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I know the article is about the West, but I'm curious to see the SEC as a whole when speaking to all the coaching changes going on. I know, I know...Tenn and Arkansas are still up in the air but with Jimbo going to A&M, Mullen moving to Florida to give them a capable coach for the first time in almost a decade now, Moorhead taking Miss State (provided just half the hype about him is true), Auburn showing some strong faith in Gus and adding major stability for years to come, combined with the conference wide success we're all starting see across the spectrum with our SEC brethren with their "still has the new car smell" coaches.....?While Tenn is going to be a rebuilding school for the next two to three years (Tops. Simply too much talent available to be any longer), I think Arkansas can hit the ground running at a faster pace provided they get someone half ass competent. I think we are in an early period of what will be looked back at as a time considered to be a blossoming period for the SEC conference. Leading to the SEC again being a conference of powerhouse programs, and not just one or two with several mid tier schools trying to keep up. Which with all the positives also has it's own pitfalls, but that's another discussion.
Honestly? Because pro style QBs simply don't fit Mullen's offense. We had a solid QB at Miss State with Tyler Russel who had some skills, but he had a hard time staying on the field against a sophomore Dak Prescott (and full disclosure, Dak's passing was so atrocious that season I cussed every time he was put in the game) who was raw and didn't know the offense well.
Nail on the head.Honestly, that's one hire I'm hoping we can find a trifecta of established in the south (meaning familiar with SEC offenses and defenses), aggressive scheme, and solid recruiter.Seems a tall order when I read it out loud, but am hopeful.
Everything I've read on Breiner seems positive. Glad Coach Moorhead is putting together the staff to facilitate a seamless transition towards his offense.
I understand reporting these events as they transpire for the sake of informing, but is this honestly shocking to anyone? This is pretty par the course for any NCAA football program under these types of NCAA sanctions. It's pretty much why regardless of how red handed anyone is caught they fight tooth and nail and swear up and down it isn't true.As bad as I hate Ole Miss, I have to admit....I hate seeing those players go to Michigan more. I Can't stand Harbaugh.
And to add....Name a relevant Power 5 school, and the odds are they offered him.
Honestly Joshua, rarely do you see dual threat QBs sporting high "star ratings" (albeit there are occasional exceptions)since most ranking systems want to ding those QBs for not being pure passers. Usually because they need more work with throwing mechanics.It can be kind of a hit or miss thing (look at Dak's progression as a passer compared to Fitzgerald's), but when they hit...and are in the right offense....
I'd call that a definite win for Coach Moorhead!Hail State!!
I think Kiffin is a diamond in the rough hire for whoever takes a chance on him. Before we hired Moorhead, Kiffin was who I was hoping Miss State would get. I honestly believe that whoever shows some faith in him will find that he has grown leaps and bounds from his time with Saban.
Obdog,I can see your argument to a degree, but Fitz has a BAD habit of throwing high and away (with a tendency for those away balls being behind). His lack of accuracy meant teams didn't have to respect any chance of a deep threat which meant lots of man outside and extra run support.Part of me wants to hope that he fine tunes his accuracy issues in the offseason, but that is predicated on how much practice time he is able to get in. And with his ankle injury (they won't say which bone he broke that his dad let slip out, but that type of injury almost always means a break in the fibula), I'm not very confident he'll be going 100% come spring practice.By no means am I saying I can't be wrong, but right now the odds are in my favor. And as of right now, I feel more optimistic in the possibility of seeing Thompson start 2018 as our starter than Fitzgerald.
Bunker,LOL.....I'm not going to hate on you, brother. I'm the same way about Ole Miss. I DESPISE them, and they are then only SEC team I cheer to lose every single game they play. And that includes out of conference game (to include bowl games).
I'll be honest Debo....When Fitzgerald can be a passing threat beyond three yards I might care what he thinks. Because right now I'm hoping Thompson puts in extra work to learn the offense and hits 2018 as our starter.
