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I predict Copeland will become our primary target next year at the wideout position. Gonna have a breakout year. He is a big body, is athletic and has great hands.
This is one of the best covers I have seen! Awesome! Congrats to LSU, Burreaux, Ogeron and all the LSU faithful. Well deserved.
I agree 100%. I think Aranda earned his paycheck last night. All the talk is always about Venables but Aranda dialing different pressures was key to Lawrence's "off night," and an LSU Natty.
LSU often and early. It is gonna be ugly. The LSU offense may very well be the best in College Football History and they will show it tonight. Also a bold prediction that Aranda out-coaches Venables tonight. The LSU defense will hold Clemson under 14 points.
Also, no one is talking about this but I hope this move (Fromm) does not make Emory Jones get happy feet. With Richardson coming in and Trask taking the reigns, I feel like he could make the jump if UGA offered. I believe he is from UGA and was recruited by Kirby? He could be dynamic as well. That would be the ultimate revenge to him not playing at UF. Starting for UGA next year. I hope we do not have another Cam Newton scenario on our hands. I hope he stays patient. So hard for dynamic players today. I do not blame them.
Man if Gatewood would have held off for little bit instead of jumping to KY he would have been a good get for you all. If he turns out, KY will not be an easy win in the East anymore. He is a game changer like Fields.
You guys win the internet today for these comments.
Copeland is going to have a breakout year. He is a beast.
Davis and Pierce are both explosive backs and could start for many SEC programs. There are several factors to consider though. 1. Can Pierce stay healthy as an every down back. He is violent at the point of contact (Which I love) and that can cause problems for a smaller back in the SEC. 2. Can Davis hold onto the ball 3. Most importantly can we adjust our blocking scheme for the types of backs that we have. If you can not get a push off the line, you need consider more stretch and zone schemes.
They are all heavy hitters (our safety rotation) but man they cost us 2 games this year with their inability to cover. Blown coverage's everywhere this year, and Davis was no exception. He needs another year to fine tune his football knowledge. He is fast and violent but he needs to work on his communication in coverage. He is not alone though.
So many blown coverages by everyone but our corners. On a positive note Kimbrell and Elam had great games as Freshmen. Future is bright at corner but someone is gonna have to step up at safety and nickel. It has been our Achilles all year.
It wasn’t Grantham. It was our poor safety and secondary play. Our corners did well but our safeties continue to be a handicap for us. They play selfish football trying to make big hits while blowing coverage every other play. Needs to change if we are gonna compete for the SEC.
This is the kind of comment that makes your fan base look ignorant and obsessed at best. More concerned with the events of our offseason than your own. Thanks for the choice to “take or leave,” your ignorance. We will choose the latter. The infatuation continues...
Maryland has some very wealthy boosters. Things are easier to keep quiet when you live close by.
This guy cannot be sincere. If he is, then he is the saddest thing I have ever seen. Then again, even if he does it as a joke, it is still sad.
Also, safety Tre'Vez Johnson just got moved to a 4 star from a 3. Clemson tried to swoop in late but to no avail.
I ain’t mad at him. A&M is a good program. Good luck to this young man. I like when they have a bit of fun with the signings. It is after all, just a game. Go Gators!
I believe Pierce is gonna be a great back if we can get our act together on the line. He is compact, fast and Is viscous at the point of contact. Davis is also a homerun hitter if he can hold onto the ball.
73' you are prob right, but they are beating USC with Fields at the helm, guaranteed, which still puts them in the playoff as a one loss (to LSU) in the SEC champ. It is also very realistic to say that Trask's lack of maneuverability makes us less lethal as an offense. I do agree that changes need to be made on the o-line and a better running scheme devised. Part of that could be Jones at the helm running stretch reads and RPO's that Trask is not going to run. We also agree that the best QB should win the job. I just do not think you can give Trask the nod simply because he had a good season. Let them compete and do not be afraid to start Jones. Trask will be there if called upon, just like he was with Franks being injured. Those receivers sticking around are a very good core but pale in comparison to the route runners that we had this year. I think we need some more balance on the offensive end to win champs. Jones gives us that option and also can make plays with his legs when the play breaks down. But again, I am all for "May the best man win." Just an opinion.
No one is being disloyal or is not appreciative. That has no relevance in this conversation at all. Dan Mullen is getting paid a lot of money to win championships. The question becomes is Trask the QB to do that? IMO I do not think so. Just because I hold that opinion does not make me disloyal, it makes me a true fan that wants to win championships. His offensive scheme calls for a dynamic running QB. It all comes down to decision making with the ball. If Jones can do that then he is the guy. No disrespect to Trask at all. I hope he proves me wrong. Either way we are winning, just to what extent?
Much respect to Trask. It was great what he did this year. However, to say it is not debatable is just not being realistic. Jones is a very dynamic QB. He also allows for us to have a run game in our offense which is sorely needed next year. We will not have the same receiving core to spread the ball around. It will be a totally different team. I am not Throwing Trask to the curb but I simply think that if Jones beats him out in the Spring then they should give him a shot. If he cannot make a good decision with the ball then go back to Trask. I think this is very similar situation to what happened with UGA/Fromm/Fields. I strongly believe that UGA is in the playoff right now with Fields at the helm. Jones is no Fields right now but we will never know unless he gets a full look.
I bet UGA fans wish they would have played Justin Fields a couple years back over Fromm. They may have struggled that year but guaranteed they would be in the playoff right now if they had Fields at the helm IMO. A lot of hypothetical going on but I will take Fields all day on the college level over Fromm. I know Jones is not Fields but it still drives home the point.
I thought it would be interesting to give Jones every 1st down play. That would keep the defense's head spinning on whether it was a run or pass. Then play Trask every 2nd and 3rd down. Could be tricky but it would put the defense in a tough spot.
I can not speak for CO as I am sure he will comment himself but it seems the majority of those post take place right here in the UF forum in Florida related articles. That is my point. But again to each their own. You have the freedom to post where you like and I have the freedom to post that I think it is odd.
This is the same ol' hyperbole. How would you know his post #'s unless you all were around to see it on this forum? The proof is right here for all to see. All of the normal UF fans that post on here, including CO, comment on many topics on the UF forum that are not UGA related daily. If we do speak about UGA, it is within our own forum. I am not sure who and who does not post in the UGA forum because I do not visit it unless it is the week of the Cocktail Party. Why? Because that is when our fan bases and teams cross paths. I truly do not care what Kirby is saying in his presser unless it has something to do with UF. Why would you want to hang around another teams site, specifically one that you loathe? It would be like me going to Athens to watch the FLA/UGA game in a local bar. It would be very odd. I do not dislike you guys, or care what you post, I just do not understand the infatuation. This is comical and ironic that we are having this conversation in the Florida Forum about a Mullen presser in which he speaks about everything Gator related and nothing UGA related. Seems like odd behavior but to each their own.
I have said this before and will say it again. We have to give Jones the nod next year. We have to get the running game going and he helps us do that. He is more dynamic than Trask and could take us to the next step in winning a championship. I am not discounting anything that Trask has done for us. He has been great. But with him, we are one dimensional. If Jones can make good decisions with the ball, then he is the guy. This feels similar to other situations that I have seen in the past. Names like Cam Newton and Justin Fields come to mind. I think Jones could be dynamic and has a cannon for an arm.
Looks like he checks all the boxes! Mullen is doing a nice job of building this recruiting class. Go Gators!