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Davis is a heavy hitter however I am more concerned with blown coverages from him and Stiner. I’ll take a savvy safety over a head hunter. Preferably both. Hopefully he makes strides this year in coverage.
Miller did not impress me last year. I hope he has made strides. Look out for Trevez Johnson pushing the envelope at STAR. He is a smart kid and a hard hitter. I will say this, I am little nervous about line backer and safety. This is not the usual cast of "DUDES," we have had in the past. Someone is going to have to step up and make a name for themselves. Similiar to waht Chauncey Gardener did in the secondary. Now he is playing every snap on Sundays.
Trevez Johnson will play snaps and will push McWilliams to play better. Johnson is a solid kid! Smart as well. Could have got into Florida on his own academic merit. Hard hitter as well.
Don't get snarky because the Dawgs can not secure the jumpman branding in Athens. Not to mention, they put a spiked collar on your hideous uniforms. "If you look good, you feel good and if you feel good you play well." In all seriousness, good luck this year Humper! I hope your Dawgs do well. GO GATORS!!!
I am pretty nervous about the gut of our defense. I have never seen a UF defense get gashed by up by belly runs like we did last year (when Greenard and Zu were not in). Our defensive front, Linebackers and Safeties will play a huge role in our success or lack there of this year (with the absence of Greenard, Zu and David Reese). There are a lot of questions. I hope some good strides were made in the offseason. If our middle is impressive this year it will be a great job of player development by the coaches.
Class act! Love to see popular public figures walking the walk. Very rare these days!
This is the kiss of death. Finebaum is a clown.
Everybody poops. Football is an intense game. Im sure it happens a lot. Heck, it happened to me yesterday when I bent over to tie my shoe.
This echoes my sentiment exactly. I love Trask and I want him to prove me wrong. It is a great story. However, I do not believe he is a championship caliber QB. History is not on his side. If you look at the last 15 National Championship teams, 12 of them were led by dynamic Qb's who could throw and run. The three that could not do that were ALabama game managers with some of the best defenses in college football history. I think Jones is the guy and Rochardson is not far behind. I hope I am wrong.
Yea. I can't stand Tim Tebow. I mean what kind of person takes that speaking engagement money and builds kids hospitals in countries that cannot afford to do it themselves. He should be ahsamed of himself. I am sure he probably takes what is left of the money and supports his missionary parents. The nerve of that guy.
Also, lookout for Trevez Johnson. Great kid with a solid head on his shoulders. He is a 3-4 star freshmen but Coach Mullen is high on him. Big hitter as well.
This article is on point and your statement is true. Our safety play killed us against UGA and LSU last year. Blown coverages and missed tackles for days. Those both led to huge back breaking plays. They are a really fast group but they have to change some postions around and play as a cohesive unit. Safety is a tough position. I would argue it takes more intelligence than athletic ability. Some just have the instinct to do it well. Others have to show more effort to learn offenseive schemes.
Dameon Pierce will break out this year. If we can get our line going he is a lock for top 5 in production in the SEC. Tough though as he will be splitting reps with two other good backs.
If he can secure the football he will be fine. Great homerun hitter.
I kept seeing glimpses last year. If he gets motivated he will be our best. I think he will lead the wideouts in touchdown receptions this year. He is a physical specimen. Big athletic body to box out defends and put them on his hip. He will be the guy by seasons end. Would love to see Shorter have a good season as well.
I think FSU already started instuiting these policies at the end of last year. Tons of empty seats and people hiding their faces.
Lots of talent. I have seen Carter and Dexter play in person and they are men amongst boys. The push was unbelievable. When they played, it was playoff football and against good talent. It was awkward about big Dexter looked walking around in pads.
If him and "Tank Bigsby," get in a tussle, who wins? Yeesh. Talk about born to be a football player name. Oh and "Tulu," needs a tougher name to start as a freshmen. lol.
I agree. Linebacker and safeties are key positions to us having a great season. Our safeties cost us dearly in the LSU and UGA game. Two blown coverages at the wrong times and poor tackling. I was not impressed with Miller last year, but it seems he is making strides. Need Cox to have a big year.
Hey Nash! Good to be back. I have enjoyed not posting but from afar, I always respect your resilience to fight the good fight on the UF football page. I always appreciate your point of view. All those are very logical and valid points. I hope you and everyone else is right! I hope he proves me wrong and wins us a championship, but even typing that statement feels wrong. I do not think he is the one to do it. He has made a living proven people wrong, so I hope he proves me wrong. I still think the key to getting us back in National Championship contention is to have a dynamic running qb. Things changed with Vince Young in 2005. Since 2005 (Vince Young) 11 out of 15 championships were won by teams with Dynamic QB's that could make something out of nothing. I am just playing the odds. Three of the others were won by Bama and LSU with game managers, but our defense is not even close to the caliber of those teams. It will be, but not this year. Nothing gives a well developed, fast defense fits like a dynamic running QB. Ton's of examples of it over and over again in college football.