Agreed.I'm not sure why anyone would hold any animosity towards Mullen. He stayed much longer than anyone thought he would, and did a lot for Miss State. The only "regret" I personally have is how much more he could have accomplished with the turmoil ongoing at Ole Miss but that is really neither here nor there. I'll forever be grateful for him legitimately changing the culture at Miss State. Because I am a Bulldog fan who remembers those 3 and 4 win seasons where teams like Memphis, Tulane, and Southern Miss beat us more often than we did them.I also think the East better be on notice since we've seen what Mullen can do with (with a few player exceptions)a mediocre talent pool to build on, so giving him that kind of talent that Florida pulls year in and year out to work with.....well, I expect two years max we'll start seeing Florida competing heavily for the SEC Championship. Three years max before we see them making serious runs at the play offs.It's also thanks to Mullen that I'm excited about Joe Moorhead, in that if half of the hype is true then we owe being able to attract that kind of coach to what Mullen did at Miss State. That, and Moorhead is walking into a team built to run the spread offense already assembled thanks to Dan.I wish Florida all the success in the world and look forward to seeing them again become a dreaded scheduled game for other teams. But I still hope Miss State beats your Gators like a drum at a hippie festival....=)
LOL....I got to be honest. It doesn't feel too bad considering you can't spell "loss".How that "won" feel?HAHAHAHAHA
Gman.....LOLThe Egg Bowl doesn't have the "national luster" of a rivalry game like the Iron Bowl, but as anyone who has ever been around the Egg Bowl can tell you this might well be the most personal hate rivalry game. Sitting close to the home team student section wearing the opposing team's apparel means you'd better be mindful of flying whiskey bottles and lesser missiles.The best thing ever was several years ago when some kind of mistake had both teams released down the tunnel at the same time. Both teams boiled out of the exit onto the field in one big mass of college kids trying to kill each other. Now that's how you start a rivalry game....lol
I think Aeris Williams is a lot better back than given credit for, and I don't say that because I'm a Miss State fan. I say that due to the way he runs the football....patient. A lot of college backs get the football, then haul ass. And if a lane happens to be waiting on them, they make these huge breaks. But Williams runs a lot like an NFL back in that he patiently allows the line to open holes or looks for the cut back lanes when the line fails to do so.In all honesty, his running style with vision has made Miss State's line look a lot better than it is. His running style at a larger school with NFL talent loaded offensive lines like Auburn, Alabama, or Georgia would most likely have him a front runner if not clear runner for the Heisman.
I'll be straight in that you guys worry the hell out of me. You have a heck of a coach in Stoops, and he's the real deal and building something there. I'll be honest and think that ceiling is similar to our's at Miss State, meaning neither of us are looking at competing for a national championship any time soon...lol.But he's got the Wildcats expecting to a chance to win every game, and playing like it boot. Unlike other State fans, I'm not thrilled about Fitzgerald. If we ad a better O-line, then he'd be just fine cause we'd just dink for 3 to 5 yards on the pass all day, with runs sprinkled in. But that isn't the case. I'll say though that I'm glad the game is at Starkville. If I'm being honest, that's the only factor in play that makes me think we have a 65% chance to win.
lol.....total side note here, but I have to say it. And I feel confident I'm going to be the first to do so....Love the "Steal your face" avatar!
I was talking about this guy yesterday (as well as Malik Heath). With getting Thompson at QB and Hill at RB (not to mention Nick Gibson who is a redshirt sophomore) this past recruiting season, and the two above mentioned WR coming on next year, Mullen is putting together an offense of the future that is going to absolutely shock the SEC.As long as we can maintain our current progress defensively, and keep our defensive coordinator position solid over the next four years to insure that Alabama won't be the only team truly feared in the SEC.
I have to admit I'm a bit baffled at how no one seems to be talking about the Miss State RB, Aeris Williams. He runs like an experienced NFL RB in that he's patient and allows his blocks to develop. Many of his runs this season have been successful due to his patience seeing what the O-line gives him.
LOL.....I know exactly how you feel. Ole Miss is the ONLY SEC team that I cheer against every single game they play. But as you are to Fitzgerald, I am to Patterson. That kid has future NFL Hall of Fame written all over him, and every time he throws the football he leaves my eyes as wide as dinner plates. When a QB is on the run and can throw across his body sidearm, and deliver a pin point accurate pass 40 yards down the field.....you know the football gods put a nuclear reactor inside his throwing shoulder. Combine that with him being like Dak Prescott, in that he has the composure of a veteran NFL QB as a sophomore in college...well, let's just say I hope his mamma keeps reminding him to be wary of how many females see him as a walking meal ticket.
I never understood the reasoning behind Gus Malzahn being hired at Auburn for HC. I'll give him credit for being one of the then small group of coaches for running some variation of the spread / RPO offense but it's not like he was one of the pioneers of it or anything. His high school coaching resume reads more like the "luckiest man alive" than a great coach in the making story though. He coached at schools with rosters littered with top college prospects, and even then more times than not lost games in both regular play and state playoffs when he faced real coaches. For people who don't know, watch the old 80s movie (I know I'm dating myself here) "Johnny Be Good". Replace the coaches plan to get into college football with Gus Malzahn, and you now have a documentary of Malzahn's rise to the college coaching ranks. And you also have root cause to the false narrative of him being considered such a great recruiter. He was freshly removed from the high school ranks, so he either personally knew prospective players or their coaches. And as time has weakened those earlier ties, so has his recruiting declined. Which says a lot because the Auburn brand in itself is enough to get your foot in the door at the very least with possible highly sought recruits. People are HIGHLY mistaken in thinking he was responsible for Auburn's national championship, because several times they had multiple issues in mustering offense against weaker opponents. That national title run was saved numerous times by some guy named Cam Newton and a little luck.
