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Raised in Macon, MO about an hour north of CoMo. All we had was Mizzou to respresent us, so I'm a lifelong fan. The STL & KC folks have their collegiate and Pro teams, but for me the Tigers are the only true statewide flagship institution. Never attended MU, but played NG at Division III National Champion, Quincy University back in 1992-3. I finished my collegiate days at Morehouse College in Atlanta, Ga. Since then I've lived all around Mid-Missouri including Jeff City, Fulton and CoMo; New Orleans, LA and currently St. Louis. I'm happy that we moved to the SEC, now my buddies down south have to consider us when start talkin football.

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Come on Rod, really? Have you dove into their roster? How many upgrades actually joined the team? What about the depth? If you think UF is the 2nd best , and if that's the case then the rest of the East is totally incompetent with JV players. Don't get me wrong the gators has potential but Florida can have a tenured coach or a brand new and the press is gonna give them at 1st or 2nd annually. On namesake alone. As a matter of fact can someone name a time UF was picked below third in the East ?
And yet UF is picked to compete for 2nd in the East. Not this year, signed UK, UT, USC & Mizzou.
1. The QB battle is the main concern for this team. We need a QB that allows Drink to utilize the entire playbook. We truly don't know what is the ceiling for his Offensive Scheme. We haven't seen his offensive prowess consisntently enough. Perhaps with Hamden coaching the QBs, Drink can see the offense as a crew chief and not the driver. 2. Luther will be fine, he will flash this freshman year like most 5 Stars do. He'll learn from his mistakes and will adjust to SEC defenses as the year progresses. 3. The Run Defense: Yesterday, I looked at the roster from the team website and filtered it by positions. To be honest, I feel much more confident in this years DL than last year. We made a lot of noise on the defensive side in the transfer portal and we picked up 3 above average experienced transfers from OK State, Auburn and NC in that position group. We also have to two coaches, one to teach interior play and one for the Ends. Im confident in a drastic improvement from last year. 4. The play calling must be better. But I've kinda felt like Drink was somewhat handicapped by the lack of caliber of SEC ready athletes on the O. We haven't seen a lot of consistent vertical passing to date. Without that, I don't care who you are as a coach, you are limited. 5. UK- is the ultimate tell tell for our football success. Until we get back to winning against them, nothing else will happen. Kudos to Stoops on building a formidable program. In ten seasons we are 4-6 against UK. The other three we've been .500 against at 5-5. And irony of those three teams is that, each of them has suffered coaching turnovers similar to Mizzou. And each of us are attempting to play catch up to UGA and UK. We gotta go 2-2 or better against these four to claim any true growth under Drinkwitz. I'm as excited as ever for this year's team, we have potential but all the proven pieces are not on the roster yet. I see the Defense taking a major step forward as we have bolstered the DL, LBs and DBs in the transfer portal. Plus we have recruited quality depth as well. ala Marquise Gracial. The big question marks will be the QB and WRs again on offense.
Mark the date and time of this video. This video was out of character for coach. Nobody has adapted ON THE FIELD better that than Saban. But the new off the field climate of college football has him and other coaches clamoring for clarity and enforcement. I suspect that the current lawlessness and toothless ways of the NIL, Transfer Portal, etc of the NCAA is going to expedite Saban's retirement plans. That's why he along with the Commissioner are suggesting Anti-Trust Protection for the NCAA. The GOAT is an orderly man, and chaos is not his bag. If the NCAA cannot be a bedrock for rules, regulations, and enforcement, I can't see Nick wanting to navigate through murkiness much longer.
Whatever the NIL amountl was for, it was worth it in the first 24 hours. Jackson State University immediatly earned that back in media branding. Just look how many people are talking about this from print media to youtube. Thanks to this breaking news, we all know what the JSU logo looks like (if you didn't know already). From an advertising standpont this was money well spent. Barstool Was already doing business with Primetime and his content before signing day, so they will get their $ back from the all stories and content this team, coach, and top ranked player has to offer. Good investment. Prime Time wins because he just scored a pick 6 on his alma mater. Just kidding. But from day one, he's wanted to raise the profile of HBCUs, check that off the list. Plus he's back in the "primetime of conversation", literally. And Travis Hunter Jr wins because he has a little "insurance" money up front, in case NFL teams frown upon him for competing against lesser competition. He will still get to the league but will it be the first round where the big money is at? The NIL deal helps to balances that equation. You can't blame this young adolescent, JSU, Coach Prime or Barstool in no way, shape or form for taking advantage of the rules. This was a phenomenal business move for all parties involved.
We they say "act like you have been there before". Bama is gonna Bama..... especially under the big lights in Atlanta. This game was a mental game and the Tide has been there and done that time and time again. I had a feeling this was gonna happen. The Dawgs have nothing to be ashamed of. Every team in the SEC is light years behind Bama in regards to Championship mentality and pedigree. Great effort all year from UGA, better win from the Sabanites.
