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Mizzou All Day

Raised in Macon, MO about an hour north of CoMo. All we had was Mizzou to respresent us, so I'm a lifelong fan. The STL & KC folks have their collegiate and Pro teams, but for me the Tigers are the only true statewide flagship institution. Never attended MU, but played NG at Division III National Champion, Quincy University back in 1992-3. I finished my collegiate days at Morehouse College in Atlanta, Ga. Since then I've lived all around Mid-Missouri including Jeff City, Fulton and CoMo; New Orleans, LA and currently St. Louis. I'm happy that we moved to the SEC, now my buddies down south have to consider us when start talkin football.
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The odd couple fell apart last weekend. ND and UGA got plenty of mileage from opening weekend. The media's lust for ND's success can and will get out of order w the right narrative. Georgia'a success all of a sudden became the Itish's successs. And then vice Versa. Except ND= Iron Pyrite aka fools gold. And UGA got stuck w a bag of it not the east. The Bulldogs were picked to win the east and they did.
After we lost to Purdue, I thought our there was no way were we gonna win again. I said heck, even Butch Jones is gonna look good against us. But thanks to our recent revival, the direct opposite happened. Barry kindly returned the favor of a butt-whoopin this year and apparently that was too much for the AD to stomach. Good luck to Vol nation.
LSUSMC, thank you sir! I agree 100%. 7-5 should be the expectation with a hope for 8-5 with a bowl win.
And to be honest he can't use that as an excuse. Bama is the juggernaut of juggernauts. The Tide's 2nd &3rd teams are on par with the rest of the conference's 1st teams. Like Saban said, I expect them to remain competitive on a championship status.
UGA was the only squad worth the talk in the preseason. UF and UT were simply living off name brand cache and recruiting rankings. UF deserved some credit for returning division champs, but the lack of naming a QB and the preseason suspensions was huge question mark to overcome. We all witnessed how that imploded. For Tenn, the skepticism waned on the HC, annual injurie bug, and replacing the NFL talent. In other words roster and depth will always be an issue w BJ until he learns to develop talent. Starting w a strength and conditioning coach. Beyond UGA, how can anyone say UK, SC, Vandy and Mizz are that far separated from UF and UT. Bowl games will give the final indication as to how we (east) stacks up w the rest of the nation. Im not ready to say the east is totally down til then. Next season, for the east to rise again- at least 3 Teams need to stay ranked all year. Win over 50% against the west and kill bowl opponents again. That is very possible. After UGA, its 6 degrees of separation w separation w the other 6 teams of the east.
I thought I counted 14 starters lost to injury this year and another 7-8 contributors are out for the season for UT. That's hard to overcome. I say no injuries this game and may the best team win! Good Luck to our Seniors this final game at Faurot
Hopefully the DL got some confidence back. We have to maximize our best defensive unit to have chance to reach a bowl.
First time catching the a full game of the Tide. I was impressed by Bama's 2nd String. The depth truly shows. Those freshmen RB's are lethal! I said to myself, "Good God, that team is stacked! They could play their second string all regular season and save the starters for the play-offs" SMH Happy to see Hentges start at TE and contribute as a Missouri native.
According to Bill C, Opp. S&P+Rk, we're only favored against Idaho 57% and UConn 65%. Win probability for UF 34%, UT 41%, Vandy 39% , Arkansas 30%. Mizzou may actually help #keepbutchjones.
The talent is par for the course at Mizzou, same composite recruiting finishes whether Pinkel or Odom. We have to mine unearthed talent. This isn't a name brand school yet. Who ever the coach is at Mizzou will have to realize that. We always seem to get marginal talent, but what can you teach and coach will determine satisfaction amongst our fans. And yes we won the division with same marginal talent, we lack development.
