Arkansas die-hard stuck in Vegas.

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To be fair, Texas and Arkansas are scheduled in 2021 if I am not mistaken. Plus Michigan slipped out of a Home and Home I believe. These games are getting harder to schedule with the bigger teams. North Texas is slated for 2018, Portland State, San Jose St., and Colorado St. in 2019 (all in Fayetteville or possibly LR). Texas and Missouri St. in 2021. THe deals for most teams, especially the big boys, is done so many years in advance. It's just getting hard to schedule.
Hm... I was wrong
No pun intended, but the seating layout seems to be a bit hokey.
I do believe he thinks the performance was "unacceptable". Apparently he didn't see the little teachable moments. Lets look at some positives: 4 total penalties which can be eliminated by teaching; 3-3 on fourth downs which builds confidence to pick them up later in the year; clock control was definitely a positive with possession over 36 minutes. LA Tech was not a pushover and Skip Holtz is doing a fantastic job building a tradition of winning down in Ruston. The lines that came out were ridiculous and insulting. Now, the hogs have 60 minutes under their belts and they know what they need to work on. 1-0
Ohhhhhhh Lord it's hard to stay sober When you lose almost every game I can't stand to look in the mirror I get more worn lookin each day To know me is to mock me But I am one hell of a fan Oh Lord it's hard to stay sober When you're an Arkansas Razorbacks fan!
I dunno, I kinda thought they would have picked Eugene for Arkansas
Interesting, but maybe throw in a promotion/relegation system while you're at it.
How is the headline to this story not "Arkansas AD signs emails as "JLo""?
It would be cool to see the best club sports at each school. I know hockey is an up-and-comer in the SEC, but putting a D1 and D3 club on the ice for the Hogs can't be a small feat.
Does this make me SDS infamous?
Sorry, but this guy roots against every SEC team in the bowls, because I know the rest want the Hogs out of the conference
To be fair, our entire state has always been a national joke even before Petrino. Don't lie. You love to make fun of Arkansas. Every damn one of you.
They can't say that the prices were too high in the Pac 12 game. On average, they were the cheapest in the land and the SEC was the most expensive. Plus, Isn't Stanford right there close by?
You think they're there to select the best teams? No. They're selecting the best matchups that TV can have so the advertisers will buy. They want to be able to pull gaudy numbers for 3 games of amazing advertisements. 4 part mini movies to be spread out over 3 CFP games with a culmination in the Super Bowl. This is not about a champion. This is about $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$
So do we call that the "acceptance cobra"?
Wouldn't Bama have to lose twice? They've got the head to head win so Bama would have to lose to both Miss St. And Auburn with the Hogs winning out. Maybe my math is wrong...
Plus, is it safe to say that the SDS crew has Blowhio State in the other CFP semifinal?
Isn't there some kind of rule that would stop any potential rematches in the lower (Non CFP) bowl games? I don't think the Liberty Bowl committee would pick TxTech to play Arkansas.
Were you expecting research done by this crew?
According to Dan Le Batard, all of this media outcry is nothing more than bias against the city of Miami as a whole... I hate that he had Cowherd's radio spot now... His TV show is terrible, and his radio show is awful.
Is this for real, or a jab at the "everyone gets a trophy" mentality?
Or throw an empty bottle at your car on the freeway as they pass by and then get pulled over. That was funny. Both last year.
Hogs are gonna bounce in and out of Bowl Projections like flubber all year.
At least he didn't run his mouth about any coaches this time. I think I heard Klingsbury still wants to meet him after school at the playground.
I would totally buy a calendar of sad fans. A month for each state? Combine Bama and Auburn in one and the Mississippi schools in another and then the rest each get a month?