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St. Louis Post Dispatch published an article stating that hunger striker Jonathan Butler's father is a Union Pacific exec who pulled down 8.4 million last year. Jonathan's been in school for 8 years. Pinkel sure didn't think this one through. How legit was the danger to this guy? Do you really think that millionaire daddy was going to let his son starve to death? Pinkel, you got hustled by Butler and your players. You had a chance to be the voice of reason and blew it.
Yes, I am. Is that you're canned response to everything? Can you not be a little more creative?
Wow. We aren't on a battlefield, and they aren't troops. They're misguided kids playing a game for fabulous prizes and merchandise. And what about GP abandoning the university administration. Maybe you need to think about what your saying. Who's turning their back on who?
I am committed to no further support of this institution. An empty stadium is the only real way that we can show who truly has the power here. Unfortunately, although I am firm in my resolve, others will undoubtedly cave, and this entire mess will be forgotten. I liked football as a representation of our pride and school spirit. It has now grown into a monster of our own creation. It's time to reel it back in.
Sean, I'm with lolltenn. GP had a chance to be the adult and guide these young men to a more constructive path, but instead wanted to be their pal and save his own skin at the expense of two other very good men. His lack of loyalty to the MU administration is beyond deplorable. I also include the AD in this. I have rid my home of all things MU after 30 years and several family members attending this university. It won't make a difference in the long run, I know, but it's the only thing that I can do as an individual. I'm done.