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Welcome to the Zou, Mr. Buford! Let's keep the impressive start to this class going.
If that's what you need to keep telling yourself, then yeah, sure.
Seems like Mizzou should be back on this rotation. Not sure why we are left off again this year.
Much love, Captain, but I gotta say I'm actually with BamaTime on this one.
I don't think it's a foregone conclusion that he goes to the NBA. Of course, I'm hoping he stays, but I also think there are some reasons he may surprise people and stay. For one, from what I know, his family isn't loaded, but they aren't hurting for cash either. By all accounts they are an upper middle class family. Kids that go to the NBA do so for lots of reasons, but it's usually because of the big pay day and how that can immediately help him and his family. That's not really a major pressing concern for the Porter's. Second, he and his brother love playing together. Jontay, of course, re-classified in order for them to get to play together this season. 99% of this season, they haven't gotten to do that. He may want to come back and play a full year with his younger brother and another year with his dad as well. Third, I think the Porter family is VERY close and VERY tight knit and loves Columbia and obviously Mizzou. It's not too far fetched to think that they may want to "give back" to the team and town that has offered their family so much opportunity. There might very well be a feeling of Michael Jr. wanting to stick around and build on what is shaping up to be an incredibly intriguing cast of players that is setting up very nicely for some major future success. We may strike lightning in a bottle with his addition to the lineup during the SEC and NCAA tourneys and who knows....maybe we make a deep run in both. If we were to actually reach a final four, or dare I say even a championship game, then I could see him going to the NBA for sure. But if not, he may realize how close we could be to doing either one of those things next season if he comes back. Obviously wishful thinking on my part, but I don't think Michael Jr. is necessarily a lock to go to the NBA this year. I wouldn't be surprised if he did leave, but I think he could end up surprising a lot of people if he decides to stay.
Can't tell from this article, but I'm still wondering if Dooley is planning on running a pure pro-style offense or if he will keep some aspects of the spread that we've been running and that Lock, the O'Line, and the running backs and WR's are used to. I know there were times last year when I actually wished that Huepel would have let Lock go under center now and then...if for no other reason than no opposing teams would have ever seen it on film from us. To me, it would make sense to kind of hybridize the two together....maybe continue to run some sets we ran last year, but also mix in some pro-style formations now and then. But we'll see. It doesn't make sense to just upend everything the current players know and go pure pro-style, but then again, I'm just a fan and not the new OC. I guess we may know by the time the spring game comes around.
Yeah, I didn't think he was actually fired either. That didn't sound correct to me. I always thought he left on his own (but with the writing on the wall). Sometimes a coach just needs a new start at a new place. You guys have obviously done well with Rick Barnes after his new start. Good luck to you in the NCAA tourney.
Agreed that Lock is the face of the program right now. Not even debatable. To your point on Dooley....my sentiments exactly. I hated to see Heupel go since we had such a good thing going, but we'll see what Dooley does. Wonder if he'll try to implement any kind of pro-style looks? Even just a few snaps now and then. That could actually be a good thing for Lock and to keep other teams defenses off balance some too. I would love to see us keep the spread but then also mix in some pro-style looks now and then. I guess we'll see come spring practices.
I thought GA got a little too cute with multiple wildcat formations in the second half, especially down the critical stretch at the end. It worked at the end of the 1st half, but AL was prepared for it every time after. I didn't think it was necessary to try it again since Fromm was playing so well....just let him make a play instead of going back to the wildcat. But, easy for me to say after the fact I know. GA fans...I know it sucks, but try to stay positive. You guys played an incredible game and will be strong for years to come. Seems like you are now at least over the hump that Richt couldn't get you passed.
I was really pulling for you guys. What a great game. Don't hang your heads....looks like Fromm and Georgia will be strong for years to come (just hopefully not when you play us). Incredible job representing the East. Hopefully the East can win the SEC Championship and get to the playoff again next year.
Congrats, Georgia. Really impressive win. Good luck in the NCG!
This is for Tiger TD and Riff Raff, I see your points, but it seems like this was not only news to Tiger Nation, but also to the players. You can't go into a kids living room during the recruiting process and preach that Mizzou is like a family atmosphere, and we take care of each other, only to turn around and pull this without even telling the players first. It's just bush league. I'm still trying to get used to this as is everyone else. But for some reason, I'm taking it personally. I guess I bleed black and gold and just want the best for the team. Just seems like Heupel didn't feel the same and that's too bad. When the players hear about this from the news and not the man himself, that's never a good thing.
