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IMO, there have always been "collectives". Now they are just legal. Boosters who wanted to give a few thousand dollars, their money was pooled before, just like collectives, but in this case you cut out the bag man. Where NIL may help is the college star who is borderline NFL, but has a child or parents who need help may stick around and make more money his senior year in college than he would going the UDFA route and being a camp body. Those are the guys who hopefully will get some good NIL money to stay another year. That will help CFB.
If I recall correctly, he found out he was going to be outed by the media, and he just got ahead of it. It's amazing it was kept quiet as long as it was since it was common knowledge on the team for most of the season. That teams DL was absolutely stacked, Sam was a good college player, but he benefited from other guys getting doubled. Ray and Harris went in the 1st round. Golden 1st or second and Brady was all SEC freshman. That was when dline-u actually was more than a catchy saying.
Heck at this point, I'd almost build a statue if Gates if he stabilizes the roster and plays competitive games. There is total apathy with Mizzou now which is worse than anger.
Do you work for the Department of the Redundancy Department? :)
This comment makes me glad MILE5675 is NOT a MU fan.
Not according to his official bio on mu football page.
Really...Chritauskie Dove, he any relation to TAUSKIE Dove?
I would be a horrible recruiter, choose already! Top 8 this late in the game? This guy will be in the portal in a year or 2.
Yeah, but it got at least 2 of us to click the link.
I don't think Mizzou has 5 returning TE since Parker and Swinson have already transferred.
I'd just like some consistency how many times does everyone but the reviewer think it's going to be overturned and it's not?
I always wonder why when guys like this transfer. In state guy who was starting as a freshman. Guess it makes as much sense as the Okie State DL coming to Mizzou. Anywho, good luck.
He graduated this semester and walked on Senior night. So not a big surprise unless he wanted to go to graduate school. From the College of Arts and Sciences, defensive lineman Akial Byers, wide receiver D’ionte “Boo” Smith, offensive lineman Hyrin White and defensive lineman Kobie Whiteside earned degrees.
Yep and gave up fewer yards per play than both short handed on defense. That with a basically first time starter at QB and without an all American RB on O. If anyone (rightfully so) wants to biatch about it is why did they wait this long to start Cook (or even Macon)?
Looks like I'm in the minority, but I've got high hopes for the defense. They played well down the stretch, and held Army to below their average. Not losing any impact players IMO, unless you count Aldridge.
Mike loves him so Mizzou, can you show on the doll where the mean man in the Mizzou shirt/hat touched you.
Love to see Badie play one more game, but it is the best decision for Badie.
Why the Odom hate? I don't really get that. He played and coached at Mizzou and although he wasn't a great head coach and his recruiting was not good either, he is a True Son. I hated seeing a guy like Tre Willians go to Arkansas and be a much better player there than at Muzzou, but Odom now coaches st Arkansas. His job is to recruit and coach players there. If he has a relationship he should use it.
I wonder how much difference there really is between 1 & 5, 5 & 10, etc. I'd guess once you get around 20-40 or so there is very little difference. I know it's an inexact science...
Yep, it's better to have played and lost than to never have played at all!
What?? Frost took a pay cut to remain at Nebraska,all I'm saying is it's a safer bet to stay at LSU career wise than to go to Nebraska with a coach with one of the hottest seats in CFB. Not sure what that has to do with Mizzou.
Wait, what? A coach said he's staying where he is until he isn't? What a shocker especially thus close to signing day. First. Time. Ever.
If LSU/Kelly loses a coach to Nebraska/Frost that is a red flag right away. Can't imagine anyone leaving ANY school for the bug eaters and Frost at this point.
Even if Cook or Macon had to run a limited playbook, they couldn't have been less efficient than Bazelak. There HAS to be a wide open competition next spring and fall.
May have to reach out to Coach Klein or Red Beaulieu, mama says they both have coached college foosball in Louisiana.
I wouldn't be surprised to see Brady Cook enter soon, it's pretty clear coaching staff doesn't have confidence in him or he'd have played a lot more against Arkansas after the way Bazelak played.
Seems Drink likes to get a little spicy with his 4th captain picks. Against KY it was former Wildcat GRANT MCKINNIS and picking TN native Badie for TN. Pretty sure if Badie had been offered by TN he'd have been a Volunteer.
Why use Robinson, makes more sense to use Tyler Macon for that.
Yep, foot injuries are nothing to mess around with, especially for speed guys.