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What a bad article. Multiple mistakes with little words left out and how could someone make the mistake that Dak Prescott played at A&M? Is proofreading before publishing not a thing at SDS?
I don't think Missouri just found this out, considering they also try to flip players who are already committed
The SEC didn't have a problem congratulating Mizzou wrestling on Twitter last year, so I'm not sure I see the logic in the wrestling comment
dumbest thing i've heard in a while. bye troll.
Anybody know if there is something more to Nate Strong's story? Why can't this kid get eligible? Thankfully Ross made it to campus or else I have a feeling Mizzou would've been leaning heavily on Crockett this fall.
We won the games needed to win the division and get to the CCG, which was what my post was about. Obviously any team needs to win the CCG but that wasn't the point of my comment
If Mizzou has crashed and the "flames are just starting", the flames have been burning in Starkville for a long time. All-time losing record and even worse all-time record v.s. SEC teams. Doesn't it irritate you just a little that it took Mizzou three seasons to win two SEC division titles and it has taken MSST their entire history to win one?
Mizzou has been in the SEC for four seasons and won their division twice out the four. *cue the East is weak comments*. the fact is that they won the games they needed regardless if the East is weak. I would hardly call what Mizzou has done in the SEC so far "crashing and burning". unless you're bama, down seasons happen. I choose to be optimistic about the new staff and MIZ football in general. Miss State does get the distinction of being the team that let Mizzou score its first touchdown in a month. so thanks for that
I could just be an optimist but I don't think Mizzou will be as down or for as long as people are saying. Depends what the coaches can do with the o line. More playmakers are already in place. I think it's only a matter of time before Witter loses his spot also
By 12 year old arm are you referring to Lock, the #7 rated pro style passer in his class?