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Raised in Macon, MO about an hour north of CoMo. All we had was Mizzou to respresent us, so I'm a lifelong fan. The STL & KC folks have their collegiate and Pro teams, but for me the Tigers are the only true statewide flagship institution. Never attended MU, but played NG at Division III National Champion, Quincy University back in 1992-3. I finished my collegiate days at Morehouse College in Atlanta, Ga. Since then I've lived all around Mid-Missouri including Jeff City, Fulton and CoMo; New Orleans, LA and currently St. Louis. I'm happy that we moved to the SEC, now my buddies down south have to consider us when start talkin football.
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The Gayhawks are a basketball school, hence Bill Self being referenced. It's his decision to make. It would be goood to renew on the hardwood with them. As far as football, I'm sure Sterk looks at like a 3 for 1 deal: 1. Mizzou schedules a required Power 5 team; 2. It's cupcake- but a good one and perhaps you can schedule better D1 teams vs the SE MO States of the world. And Lastly, the historic rivalry and bitterness continues via MU/KU >>>SEC/B12.
Thanks for your reasonable response. Again I mentioned a dark horse not a preseason contender. In Mizzou land, we are waiting to see how Odom cuts his teeth, in regards to talent development. Like Smart, can they pull it together in their second year. One things for sure, our defense will indicate just how far we go. We have questions at DE, CB, scheme and leadership. Time will tell.
LOL. Damn I tried to bury that game outta my mind. Mums the word, you got me. All seriousness and all, the East is wide open and this season should be fun. We're 2-2 against the Vols and this game will be all about bragging rights. Have a great season and stay injury free
Navy- Mizzou will be in the basement of the east because of last year's results? Wishful thinking does not make it reality. Everyone in and outside of Athens knows that UGA is wasteful with its talent. Thus the firing of Richt. Every year Georgia is picked to win the East but falls belly-up. Mizzou unlike UGA has never had expectations to contend from day one as of 2012. Even the year after the first division title we were picked to go third by the media, but we won it again. UGA out earns $, out recruits , has a bigger brand name, etc. than MIZ. So yeah, on paper you're supposed to beat us--- along with everyone else sans Alabama. I mentioned us as a dark bourse nothing more. If your team was all that, you wouldn't stoop to even address a "dismal" team like Mizzou. But guess what, you're not all that. given your teams history of squandering riches, I guess u should feel insecure about a team that finished last in the division .
Add in the poaching of recruits and it can get bitter. I've enjoyed every matchup thus far and that includes when we were in the Big 12 too. That being said, may the best team win on Black Friday.
@ Gamecok in TX- You make good points. It's all speculation and optimism by all fan bases. But you not find one article this season that even considers Mizzou to do anything but tank. Which is ludicrous, given that we return 10/11 guys on offense. I simply mentioned being a dark horse to contend in the East. Thanks for talkin football and not simple bias.
Based on what Navy Bulldog?Georgia is the NC of talking season and squanders it's "recruiting rankings" year after year. The definition of perineal underachievers.
Laughter is good for the soul, and I chuckled to no end last preseason everytime UT was picked to win the division. Touche
Total team ranking based on average of unit rankings:1 Georgia 2; 4 = 3 2 Florida 3; 5 = 4 3 Missouri 1;14 = 7.5 4 Carolina 7;10 = 8.5 5 Tennessee 6;13 = 9.5 5 Vandy 7;12 = 9.5 6 Kentucky 9;11 = 10Serious question to all the critics, haters and non-believers of Mizzou football, given the above ranking - how is that Tigers are not mentioned as a dark house to take the division? An improved defense could go a long way for us this year in this regard. All I read from the writers and fans is 100% bias against Missouri when it comes to bowl eligibity, wins/losses, recruiting rankings, etc.. Let's talk football.
No disrespect to Mr. Robert Shaw w #56 , but Shane Ray should definatley be considered given his decorated career.
