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A broken FL team? How many years am I going to hear this? I’m so sick of it. Missouri has proven they can play in this conference and I’m pretty sure they have beaten Florida more than they’ve lost. A few times by an embarrassing amount. But keep talking about your broken program. What an idiot.
No remember-Mizzou is "vastly inferior". For some reason. Doesn't look too good when such an inferior team that doesn't belongs wins the East every other year.
Stopped reading at "the likes of Mizzou" in regards to Georgia's single digit wins. I'm so damn sick of this. Mizzou has won the SEC East in 50% of their years in the SEC. What makes them such a pushover? 1 ugly year? QB can't stay off the coke, the team buys into bogus protests, the coach gets seriously ill. What is pushover about Missouri?
Mizzou not on this list is a felony. Walter Brady was great but he can be replaced by the loaded d-line. They have multiple options. Other than that they only lost 2 starters on a defense that carried them to 5 wins due to the worst offense in CFB. They had a top 3 defense last year and it won't change. They almost had a couple more wins due solely to the defense. Look at the Florida game in the swamp.
Not even a mention of Brantley? Should be #1. And Harris is better currently than Brady and Beckner.
They actually came out surprisingly well for everything that's gone on the last 6 months or so. And thank God they really didn't have much to fill out. It was a young team already.
The DirectTV one was outstanding.
Best for Mizzou in my lifetime was around 2009 when we beat the pants off of Arkansas in the Cotton Bowl after being absolutely robbed of a BCS bowl.
Mizzou will beat the Vols. Book it.
Because they didn't lose to Texas Tech.
"Their offense has completely disappeared and the defense isn’t great enough to make up for it. Vandy’s offense is a a joke too, but their defense has been stout and kept them in games, even against good teams." What's that now? Vandy's defense has kept them in games but Missouri's has not? Mizzou's defense blows Vandy's out of the water. Their defense carried their historically bad offense to a close loss at Georgia. They kept Florida and MSU at bay as well until shortly after halftime. Say MU is worse than Vandy if you want (Their offense is the worst I have EVER seen) but that reasoning given is ridiculous.
LOL what a troll. Mizzou's defense is awesome. It's very obviously awesome. And who has Kentucky absolutely demolished to show they are a better team? Anyway back to speaking with people who aren't complete morons. I think the article is pretty accurate but I'd flip QB and RB. Towles is better than Mauk no question. But if Hansbrough is really 100 percent he's better than Boom.
"we were all so high on the Razorbacks". I hope by "we" you don't mean everyone. I've been trashing them for 10 months. Bum coach and hilariously overrated team.
It's talked about the most because it's the best conference. I know people get envious but it's the truth. When you're celebrating a miraculous come from being 4th quarter victory week 2 that your 3rd best team put on the SECs ~9th, you are inferior. Or if you are a conference comprised of 2 legit teams and 12 that should be relegated, you are inferior.
What utter garbage. And why do this? When Pinkel said it everyone called him a whiner and rightfully so. Now Pinkel looks like the winner of an argument he was initially having with himself. "We don't play any 1-AA schools". You also don't play anyone good either, coach.
When are they going to learn on Mizzou? They need to have a nice sit-down meeting about that.
I'd have him over about 5 others ranked ahead of him but it's pretty accurate. He has the talent to jump about 25 spots but last year was rough for him.
I'm at a loss for words how high on the list Dobbs is.
This site sucks on mobile. Anyway Christopher nailed it on Brandon Allen.
Most teams are about perfectly slotted, except AtM. WAY too low. Would swap them straight up for where Ole Miss is slotted. Or Arkansas.
"but Missouri’s recruiting ranks near the bottom of the SEC every year.". Ah the fallacy of the recruiting rankings. No one cares more than SEC fans. Missouri's recruiting rankings have always been very low. This year they're like 50th. Guess what? It NEVER matters. All of those NFL draft picks? Sheldon Richardson is the only one that was more than a 3 star recruit. If you don't like this years team fine. I wouldn't be shocked if they proved everyone wrong again, but I'm worried about all of the injuries and dismissals (more so than the guys that graduated). It's a young team. But to attribute it to recruiting rankings from dumpster fires like 247 sports and Rivals? Get out of here.
I'm dying. They were ranked FIFTH when 2013 was over. They were 1 win from a National Championship game. They have won seventy six games since 2007. 9.5 per season for 8 years. Why is it that everyone thought this was some 1 year wonder? I'm fine with the argument that we are lucky to be in the East, but the whole "at the right time, down years" argument is beautiful. Because the first year in the SEC when Missouri was decimated by injury, did you call it a "down" year? Or did you say Mizzou sucked? Too funny.
Checkerboard, if anything it's an insult to Notre Dame.
Missouri vs Tennessee all time: 3-0. In case that isn't clear, Tennessee vs Missouri all time: 0-3. Talk about entitlement. You've done nothing since I've been able to drive a vehicle (I'm middle aged) and yet we, fans of the back to back reigning East winners, are overly entitled? Hilarious. These posts from the Vols fans are pathetic. Even the one guy who tried to play nice comes off awful as he's defending the other guys. They said Tenn was on the rise last year. Missouri beat them in a game that wasn't nearly as close as the score indicated when Miz had their backups in. Mizzou was told they were going to lose every game last year after the Kentucky game, and they won all 3 of them. I knew....I KNEW when this was posted on SDS there would be Vols fans with pitchforks. Maybe beat Missouri in a game and we'll talk.
Ohio st plays 1 pre top 25 and yet the pitchforks are all about how the SEC doesn't play anybody.
Agreed. That Ole Miss game was shameful for all of us.