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Raised in Macon, MO about an hour north of CoMo. All we had was Mizzou to respresent us, so I'm a lifelong fan. The STL & KC folks have their collegiate and Pro teams, but for me the Tigers are the only true statewide flagship institution. Never attended MU, but played NG at Division III National Champion, Quincy University back in 1992-3. I finished my collegiate days at Morehouse College in Atlanta, Ga. Since then I've lived all around Mid-Missouri including Jeff City, Fulton and CoMo; New Orleans, LA and currently St. Louis. I'm happy that we moved to the SEC, now my buddies down south have to consider us when start talkin football.

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Intelligent comment. I would not want to break up old traditions and rivals just because a couple newbies in the league. Which is why Mizzou is in the East and A&M in the west. CoMo is simply further east than College Station. It's not complicated at all. Teams who haven't won their division or the conference in decades are the ones mainly belly-aching about the actual geography of the the SEC. And want to move this team to this division and what not. What gives?
You gotta remember, Mizzou's campus is the furthest east comparted to A&M. Thus our respective divisions. Connor did the same thing in his final solution, without saying so. That said I dont want either one of them in the SEC.
You can't tell me , you aren't coping and pasting from another source. Who types all of this? On this type of sports comment section? And if you actually take time to type this in one breath, you are wasting good talent as a writer. Bro you need your own publication, leave the comments to the commenters. PS. I read only part of your first and last paragraphs, its too long winded. And I come here for laughs and splash comments. Summary: Good writer, bad commenter.
This young man can play football! He caught my attention last year when we played in Knoxville. I laughed at one of those tweets that said he's gonna ride the bench at Bama. No way, this kid will easily fill the shoes of 2020 Dylan Moses. They both finished with identical stats last year. And he is just as athletic. This move to Bama may catapult him into the Top 10 whenever he enters the draft. This was a bold business move.
Interesting you point that out. These 5 players from Mizzou all came in with our recruiting classes near the 40s. They were all 3 stars, yet ended up drafted. Every team except Vandy has out recruited us in that time, yet we end up with pretty good results. Missouri will never be a SEC blue blood, but we will always rank top three in this league in developing players and over-achieving class rankings.
Totally, I was giving the writer hell for not changing his implicit SEC biases. I still stand by the fact CB shouldn't be ranked in the second half of Qbs after spring. Especially ranked against guys who have played very little to zero snaps. O'Gara is always gonna give the blue bloods the benefit of the doubt over the Tigers.
You raise a lot of good points i agree with. Drink treated CB like a freshman game manager. And that's understandable given the situation. The deep game wasn't there at all and the TDs reflected that. So what does that really mean? I tend to think that both the WRs and QB positions were not dynamic in stretching the field. I questioned CB's arm strength and I questioned the speed of our WRs. And if we didn't scheme guys open, a deep pass is unlikely. So we have a lot of questions to be answered in regards to CB's ceiling as a QB this year. And what dynamics he offers the offense beyond game managing. The long ball was a priority in the spring as mentioned by Drink, and that's the critical question that will determine how much of the offense will be explosive. Without explosiveness, we will suffer and put even more pressure on our defense. And that will be the recipe for being .500 or less in SEC play. I have no problems with whoever starts between, Cook, Bazelak, or Macon, as long as we can maximize the scheme and consistently put defenses on their heels.
"4. If your anti-DeVonta Smith take references his weight, you’re what I hate about Draft Twitter" The same can be said about Nick Bolton's height, they are saying the same similar things about him.
I like this guy, and I can't blame him for playing in his home state. He stood up and fought like a champ in the Gator Brawl. Haymaker after haymaker dropping dudes. He defended the Tiger brand valiantly. So for that I salute you Markell Utsey, good luck in your future.
All valid points above. KJ is defiantly talented for sure. He got my full attention in our game last year as a true freshman. He can only get better and the same can be said for Bazelak. But last I checked Connor was voted Co-Freshman of the year along w RB Tank Bigsby. That doesn't even land him in the top half of projected starting SEC QBs. This list is suspect at worst. I think CB should be #6 give or take a spot.
Now this is list I expected Mizzou to be lower. This one of least productive from last year and has to be one of the more suspicious position groups on the entire squad.
