cute mascots. Which Corp America will do and convince you that it is necessary for fairness not achievements.
It took a minute but I did manage to stop laughing.
Watched him eat fried chicken sitting outside Emory Hospital the day before he died. He was a stubborn patient.
The pandemic will never be over in this country. You have people on here using the WHO as a authority. Those lying people covered up this for months until China told them what to say. now your using them as a standard. You need to raise your standards before they kill you.
I apologize for Class of 98. UGA web sites always has a grammar school teach watching, they missed us in elementary school,just trying to catch up now.
I saw that hybrid in a shop in Denver. You do know I was there for a friend.
No and that is the problem, I think even after fall practice, you can transfer.NCAA is having problems, they are being rendered useless. Now that we have allowed the money maker and tax collectors to take over being in charge of college football under the guise of equality. It will take a few season so sort the money out.
With Texas’s oil money and the SEC label they will be able to buy many recruits. Offering a poor family half a million legally would be hard for a young man to turn down to play for the home state team, remember air fare for the family will be free because of the NIL .
Maybe this writer should go to the National news desk he is about as informed as those guys.
He knew what he was doing , he should have hide his hand in a McDonalds bag,then the refs would have understood.