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Raised in Macon, MO about an hour north of CoMo. All we had was Mizzou to respresent us, so I'm a lifelong fan. The STL & KC folks have their collegiate and Pro teams, but for me the Tigers are the only true statewide flagship institution. Never attended MU, but played NG at Division III National Champion, Quincy University back in 1992-3. I finished my collegiate days at Morehouse College in Atlanta, Ga. Since then I've lived all around Mid-Missouri including Jeff City, Fulton and CoMo; New Orleans, LA and currently St. Louis. I'm happy that we moved to the SEC, now my buddies down south have to consider us when start talkin football.

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Good game. The Tide are the real deal, congratulations. Im just happy that we covered the spread. Coach Drink earned a true SEC baptism tonight, but we'll be better for it. Go Tigers!
If Mizzou covers would you consider that a good sign for the Drinkwitz era?
Wow Jack, ok ok ok ok. All of these are bold except Nick Bolton. He was 1st team SEC last year. You should have said 1st team All-American to be bold. But anything that speaks of potential and optimism about Mizzou on SDS is welcomed with open arms.
Nothing wrong w Eli cutting his teeth in SEC w Alabama. Let the standard of excellence be cemented in both practice and in the game. For #newzou to be successful I think its a good opportunity to raise the bar. We could certainly and likely will get boat raced out of Memorial, but Nick Saban and his All-Stars' blueprint will be on full display. Even in a loss Eli will be able to see how far he has to take his team to become successful in the league. Also mentally, you can get a sigh of relief, that this big game is out the way and theres no need to be intimated by anyone else on the schedule. Playing Bama first can be a good thing in the end. And during this pandemic, physical health will defiantly be a wild card in determining the outcome of some of these games. But hey its 2020 and ANYTHING CAN HAPPEN........
Yes he was , that was an outstanding football play.
These comments have a nasty stench of pomps and pride. So people just don't know or want to forget all the hell this country has done to black folks? I learned about " gator bait" as a young boy. And I grew up in Missouri. Im just learning that UF had a cheer about it, smh. And to those who don't know what happened, young black babies were often stolen and were tied down in the swamps for gator bait, so that the hunters could draw out the gators a lot easier. Thats disrespectful to any human being. I guess when you are young black male, you pay attention to these wicked atrocities inflicted on your race. Even its not you, it can have a lasting impression on your psyche. Its been a long time coming for these silent innuendos of hate to be vanquished. Kudos to the Adminstration of UF to admit this wrong and eradicate these deeply rooted sentiments of racism.
They were BO's guys anyways. So what, big deal. I love that our coach isn't afraid to say whats on his mind as well as showing passion. Let's be honest this "rivalry" needs some energy. We might be on to something.
I like that fire! It's also comforting to see the staff enjoy the moment too. We don't get to be a fly on the wall very often, but that was a beautiful sight to see. I had no idea how his coaching staff was gonna to actually unify, for the fact that his new regime has new and old parts. Im hoping that today they truly come together and set a pathway for success for this team.
This is the best move. It’s not an entire overhaul on both sides of the ball in regards to scheme. Only the offense will have to install a new system. I became a believer in Walters this past season, especially early when we were relatively healthy. The schemes were very unique in design. Now we get to develop some better depth on that side of the ball.
It'll be interesting if he brings any of the Offensive staff from App State. Notable names include WR Coach Pat Washington (the same coach at Mizzou 13-15), and upcomer RB coach- Garrett Riley (Lincoln's little brother). His previous OL coach is the current interim coach of App St and an alumni of the the school. I doubt he leaves for Mizzou. It will remain interesting who he chooses to fulfill the rest of his staff.
To be honest, I like that he kept the key coaches on Defense. I think Walters came into his own last season and was probably the most improved across the previous staff. Walter just may be that up and coming DC. Kirby Smart is on record earlier this season, saying that they periodically watch our defensive tape for cutting edge ideas. It took all these years but, I became a believer in Walters philosophy and style of play. The other plus is that, only the offensive side has to learn a new system this spring. While the guys on D get to hone in on their crafts and responsibilities even further.
