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Herschel is the most impressive athlete I've ever seen...Bo was obviously very impressive as well being pro bowl / all star in two professional sports and an obvious physical specimen..but Herschel, my oh my Herschel is something else.
Aarion is the truth for sure. Glad he's a Mizzou Tiger.
slicker than opossum sh*t.
I find this to be a little strange honestly but assuming he does continue to develop why not have one foot in the door with an up and coming super star?
FYI, he played in the NBA not the NFL broke a$$...
True, we had Brandon Martin (Dallas, TX)..until he was academically ineligible and woulda had to go to CC..in which LSU said hell yea we'll take em!!..But yea pretty surprising considering most of our "good" players were from there. Times they are a changin!
Sounds like a win win for you brother. Kind of makes me sad :(
Im sticking with my 2017 National Championship prediction..call me crazy. Sad about Martin, we could have really used an all american receiver like him. Owell. Pumped about this class!!! Im ready for some cardinals baseball, but baby im pumped for my Tigers in 2015!
Ok......im on here posting inaccurate info? Dude..I really dont mind u always trolling mizzou articles and acting like a little b*tch but don't cross the line and start insulting people for no reason. Im not on on here posting anything inaccurate at all..Stop being a dbag.
Lol, yea you guys are real deep...im sure you'll be really good this year.
Golly BamaTime..we on to a new year already bro. Why you still so mad?
Could have the dam twin towers with him and Justin Smith 6'7'' 220.
I'd like ot see the Tigers go after WR Hakeem Butler..highlights look legit and he's 6'7'' runs a 4.5 40..Come on Pink!!
Didn't realize we had commits from Nate Howard, and Isaiah Washington...? As of now I thought Nate was committed to Wisconsin (but I think he'll flip) and Isaiah is comitted to LSU? Did i miss something? very possible, and easy for that matter...
I actually disagree..I think DGB will be a stud in NFL. I don't now if he's the # 3 receiver but he's got to be top 5.
I agree, also I watched film on the Johnathon Johnson Melrose (Memphis, TN)...he's also very impressive..I think these two guys are instant impact players. Also another hidden gem is Cam Hilton..been really impressed with these 3.
"Sources have confirmed that No. 7, pictured, is in fact not Mizzou quarterback Maty Mauk. The Mexican counterpart to Mauk clearly stays in the pocket too much." ...NICE!! Lmao.
Franklin Agbasimere is going to be really good..I think this kid would try and tackle a train.
Sorry I was drunk..@ at ur mommas house. I was feeling a little loose ;)
If you can get tickets at that price can i give you m number so I can get some ;)
Lol, idk man..just want to see better qb play. You think Lock has a legit shot at starting? I think he def could but not sure Pinkel will do it. . . The Tigers offense last year with very few exceptions was atrocious. Couldnt pass their way down the field unless it was by the glory of the all mighty deep ball..and a few great break out runs here and there..I think we need better qb first and foremost next year and desperately. We have young receivers starting their careers, they'll need a leader to guide them. They need help, and if he cant help himself then idk..I just dont understand why he went away from running the ball? Vision issues? Lack of decision making? I know he's never going to be a great passer (with exception to the deep ball obviously) but I see Mizzou being much better team with better qb play is all, the Minn game was their best all around game in my opinion and there was a nice mix of everything. Mauk ran that offense properly and it showed. hell, maybe it was Henson's play calling?? I dont think so though.. Maybe he'll be back to 2013 Mauk. Fingers crossed.
There he is...right on time..every time. BAMATIME!!!