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Raised in Macon, MO about an hour north of CoMo. All we had was Mizzou to respresent us, so I'm a lifelong fan. The STL & KC folks have their collegiate and Pro teams, but for me the Tigers are the only true statewide flagship institution. Never attended MU, but played NG at Division III National Champion, Quincy University back in 1992-3. I finished my collegiate days at Morehouse College in Atlanta, Ga. Since then I've lived all around Mid-Missouri including Jeff City, Fulton and CoMo; New Orleans, LA and currently St. Louis. I'm happy that we moved to the SEC, now my buddies down south have to consider us when start talkin football.

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We they say "act like you have been there before". Bama is gonna Bama..... especially under the big lights in Atlanta. This game was a mental game and the Tide has been there and done that time and time again. I had a feeling this was gonna happen. The Dawgs have nothing to be ashamed of. Every team in the SEC is light years behind Bama in regards to Championship mentality and pedigree. Great effort all year from UGA, better win from the Sabanites.
Im totally unbiased, my natural inclination is to favor the Eastern Division in UGA but until proven otherwise, you gotta go Bama in big big national spotlight games. History, Branding, Trophy's, GOAT Coach, etc etc. I think Bama has the mental edge in this game too, for all those reasons. Kirby couldn't have delivered a better product in UGA this year, but they haven't been tested since Clemson. And that game was a tight and close, even though the Defense played outstanding and actually won the game. I think Bama's Offense is much better than Clemsons. And that sets the stage for a beautiful game of SEC Championship football.
Reshuffle the divisions AND keep most the rivalries intact. Let the Longitudinal state borderline between Mississippi and Alabama divide the east and the west. If your campus is east of that line, then you are in the East. That makes eight teams and the same as the teams west of the borderline - 8 teams. East Division - Kentucky, Vandy, Tenn, Bama, Auburn, UGA, Gators, SC. 3 Teams currently ranked in CFP Top 25 West Division - Ole Miss, State, LSU, Arky, Mizzou, OU, Texas, Texas A&M. 4 Teams currently ranked in CFP Top 25 The only traditional cross-over rivalry game that gets nixed is LSU vs UF I believe. Not sure I agree with this myself, but this was a quick thought after ooking at the map.
Oh and UF is favored by 8.5 ?1? I can't wait for this game.
On your statement, "The only team in the SEC that really has stopped him was Georgia." Badie averaged 4.6 yds/att on 9 carries against UGA. Not bad given the circumstances of getting boat raced and abandoning the run. And also, being conservative with his exposure in a pre-determined bodafide loss. If the game was close, I have no doubt Badie would gotten more carries. After last year's fiasco with Mullen inciting a brawl at halftime and the Darth Vader costume, Drinkwitz seemed to take it personal last year in the pressers. So I expect him to bring his best against Mullen. And on top of that we have plenty to be motivated for in this game with Senior night and bowl eligibility.
I learned Mizzou CAN stop the run if they sell out and leave one on ones in the secondary. What happens in the secondary is something else.....
Overall great effort by the Tigers. If we keep running the ball with QBs we have a chance to make a bowl. Dink and dunk offense only works for stats, but doesn't extend drives and that kills our D in regards to endurance. The QB runs of 74 yards today matched UGAs total yards allowed on the season( 74 yds/game). We rushed for 121 overall.
If Darren Sproles can do he can too, but he needs to go to a team that seeks his skills.
This guy is the worst. His attitude is mercurial, non-chalant, and passive-aggressive all in one. His human interaction skills are shaky at best. And most importantly, he doesn't do Halloween weekend very well either. All I can see is a "no-neck" coach hopping around the middle of the field trying to incite a team brawl. Then has the nerve to come out in a Darth Vader outfit, as if to validate his halftime chaos. I see why the Dawgs call him Cousin Eddie... Sheeesh
Im sure KS is looking for reasons to keep his Defense hungry. I have no doubt that he has challenged his Defense to limit the SEC leading rusher, Tyler Badie. He's all we got and Coach Smart basically said we're coming for him. And don't even try the outside zone read against my front 7. If Badie is to make to the NFL, this game will tell the story if he can have success on the next level.
Don't be sorry you beat me to it. LOL I don't think we cover either at 40 points. Vegas is 0-8 with Mizzou and the spreads this year. Mizzou hasn't covered yet in 2021.
Hey Rebels, what ever happened to Mizzou transfer WR Jalen Knox on your team? Is he listed on the roster? Hurt? Not good enough? I was curious how he would integrate into Lane's offense.
I don't see it, this season is installation and training camp in my book. After the BC loss, I was convinced that this is year 2 in a 4 year rebuild.
This could possibly be the biggest hire in LSU history. They need a known commodity, if they don't want to lose all of the momentum from the Natty. With Ole Miss and Arky surging, LSU cant afford to fall behind them. The right coach is paramount.
Im fine with Cook or Macon, but I prefer to see the offense with a running QB. We need every edge and advantage we can get, until we get better OL play. Both QBs represent the Lou and that's the biggest impression we need to make to establish constistent interest about MIZ.
The SEC is a Jimmy and Joes league. I can hear Mike Kelly now, "Horn takes the snap, pump fakes and throws over the top to Burden. Burden makes the catch, escapes a tackle makes a move to the 15, the 10 to the House! Touchdown Mizzou!"
Best news and victory of the season. Now Drink needs to open up the roster and play some guys to get experience. Tyler Macon has to play ASAP.
