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And he seems mature beyond his age. Looking like a great class coming in!
If by some miracle Mizzou would happen to be leading at any point in this game, particularly halftime, look for A&M to dominate the second half and pull away. A&M could understandably have a bit of a let down after their huge win last week as well as the 11:00 start time this week, especially against a Mizzou team they are expected to beat. But they will likely wake up by the second half and run through our D. Hate thinking and typing this, but it's just the most likely outcome.
Unfortunately, this year's Mizzou team is not on par with the teams in seasons past that beat the Aggies referenced in this article. Even against North Texas last week, our D gave up way too many yards. Our D is atrocious. Hoping for a miracle Mizzou win, but my head tells me Mizzou is probably in for a beat down at the hands of A&M. Mizzou has a lot of work to do.
Yeah it's going to be a tough game for us, especially on the road. Like you, just hoping for a win and an injury free game for both teams! Kentucky is a team I have always liked and respected. It's easy to hate on Georgia and Florida.....and Vandy is Vandy.....but Mizzou, South Carolina, and Kentucky....those are the heart of the East and I'm rooting for KY and SC except for when they are playing Mizzou!
Should be a good game, and a great indicator for both teams of what kind of team we can expect. Probably safe to say both teams held something back last week in as far as not wanting to put too much on tape. Probably see both teams open up the playbooks some this week.
A literal LOL moment reading that! Love that movie.
okay cool. I was thinking that would have to be the case. Well, at least TX had to swallow enough pride to shut their network down, maybe there's hope they'll be a good SEC member (and not attempt to bully the conference a few years from now) after all.
Serious question here....and I'm sorry if it's been answered already in a previous article or in the comments, but if so I haven't seen it. By joining the SEC, will Texas be forced to shut down the Longhorn Network? (I would thing so, but I'm not sure, and haven't heard anything about it).
Another nice pick up for Drink and his staff! M-I-Z!
Z-O-U!!! Drink just keeps bringing them in. Love it!
Yeah, the headline was definitely click bait. But upon further review, "next" is a perfect way to sum it up.
Glad to see this rivalry game finally get going again. Too bad we couldn't play them last year. Not sure what to expect at all from next seasons Mizzou team. But probably smart to lower my expectations.
Pardon the use of a football related quote as it relates to a college basketball story, but in the words of Vince Lombardi, "What the hell is going on out here"?
It was a great game for sure. But when you are the favored team, and didn't win by 50.... but actually won by the skin of your teeth, I'm not sure you get to say to the other team, "GTFOOH". Just sayin'. Good luck to all the SEC teams in the big dance.
Not fully sure what to expect in 2021....we surpassed expectations last season. But I am crazy excited for the 2022 season and beyond. With the recruiting classes Drink is putting together, the new D coaches, and with another year to fully install things both offensively and Defensively with those recruits.....could be the start of a special time.
Glad to see the SEC continue to dominate the 1st round. Hopefully McShay will be correct....or even better....underestimating how many SEC players will be drafted in round 1.
I've never been a fan of (I don't think anyone is) a player faking an injury as a tactic to slow down the other team. Not sure why though, that apparently reporters are asking Pittman about it judging from his comments in this article. I didn't see anything from the game that seemed like a player faked any injuries whatsoever. I think the Arky reporters are just looking for excuses and Pittman took the bait.
I know as a player you are taught in that situation to just bat the ball down but it's hard to overcome the split second instinct to want to try to catch the ball. I'm sure it's a mistake he will never make again.
Still not sure how we lost to Tennessee? Losing to Alabama is what most other teams do. And we played Florida pretty tough. This is shaping up to be a very good game against a much improved Arkansas team. Should be a good quality win for whichever team earns it. Hoping it's Mizzou.
You're mommy's got lunch ready. After lunch you can go back to your video games in the basement.
Yeah, nothing against Northern Illinois University, but an SEC team shouldn't be playing such a school on the road. You're absolutely right... nothing to be gained by it whatsoever. A home and home series with a Big10 school would be much better (other than Illinois, Indiana, or Purdue would be refreshing).
Why on earth are we going to play Northern Illinois on the road? That's worse than playing Wyoming on the road...and we know how that turned out. Our non conference scheduling continues to be terrible overall (with the exception of the Army series).
That was tough to watch. Prayers for Marcus for a speedy recovery.
Lost in all the right talk is the game itself. Florida played great on both sides of the ball. Nice win for the Gators. You guys are better than I honestly thought, even with the layoff you had. Mizzou got a little too cute with some of the play calling on offense and Florida was in our face all night. Our O line couldn't protect like they need to.
There's really nothing new about the video in this story. It's the actual footage from the tv broadcast, not some cell phone video as the headline implies. That said, Mullen literally instigated the fight. All the players appeared to be walking calmly to the locker room until he came running out on the field like a crazy man. I agree the hit on Trask was a step too late, but that's not too uncommon in football. Every team's QB takes a few of those every season. It's a judgement call for the ref to throw the flag or not. Mullen losing his $hit over it caused the whole fight afterwards.
Yeah, not sure how the Big10 figures to have only an 8-game schedule. How will the playoff committee look at a possible 8-0 Ohio State vs. an 8-2 or even 9-1 SEC team? A lot to figure out.