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I don’t know if our players would respond well to being called “ma’am” every time they disappointed Coach Ron.
Yes. I do. That’s infinitely more entertaining than watching the same 6 to 8 teams play for the championship every year. If a team from the Sunbelt is legitimately the best team in the country, they should get the chance to prove it and not be left out just because of their conference.
Would you both just grow up? I’m tired of having to scroll past your childish insults while reading comments.
@LSUSMC Yep. It’s a weird flex to be so proud of being clueless.
I’m a fan. I’m all about new uniforms though.
I’ll take it. That might be our only win this season.
Personally, I know more people who died from cov than from lockdowns.
I was really happy with Neil Brown at Troy. I’m hopefully for Sumrall.
I flipped a coin 5 times and it was heads 4 of them. I guess that means it’ll be heads next time too!
But you bring up an interesting argument with Troy specifically. Looking at Troy’s history, they’ve shown they can play hard against some of the biggest schools out there. They a win over LSU (and nearly a second one) in the last 15 years. They almost beat Clemson the year that Clemson won it all (and even then, was it not for one of the worst calls I’ve ever seen in the game, they might have pulled that upset off).
Also because I’m a Troy fan primarily, but that’s not an option on this site.
Yes. Because that’s the point of the playoffs.
This has nothing to do with Auburn or Bama or Cincinnati as teams and everything to do with the sport. If a team can go undefeated for a season, they deserve the chance to play for the championship. If they don’t have that chance, quit pretending that it’s one league and one division and give the G5 schools their own playoff. I don’t think it’s likely that the best team in the country would be from a G5 school any year, but if it was, they can’t help the conference they’re in scheduled that they play that year. Cincinnati will likely get blown out, but they at least deserve a chance.
You know what Cincinnati didn’t do? Lose.
Classic SDS “news” article. A bunch of unfunny, unoriginal jokes that random people posted on Twitter. I wish I could write for SDS. Just gotta screen cap a bunch of tweets and call it a day.
Were you not hugged enough as a child? You’re a less likable Bama fan than Harvey Updyke.
It’s pro-Biden to say that a guy on Twitter described a debate as a dumpster fire?
Does anyone else think this might be Trump ranting incoherently on SDS, since he’s been blocked from everything else?
The difference is that for Texas A&M to get a shot at Georgia, they need to win out AND for Alabama to lose again. Auburn can get that shot by just winning out. It’s not reliant on another team losing.
If I got drunk, drove my car over 150 mph, and killed a girl and her dog, then yes. Absolutely you should judge me. Because that’s a stupid and inexcusable thing to do.
No sympathy. That’s a whole new level of selfish. There’s zero excuse for it.
And what religion says he shouldn’t get it?
Uh, what? Of all the fanbases out there, you think AUBURN is bad?
Y’all, you’re arguing with a high school kid acting like a high school kid. Give him 10 years to grow up and he’ll realize how insane these actions were.
I heard Katy Perry wrote this song about Bo Nix: He’s hot then he’s cold He’s yes then he’s no He’s in then he’s out He’s up then he’s down
Alabama got that quality loss.