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Oh, yeah, you could count the spring game as a win for each team. Your idea just doesn't work.
How in the hell could you play 8 division games with only 8 teams in each division? Think about it?
Why doesn't Bret do the right thing and just resign? There are currently 4 NFL jobs available and he could apply to any of them. I have threatened to pack up all of my hog gear in a box and mail it back to Jeff Long, who in my opinion is just a money grabber.
Put an "e" on each end of it and you get eaTme.
I didn't know he signed with Missouri in the class of 2014
Didn't Joni Mitchell sing Big Yellow Taxi? Not John Mitchell.
I agree whole heartedly with playing games at your home stadium versus an NFL stadium, like the Arkansas and aTm game in Dallas. Arkansas "home games" in Little Rock and Dallas, and now talk about another neutral site game in 2020, are still road games in that the team has to travel. In the game last week, Arkansas was the "home team", accordingly it would not be possible to get revenge in Fayetteville next year.
Arkansas has two runners who rushed for 1100 yards or more, Alex Collins rushed for 1100 yards and Jonathan Williams rushed for 1190 yards. Check it out.
Wow, the schedule changed. We now play A&M at home.
Of course I want the win, it's just that I want to get it on the field.
Oh, I just re-read the article and found our 4th win. "However, Auburn reeled of three runs of 20 yards or more and lost the game 35 - 17". I was sure Arkansas lost the game.
Please tell me who our 4th win was against. I thought we went 3 - 9.