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2015 Florida 14 Kentucky 9 Florida 27 Georgia 3 2014 Florida 36 Kentucky 30 OT Florida 38 Georgia 20 Seems like the Florida/Georgia game might be the one to pass on.
I live in Columbus and have talked to more than one parent of recruitable High School players, playing on great teams within a bicycle ride of OSU. The word on Meyer is that he recruits hard out of state, with the belief that he already has the local kids in his back pocket if and when he wants them. Sometimes it works (he flipped 3 star Kentucky commit DaVon Hamilton in 2015), sometimes it doesn't.
Hey SDS. How about not promoting this twice failed jack anymore.
I kept reading, waiting for the 'hilarious' part, then it was over.
I'm suddenly not convinced that Arkansas is going to find 5 more wins.
I have been to 11 that are on this list, and 8 that are not on the list. There are a few on here that absolutely don't belong. One of which doesn't allow RV's until game day morning, and patrols the parking lots to look in peoples cups. That's great tailgating?
Agreed. If you are in town and just want some casual campus-type dining, Tally-Ho is the place to go. They used to be behind Kennedy's when I was in school. The guy on the grill would smoke cigarettes while he cooked your food. Much more sanitary now, though I kind of miss the old vibe.
They also go to the Big Ten if coaching in the SEC gives them heart problems.