Im totally unbiased, my natural inclination is to favor the Eastern Division in UGA but until proven otherwise, you gotta go Bama in big big national spotlight games. History, Branding, Trophy's, GOAT Coach, etc etc. I think Bama has the mental edge in this game too, for all those reasons. Kirby couldn't have delivered a better product in UGA this year, but they haven't been tested since Clemson. And that game was a tight and close, even though the Defense played outstanding and actually won the game. I think Bama's Offense is much better than Clemsons. And that sets the stage for a beautiful game of SEC Championship football.
Reshuffle the divisions AND keep most the rivalries intact. Let the Longitudinal state borderline between Mississippi and Alabama divide the east and the west. If your campus is east of that line, then you are in the East. That makes eight teams and the same as the teams west of the borderline - 8 teams. East Division - Kentucky, Vandy, Tenn, Bama, Auburn, UGA, Gators, SC. 3 Teams currently ranked in CFP Top 25 West Division - Ole Miss, State, LSU, Arky, Mizzou, OU, Texas, Texas A&M. 4 Teams currently ranked in CFP Top 25 The only traditional cross-over rivalry game that gets nixed is LSU vs UF I believe. Not sure I agree with this myself, but this was a quick thought after ooking at the map.
Oh and UF is favored by 8.5 ?1? I can't wait for this game.
On your statement, "The only team in the SEC that really has stopped him was Georgia." Badie averaged 4.6 yds/att on 9 carries against UGA. Not bad given the circumstances of getting boat raced and abandoning the run. And also, being conservative with his exposure in a pre-determined bodafide loss. If the game was close, I have no doubt Badie would gotten more carries. After last year's fiasco with Mullen inciting a brawl at halftime and the Darth Vader costume, Drinkwitz seemed to take it personal last year in the pressers. So I expect him to bring his best against Mullen. And on top of that we have plenty to be motivated for in this game with Senior night and bowl eligibility.
I learned Mizzou CAN stop the run if they sell out and leave one on ones in the secondary. What happens in the secondary is something else.....
Overall great effort by the Tigers. If we keep running the ball with QBs we have a chance to make a bowl. Dink and dunk offense only works for stats, but doesn't extend drives and that kills our D in regards to endurance. The QB runs of 74 yards today matched UGAs total yards allowed on the season( 74 yds/game). We rushed for 121 overall.
If Darren Sproles can do he can too, but he needs to go to a team that seeks his skills.
This guy is the worst. His attitude is mercurial, non-chalant, and passive-aggressive all in one. His human interaction skills are shaky at best. And most importantly, he doesn't do Halloween weekend very well either. All I can see is a "no-neck" coach hopping around the middle of the field trying to incite a team brawl. Then has the nerve to come out in a Darth Vader outfit, as if to validate his halftime chaos. I see why the Dawgs call him Cousin Eddie... Sheeesh
Im sure KS is looking for reasons to keep his Defense hungry. I have no doubt that he has challenged his Defense to limit the SEC leading rusher, Tyler Badie. He's all we got and Coach Smart basically said we're coming for him. And don't even try the outside zone read against my front 7. If Badie is to make to the NFL, this game will tell the story if he can have success on the next level.
Don't be sorry you beat me to it. LOL I don't think we cover either at 40 points. Vegas is 0-8 with Mizzou and the spreads this year. Mizzou hasn't covered yet in 2021.
Hey Rebels, what ever happened to Mizzou transfer WR Jalen Knox on your team? Is he listed on the roster? Hurt? Not good enough? I was curious how he would integrate into Lane's offense.
I don't see it, this season is installation and training camp in my book. After the BC loss, I was convinced that this is year 2 in a 4 year rebuild.
This could possibly be the biggest hire in LSU history. They need a known commodity, if they don't want to lose all of the momentum from the Natty. With Ole Miss and Arky surging, LSU cant afford to fall behind them. The right coach is paramount.
Im fine with Cook or Macon, but I prefer to see the offense with a running QB. We need every edge and advantage we can get, until we get better OL play. Both QBs represent the Lou and that's the biggest impression we need to make to establish constistent interest about MIZ.
The SEC is a Jimmy and Joes league. I can hear Mike Kelly now, "Horn takes the snap, pump fakes and throws over the top to Burden. Burden makes the catch, escapes a tackle makes a move to the 15, the 10 to the House! Touchdown Mizzou!"
Best news and victory of the season. Now Drink needs to open up the roster and play some guys to get experience. Tyler Macon has to play ASAP.
What a plot twist, I believe last year at Tennessee, Jeremy Pruit fired his DL coach at halftime of our game. I guess heads gotta roll when UT and MU play. At least Drink waited til after the game. LOL
I agree with this move by Drink. Jethro had the DL regress with winning one on ones and getting off blocks. His techniques are lost in translation. There is no way Kobie, Byers, or Jeffcoat are this unproductive, after making names for themselves in the past. I've seen very little penetration from the DL. This has nothing to do with Wilks' scheme. This is on what's being taught and learned.