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Thoughts and prayers to Coach Mike Leach, his family, and fans.
Arkansas defense was 119th out of 131 FBS teams going into this game. Arkansas fans, alumni, students, and athletes deserve better than that. Totally unprepared + lack of talent in the secondary.
Why are we assuming this is an Arkansas fan? Ole Miss had fans at the game too.
Makes it easier for ol Jimbo to use the excuse "well we were short handed", even if these players haven't been contributors.
It's understandable why Hornsby would look into transferring. He is a backup behind KJ Jefferson so there is little opportunity for him to play QB with the Hogs. Several of the other recent portal guys are also backups or far down in the depth chart. I was surprised that the two DBs entered the portal but Arkansas has a few excellent young players, transfers, and signees that will provide immediate help.
There were so many questionable calls and no calls throughout the game. Weren't those ACC refs? I feel bad for the Vols but they had opportunities.
Imagine going to a bar with your little brother. Through the haze you spot a group of beauties having a blast. There are about 14 of them and they seem to be the center of attention for everyone in the bar. And all of them are hot. Well most of them. The one wearing a Mizzou shirt doesn’t seem to have much to offer, the one with a chicken on her shirt is a bit chubby, and the one that looks kinda like a military farmer appears super jealous. But I digress. Mostly the group embodies everything you are looking for. Feeling you are the greatly thing to walk into a bar since 1883, you smugly march right over to the group with your chest pushed out, your cowboy hat sitting tall, and announce that you and your little brother would like to receive an invitation to mingle with them. After a brief chat the group smiles and says “sorry, we are not interested”.
For the record, I am not interested also. I prefer sitting at home on my couch.