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No, this means the board of curators once again is hamstringing the AD. They just appointed an oversight committee to monitor the fund raising and spending of the athletic department. DRF was getting too popular and successful. They consistently meddle with the Athletic Department for some reason.
I know I'm biased, but I think Moore is better off at MU, he knows the players and environment and there is plenty of money available just from the salary difference between Baker and Batoon.
I'm not as worried about returning production for MU as losing a ton of leadership. Especially a new DC and players Robinson and Rakestraw on D. I assume leadership is a big factor in returning production, but can't really be measured. I think the offense will be better with a 2nd year with Kirby Moore.
You have some sort of fascination with Missouri. Both your posts on this article reference MU.
Will the 1st chapter of the Nico era exceed the finale chapter of the Milton era? If I recall correctly after Milton's few starts and bowl last year, he was going to be great. He actually had a decent year statistically. But didn't meet expectations of Vol fans.
I'm just glad we finally got an article about Bama and their coach. They will be fine, the successful coaches for Bama are animals... da Bear, da Goat and now da Boar. (and Gene Stallings - the exception to prove the rule).
I think for now, I'd rather not talk about basketball. MU just can't seem to finish a game right now. Heck here on SDS, I wouldn't even know Mizzou lost a DC and dline coach when I go to the Mizzou specific page.
You are right, it has been phased out of the passing game, which is what the article was referencing.
1-2 - How can you have a leaky o-line and a lack of play makers when you have a top 5 class every year? Are players the issue or was the offensive scheme the issue? I have no idea. 3. - Like it or not TE has been phased out in CFB, with a few notable exceptions.
Yes, he will be back, I think he still has 2 years of eligibility. If I recall correctly he will be a redshirt junior next year.
Yeah very odd list. Did anyone even speculate that Milroe would declare for the draft?
From a Mizzou standpoint, I'd have Theo Wease on the list. His returning is HUGE for Mizzou. Every WR is returning and I think Wease had a very large impact on the younger receivers, including Burden.
Yeah, but it was good while it lasted. I will look back on the Hasting's era fondly.
"Lanning was never even offered and there’s no confirmation he was even contacted." Both are probably true, if they were interested, they reached out to his agent, his age talked to him. It's been that way for years, the hire is always the first choice unless it get messy (like when Mizzou hired Drink). Plausible deniability.
"Recruiting will be the major question" If he can't recruit at Alabama, there are a lot more questions than that.
I have to admit I only read to the Saban was forced out sentence, and that was all I needed to realize you are a college football savant, the true genius' are never appreciated in their time.
Every AD should have a list of candidates ready at all times. I assume they have an idea or who they want, now just need to see if their wish list has some willing to follow Saban. May not be a long list.
With those numbers. He may have a shot at the CFB HOF.
I think Wilks ran a read and react defense, either it wasn't coached well, or the Tigers couldn't read or react or both. I've tried to forget that defense.
Not a big deal, I heard earlier this year he wasn't even calling the defensive plays!
May depend on his ultimate goal. If he wants to run his own program, which I assume he does, which job puts him in a better position? Mizzou has a lot of pieces coming back, and some quality coming from the portal. Rebuilding LSU's defense may be more impressive than keeping MU strong. I don't know LSU roster or who they are getting from the portal. Was LSU's defense a matter of x's and o's or a lack of Jimmy's and Joe's?
Yes this game is such a shocker, ESPN preseason rankings had Michigan at 2 and Alabama at 4...
I don't know how good (or bad) a pass blocker he is, but if he cannot or will not do a respectable job of pass blocking, no matter where he is, he will be a part time player. Not sure there are reliable stats on a RB pass blocking. I'd think a lot is film and effort. No idea what his looked like. That being said, I would have been happy to have him play at Mizzou.
But they played on the land of no offense in the Big 20 (whatever it's called now). Not saying they are not a good defense, but their stats are against weak offenses.
Another former Gator, Mizzou has had some good luck with players from Florida, and he definitely fills an area of need. Welcome Chris!!
Interesting...Rock M Nation has him listed as a linebacker, SDS as an edge.
By the way, look up Nebraska players in trouble, not minor trouble either in the early 90's. Lawrence Phillips was the poster boy for those teams. "Dr." Tom Osbourne sold his soul and just let them play and was accused of not just turning a blind eye but also trying to influence police and prosecuters. He just wanted to help those poor boys.