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This is awesome. Love that these young men get to have a little fun. Also cool that technology is allowing us to see it first hand. Nice job of capturing moments like this gator staff!
If everyone simply lines up in the right spot this year, it will be an improvement. I can not believe the opportunity that we squandered last year with the offense that we had. Possibility of 3 first round draft picks from the offensive side of the ball and record breaking offense. It hurts...but lets move on to this year right? If this non sense continues there will be nothing saving Grantham's job.
@Bamarox, Gotta take some postives from a really disapointing season. We really wasted an opportunity with the talent we had on offense. Just not enough talent or coaching on defense. Plus I gotta defend my squad. Not nearly as delusional as the UGA faithful, just taking the positives. Congrats on your championships. Enjoy while you still have Saban. and @Bamatime, Always a pleasure, as usual.
I am not sure what you are talking about. Your does not make sense.
That is my point and opinion, Bamaheel. If that is his intention (to get attention on a sports site) I feel bad for him. I really wish him the best.
Hey Bama, the LSU and OU game were disheartening to watch for sure. What is even more odd is that if that same team and coach had another minute in that SEC champ game we would not be having the same conversation. We were the only team that scared you all year. I can not imagine the clock watching that was going on by the Tide Nation in that game.
Scroll, scroll, scroll...scroll some more. Laugh and laugh some more. Saddest fan on this site. Tears of a clown.
They are the saddest fans in the game. Tears of a clown. I feel bad for them.
The obsession continues. UGA trolls infatuated with our program. Posting on these boards is the closest tehy will ever get to winning another National Title with Coach Bangs driving the "G Train."
Tebow never sucked at baseball. He was very good at the high school level and would have been drafted out of high school, if not for football. One of the strongest young power hitters that I saw play.
I coached against him in baseball at the high school level. If he would have continued to play baseball instead of football, he would have been drafted out of high school no question. Incredible power to the opposite field. He was a very good player and it seems that many on this site do not know much about baseball. It is by far a more difficult task to hit a baseball than it is to throw or catch a football. Probably the hardest thing to do in sports period. These pitchers today are downright nasty. He may have been given a shot because of a name but he was def. good enough to make it. If you take 20 years of football away and replace that with baseball he would be starting in the bigs today. He was a rare athletic talent. His only downside was that the muscle he built for football did not translate well to baseball. It made him to mechanical instead of fluid. He had to re learn the swing.
Richardson will be good if he takes time to develop as Jones has. Not really about agility and arm talent in Mullen's system (although it helps) and more about knowing where to go with the ball. I.E. Kyle Trask. I watched Richardson play in high school and in warm ups he was throwing it 70 yards flat footed. He is a freak but he still needs to know the system and find the open man. We do not need another Franks on our hands. I think if Jones can make good decisions within the system this year he will be just fine. Plus we will be more of a rushing threat so that should open up things down field.
I hope his fitness is better this year. We really only got production out of him on 3rd down. Really need him to show up in the rush defense and collapse between the tackles.
Corch is that you? Dumbs of War? The infatuation continues... Really sad... Trolling on our boards is as close as you will ever get to a Natty.
It is clear that the haters from other fanbases are still bitter from Tebow whoopin that a$$ over 10 years ago. Let the bitterness go. Y’all should be more appreciative. I mean he even prayed for you every time he ran over your players and scored.
As a Gator fan, you have to laugh at all the non sense this last year brought. If I dont, I will cry over what could have been with that offense.
I can not believe he didn't pick Marco Wilson. I figured he would be a shoe-in.
This is a great addition for UGA. Kirby taking on the Saban model for hiring fired coaches as analyst. Smart move. Muschamp has a lot to offer as a defensive coach and is also a great recruiter. I wish the Gators would have made this move but blood is thicker than water. It is nice he will get to spend some time with his son and get back to his roots at UGA. As a gator fan I do not have a strong distaste for Muschamp. He was responsible for recruiting some of the best defenses that Florida has ever put on the field. Just really bad offensively. Good luck to him with the dawgs.
JTF I don’t hate anyone man. When the truth comes out about the UGA fan base you all get really insecure.
Not one of your “facts,” would prove “regret.” The rose colored glasses are thick in Athens. Most delusional fan base of all time. Facts remain in spite of yourself. Fields has had nothing but success since leaving UGA. It would make common sense that he is not regretful about the transfer.
There is nothing ridiculous about the thought process. You are right about one thing, no one knows if he feels regret or not. That is why we should only speculate if facts are involved. Not homer opine. The facts are listed in my previous post that you apparently stopped reading. Fields has experienced nothing but success since he left UGA. No reason for regret. Just like I dont know Cam Newton thoughts but I doubt he had regrets about leaving UF. I am not bitter about it. I am glad he had success. I guess what you call "sick," I call having common sense.
I really love and respect UGA fans fierce fandom and loyalty for their program but these kinds of comments are what make others believe that UGA fans are the most delusional in college football. Nothing but positives have come from the Fields transfer. He made a great decision. There is no reason to believe he would have any regrets. This is the same kind of false belief that Athens is a "magical," place that recruits hold dear in their hearts. It is just a college campus like any other. Some are nicer and have a better atmosphere but it has zero to do with getting a recruit to come play at UGA. 5 star recruits care about one main thing and that it is "who can help get me to the NFL?" Kirby has shown that he can do that with defensive players and O line man. This is why he is a great reruiter. Same with Saban at every position.
I am sure he was thinking about all his regrets right before he played in the National Championship game this year. Also, when he is drafted in the first round of the NFL draft, I am sure he we will be upset that he did not get more tutelage from the QB whisperer Kirby Smart.
Hey Nash! Good to see you man. Hope all is well for you and yours.