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If they can move the ball spreading it around against quality opponents as least close to how they are now....I will disagree. Even run centric spread offenses have to at least be able to threaten possible pass to be consistent. Stevens throws a FAR more catchable ball than Fitz did (lol....it was like Nick was either trying to force the ball inside the receivers he threw it so hard or like he thought the receivers had a foot and a half more height than they did). He simply wasn't a threat downfield, which lead to more 3 and outs than we should have burdened our defense with to fix. If Stevens can maintain his accuracy and spread it around, and have Kylin to pound it and work the play action....well, I'll find out over the next few weeks
lol.....he left out the part of his strategy to insure a chance at the national championship from those Fun N' Gun days that made a lot of teams hate Florida.... The part where he would put as many points on the opponent as possible. I recall him shifting fault from his critiques over that and blaming the ranking systems.
I agree with you, Hogman66. I have several friends from / living in Arkansas who are annoyingly die hard Razorback fans (lol)and I've been warning them for the past few months as the season got closer to be ready for some bumpy roads ahead. There were growing pains for Miss State waiting on personnel to be hired and players recruited to fit the spread RPO offense scheme, and we weren't anywhere as a dedicated pro set style offense like Bielema built Arkansas for. I am expecting consistent success around his 3rd season as HC with a possibility of the 2nd season (you know how recruiting can be...never know when your team lands the next Dan Marino and Barry Sanders from a local high school or something). Honestly, I'm excited for the entire SEC West (Ole Piss doesn't count. Were it up to me they'd lose every single game they played. Bowl game or non-conference opponent....don't care. Every game) as with the talent even the mid to lower tier schools get in the SEC combined with what seems to be some really, REALLY good coaches across the board...well, I easily see SEC West games being major events in the college football world and not just limited to 2 or 3 games. Alabama and Auburn are consistent top echelon teams. LSU has every reason to be among them if they ever fix whatever seems to have broken in them (speaking to the past few seasons as a whole). A&M has always had too much talent and university money to not be among them, so Jimbo might be the final piece. Miss State has at least become a consistent top 25 team that while still capable of losing to freaking South Alabama is also just as apt to beat top 5 teams. And Ole Piss is right where they need to be.... Exciting times I think!
Mountain Dog, To be fair, I've had several calm and objective conversations involving BamaTime. Now, to be honest, I'm not really aware of what his gripe is concerning regarding MSU fans complaining about Alabama articles or MSU (lack of) articles.
Just going to say that lack of a healthy respect for Troy is a good way to get beat down on the field. People tend to not realize just how freaking HUGE that school is, and that's not even considering their international campuses. Last year's LSU loss to Troy is more indicative of what happens if you let Troy get it in their head they are there to whip you. They remind me a lot of the 80's Southern Miss football teams (Anyone, Anywhere, Anytime. And could back it up).
I wouldn't write off Florida's QB stable just yet. People forget what Dan Mullen was able to do with Chris Relf
Please understand Kelly....I'm in no way bashing the hire. Mizzou has the personnel to run a pro set offense well (which is the general expectation of Dooley's philosophy), and there are a lot less risks recruiting QBs for pro set offenses instead of spread variation RPOs dual QBs. I don't dispute issues during his tenure at Tenn, but also don't allow that to cloud the fact that he has had success at multiple other teams across both the NCAA and NFL levels. I didn't know about him declining an extension. It makes sense then with him wanting to get back to coaching in the NCAA that he'd position himself (wheeling and dealing) for the OC job at Mizzou, as per my first paragraph, the personnel allow him to avoid "dumbing" down his schemes and instead install his pro set offense. Honestly though? Worst case..he fails and none of the haters are shocked. Best case....he excels, and Odom looks like a genius.
He is a good looking QB and definitely one who'll fit into Gus' offense preferences. I won't lie...I'm jelly
I agree in part, in that people need to be patient and see how he does. Granted, his tenure at Tenn was a train wreck...but it's also possible he simply wasn't ready to run such a large program with a finicky fan base yet. But people who are football morons don't work consistently in the NFL, so even being fired...he still has the credentials to land and maintain a NFL position. I disagree about his season being a Dak problem though. It seemed more a combination of injury issues with their offensive line and missing something Elliot does well but doesn't get a lot of credit for....blocks. For all of Elliot's RB skills, his ability to block and pick up the blitz is where he shines in my opinion. Of course...it still lends credence to your point about fall guys, and neither the O Line or RBs were under Dooley's umbrella. LOL....and for what it's worth....I don't consider Mizzou in any way to be an "embarrassment to the conference". I think Gary Pinkel's departure due to his diagnosis, when viewed in retrospect, was a hard blow to recruiting as well as management and delegation from the HC position. And while I don't necessarily look at Odom as a lost cause...I would imagine Mizzou fans are at the point of, "Initiation is over. Time to join the club" with him and expectations.
