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As a mizzou fan that 1st half was very aggravating, giving Georgia 14 points can’t happen against a good team. Cheap shot on Fromm was stupid and I hope someone chewed him out.
And mizzou is average at best so I am not just defending mizzou
No the original statement was how funny Missouri lack of pressure on the QB was, coming from a team last in sack in the nation. So yes you are wrong. No one said anything about wins, loses, or good defense. Georgia is a very good team but two good years doesn’t make you Alabama like you think you are
How does that compare to to what the original statement was about quarterback pressure?
so because Mizzou has a terrible defense and I mean awful, it is Locks fault that they almost lost......makes sense. I didn't know that he played defense as well.
That was a rough game to watch as a mizzou fan. Hats off to Georgia for making a play.
This is a stupid comment. We are talking about a football game not baseball or how smart people are. It is comments like that that make mizzou fans look bad. Talk about the game and debate it leave everything else out. As for the game it should be a good game. Tigers looked like dirt first game and better the second game and Georgia hasn't done anything to blow everyone away so should be good