F'ing shaking my head at this. WTF? Heupel just jumps ship after only his second season. Why? To get a few hundred thousand more than he was making at Mizzou ($700k/year). The team (And the fan base) just went through a whiplash of emotions this season and thing were definitely looking up. Terry Beckner Jr decided to stay because he recognized that something potentially very special was building. Looks like he has a lot more class, loyalty, and vision in his little finger than Heupel will ever have. I also thought that Lock would stay for his senior year (for the same reasons as Beckner). But now, I seriously doubt it. And who could blame him now if he does go. What Heupel fails to see is that his decisions affect more than just his own family. The ripple effects are serious...for current players and recruits. I keep hoping that for once a sports figure be it player (professional) or coach would say that there are more important considerations than money. But every time, I'm disappointed. Maybe one day. Let's see, for Heupel, you go from being the OC running the best offense in the nations best conference, and you make $700k per year. And it was just the beginning. Who knows what could have happened next year or the year after. If you really are that good, then no doubt head coaching spots will still be there in the future....and probably at much better scenarios/teams/conferences than Central Florida. But no, he trashes what could be, for the first piss-ant job that comes calling. I guess he's so used to getting on to the next play in 5 seconds or less, that he apparently uses the same tactics in making his own life decisions. If I sound a little bitter its because I am. Been a Tiger fan for a very long time and just once I would like to see us build a stable sustainable pattern of excellence. We were blessed with the stability and loyalty of the Pinkel regime, but they couldn't quite get us to a conference championship. I was thinking that this time around we might all (team, players, fans, state) collectively get to the top of the mountain but this latest development knocks us down again. Will be interesting to see how Odom handles this. He now needs a new DC and a new OC in the same off-season. Just when we were getting some traction as a program....bang...we blow a flat tire and will be spinning our wheels again.
Hey Dawgs, I think you give a very fair assessment of the teams and the probable outcome. "If UGA shows up for this game, it’s going to be brutal." Unfortunately for me and my Tigers. What's sad, is we actually have a lot of talent on the offensive side of the ball, but it's not meeting it's potential under the current scheme and play calling. What I would give, if Drew Lock would actually go under center and take a three step drop, make some reads, and then deliver a strike of a pass. He's capable of that, but we never play that way. Instead we line up as fast as we can, and Drew fires a pass to a pre-determined receiver whether he's really open or not. Often the receiver is because the defense is having to react to all of this happening so fast, but when it doesn't work...the whole scheme just grinds to a halt. Then our punter takes over. Repeat the process next series of downs. So, best of luck to you and your Dawgs, but I don't think you'll need much luck. Georgia 41 Mizzou 14. Hopefully by next season we'll be more competitive.
Adam, you pretty well nailed it in this article. Probably the most accurate and succinct description of our offense I have seen: "Every drive orchestrated by OC Josh Heupel is as predictable as the last, involving (in some combination): a short screen to a receiver that is immediately sniffed out, a 4- or 5-yard run and a deep shot to a well-covered receiver that falls incomplete." I know we it would be too difficult for the offense to change the whole scheme during a bye week, but hopefully they are at least using the time to put in some new wrinkles. Anyone please correct me if I'm wrong, but I don't remember ever seeing Lock check down on a play. Can it be that the current scheme has him pre-determining where he is going to throw the ball before it's even snapped? That's hard to believe but that's what I've noticed when watching. I mean for would it kill them for Lock to actually go under center and take a three step drop and actually make some reads? At least it would be something that no team has ever seen on tape. The players did definitely come out and play with some fire and passion this past week against Auburn. They looked like they wanted to be there in that game as opposed to the Purdue game. Hopefully the bye week gets them rested, healthy, reinvigorated, and with some tweaks to the game plan.
From the beginning, no passion, every player looked flat and seemingly forgot the most basic of fundamentals. We were outplayed, out-coached in every aspect today. Offense is predictable as hell. The Purdue defense saw nothing today from the Tiger offense that they had’t already seen on film through the first two weeks. When the lone bright spot is our punter, there are some serious problems. It's coaching yes, but some blame goes to the players as well. Just not playing with any pride. Hopefully they call a players only meeting this week or do something....anything to attempt to right this ship.