Hey UGA78, it has been a minute. I took a hiatus from posting for about a year so not sure what you mean. Maybe there is another 2Bits. I really hope for the best with Kyle Trask, and he is pretty solid. However, I do not believe pretty solid wins you championships on the regular. If recent history tells us anything in college football, then you need a dynamic dual threat qb to win championships. Even Joe Burrow could move. Even Nick Saban got on that Train with Tua. He is really the only coach to win a championship without one if you think about it. I want Trask to be that guy but he is not. It is why I feel Fields was yall's key to a National Championship. If Kirby keeps him and he is at the helm this year, yall would be favorites for the Natty. Instead there is uncertainty. Same thing happened with Cam Newton at Florida. If Cam does not leave, UF's last 10 years could look very different. I believe Emory Jones gives us a better shot at beating yall in Jax and gives a better chance to win the SEC. Trask is great and I am not hating. I just believe you have to have a DUDE at QB. Besides all this, the article was titled Bold Predictions, so I thought I would make a few realistic but bold predictions IMO.
Other bold predictions and food for thought: 1.) The QB room is the best in the SEC but I believe the Kyle Trask's carriage will turn into a pumpkin this year, unfortunately. If we take an early loss and production is down because of receiver production, you may very well see Emory Jones rise to the occasion and save our season. He maybe the push we need to defeat the Dawgs in Jacksonville. Dual threat QB's can give a good defense fits, ask Nick Saban. 2.) The UT game may not even happen depending on how the season (and election) goes with reactions to players/coaches getting COVID. It will happen at some point. I hope there is not a knee jerk reaction when it does. If the game does happen UT may have a say in who wins the East, whether that be them or ruining our chances (or the Dawgs) 3.) Cox, (not Diabate) with a chip on his shoulder, will finish 1st or second team all SEC playing multiple positions on defense. Will lead the team in sacks. 4.) If Emory Jones takes over, Pitts will not sniff All American honors. If Trask stays at the helm then he is a lock. 5 and 6.) Kyle Trask will probably not throw for 3,000 due to previously stated opinions and in turn will not even maintain SEC status let alone Heisman (I hope I am wrong). 7.) Elam will have a great year but a freshman DB will step up and grab just as many interceptions. 8.) Copeland will have more TD's than Grimes and will have a coming out party this year. Much more physical than Grimes although not as quick. 9.) Florida will beat UGA but may have 2 unexpected losses due to erratic play at QB. (Not being pessimistic, just talking bold realities, again I hope I am wrong). 10.) I actually agree with #10. It is 2020 and this year is going to be nuts. No fans, odd scenarios, possibility of cancellation etc. Florida could take an early L or 2 and still be playing in Atlanta. The Dawgs have a ton of uncertainty on the offensive end but they have a great Defense. We have seen that scenario before at Florida with Will Mushchamp. There were 2 years where our defense finished in the top 5 and we had lack luster seasons because of offense. We also had top 5 recruiting classes with Muschamp with very minimal outcomes. UGA very well may keep the train rolling and have a great year and win an SEC championship but it also may be turbulent for them as well. Could be an opportunity for UT or UK to slip in the title game. Maybe even win it.
I agree, he is worth a shot and there is more to be gained than lost IMO. If it does not work out then cut him or send him to the portal but at least you are providing a second chance for the kid. There is a balance here to do what is best for the kid and the program. Do not overthink talent like this, but keep an eye on him. If he continues to be a cancer then see ya later.
I do not see any harm in taking a shot on such a talent. Give him a chance to right his wrongs. If he does not, then he can be cut or sent to the transfer. Whatever is good for the kid and the program. There is a lot more to be gained rather than lost IMO.
I also think Pierce will have a break out year if he can stay healthy. It is hard because he is so violent at the point of contact. I love his tenacity but it takes its toll, unless you are a beast like Scarlett was.
Copeland will have a breakout year. He will have the second most receptions (behind Pitts) and just as many TD's as Pitts. Grimes will be good and a great deep threat. Copeland is a physical mismatch and has incredible hands. I also hope Carter and Burney have big years. The question mark remains safety play. Someone has to step up.
Well said Long Time. I have been in every back and forth with some UGA fans on this site over records, championships, recruiting, coaching etc. Through those conversations, both sides make relevant points. However, one thing I will never understand is the infatuation that a lot of UGA fans have with our program. Your original argument does make some sense of that. I still do not get it though. Hanging out on the UGA board would be the equivalent to wanting to go hangout at my in-laws house. Some of these UGA posters are like a weird cult or something. Some small part me wishes that all their far fetched dreams would come true and they would finally win a title...but I know it would solve nothing. They would still be hear, hanging around like the last guy at the bar that does not know when to call it quits and has no where else to go. I can not believe I am saying this but they have officially gone from my most hated rivalry to the most pitied fan base. Sad...but the obsession continues.