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Just having my Sunday morning coffee and wondering where all the Mizzou and UGA trolls are?
The argument is not about whether it’s an open forum. I just think it’s sad that you have nothing better to do than stick your opinion in on a topic that has nothing to do with your fan base. If you can have an opinion about our game then I can certainly have my opinion about your posting. It’s an open forum for that reason. Don’t expect to post in another teams forum without catching criticism.
Not sure what your talking about. I just simply stated that it was odd that you are posting on an article that has nothing to do with your team. Didn’t make any comment about the game today.
BCreek, uh yes. And so does every one that understands what “a win,”’is. Let me explain for you slow cocks. You see, our team scored more than yours. When one team does that, they win. Man the UGA trolls are much more of a challenge then you guys. It’s not even fun.
Haha another zinger! Good one! Have fun getting bowl eligible! Good luck the rest of the season with our sloppy seconds!
What’s odd is you commenting on an article and a game that your team had nothing to do with. The infatuation continues.
No more white claw for you bro! You sound like an a$$ clown. Go to your own forum where they will pat you on the back and tell you it’s ok.
Go cry on your own forum. Your embarrassing yourself.
Please don’t talk common sense to Bill. He can’t read and even if he could he wouldn’t understand. His type never do.
I’m glad King Took last week off. I wish he would take em all off. Welcome back to the Florida Forum. The infatuation continues.
I’ve watched plenty of SEC games but never really felt the need to go post about them unless the gators played in them. It’s your prerogative but it looks like you are really obsessed with our team and fan base when you are taking time to post about calls in a UF vs. USC game.
Ha the irony is killing me. I had no idea y’all played the Belk Bowl last year. I was just throwing out a bowl that is illegitimate. Sorry about that. I meant the Idaho potato bowl. haha
Respect VW. Not because you agreed with us but because you are leveled headed and understand common sense. I really liked Muschamp at Florida. Great recruiter and prob really fun to play for but man it was hard to watch that grind it out game plan year in and year out at Florida. Unfortunately not much has changed. Tough L. I thought y’all played well with the exception of the 4th. Good luck the rest of the year.
Cola Cock trolling Florida articles hard. I think the refs just flagged Muschamp again for unsportsmanlike behavior. Maybe y’all can meet up for a beer later and cry together. He will pay. He is making a lot of money for a 500. Record and another Belk bowl appearance.
Bro isn’t your team is playing right now? I can’t believe how interesting we are to other teams fan bases? How about the hose job on the egregious hold call missed on a pivotal game changing play in the UF va. LSU? Hose jobs happen everyday in football. Hopefully we see y’all again on a neutral field where we won’t get hosed.
We are def. the most popular team on the SDS forum. Other fans are obsessed with articles about Florida Football. I have never clicked on a USC, Mixzou, Bama or UGA etc. article unless we are playing them that week. The infatuation continues.
Bad calls for sure. Your fans throwing stuff like that is not a good look though. Muschamp did enough screaming and crying for all of y’all. Different day same $hit with that guy. I would be less concerned with the refs and more concerned with your overall record and your coach. Great recruiter but man his game plans of simply grinding it out are heartbreaking for a fan base. Good luck getting bowl eligible.
We have an off week next week smart guy. Enjoy Muschamp in the Belk Bowl. We legitimized his firing today. He was out coached as usual.
Will Muschamp defense and OC play calling lost that game, not the refs. Y’all were gashing is on runs and then get inside the redzone and go to the pass SMH. Not to mention we are playing back ups of back ups on Defense.
No Gator fan here started the trash talking but we will finish it with a W. Ur commenting in the wrong forum if you don’t like people defending their own team.
Man where has the “fine the refs,” and “horrible officiating,” rally call been all year. We have been getting shafted left and right all year. The moment bad calls help the Gators win, everyone is up and arms!
Good one! Enjoy the Belk Bowl with Muschamp. It’s ok we’ve been there! Good luck the rest of the season!
Good win in sloppy conditions! Classic Will Muschamp and classy USC fans throwing stuff on the field! Trolls gonna troll! The infatuation continues. Article been up for 5 minutes. 2 gator fan comments then everyone coming to the party to complain about the refs. Can’t wait for the Cocktail party.