I'm glad he's staying, but I never really was worried he would declare for the draft. All analysts and web sites agreed at best he'd go in the 5th round, and worst in the 7th round. I could have seen him going early due to some kind of financial hardship within his family, but outside of that? Naw. Regardless, VERY happy Montez is sticking with the Maroon and White for another season.
I'm confused. Knox's Twitter comment ("I've not received any offer from Florida") aside, all I've seen and heard is that he was going to Florida to join Mullen. There was even rumored friction regarding Knox and recruiting, which lead to him being completely taken off the recruiting trail before Moorhead's hire.
We had something similar at Miss State not so long ago didn't we? Seems I remember a highly recruited QB that we got solely because it was agreed he'd be able to play both football and baseball. But went MLB before he ever saw his first snap.
You forgot to mention Florida State yanking Cam Akers out of Clinton, MS...
lol...DvHill, you ever hear the line, "Know why kids are obviously more stupid than we were at their age? Because we didn't have the internet to document all the stupid stuff we did like they do now."
C'mon now..... Hip Hop Legend? Really? That's like calling Rick Astley a metal god.
I'm not a Florida fan (even though they are one of two East teams I cheer for/follow because I loved the old Spurrier Fun 'n Gun offense), but I think Hargraves is a good hire for Mizzou.
This is a good hire for Mizzou. His resume and reputation definitely reflects positive things for Mizzou, but personally I think it's the recruiting doors he can open that will be the bigger dividend, which is where I felt Mizzou was having some issue. That's not an insult by any means, just saying being one of the newest teams to the SEC as well as being the school farthest NW made recruiting for the Tigers a bit more difficult than others.
We're the same way at Miss State over Shoop, Ben. It's kind of hard to use Tenn as a measuring stick for defensive coaches as Tenn's abysmal offense kept them both on the field the majority of the time and always playing from behind. One thing Mullen showed us at Miss State was he builds pretty competent staffs, as proven by how we lost position coaches and coordinators every year to other schools. That's not saying every hire is going to be a homerun, but the odds are definitely better than average.
Well, Murphy (listed as Ath) is technically a RB but will most likely play slot in Moorhead's offense. Not to mention 2018's roster of current players will have 5 RB (1 Sophomore, 2 Juniors, and 2 Seniors), with that Sophomore being Kylin Hill. And Ealy wouldn't even have a chance to be a back up to Hill until Nick Gibson graduated, which isn't until 2020. So yeah.....loaded.
Can't say that I blame him as Miss State is loaded at RB, both on roster and incoming players (provided current commits remain committed).
I think this was one of the best coordinator hires in the nation. And I think he'll show just how good Starkel can be.
Bunker, wouldn't you think they'd redshirt him? I could honestly see that being part of the pull in that they say they'll redshirt him to give him time to learn the offense, as well as the bowl bans being lifted when he comes out eligible.
That is a solid point regardless of one's stance on our QBs, Storm. Considering Moorhead's offense does utilize the RB position more than Mullen's offense, I would hope so. More so since we have a LOT of talent at the RB position. Williams runs like a pro RB in that he is patient and takes what his OL gives him. Hill seems to be one of those RBs who takes a 2 yard window and makes it into an 8 yard seam.
Bob......what??? Have you ever held a salaried position? You are considered "on the clock" 24/7 as well as being held to a higher standard (speaking to things like morality and conduct clauses). More so when that position entails issued communication equipment like laptop computers and cell phones, because that reinforces the idea that you are always considered to be at work and in your office. Contacting an escort service via company property alone is grounds for dismissal with cause, so adding conduct clauses and expectations for someone in a management role like you see with an NCAA coach means that people are simply repeating codified facts that are part of contractual agreements which have been knowingly violated.
This is an elite commit for Tenn. We have two for Miss State's 2018 that I'm hoping Mullen doesn't yank from us. Wish they'd affirm their stance like Taylor did for Tenn. Grats on a beast of a WR
Oh...I'm hip, Zou. I wouldn't want him hired to coach my son's PeeWee team. I'm just saying that for all the baggage and damage he has, it doesn't affect his offensive scheme. That's all. Besides that, I FULLY agree with you.