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Richardson is an elite athlete and perfect for Napiers run first offense. He will get a chance to be the guy. It’s nice that we have other choices in case of injury or poor decision making.
Hump, do you post between re-runs of Bonanza? Your heat em up dinner sitting on your tv trey is getting cold. The infatuation with our program continues even after finally getting a Natty. Sad. Such an insecure fan base.
The insecurity wreaks on this one…sad life.
Like an annoying barfly the bartenders have to cut off and kick out after last call…sad.
Listen man, it happened in 2022 so split hairs if you want. And also you cannot troll if you are on your own teams forum. It’s called defending the home field. I wouldn’t know what a UGA forum looks like. I don’t visit. I am afraid your insecurities will wear off on me.
That’s the thing. I don’t have to make myself feel better. I don’t need to head to another teams boards to try and prove my teams worth. Dawg fans are so insecure, even after winning it all.
Sounds like your having trouble celebrating it or believing it. To busy on Gator boards posting it up. Sad and still infatuated with our program. I thought a Natty would give y’all some security but some things never change.
I guess you could call that a win…I call it lucky Bama was down both starting corners and receivers. 2022*
2022* I guess you could call that a Natty? Sad
Talking about UGA taking advantage of a crippled Alabama lineup not second chances. I guess you could call that a Natty. Whatever helps you sleep at night. 2022*
Your more annoying than your troll brothers.
Delusional and Insecure dawg fans thinking they know this kid. Speaking of sacks, y’all are some sad ones.
And your still the same guy living in your moms basement who has nothing better to do than post on these forums. Your still infatuated with our football team. It’s sad. Also sad that you are claiming that National Championship over a crippled Alabama team. 1980>2022* Delusional.
What’s sad is you claiming that half a s s Natty after beating a crippled Bama team that beat you at half strength just a month ago. That Natty should have an asterisk by it. Still delusional.
It’s sad that you are counting that win. At least earn the Natty by playing an Alabama team at full strength. They beat you in the SEC at strength.
The full court press. Taking advantage of the big stage and an advantageous situation. Respect.