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Tenn lost badly to an unranked team. It's not only quality wins, but the quality of the loss as well.
Winning or losing isn't the statement you made. You said they wouldn't score against UGA. Gonna be nice seeing you eat your words. Just like Auburn is gonna eat that L this weekend and not have a bowl game. Guess you'll be watching all the other teams play in the post season.
Yup. Part of being the best. It'll be like this until UGA starts playing like butt. I'm sure you'll take the articles over that, though.
This writer almost seems pissed that LSU is the SEC-W champs.
Are they attempting to recreate Joe Burreaux?...
Still salty LSU proved the fraud that was Clemson in 2019? You do know that our best QB, Joe Burrow, spanked Clemson, right? Lol you're delusional.
I agree. I live in Arkansas and I've been telling all my buddies here to not get too hyped and to give it time. After last season they were talking about replacing Bama as #1 in the west. But I guess after the past several years, that kind of optimism can get to you. Give him time and they'll be a legit contender.
Pittman needs to be hitting up that transfer portal.
Tough decision for me. I knew Arkansas and TAMU were overrated coming into the season. But for them to be doing this bad is, indeed, a surprise. Tennessee doing this well was a surprise for sure. And Bama not being of the same caliber. Especially considering Saban's comment last season about it being a rebuild yr. Then LSU coming out of nowhere is crazy. I honestly thought, at the beginning of the season, that LSU and Ark would be in each other's current positions.
Nah, the 2019 season is when they first lost their edge. Had a small comeback in the asterisk 2020 season, then UGA stuffed them back down.
Saban will not risk it. He will double him. He's not the best because he leaves stuff to chance. He's too smart for that.
I hope OSU remains #1. Then a possible #4 SEC team can expose them. Again. Tale as old as time.
People in comments making a bigger fuss than she did lol. Complaining and name calling over someone complaining and name calling.
Smokey grays are fitting since they'll be getting smoked! Lol jk Honestly, just hope it's a good game that comes down to the wire. I hope it's ao crazy that CBS regrets putting this game at 11.
You may not be affected by the comments, but you sure are butthurt about losing to LSU hahaha pedo
Lol you must not have seen Ron's personal attacks on everyone. He's a troll on this website. So I troll the troll.
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And it took the worst LSU team in over 2 decades for them to finally win lol