This just in...... UCF bosom buddies, Danny White and Josh Heupel raid the Volunteer barn in search for millions of dollars... Operation: Milk that cow
This is great news for the rest of the SEC! Heupel is nothing to be afraid of. His offensive scheme is based on wide space and vertical speed. He puts his WRs literally next to the sidelines. He tries to go so fast, he schemes half of the field at a time. The QB reads one half of the field. Meanwhile, he lets the other wideout to sit out a play to rest between those vertical routes. Here's the thing, that wideout is still on the field doing nothing. Easy to scout as a DC. Easy to see patterns and tendencies in his offense. Good Luck Vols. Also, White couldn't see past his former HC to hire a guy? He's either incompetent or he and Heupel have a nepotist plan to write a lot of checks from the VOL Vault.
hear ye, hear ye, hear ye...... now that's an insightful take!
Article should be titled: "JUST TWO PLAYERS express their support for new AD Danny White". Just a bunch rhetoric of what the AD plans to do with the team. And four tweets from two players. Not much substance that is relevant to the article title.
Empty handed? Quiet as it's kept, that's what the contract extension was for. They may have known an investigation was looming and heads were gonna roll without a buyout. Him and Fulmer were trying to milk the cow one final time.
Cant forget the GOAT, Nick Saban, writing a bizarre chapter on how to coach and beat your rival, from your house. The true meaning of a couch coach. That was pretty amazing to see this year.
Agonizing to watch. Kudos to State on the victory. This is as far that Drink could take Odoms roster. And it is depleted. We found a good coach, but we need a serious upgrade in depth. Beginning with QB & WRs. The offensive scheme comprises itself without vertical success and rest of team implodes without as well.
Yep a big MAC and a side of fries. Lol. Last year they were a steak dinner.
I was thinking the same thing.
Drink has used all kinds of creative tactics and storylines to motivate his team. Last week was Senior Day. This week he has to talk plain and straight that this game against UGA is for second in the East in 2020. This historic year ain’t over yet, and anything can still happen. Final chapters of this legendary season, have not been written yet. Yes, Georgia has the edge in almost every aspect, but we play well at home and that gives us a chance.
Jamal Brooks is 2nd or 3rd stringer LB. He hasn’t had many game reps in his career. He could ended the game twice. He he missed the tackle ion Burks on 4&1 and he dropped a pic. Luckily the Offense and Mevis picked him up. The good thing is he was in excellent position on both plays, and get to learn from his mistakes.
Great game by both teams, hats off to Arky. Not only did Mizzou win the game but we won all the storylines too. Drink over Pittman and Drink’s O vs Barry’s D. It’s clear as a bell that we made the right choice in hiring Drinkwitz.
I thought Rountree had over 200 yards against Tenn in 2018.
Congratulations Wolfman! You just described how other Mizzou & SEC fans view your long-winded, lack of common sense soliloquies that you spew regularly. Usually cringe-worthy. In your own words, "....you use novel or irregular or unexpected or non-traditional ‘stunts’ to try to promote things....". This how we all feel when we read your posts. The good news is that my opinion, your opinion or anybody else's doesn't matter at the end of the day. All is fair and life moves on. That's the" big deal."
I agree , this was an excellent game to put on tape for Odom to see before we play. Very efficient football. Eli vs Barry will be fun to watch for several reasons.
What’s the big deal about the young lady kicking a football? She was invited by the football staff. She didn’t force this to happen. We all know why she was there. Chalk it up to the bizarre 2020 and COVID attrition. Big deal at this point. This is an asterisk season anyways , with plenty of historical “first” moments. Shoot, just 4 months ago we didn’t know if we were even gonna have college football this year. There’s a bunch of cry- babies on here that need to show some gratitude for SEC football during this pandemic. Btw , great team dominance today. Good to be above.500 for the first time this year! Kudos to the staff and players. Three games left with two at home. I like our chances ....... MIZ—
Since you’re so concerned about Mizzou.Is 41-0 good enough for you? The New Zou is here to stay! Eli vs Barry next week buddy.
I agree, it seems the LSU game was the ceiling for this offense and not the floor. We’re not producing the explosive plays on a consistent basis. The exotic play-calling has slowed as well. Maybe the all the “in-season” attrition is the culprit. But regardless, the offense is two clicks from being a liability and not an asset.