Seems about right for our team. Nobody outside of our fan base has any expectations of us. So we don't have the pressure that the stalwarts have or the major disappointments. We will be upset if we don't get over .500 this year.
How do u mention our OL as liability and not Georgia's? We weren't good at many things last year but our OL was the best position group we had last year. Top 10 in sacks allowed.
My vote is for Mullen. This guy can really coach. Dak's success exemplifies that. Put Mullen at LSU or Florida and he would claim 2-3 SEC championships a decade. Maybe even 3 or 4 even. Hail State has a gem!
This must be a joke. Outside of our local fans, I've yet to see Mizzou overrated on any comment or article on this site.
Z O U! There's no doubt that things are looking up in Mizzou atheletics. All the momentum from BB hopefully will give the FB team a push. This took a lot of pressure off the FB team as far as holding up the brand. All eyes will be on the round ball and if I were Odom I would appreciate the opportunity to breath a bit.
I'm proud of what the Gamecocks were able accomplish in the tourney. Congratulations on your historical run! SEC! SEC! SEC!
That's my point, until proven otherwise, the winner of that game goes to Atlanta. Four years of history proves this.
You so eloquently prove the worth of Georgia football. You talk smack about what Mizzou isn't, but what does that say what Georgia is? You guys can't spell Atlanta.
Also, I agree that media does hype the wrong teams in the east. I would like to remind the media and my division foes that the road to Atlanta for the past four years has gone thru the winner of the Mizzou vs Florida game.
Last year was the exception and not the rule for our defense thus far in the SEC. I blame that on coordinator change (twice), lingo and philosophy. The guys were a step behind all season , which stemmed from over-thinking / slow processing mentally. I.E.-The read & react DL scheme. There was rarely any natural rhythm or flow on D. One of the few bright spots from last year was the youth playing experience. I gotta believe that this year's defense will take a few steps forward based on that. But I do agree that our success next year will hinge on our defense.
Lock / Sherrils is nice, but give Crockett and healthy Terry Beckner Jr. for my MVPs.
I can see it now.... next year's UGA is this year's Tenn. Georgia always gets the publicity but how about talking the lesser football brands of the east. I would love to hear more about the direction Mason and Stoops have their teams going. In my opinion Stoops is the best coach in the East as of now. He and Mason were the only ones in the division who actually OVER-achieved last season.
LOL. I'm laughing at the title and pic of Saban. I haven't read anything yet and can't stop laughing... Comedy at its finest
Rock M ain't goin no where. It's on the north end zone.
SDS has more fun in their own imaginations than reality, cause there is no way you could make such a statement based on the OL. Given how well they recruit I was surprised to see such poor OL play. That doomed their season. That may be an indicator of Smarts ineptitude to develop talent. Time will tell.
I'm sure his scholarship just opened up for this recruiting season. We're already deep at WR
You could argue the O Line and RBs were the most improved units on the squad. The upside is all the youth in those units. Also , The depth was quite surprising in those units. The biggest issues of concern next year will be the D Line. Simplicity is important for those guys to create havoc. The new hire will be vital.
I agree with this. The SEC is lacking in coaching. Overall the league does exceptionally well in recruiting blue chip athletes, but it doesn't translate to the field. Player development may be at its worst across the board. Meanwhile the press puts a premium on recruiting rankings, and thinks thats all it takes to be successful. Just look at the final standings and rankings---- it doesn't translate to actual success. In the east I would argue the best coach right now is Mark Stoops. Nobody got the milage out of their team like he did. And that says a lot.
I love trash talk but this is baseless. The LBs were the worst unit to suit up last week. How this kid has the audacity to talk tough is beyond me. K Brothers is the example Beisel needs to follow. Shut your mouth and do your job. Odom has wasted all the equity and stock that Pinkel created in ONE season....
We're playing classic Big 12 football in the SEC... Explosive offense and porous defense. Odom didn't hire one coach from the SEC beyond the few he retained from Pinkels staff and it shows. Those numbers mean nothing, cause there will forever be a footnote attached to those numbers mentioning our loss.