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Well cmon now, Trask was a backup for 6 years. Coach is just letting him make up for lost time. Lol.
While I know you are trolling and nothing I say really matters, I honestly agree with you about being overhyped. I don’t think we are a top 10 team this year. But, you can’t take away a teams grit to play all the entire 60 mins. Maybe, with all of Georgia’s talent and recruits. If they played as such, they could back up talking trash with more SEC championships and the national championship. Just a thought
I fully agree. While Florida is still trying to find its identity on offense. The defense, for the most part, is firing on all cylinders. The “expect to lose” argument is invalid. Nothing about Mullen’s tenure at UF suggests he will allow his players to overlook anyone and play all 4 qtrs. I don’t see a blowout on either side, just looking forward to a good conference game. Go Gators!