And its a risk worth taking. This isn't about the new coach, its about the new bar that Mizzou is setting for excellence. We have to raise the value of the brand. New bells and whistles to wow the recruits, fans and the media. But all of that means nothing without the right coach who can lead, fill the stands and most importantly win games with his signature style of play. Thats what dazzles the masses and creates interest in your program. Reboot, Rebrand. MIZ
Like it or not, Jim Sterk has raised the bar in Mizzou football and I love it! To my fellow MU fans, please stop measuring our trajectory , from the Big 8/12 Mizzou of the past. We are in the SEC, 8 years removed from the prior conference. When mediocrity was embraced, and spending anything extra was a no no. We live in a new time, with new conference neighbors in a wealthy neighborhood now. No more bargain shopping period. The minute the South Endzone Project was completed, Mizzou declared itself officially SEC with its first major investment . The stakes are higher. Sterk has sent a resounding message that mediocrity won't be tolerated when he fired Odom. And the BOC validated this when they discouraged the previous list of coaches with lower ceilings. Paying $4 mil is fine with me, because now good coaches will be interested in coming here regardless if Drinkwitz works out or not. Just for comparison, the tenured Pinkel made about the same money as the 2nd year coach (Drinkwitz). The new pay scale is set from here on out with Mizzou. For the first time in history, we don't have any coaches related to the previous conference. Again this is a new time we are in. And unlike anytime in the past, The President, BOC and the AD are all in $$$ on pushing the football program beyond average. Its time for the rest of us to join them.
Not mad at ya. Dufas gonna dufas. Dooley is as dumb as the boss that hired him. That's double dumb.
I hate losing to Tennessee, but I want to congratulate them on the win. Two teams with opposite trajectories. We're 5-6 and haven't improved since the first bye week. The Barry Odom show has been a train-wreck. The fact that Rountree won't break 1000 yards, this season is one of five immediate reasons to fire him. It's a true mockery and farce of a football program. He's delivered more gifts to lesser favored opponents, than santa claus. Dude has zero credibility, Missouri and Tiger fans everywhere deserve better.
Nah bro , the L from Middle Tennessee State on Homecoming has to be on this list.
We're right where we started the season- right outside of the Top 25. Six weeks in at 4-1, I can't argue where we're ranked. The Wyoming loss was a horrible first impression for 2019. Bad for optics, but the loss has proven to strengthen the internal fortitude within the team. The loss hurt, but now in retrospect I think we were better for it. The team is formidable and fun to watch, everyone is growing together. Most importantly not false ripe. When we get ranked I think we will have earned it because of our play on the field, instead of preseason projections. In the truest sense of reality, we have zero margin of error as a team and in the eyes of AP voters. But If we keep winning, then we keep climbing up the ranks.
I agree it is better to lose early. In this case, I mean psychologically. In my opinion we showed weak mental resolve as a team vs Wyoming. We thought we could just show up and win. The players got a wake up call and realized they needed to take a look in the mirror individually and as a team. It think it worked, and we're treated to good brand of football right now from Odom and his staff. Ive enjoyed watching a team, playing one play at a time and taking nothing for granted.
We just lost a lot of production, leadership and the glue of the defense. But let me remind my fellow Tiger fans that this is de ja due' again. Stalwart LB Michael Sherer got injured as a Senior mid season and Freshman Cale Garrett was next LB up. Thus beginning his career. Who's next guy up this time? According to Odom- the trio of Junior Aubrey Miller Jr (6'2" 225); Freshman Chad Bailey (6'0" 240) or Sophomore Cameron Wilkens (6'2" 245) will attempt to fill the void. I think Wilkens has the lead of the three. Regardless who it is i expect our Total points allowed to go from just under 14 points a game to 21 points a game. Well i hope it doesn't go any higher than that. We're solid on defense this year and the new 4-2-5 scheme seems to cause a little more confusion for opposing offenses so far. Most of the East has suffered major injuries to Day 1 starters so nobody is gonna cry us a river, and they shouldn't. This is what depth is all about. Things just got interesting...
Right now in total Defense, Mizzou is allowing just under 14 points per game. With Garrett out, that may go up to an entire 7 points a game. Im recalibrating, my exceptions on Defense based on this. How much can our offense absorb this loss, will be key. Right now on Offense we averaging 39 points a game. So we have to continue to score in the 30s to have a chance to win.
I don't like either team, but I pull for the underdog in this game. I wanna see the football version of crabs in a barrel.
I echo your concerns. Our defense will be key to us winning. DC Walters has a great opportunity to confuse Hilinski by disguising coverages and pressuring him with blitz packages. The jury is still out on Walters as an effective DC. I want to see an aggressive effort to stop the ball. We haven't been tested thru the air yet and USC has a great attack. Good luck to both teams and lets hope for no major injuries.
I was hoping he came to Mizzou. Best of luck
LOL! Yep at Homecoming, we clapped him off the field to a hollow resonance of boo's heard in the stadium. These comments get funnier and funnier as I scroll down.
This is hilarious.... straight comedy! I love your letter Pig. The SEC East strikes again
Wait a minute, where is Texas on this list? Agreed on Tennessee.
I actually think his best fit is Texas A&M. Simply based off his previous recruiting ties to that state. Especially with the cache that A&M has over Tech. He would have an impressive pool of offensive talent to utilize in Texas. Plenty good amount of gunslingers too. But we know that isn't probable at all with Jimbo's contract.