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dartha....this is why BigMo is such a firecracker of a state writer is skating on thin ice here..... but not 2 worry...minds like his will prevail when fighting NCAA on sanctions....MIZtv is on!
Stadium has been their since 1934....their stadium officials no exactly how to make a bad team look mediocre....South Carolina that is...the whole outfit is cheap!
The same team that beat you last year.....before the mysterious stadium official sprinted in from sideline to stop game killing all MIZ momentum....funny right before the game was suspended (after monsoon), MIZ was physically imposing their will...South Carolina & their stadium officials are pretty good at runnin that old stadium fgeared for homecookin
MIZ doesn't have the trash Tennessee is lookin to burn in their dumpster....maybe try the Columbia east to help?
I think you found your calling der chappy...your humor is almost greeting card quality!!! An apology from Alabama in National Championship game to all college football fans would be a good start on Valentine's.....always hate false advertisement
luv ya buddy....hang in there! miss big 8 bb Phillps 66 Halftime show..classic!
I think your on to something with Notre Dame. Big MO's next step should be Independent....Tennessee is only 1 of the 8 states that touch MIZ. Would be no problem to put a big 10,big 12 & SEC schedule together. Please remember if your state touches Big MO you are automatic rival....Tennessee is just a flea on the big dogs %$#@ Barry Odom is a winner! He was a middle linebacker and team captain for Larry Smith's Tigers who ended a 14 year bowl drought. Leading a Defense to back-to-back bowls. He knows what a turnaround and family means at Big MO, who didn't know this.....MIZtv is on!
Well hmmm...we have got a big 10 writer, classless Tennessee and I'm guess kc area mizzou fans on this one huh....who let you guys on here
Open season on Missouri football seniors should be the headline...
no but u must live n kc...or married 2 a hocker. Only reason KU was hit by NCAA was 2 divert attention from MIZ....what a better way 2 change the subject from a potential national spotlight full of displeasure from all....NCAA had 2 act fast, Kansas always is there 2 still thunder ...congrats! KU has no Cachet...it totally kills our opportunity 2 win these appeal. Don't make a fool of yourself on this topic...just go luv on ur jayhawk.....u are making us soft I wish Mr. Finebaum would not comment on the Missouri issue...his credibility is very subject. Mr. Finebaum never has much 2 say about MIZ....until he is put on the spot by mizzou callers...he is suppose 2 be supporting teams from SEC...not sling mud with our name in his mouth? Never heard Finebaum be so animated in the way he describes the NCAA..it almost seems he is undermining MIZ picking a fight with NCAA in the same breath as he leisurely says there no shot in an appeal reversal...Paul nice diploma from Tennessee...funny T are the ones in our division trying 2 snake our seniors...classy. Stick 2 milking your cash cow Alabama Mr. Finebaum....but we already know you are UA most effective recruiting tool....MIZtv is on!
Amen brother from the SEC!! We finally get 2 see if our conference wants 2 stick up for us.....2 this point we have gone pretty rogue. I believe the SEC has finally decided not 2 be part of the problem, but part of a solution. Wise choice....NCAA is either dumb or stupid going after such an explosive school & state. Have fun holding your March Madness Regional events in our citys. NCAA will probably want to move events to avoid protest. I should expect protesters will also be at events supporting NCAA Student Athlete payment program. I of course have always strongly opposed this idea, but have recently as last Tues. strongly support nccaa paying student athletes a % of revenue generated by school of player and money derived through any NCAA sanctioned events the school and player is showcased....MIZtv is on!
Doesn't matter lil bro...all your instate talent we keep taking ain't never comin back 2 Ar Kansas.....
and what is South Carolina's excuse? Love 2 fold back that so called university student athlete log......haha. Is SC even an a credited school or are the like oklahoma as uncredited university.....you sure seem to attract the the same characters
NCAA is barking up the wrong tree in state of Missouri I guess NCAA doesn't need money from the state of Missouri cancel all NCAA sanctioned events for the foreseeable future in state of Missouri I just changed my vote....now I do believe student athletes should be paid by NCAA for a % of revenue generated by player to University You want 2 be in the national spotlight NCAA...you just picked on the wrong school I see a future SEC Storied being written on this one....go ahead and motivate this 2019 team 2 the top NCAA....MIZtv is on!
Yes...glad u brought this up! I've probably never been so disappointed to hear the comments this week of people so out of touch with youth, the game of football, most importantly... the make up of team. It is easy 2 forget..or for some, will never know what it's like to be part of something greater than yourself. When I heard about the meal option at white house, I said 2 myself...wow that's fun, different and really thinking outside the box. FINALLY...someone actually getting inside a young man's mind! :) Idea was real....fast food can be a proponent fueling a young man's decision 2 go out 4 the team or become the size 2 play the game. It is one thing coaches can use 2 motivate, or reward a player with. When playing football, most will experience how 2 become family with individuals of all different backgrounds. I was fortunate 2 get 3 meals a day.. but played with kids that only ate at school because this was all they had. I remember our coaching staff had 2 stop having a booster carwash at sonic because we ate more than we made in donations...Sonic always took the hit because they saw how much it ment 2 us and the team those 3 years. The point is ....what some people thought as juvenile for a food decision at white house... was actually a homerun amongst the people it mattered 2 the most. Some..should be ashamed to make it seem like it was due 2 shutdown and politicize such a monumental occasion...I cry over this. Trying 2 make youngmen feel at certain way about such happy event is putrid....MIZtv is on! Rachel..u r dead on with Kelly vs Jalen rose..(caugh caugh hurts)! ;) We r going 2 see how bad Jalen really is in a pass happy league.....honeymoon is over, yikes
Hmmm...kinda like Bryant to Big AL 4 Heisman totals. just so u don't embarrass urself...golden boy reference might could get ur I dotted where I come from...just sayin.....my bet would probably be on Fields
No need for name calling....2018 is in the books. As a great General once said "let the past be the past" the article was about anticipated SEC games in 2019....MIZtv will be on like it or not. Dynasty sand is passing through the hour glass for 2 teams on top and has begun drifting in a different direction....I believe I would be more concerned with Jimbo.....
Coming from the cash cow.....ya got blitzed homie...pipe down
Mr. Bratton, you need 2 come out from under that rock u live called Tennessee......its ok 2 be stomped by ZOU...we like going rogue in a overhyped conference. Sorry y'all pretty sure MIZtv will be on