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Just putting this out there: America couldn't give two effs about that game. They want the game of the century. If you want gameday over BAMA-LSU prove your worthiness and play tougher teams.
So the biggest game of the week is at 2:30...
Really hoping LSU and Georgia win out. Would love to see them in the SEC Championship.
Yeah, I know whom you're speaking of. After their loss, I made a troll comment directed to him alone.
Yeah... Definitely not seeing any bias or "wishlist" here..
Almost as classy as when Florida fans made those remarks they did about Mike when he got cancer and died. Don't be so butthurt.
This comment is directed only to that smug, Georgia troll. Y'all know the one. Hope he sees it: PApEr dAWgS FoLD anD eXpOSe HOw sUbpAR THeY aRE
I agree with Shane. But definitely top 5. Idk why they always suck that OSU shaft, though.
That last guy's tweet is crap? Last year Ohio St barely beat PSU(27-26), NEB(36-31), MD(52-51OT) and didn't drop. They actually LOST to Purdue and barely dropped at all.
That's what the author is saying. Another way to word it would be, "Out of the QBs that have interceptions, Burrow and 2 others have the lowest amount, putting them in the lead for fewest interceptions." Tua can't be considered because he has 0. If that makes sense. Hope I clarified it for you.