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I'm warming to this hire. He seems like a solid guy and he has had great success at all his stops. Problem is he really only has one year of head coaching experience, so we'll see. I think it will be crucial to see who he picks as his DC. If somehow we can have a solid D, and get back to D-Line U status, then that combined with his high octane offense would be a fun team to watch and one that is capable of winning a lot of games.
So much for any team ever cooperating with the NCAA ever again. The NCAA was already beginning to become less relevant....falling under the weight of their own stupidity while failing to address the whole player compensation (whatever form it may eventually take) for the last several years. Now, add in that no school will ever fully cooperate with them again, and they are officially going to be extinct. What's said is they don't realize they are the ones responsible for signing their own death certificate.
Missouri has played well against Florida the past several years...and we know the past two we've played very well. I honestly don't know what to think about this game. Missouri is so hot and cold, so on and off, this season it is hard to know which version of Mizzou will show up this Saturday. You guys have a lot of momentum and Trask is playing really well. Hate to say it, but I think this is the year you guys knock us around for a change. I hope I'm wrong.
Mizzou's football team was established in 1890. Two years before Auburn (1892) and 3 years before LSU (1893).
"On Kentucky game film: I think, No. 1, the lack of ability to convert on third downs, that has hurt us. Coming off the field without extending drives, that gets you out of rhythm…" When it's 3rd and 8, why are we throwing the ball 20 to 30 yards downfield? We need more of an emphasis on just getting into the mentality of moving the sticks each series. Whatever it takes....just move the sticks. We don't need to throw the ball 30 yards downfield if an 8 or 10 yard comeback route is open. Yes we need to occasionally stretch the defense, but the higher priority should always be to get a first down, not a homerun. We don't have Drew making those throws anymore.
I love being in the SEC, and I think a huge majority of the Mizzou fans do as well (so good that we left the Texas controlled little 12). But a renewed out of conference series with KU is what a lot of Tiger and KU fans want.
You seem to be attempting to speak for all Mizzou fans....You don't. Not sure where you actually live, but a vast majority of the Mizzou fans in and around Columbia would love to play KU again in all sports, but especially football at Arrowhead. The hoops in KC, and then alternating between campuses will be great. If you don't want to go, don't buy a ticket or watch on tv. Or maybe you would rather we keep playing Arkansas as our "rivalry" game.
And yet the last two years, haven't been reminders enough for you that we are in the SEC? Mizzou over Florida 45-16 Mizzou over Florida 38-17 We'll give you a 3rd reminder coming up here in a few weeks.
I'm going to respectfully disagree with the Missouri fans that have posted here (at least so far). I for one am glad to see this rivalry come back. And I know a lot of other Mizzou fans that feel the same way. Unfortunately KU's basketball team has usually had the upper hand over Mizzou in hoops throughout much of our histories. The last time we played in basketball, the refs all but gave the game to the beakers. Don't even get me started on that. But it was games like that, that make the rivalry so exciting, and exactly why it's going to be a good thing that it's finally back. Mizzou wanted to keep it going even after leaving for the SEC, but it was Self and KU that didn't want it to happen. Glad that they have seen that continuing the rivalry is good for both schools and for college basketball in general. I also totally agree with Adam on this....that the football teams need to get scheduled as well. Loved seeing those games at Arrowhead.
If someone could enlighten me, serious question... I thought the transfer portal was only available through the first 4 weeks of the season. Since we are passed that now, I'm assuming he would have to sit out a year before playing? Seems like LSU or Auburn would be likely landing spots but who knows. I was just surprised to see an article about the TP now that we are passed week 4.
One of those games where it's too bad either team had to lose. What a great game. Congratulations to SC.
I'm not usually to complain, by and large I really like SDS and the articles. But this time I couldn't resist posting this comment: I'm not sure which is worse, the editing of this article, or the fact that no one at SDS spoke up and said, "no, that's a stupid idea" when someone tossed out the " I'm thinking of writing an 80's wrestling analogy" at the weekly article idea meeting.
All I know is, Mizzou better kick open's a$$ this week.
Not the cleanest of games, but a nice win especially defensively. Since the week one head scratcher, our defense has improved and is in better positions and tackling better. Offensively, we opened up the playback some now that we are in SEC play. KB's playing well but man does he make me nervous when he stands so flat footed in the pocket. Totally agree with Chi50...USC is way better than their 1-3 record. Helinski is the real deal, he just had a rough day today, fortunately for Mizzou.
Should be a really good game. Seems like it always is when Mizzou and SC play. This will be a good test for Mizzou. I didn't know much of anything about Helinksi until last weekend when I saw a video on his backstory and his brother. Much respect. Wish him the best.....just not this coming Saturday. Mizzou needs this win.
I agree with your assessment 100%. And for what it's worth, LSUSMC, you seem to always post fair and insightful comments. Much appreciated from you as compared to the all too often troll crap from some of the other posters. And Adam, your article was a great analysis too. I know you are a huge Mizzou fan as am I, and I hate to bash the team or Odom on any level. But at some point, you have to call a spade a spade. Odom has unfortunately developed a history of not fully preparing his teams until they find themselves in a huge hole. It's time that even the most loyal and die-hard Mizzou fans call him out on that. It's got to get fixed. On the bright side, there is no reason that they can't now get properly motivated and prepared to win the next several games.
I'm worried about number 2 on this list. I'm not positive (can anyone confirm?) but I think the team just flew out to Wyoming today (Friday). I was hoping they would get out there earlier so they could get a workout or two in ahead of the game so they can get acclimated to the elevation. The elevation in Laramie is about 7,100 feet. By comparison Denver's is about 5,300. This will definitely be a factor in endurance for some (probably not all) of the players, especially the linemen. Hope we can get a nice lead and then sub guys in and out a lot.
Yeah, I'm not exactly sure what any changes to diet will do to help. They just need to get out there a day or two early and have a few workouts there. There bodies should adjust decently enough if they do that. But if anyone knows about exactly how a diet change will supposedly help, I would like to know.
Those are definitely some bold predictions. Here's hoping at least some of them come true.
What makes you think South Carolina beating Mizzou is a foregone conclusion? Or why Mizzou having a top 25 preseason ranking is so far fetched? Just curious... serious questions.
Agreed. I think too many college players go to the NFL too early. I know they want that paycheck, but sometimes waiting might get them a bigger one. That said, glad we don't have to face him anymore, but unfortunately for Mizzou, knowing you guys, you have 3 more RB's ready to step and with no drop off in production.
^ SDS...again...an "edit" button would be nice! I meant good on Kirby and Georgia (not Kentucky).
EXACTLY. I should have mentioned in my post, that Kirby definitely took the high road here. Good on him and Kentucky.
Unfortunately Mizzou is definitely in a precarious position here. I can see why it would be at least worthwhile for teams to make inquiries about certain seniors. And taking that one step further, I can see why SEC West teams would inquire since Mizzou is in the East. None of the West teams mentioned in the article is on Mizzou's schedule for 2019. But then there's Tennessee. Of course there is no written rule about what is considered "good form" and what isn't, but there are unwritten "coaching fraternity lines" that I think most coaches adhere to. I gotta believe that one of them is don't poach a kid, or otherwise even inquire about a player for a one and done season (seniors) when you have his original team on the schedule. From the list of teams contacting Mizzou, it seems that everyone except Tennessee recognizes this. Kind of low-class of Tennessee to do this, in my opinion. Just an observation.