What a plot twist, I believe last year at Tennessee, Jeremy Pruit fired his DL coach at halftime of our game. I guess heads gotta roll when UT and MU play. At least Drink waited til after the game. LOL
I agree with this move by Drink. Jethro had the DL regress with winning one on ones and getting off blocks. His techniques are lost in translation. There is no way Kobie, Byers, or Jeffcoat are this unproductive, after making names for themselves in the past. I've seen very little penetration from the DL. This has nothing to do with Wilks' scheme. This is on what's being taught and learned.
Big picture, we don't have the enough quality players currently on the roster. As good as the Offense is, we don't have a go-to receiver. While Chism has the measurables, he is not that guy. Drink and Conner want him to be, but he's not. Where's Mookie Cooper? To me, the most reliable WRs are Dove, Smith and Bannister. Every recievers' production are a product of the passing system. None of them, besides Cooper, have had plays or schemes designed to showcase their individual talents and gifts. And thus far, Cooper is not panning out for whatever reason. Think HBC Spurrier and how he schemed up Deebo or how Kiffin at OM, gets the ball to his playmakers on the outside by design. We dont have the Jimmys and Joes. This regime change has, truly revealed this reality. Defensively, again talent is the issue. What would this D be without, Blaze, all the CBs, Robinson convert, JC, or Isiah McGuire. These are all Drinks moves and all of these guys are instant players. And to our chagrin these guys are also viewed as leaders, even though many are transfers. What the unspoken truth behind that? We don't have the talent or depth. On to Wilks and the Run D. Well first off, Wilks is doing what he is known for, and that's getting turnovers and exotic blitzes. Up to this BC game the secondary as a whole was one of the leading units on the entire football team. But they took a step back this week when they had to cover AND play the run. Before the game, Drink said he had to leave his DBs in man to put extra eyes on the run. That proved to be disastrous this game, and it was obivious when the DBs had to tackle in run support, because they missed tackle after tackle this game. Some of those tackling attempts were horrendous and pitiful. On the front 7.... The LBs are a step behind and often are too close to the LOS and get swept up easily. Or they just guess the wrong hole time and time again. It's sad. This current DL is an abomination to the 'D Line Zou' moniker. Kobie, Byers and Jeffcoat are MIA and are losing their one on one battles or not neutralizing the double teams. They are getting swept away. I can't blame Wilks for this. These guys are known commodities, but have failed to create havoc. These three guys should have more tackles, sacks and disruptions than they do. To date, McGuire is the most consistent guy we have in the trenches. This blame has to go to the new DL coach, Jethro. He's failing the players, Wilks, Drink and us. A CONTANT 4-2-5 is not a viable Defense for the talent we have. Just look , our "front 7" has to borrow one from the Secondary. Four DL and two LBs plus a Strong Safety, is a recipe to favor stopping the pass, not the run. To make this scheme work, you have to have either professionals, 4/5 stars or exceptional studs on the DL. If you don't, then you will have a poruous run D like we have. An embarrasing, yet legit sieve. As I think back on all the odd fronts BO and Walters used to play, I see why they did it. They had to make the OL think of blocking assingnmens before each snap. This helped to cover our talent deficits. Wilks hasn't evolved to this step yet. This same ole 4-2-5 is way to easy for OL to tee off on our Front 7. The opposing OLs are not missing many assignments, we play the same stoic front play after play. This is what Ive observed to date with this team. We will be lucky to make a bowl at this pace. Drink dressed up the front lawn and facade last year, but he inside is mess and actually a gut rehab.
This was a slight directed more at Odom and the earliest of days for Sterk at Mizzou, than BC. Sterk was hired in Aug 2016 so he can't too much blame, but the associate AD and Odom frantically found BC a few months later in October and inked the deal. This was also BO first year as HC. This from Dave Matter from the STL Post-Dispatch, “Boston College is certainly a quality program with good name recognition, so we feel this is an attractive matchup for our fans," Mizzou executive associate athletics director Bryan Maggard said. "It also gets us into an area in the Northeast where we don’t often get to, and we certainly have a lot of Mizzou alumni in that region who will have the chance to see their Tigers in person." A young green HC Barry Odom obviously didn't have scheduling-recruiting perks in mind, to the degree that Drink does.
Maybe Coach O needs to try this tactic to calm down the fans and buy some good will.
We're definatly swimming in swift SEC waters with -at Auburn, Georgia and at Florida back to back to back that early in the schedule. We'll be ten years deep in the league. It's gonna be interesting how we handle that three game stretch amongst those blue bloods. You have to have exceptional depth with outstanding coaching and execution to find success in that stretch. But it will be an excellent measuring stick of where our program is and what needs to be done to improve. And most importantly, I hope we come out of that mini gauntlet healthy and injury free.
I've pondered this all day, and I can see how Wilks is failing. He doesn't understand the nuaces of the college offenses, especially the pace. While he's concerned about his players grasping his system, he's not making any "in-game" adjustments at all. He looked lost everytime the camera from showed him on the sidelines. I didn't see any emotions or motivation to the players or anything like it from him. He looked like a deer in headlights. I kinda think thats why he wants to go to the press box. It's moving too fast for him to see from the sidelines and he's been two calls behind each series. The good news is that it should get better as he gets further acclimated. Its tought to watch, but somewhat expected as this is a new system and with new lingo. Wilks' strength and expertise in the secondary which is performing outstanding, so there's a glimmer of hope that he can coach and I won't hit the panic button yet. He has to iron out the kinks and become mentally efficient, so it translates to his players. Leave the checkerboard at home and bring his chess game to the opposing OCs.