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Top 2 or 3? Give me a break. Mullen is too scared to go big time in the SEC. That's why he hides behind a school that worships him as a god despite 0 championships and tries to depict schools like Florida as a "lateral move".
Yeah dude B1G is overrated again this year. We'll see how pen state does against USC but I'm guessing another blowout
And yet here you are. Made a username, read the article, and posted a comment on this awful site.
These are not bold at all. They are literally what everyone expects.
Lol. Drunk UF fans? Pretty much all fans are drunk. Including the random FSU fans that show up to party.
I can appreciate optimism but I'm not sure why they would fire Mark Rict just to start a whole new process of rebuilding a team that really wasn't all that bad in the past few years.
Oh and that hurricane thing. Unless you were smarter than the meteorologists saying it could possibly move left and trash Gainesville. I'm sure you were 100% sure that wouldn't happen.
And you corrected yourself in saying final but still can't figure out how to spell "genius". Sounds like a Tenn education.
Omg shut up already. A hurricane pummeled Florida and it's easy to say that in hindsight. You guys got exactly what you wanted so seems like there's nothing left for LSU fans to complain about.
He had one weekend to be flexible? Now that it's not that weekend, flexibility is out the door? Ok makes sense
Why is it that we have to plan a last minute trip and give up an SEC home game and lose that revenue and it makes us scared but LSU doesn't want to give up a home game against a shitty team in November after everything in Florida has settled down and I s understandable. What kind of double standard is that?
Now we can't play because Bama needs to play instead of having a bye week? Florida won't get our bye week before FL/GA either. The SEC should just tell both sides to shut the hell up. You're playing that day so deal with it.
Tenn coach goes 5-7, 7-6, and 8-4 over past 3 years gets a raise. UGA coach goes 8-5, 10-3, and 9-3, gets fired. Oh the irony!
1.) The UF FAU game isn't going to be interesting. It's going to be a blowout after 2 quarters (see New Mexico State). 2.) Let's stop saying these are cupcake games, because I love cupcakes but hate watching these games.
This a great example of unrealistic expectations. The guy is a great coach. LSU is relevant almost every year. You lose back to back games, and it's time to call the firing squad? Be careful what you wish for (see Tennessee).
So, this article is just one big excuse for why the Gators are 9-1? The Gator's caught everyone during a bad point in their season? They didn't win, every team basically handed it to them? How are you allowed to post this garbage? Honestly, even if the Gators beat Florida State, head into the SECCG 11-1, and lose to Alabama, everyone will still come out of the wood works and say "yeah we told you they weren't that good". It's a shame for a team that's had such a great season.
"Almost". Although, we may not be winning by 30, 9-1 (and probably 10-1 going into FSU) is no fluke. Arkansas has one dominant win and everyone wants to overreact per usual. Technically you guys almost lost to Auburn and Ole Miss and could be 4-6 right now. Almost means nothing.
I'm sorry, but Arkansas is 6-4. Last time I checked "finishing strong" doesn't give you (or any sports writer) a basis to call yourself the second best team in the conference. The lack of respect the Gators get from the media is mind boggling. The SEC West, apart from Alabama, is unbelievably overrated, and it will show again during bowl season.