rriffe, Fitzgerald has two issues. One is inaccuracy throwing down the field, and the other is ball placement. His passing reminds me a lot of Dak's sophomore season. I'm not saying Fitzgerald is subpar, but I am saying that he is still working on things that we need consistency with from the QB position. Because right now, there is no reason to respect Miss State's deep ball game so talented teams will simply play man on the edges and walk their safeties up. That means teams with talented def lines (Georgia and Alabama for example)can use a simple three man rush out of the 3-4 with their corners playing man to man bump and run, with their safeties tight supporting the linebackers. That's 9 guys in the box, with 6 of those able to cover the flats and underneath (as well as the safeties able to break away with slot or tight end releasing and providing shell coverage for possible mismatches on the LB core). Worse, they could put a LB spy on Fitz and have the SS pull the slack.We have a legitimate deep threat in Gray, but until Fitz can drop the ball in to him when he gets a stride on his man consistently, it's a safe "gamble" to play Miss State the way I described above. Because you're going to win more than not on the corners. Basically, right now the issue with stopping Fitzgerald isn't logistics, it's personnel. And there are a few teams with the right people on our schedule coming up who more than meet that requirement.But, on the flip side, Fitz is getting better every game. He has developed more touch on his passes (as opposed to last year when it seemed like he was determined to throw his arm out every pass), and he's not stretching our receivers out as much with high passes. And when he does finally "find his range" concerning his accuracy downfield, he's going to a nationally recognized elite QB. More so next year with Malik Heath and Stephen Guidry (I cannot wait for this dude!) coming on board. And when you consider all the young guys we have still learning OL (not to mention Kwatrivous Johnson committing), as well as Mullins finally getting some talent on the field at RB......it's going to be nasty.I'm just being a realist is all. Because while I also see the huge potential Miss State has for the season, I also see what could very easily bite us in our collective rears.
Anonymous1205, while I understand and agree with your statement.....please note that I said "being the defending national champions AND the way they've played".
Honestly Agdawg, that is where my worry lies. I'm not completely sold on Miss State's O-Line yet whereas GA has a VERY experienced def line, as well as just straight being MEN. But to be straight? It's your LB core that really worries me, and I don't think they get the credit they deserve. They are big and strong, and absolutely love contact. But more than that, they are smart and fast....which means they excel at making the underneath areas "no man's land" for receivers.Being objective, both teams have issues at the QB position. And ironically, even though one is a junior (Fitzgerald) and one a freshman (Fromm) they both suffer from inexperience. So I'm expecting a low scoring defensive dog fight (pardon the pun), which gives me pause. Because that is the last kind of game anyone wants to get into against Georgia between the hedges. So, I expect both teams to have issues on offense, and the game coming down to whoever lady luck decides to smile down on and open a big play here and there onto. Which gives the advantage to the home team.That was me being objective. Being a fan? I hope Miss State beats your GA Bulldogs like a drum......LOL. But that's what makes the SEC so entertaining, because there is what should be.....and what is. You just never know. But one thing I think we can all agree on, it's going to be one hell of a football game.And I love the name I saw another poster give this game, "Dawg Fight 2017".
I disagreed with the decision to make Coach O the new head coach, but I can't help but feel sorry for him as well. He has a lot of pressure being placed on him to take a team recruited with the run game in mind (discounting the new players, of course), and magically turn those players into an air raid attack.It's like LSU wants to take the old Spurrier approach when he was coaching at Florida, where they ran the "Fun N' Gun" offense and established their run game with the pass game. Which works great, as long as you have three to five wide receivers who are all 6'2 and run 4.3 40s as well as a QB with two backups who all can drop 70 yard bombs on you.
Let me preface this with the fact I am a die hard Miss State fan, and having said that my only response to this is......really?I definitely believe that we've shown that Miss State should be considered (at least for now) a top 15 team nationally, but not #1. Of course, I don't think Alabama should be #1 either. At this point, in my opinion, being the way they've played and being the defending national champions, I think Clemson should be #1 and Alabama #2.While progress is evident with Fitzgerald's play, he still is missing throws that he simply HAS to make in some of the big games coming up. Especially come November 11th against Alabama. For example, last night a Miss State receiver literally had two and a half strides on an LSU DB early in the game, and Fitz overthrew him. When those opportunities arise, we simply have to capitalize on them. Because against teams that are as deep in depth and talent as Georgia and Alabama, those are the plays that will force their safeties to play deeper and not on the line in run support. Without them, they play shallow to support underneath coverage and be available for run support.