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lol this is such a crazy response to a cordial question about injuries at UGA. I don’t follow the Dawgs and happened to see the game against Miss St. and was wondering what was up. I get some normal responses and then this bi-polar rant about the Gators. Not interested in talking trash if it’s not cocktail party. Just when you think you can have some normal sports talk on the UGA page. Negan shows up. Yikes.
Either way one thing is for sure. He is not a HC. He could make a lot of money somewhere as a DC. I actually like him as a coach but if you don’t win...you know how it goes.
I think that with Mullen all the time. Got to drive you crazy answering these Monday Morning QB questions over and over. However, they get paid a lot of money. Keep your cool and move on.
"For the first time since his bone-crushing hit over the middle against Georgia, Florida TE Kyle Pitts is expected to play this week against Kentucky, coach Dan Mullen announced on Monday, and said he’s excited about it." MarK Stoops: SMH
Funny how that changes when the O-line finally gets a push.
Maybe so, but if he didn't he sure looked like he did. He was defensive.
Muschamp recruited and spearheaded some of the top defenses in the nation while at Florida. One would argue that his defenses were superior to that of Charley Strongs in our championship years. Top 5 recruiting classes consistantly and had the #1 defense in the Nation multiple times. He has a crazy NCAA record where we held 2 teams to less than 100 yards of total offense and lost twice. Teams that hold opposing offense to less than 100 yards in NCAA HISTORY have only lost twice. Those two losses belong to a Will Muschamp coached gator football team. The offesne was horrendous but man the defense was solid.
If I had a nickel for everytime I screamed this at the TV.
Frustrating. I feel your pain. We made Vandy look good. I want Grantham gone. I try not have a knee jerk reaction to these things but we have been waiting on a championship offense for a decade and now this. The stakes are to high to let a DC screw things up. I say go get Muschamp but everyone thinks I am nuts or that it will never happen. The man can coach defense and recruit. Players love him.
This is a little better look for The Dawgs and CKS. I am still wondering what happened to the defense Saturday though? Most other SEC defenses have had no problem shutting down the one dimensional attack of Miss St. On top of that they started a freshmen at QB and One at Runningback. It was odd to see them struggle. Are you all still struggling with injuries?
Not exactly. He got all puffy and defensive about the comments and made then made his own comments about him and his coaches "having a lot of experience," to make the call. He never flat out said I made a poor decision about the QB's.
100%...I can’t believe all the talk is about the QB position when a Freshmen QB and Running Back started for a dumpster fire of a program and offense at Miss St. and lit UGA secondary up like a Christmas tree. This is the conversation to be had.
This is a bad loom IMO. I’m not sure why Kirby doesn’t just tell the truth instead of being defensive. It’s simple, he thought the other two were better, more qualified and prepared. So he he started them. He was wrong. It happens. Some kids are just gamers. JT Daniels appeared to be just that on Saturday.
I’m not sure why Kirby does not just tell the truth instead of being defensive. It’s simple, he thought the other two were better, more qualified and prepared. So he he started them. He was wrong. It happens. Some kids are just gamers. JT Daniels appeared to be just that on Saturday.
Never have been a fan of the good advice "Just let it go." Ask my wife.
You are so right. Everyone will all be tuned into the UGA vs. Miss State game. Should be real turnover fest with JT Daniels throwing it around. Then it will be thrilling to watch yall hand the ball off 200 times. The fans love to see that potent UGA offense. Can not wait to see the final score. 14-10 UGA. Should be a barn burner.
Yes and funny too. He has great promo's and one liners from that inside the swamp show.
Man I love me some Pierce. He is quickly becoming one of my favorite RB's in UF history. Run's hard like Fred Taylor and DeShawn Wynn. Not as beast mode as Scarlett was but still, he is violent at the point of contact. A real old school football player. Love it. Will be a deadly back field next year with addition of Bowman and Jones.
Mushchamp is a much better recruiter and DC than Granthem. Easy decision IMO. However, I do not think it will happen.
And the one int was because of a botched route by a freshmen wideout. He is proving a lot of people wrong, including me. I am one of many who thought Jones was the guy but am I glad I was wrong. Kyle Trask will be sorely missed next year, but then again our offense will be a rushing monster with Jones, Pierce, Wright and now Bowman in the back field. Will be fun to see how the offense chaanges next year. Will still have legitmate receiving threats as well.
Nah lets keep Johnson and trade Granthem for Mushchamp. I think we are still paying him so it will be an easy transition. In all honesty, I think Muschamp would make a great DC at Florida. Great recruiter as well. While at Florida, he had several number one recruiting classes and world class defenses. Just take a look at NFL rosters and you are likely to see a Mushcamp recruited and coached defensive player.
Florida is looking for a good defensive coordinator that can recruit. Come on back and bring back that nasty defense. Could be a perfect match with Mullen.