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I thought Del Rio was rated as a PP? Does he have some wheels as well? I also think Richardson is highly underrated. I have seen him play in person multiple times and he has the goods. Just needs to be taught how to go through progressions and take what the defense gives him. Same problem with most young dynamic quarterbacks. They always wanna make the big play. I wanna reiterate that I love Trask but I do not think you can win an SEC champ with him at the helm. We need a QB that can make plays when the play breaks down. He will also give us a solid running game that is more consistent. Gotta give him a shot at being the starter. I am sure it will all come down to his decision making in practice during the spring.
I agree. It is Jones. He is the future. He has the intangibles to win an SEC title as long as he makes good decisions with the football. If he does not, then we know Trask will. You have to give him a shot.
Man you guys are so sad. No life and nothing better to do other than troll around The Florida Forums. SMH.
I agree and I think Pierce should have gotten more touches. It just seemed like every time we got some momentum something crazy happened and it put us in pass heavy downs. Not sure just seemed odd offensively. I think he over thought it and I do believe Kirby out schemed him defensively.
Please do not listen to Dong. He does not represent our fan base. No crying here. We were beat soundly and out coached on both sides of the ball IMO. Respect for Smart and the Dawgs. Good win.
Dong please do not make us look like South Carolina fans and blame the refs. We were beat pretty soundly. Out coached out both sides of the ball.
You are dead on in this comment Nash. Very frustrating game for me to watch. We were beat by a better team and I feel we were out coached schematically in the first half. Our safeties are garbage. Blown assignments and horrible coverage. Luckily they didn’t have to make any tackles in the secondary like the LSU game or the score would have been worse. We need a big man in the middle of that D-Line as well. Great game UGA and much respect to Kirby. But in “All kinds of weather...” Go Gators.
When Fromm attempts 30 plus passes UGA is 0-5. This is the only key to victory. Stop the run and we win. Don't and we lose.
#1. You stay triggered. #2. Your posting history with other Gator fans shows the same poor behavior you have shown in this thread. #3. I never start the name calling or the argument but I can certainly finish it. #4. Your "go to," is to try bash someone with cheap jabs and name calling. Just look at this particular thread. I.E. Your previous post. "Eff of." "Child," "Little $hit." LOL the irony in your post is comical. I have never referred to any other poster in this manner. 5. And still...Stay Classy. LOL. Like I said before you are showing the true colors.
Stay classy @UGA! Great representation of your fan base!
@PC you forgot about the 2000’s. 8-2. Haha. We are even batting .500 against you guys lately and we have done that with McElwain and Muschump. But I guess your used to Muschump beating y’all! lol. To soon? Go Gators!
I am def. infatuated. Not with you but with calling you out for what you are on this forum. Petty, prideful, insecure and infatuated with UF football.
Oh man you got me, I am just so used to seeing you creeping around our forum. The insecurity and infatuation continues. "Genius." LOL "NO MORAL HIGH HORSE."
What's a matter old man? Do not like it when someone calls you out? We will see. However, win or lose you wont find me trolling the UGA forum. I will be glad when this week is over so I can forget all about yall on our way to Atlanta. But, one thing is for certain, you will still be creeping around our threads because you have nothing else going on. I would have blocked you from our forum a long time ago. You love it over here for some reason (the infatuation with our program continues). The good news is you have a choice. You do not have to stay. Go ahead and head on back where you came from. You are really getting annoying "AF." LOL. You sound so cool man, or at least you certainly think you are behind the keyboard.
We have been out played by UGA the last two years. No one is denying that. You are in denial and afraid that your great recruiter is not a very good coach. He is currently doing less with more. You love to ignore the facts and then go straight to showing how insecure you are by name calling and taking cheap jabs because you can not come up with an intelligent response. "No Moral High Horse." LOL
Sigh...you are proving my point with your comment. The more 5* star players he gets the worse the program is getting. Hell, he took a 2016 team that was coming off two 10 win seasons and two top 10 recruiting classes and went 8-5! LMAO. Then all credit due in 2017 they played well but those are still 50/50 of his recruits and Richts recruits. Last year were mostly his recruits and he regressed. This year they are ALL his recruits and yall are getting worse (both with the eye test and your last two games). UGA fans are afraid of what has always been at UGA. Mediocrity and no championships. And your uni's are still ugly and boring.
Valid point. The number is still impressive even if you do not use the head to head comparison between Mullen and Kirby.
"Among active coaches since 2014, the first season of the playoff era, only Saban (15), Dabo Swinney (13) and Ed Orgeron (eight) have more victories against top-10 opponents than Mullen (seven). Smart? He’s 4-3 in those games. That isn’t bad — it’s just not as good as Mullen, who has been playing with less talent."
No @UGA not specific enough and not correct. You are conveniently leaving out dates and years. We beat UGA in Kirby's first year and won the east (2016). We have also been down as a football program in the last ten years and have still batted .500 against your program (that is including the win that is gonna happen on Saturday). In the 2000's we went 8-2 against UGA and in the 90's we went 9-1. Since I have been alive we have dominated your program. We also have 3 Natty's to your 1 in that same time frame. In whatever context you are talking about (not specific as usual) your team is hardly outperforming us. @Sicem. First off, I am not your son old man. Please see previous comments. Kirby had a great 2017 in his second year but shat the bed last year and underachieved and you and your fans know it. Now with this loss to USC he is underachieving again. After this Saturday yall will be calling for his head just like you are with that sorry offensive coordinator. Different day but the same ol' UGA. Just can not win the big one. 3 National Championships in my lifetime. Your still blowing the dust off that 1980 trophy.
"but UGA has outperformed Florida EVERY year." LOL Care to be more specific? Man your posts are getting worse. You can not even explain yourself properly anymore. IF you go on the UGA boards it is clear that most fans feel that Kirby is under performing with the players he has but once a Florida fan points it out UGA fans are outraged. LOL. He is truly doing less with more.
"All of the most negative comments that are made in the thread below this weekly article are from UGA comments." LOL
Man you UGA fans and grads just can not read. No one said you were not getting recruits, I simply stated they are probably not excited about those boring uni's (or that boring offense). LOL The closer this game gets to kick off the more triggered UGA fans are getting. You all seem real nervous this year.
Right! Most boring uniforms in football. Goes along with that boring offense Kirby loves to run. I am sure future recruits are really excited about both! Go Gators!
Yes Boxster. There is delusion on both sides. I think there are a few posters that give their fan base a bad look.
Sorry UGAFly it just seemed corny to me. Just a bit of banter for Florida/Georgia week. No hard feelings, just trying to be a bit comical myself.