Barry Odom 5-13 (0-2) Kirby Smart 13-5 (2-0)Battle of the Second Year HC...... The overall records are polar opposites. However when you look at Head Coaching Critiera between the two you see reason in records. -Staff continuity: Smart; Odom has lost 4 coaches since he started and they happened to be on D. -Team that exemplifies the HC's Strength: Smart; Odom turned Crunk into Junk. Our is D is toothless, but UGA... -In game Situational coaching: Smart; first off he has a DC, so he can pay attention to overall intricacies of the game. -Turnovers, Penalties, Special Teams: Smart - Indicators if the team truly buys into the coach's philosophy. -Buy in from fan base: Smart; Odom has turned Mizzou's identity upside-down, inside-out, as he ruins what little talent we have. We don't know what he is building. I see a child tearing up the few little toys he has, as he begs mizzou nation for more recess time.5-0 Smart over Odom. Mizzou's trajectory is hideous based on this. I think this is a fair way to measure Barry Odom. Neither coach had any HC experience and started the same year. As well as being DCs, starting their careers after storied HCs in Pinkel and Richt. Yes UGA is a blue-blood, but just look at how much damage hasn't happened there like it has at Mizzou. Congrats on the win Bulldogs!
This is hilarious. The shark with the legs drawn on, did it for me.. LOL
I love his candid self-analysis. If only more of our players did this. That's a professional.
Welcome, have a beer, we'll get a CBJ piñata set up next to Odoms over in the corner!
Wrong Barry! You sir, are "doing to much", as the youth say. Until you present a game where we have less than 4 penalties and the T.O. margin is plus or even, STFU. Leave the twitter alone, as well as the narrative. You tried to fake it, til u made it, but you're exposed and a liability.
This article will be written after every SEC opponent we face....
How did I leave his name off the list. My bad, he belongs somewhere at the bottom near the worst.
A dose of Mizzou will get any opposing team or unit back on track. Expect Heisman talk for Stiddham after this game.
Ranking Mizzou Coaches from worst to best:Ryan Walters (worst) Barry Odom Andy Hill Brian Odom Joe Jon Finley Cornell Ford Brick Haley Glen Elerbee (best)
Clap him off stage! Retire from Head Coaching Barry. This is beyond embarrassment, this is in indictment.
Sterk needs to remove all of Mack Rhoades' hires. Odom is an indictment to the brand. Thus far, Sterk has shown leadership, and he needs to continue. Barry should get credit for South Endzone project while on his watch, but he's not the coach to see it it completed.
In the words of the late great comedian Robin Harris, "Gotta Go, Gotta Go", Barry is incompetent as a HC. He needs to bow out asap.
Forget Sumlin, Coach Mac might be the first coach canned this year. This is doesn't reflect well on him...
With the exception of Wolfman, most Mizzou fans leave the past where it belongs.... in the past. I don't think it is relevant to mention what happened last year, let alone way back whenever, when discussing any current team. So I don't dwell in the past, like most people. Oh and by the way, I came at you for the very same conclusion, you just gave me.... "You don't have to reply" applies to you while trolling Mizzou comments on every article. But since you claim Mizzou fans post dumb information, how stupid does that make you look when you reply to these said dumb remarks. Kinda like a fool arguing with the foolish..... Let me lead by example and say I have a problem with YOU and YOUR comments and not all Bama fans. Im done with this subject, and I hope the team you claim to represents has another outstanding classy season.
According to the Post-Dispatch, Odom was quoted as saying the defense was all on him. They summarized that Cross was only a DC in title only. He only coaches the LBs. This is all Odoms defense now. His schemes, his calls, his practices. I think Cross is simply relaying the defensive calls to the LBs from Odom. And giving the appearance of running the D. If this is truly the case , then it's no wonder the defense is soft. The leadership or lack thereof is suspect at best aka soft bka fake. All guns are pointed at Odom, for his defensive hires, HC inexperience and game results.
LOL. Best divisional comment in long time. Thanks for the laugh.
Now that I agree on, Im not coronating them either, but I totally get why Bentley gets the raves he gets. The sample size is limited. In most cases it's premature, but he can pull a rabbit or two out his hat and usually Deebo is his co-star.