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And what religion says he shouldn’t get it?
Uh, what? Of all the fanbases out there, you think AUBURN is bad?
Y’all, you’re arguing with a high school kid acting like a high school kid. Give him 10 years to grow up and he’ll realize how insane these actions were.
I heard Katy Perry wrote this song about Bo Nix: He’s hot then he’s cold He’s yes then he’s no He’s in then he’s out He’s up then he’s down
Alabama got that quality loss.
Or, you know, have fun and celebrate. I don’t get Bama fans acting like they’re somehow better for not rushing the field.
Yeah, but poll momentum usually protects teams from dropping that far. Especially historically dominant teams.
Shocked LSU dropped out after a loss to the “#16 team.”
Isn’t it a bit early to be talking about “the inevitable unbeaten Alabama vs. unbeaten Georgia in the SEC Championship Game?” There’s a lot of football to play between now and then.
So a win over William & Mary is worth more than a loss to Alabama? I’m not a fan of how much preseason polls affect things, but there’s more to consider than wins and losses.
I skip the Auburn ones too. I don’t follow NFL, so I’m not invested at all after the draft.
It would be great to have a setting to turn off “former player from [school]” NFL articles, because they have nothing to do with college ball.
Anyone who thinks that Donald Trump is a Godly man either doesn’t know anything about Trump or doesn’t know anything about God.