Arkansas die-hard stuck in Vegas.

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Maybe just his overwhelming Bama fan coming out against Tennessee rather than exactly being “in favor” of Florida.
Although I somewhat agree, I believe this may be an attempt at something akin to the “World’s largest outdoor cocktail party” for the Florida-Georgia rivalry game held in Jacksonville. Unfortunately when it comes to prestige, I don’t think this game can meet that hype just yet. Especially after the downward spiral decade of the Hogs before Hunter came to Fayetteville.
I’ll agree that it was a mess after he left, but it wasn’t only Petrino’s fault. We also had an inept AD in Jeff Long who focused on football over the other sports, and mismanaged Bert’s contract so poorly that we were still paying him when he was up in New England. Toss in clown shoes John L “Smile” Smith and Chad Morris and it was just a circus on the Hill. Luckily a great move to bring in Yurachek who created a culture of family among all sports and coaches and now we have a respectable athletics department once again.
This one took decades off my life. I told y’all not to call this an easy win though…
Plenty of makeshift ones being sold too.
Please stop saying “easy win”. We just saw SunBelt Saturday go crazy. We don’t need to encourage an FCS takeover.
Luckily this just SDS projection… I’m not sure what they had last week, but I doubt it was close to correct.
This index is useless. Arkansas beats Cincy, then SCar, but then Cincy beats up on …. checks notes … Kennesaw State to jump up 12 spots and leapfrog the Hogs? Go home ESPN, you’re high, drunk, and challenged.
This is fine. Keep the rat poison away and eliminate rankings until after a few weeks into the season.
The Vegas Golden Knights would like to talk to you…
I’m really hoping the right SEC officiating squad gets this game…. If there is such a thing.
I just wanna get to a bowl game, and not the Belk Bowl.
They’re looking at that 62-0 win. Also, wait for the sharps to come in by Thursday. There’s gonna be a big swing. I’ve got it at 14 myself, so there might be a chance to double up.
9:00 AM in Vegas time…. I mean, I’ve done it before, I know where we’ve been…
SEC Nation is the superior pregame show. Where are they heading?
Can we get a 2021 SWC Champion sticker if we win this one?
Either way, Hogs should cover. It opened at +7 and has fallen to +5.5 for Arkansas. There might be some sharp money come in to bump it up to hit double on a 6 point game, but I’m thinking a field goal either way decides this one.
After what we’ve been through, 8 wins certifies that the rebuild is on pace. Should have been 6 wins last year if we’d had a regular schedule. I’m calling 10 dubs in ‘22 with the shock upset of Alabama in Fayetteville.
Sam was a hawg before a dawg OL coach. Plenty of former players were lobbying for Pittman. Hunter Yurachek is doing the best AD job in a long time. Of course, we’ve only had 3 since 1973….
After the meat grinder the hogs get this year, next year could be manageable with spreading out the big ones.
The Cincinnati addition was news to me.
Good luck. It should be the all around game of the week. I’d take the over on it at least. Total is at 48 right now.