"Shaking my head" is an overused expression.....but I was literally SMH throughout this game. From the beginning, no passion, every player looked flat and seemingly forgot the most basic of fundamentals. We were outplayed, out-coached in every aspect today. Offense is predictable as hell. The Purdue defense saw nothing today from the Tiger offense that they had't already seen on film through the first two weeks. When the lone bright spot is out punter, there are some serious problems.
Agreed. It was a stupid statement. I'll be pulling for you guys Saturday. Playing without Eason will be tough, but he was once a freshman making his first start not too long ago. So hopefully Fromm will play well for you guys too.
I have to hope and believe that Mizzou’s defense was vanilla for a reason last Saturday….maybe trying to not put too much on tape for SC against an inferior opponent in Missouri State. It just makes no sense that our head coach, former D-Coordinator during our stout defense years, would continue to go back to the same D. Cross “read and react” system that failed so much last year. I think the Tiger defense shows up big time in this game and the offense continues to do what they do. Mizzou wins this one 42-17. "That aint no guess.....that's what its gonna be"!!!! (Water Boy quote for those that didn't get it)!
Bentley is worth the praise he's been getting. I have no doubt that SC will come to CoMo and play well. (You have some of the nicest fans too by the way). But, I have to hope and believe that Mizzou's defense was vanilla for a reason last Saturday....maybe trying to not put too much on tape for SC against an inferior opponent in Missouri State. It just makes no sense that our head coach, former D-Coordinator during our stout defense years, would continue to go back to the same D. Cross "read and react" system that failed so much last year. I think the Tiger defense shows up big time in this game and the offense continues to do what they do. Mizzou wins this one 42-17.
John, I just wanted to thank you for making yourself available to your readers. I'm not sure I've ever seen an author, on this site or anywhere else, that engages the comments of his readers as much as you do. I appreciate that, and it shows that you do care what your readers think and how they react to your pieces. So, anyway, thanks for that. No matter whether readers agree with you all the time or not, at least you are here to comment from time to time, and I think most people like me, would agree that's a good thing.
To be honest, I'm sure the original reason was purely money....the television markets of Kansas City and St. Louis. In general, a larger footprint for the SEC and some additional recruiting grounds. I realize our football program is down this year....hopefully that will improve soon. As a huge Mizzou fan living in Big 10 country up in Wisconsin, I can tell you that most Mizzou fans love being a part of the SEC. The pride of this conference is so much better than the Big 12 was. We came in, had a tough first year (football wise) due to injuries, but then went to Atlanta twice. Hopefully we can get back there soon...or at least be more competitive than we are this season. Friends tell me (I haven't been back for a game at Mizzou lately) that the visiting fans from the SEC are nice, polite, high football I.Q, type people. Hopefully we are showing the same when we travel to the other SEC sites for games. I know some that traveled to LSU for our first ever game there. Everyone said it was amazing (expect for the outcome of the game of course). Anyway, on behalf of other Mizzou fans, be patient with us! We're very proud to be part of the SEC and hope to put out a better football product as soon as possible. Best of luck to LSU the rest of the way. I hope Orgeron gets the job. He's the real deal.
Obviously way too early to fully grade Cross's scheme....but two games in...the numbers don't lie. We have given up too many yards to the run and sacks have been very elusive. I tend to agree with Michael Sam on this.
Against West Virginia, in my opinion, it wasn't so much Lock that was trash as it was his receivers. They couldn't get separation because they ran lazy routes. I noticed that they cleaned that up considerably against Eastern Michigan. Lock still threw beautiful passes that were on time and on target. For a sophmore, he does actually look pretty good. But I agree with you that this week against Georgia will be a much bigger test for our wide receivers than last week. If they can separate even a bit, Lock can thread a needle when he has to. We'll see. Best of luck to the Gators this week.
I'm just anxious to see Mizzou play and how the offense looks. Our D should still keep us in games, but the offense is the big question mark.
The last time we had a sub 6-foot, 3-star Quarterback, he came in 3rd place in the final Heisman voting and we were 1 game away from playing for a national championship. So, stats and stars don't always tell the whole story. Just saying.
Nice. Watching those clips of him, he looks like a great athlete. Hopefully the next Brad Smith.
You guys look really good. Best of luck to you the rest of the season as well.