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No illusions about this one. I don't see Mizzou getting a win this week. I HOPE so, but I don't see it. Smart is a master motivator for his team and GA will likely win by 2 TD's. For Mizzou to win, we have to play a perfect, turnover free game, make TD's and not FG's in the Red Zone, as well as cause the Dogs to turnover the ball at least once. It's a tall task for sure. Just hoping for a competitive, injury free game. If Mizzou wins it's obviously huge. But if we lose (which is the most likely outcome) we still have a lot to play for.
100% agree. We've been playing well all season as the underdog with our "STP" mindset. We've gotta maintain the same mindset even as the favorite in this one.
Only one problem with that. It's not our homecoming.
The headline says he's a 4-star but the article says 3-star. Either way, glad to have him.
Still not sure how/why Mizzou's not getting any respect in the National Rankings. Another Monday, and another week we're not in the top 25. Hope we keep playing with a chip on our shoulder. Rankings don't matter...at this time of year seeding matters. But as a fan, the lack of respect is frustrating.
@gagator.....man you're a douche. Even if you have an opinion on school employees and students, there's a time and place. And this is neither of those. Prayers for the families involved and Dawg nation. Such a tragedy.
That's great news! The defense has been keeping some key pieces in place.
It's not a knock on this kid in particular, just a general observation after reading his tweet. These portal announcements always seem to go something like this, "I want to thank the University, my coaches and counselors...I owe so much to you for placing their time and trust in me, making me a better person and player. This place is the greatest. That said, I'm outta here".
Smackin' Kansas around for a few hours would be fun.
The fumble call, the targeting call (KY player launched himself), the first half sideline scuffle, etc. Not taking anything away from you guys. I'm just dealing with the bitter loss... a feeling Mizzou fans have had too many times in this series. Best of luck to you guys the rest of the season.
Congratulations Kentucky. But I lost track of all the BS ref calls that went against Mizzou.
Pulling for Tennessee. I just see you guys dominating today. GA's obviously good, but you guys have been a whole other level of good.
Pulling for you guys today. The East is doing better against the West... hope you guys get the win today.
Exactly... he's gotta get a great OC in the off-season. I think he realizes that.
Nice to get that done. Well deserved for Baker. He deserves the credit for the amazing 1-year turnaround and the extension he just signed. Now if we can lock in a new OC in the off-season we'd be in even better shape.
I'm guessing they had this article queued up for next week and someone must have hit the "publish" button by accident. SDS has some good articles and some not so good ones.....and sometimes the reporting is a bit sloppy. This time it was the editor's fault. That's the only explanation to putting this out there ahead of the biggest game of the decade for TN.
No matter the records or the rankings of either team, this game has not disappointed year and and year out. You guys are ALWAYS tough. Hoping for a win for MIZZOU, but not sure what to expect because we've been so inconsistent all season.
I think Drink will go ahead and make an OC change at season's end. I think he's self critical enough of himself to recognize the need to upgrade the play calling by brining in a fulltime OC. Further, due to the last couple of bad hire decisions (he's now got a huge upgrade at DC), he'll make a smart pick at OC. Combine the vast improvements on the defense...with the young talent on the team getting up to speed...with the addition of a capable OC.....next season and the year after look very promising.
Not sure about the uni combo. But the Golden Girls are looking good. Please never change their uniforms.
Fantastic, entertaining game. Congratulations, Tennessee!
Nice get for Mizzou. Hoops is looking up after years of languishing.
Mizzou is building a new indoor football practice facility. The current one we have is only a 70-yard indoor field. This new indoor practice field will be a full 100-yards. It's scheduled to be open in the Summer of 2023.
Thanks for the compliment and recognition. I wasn't at the game but I know several people who were and they all had good things to say about the Georgia fans that were there. And to your point, that makes two of us on Mizzou's Defense and hopefully us playing at this level or even better the rest of the season. Hoping we can salvage a bowl game invite this year and then hopefully earn some respect and make some noise in the East next season.