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I completely agree. Our program is now at the point where we reload vs. rebuild after losing talent. Program is in a great place. Let’s hope the team plays with the same intensity, determination, and enthusiasm as last year.
Thanks Connor, I hope our players read you. We go 11-2 with a Cotton Bowl win over Ohio St., bring back a large part of our team, and have a strong transfer portal group coming in and we get a ninth place prediction (nice!) STP MIZ!
You must not have listened to his press conference when he was hired. I believe him when he said how he was going to build this thing and he has. Drink is Mizzou Football just as Saban is Alabama Football, Smart is Georgia Football, Stoops was OU Football, Frank Beamer was Virginia Tech Football, Fullmer was Tennessee Football, Bowden was Florida St. Football etc. Those coaches who stay become legends. Those that chase the next best thing are lost to history as a footnote. Drink has done everything he said about how he was going to build his program Mizzou Football. We are right at the cusp. If we win a conference championship or heck National Championship then it’s a new challenge of sustaining program success in a hyper competitive environment of College Football in the SEC. Drink is built for that. Drink is Mizzou Football and to leave his Program for something else is hard to imagine. Others have chosen that path Jimbo left FSU for A&M, Riley left OU for USC, Cristobal left Oregon for Miami. None of those coaches have done their legacy any favors.
Drink wanted a new weight room, got it. A new indoor practice facility, got it. Input on the latest North End Zone renovation, got it. Administration support, got it. Money, 9 million a year- got it. If he stays at Mizzou and continues doing his thing and retires a Tiger we will build a statue of him by the Stadium, name a building after him, put him in our HOF. Right now he has everything going in the right direction. It has taken time to build what he has. Just as he is about to reap the rewards of his plan he goes somewhere else to start from scratch at a place with more in-state competition, no fan equity, etc. ? Everyone has their own priorities but I think Drink would be making a huge career mistake to leave. Even worse than Mike Anderson who could have been a legend at Mizzou he was a year away from his best team and program momentum, fan support etc. etc. We are all-in with Drink and everything he says leads me to think he is all-in with Mizzou! MIZ!
It makes sense for the Big XII (or whatever their future name is going to be “Wataburger 18” I called it first) they just lost the three programs that had won National Championships Nebraska, OU, Texas. Clemson and FSU have won championships in the past so that would elevate the “Just Above Mountain West Conference”. For Clemson and FSU I don’t see why they would do it. Lose your historic rivals to play Iowa St. and Huston? Travel to Utah and Arizona instead of games against Miami, North Carolina, Virginia Tech. I could see if they got invited into the SEC it might make a lot of sense…but Little 12????I think not.
Last year UGA would have beat Michigan IMO; too bad they were not afforded the chance to defend their back-to-back titles. Good luck Dawgs; your team and fan base are 1st class. Saying that…Drink and co are coming for you :) good luck this year, I hate that we won’t play unless it’s in the SEC Championship Game!
Tennessee would be a good fit in the ACC :)
In that twelve years we have won the East multiple times and played in the SEC championship game… we should have beat Auburn but that’s a different topic. I don’t recall ever seeing Tennessee winning the East and playing in the SEC championship game during that entire time. Voltrainconductor tell your overweight coach we stand on business ;) and buzz off :)
Just added another 4 Star OT out of Texas. Drink’s heater continues! MIZ!
Will definitely won the the America’s Team with Ole Miss and Mizzou atop his board. One thing that I think College Football fans can appreciate about Mizzou is a lot of there core players are from Missouri. Brady Cook was not a 5 Star talent coming out of high school but he his playing for his home school that he rooted for his whole life. We haven’t been the school that routinely gets the 5 Star talent but Luther Burden #1 WR coming out of high school could have went anywhere chose to stay home. Caden Green decided to transfer home after playing year at OU. Drink is likable, he came from nowhere and is completely invested in the program he rebuilt. Our stadium may not seat 100k but it’s almost 100 years old and has great sight lines, tradition, and character. Connor lost the draft early when he chose KU. They will not play a home game, they will be in a soccer stadium and their fans can’t sellout the lower bowl of Arrowhead when they play there. KU fans don’t even support their football team why would America? And KU fans are known for being pompous and arrogant which no one likes. Will with the win.
Just have to stay healthy. We have the talent to win every game on the schedule. From what I see, this year’s team seems just as hungry as last year’s team and not complacent from last year’s success.
Got another 4 Star receiver this afternoon. Beating out Oregon, Florida, USC among other schools. What a run! I think we are in a a few other recruits that may announce coming up. Great times!!! MIZ!!!
Reloading at WR, this year we will have to replace Burden, Wease, and Cooper (NFL draft or graduation). We had a good WR class last year a good one this year and good young WR already on the roster…excited to see who breaks out! We have a young gunslinger recruit at QB coming in to takeover when Cook leaves (Zollers) and a great O-line and O-line depth with great recruits in each class. Agree Drink is building this to last!
Colorado and Miami are the most surprising to me. I can’t complain Mizzou being in the Top 10; I believe the game did good there. I think Ole Miss deserved more respect than they got.
Arkansas stinks at football, will fire their coach after this year (if not during the season)…why would any kid that is being recruited by the likes of Top Ten Mizzou go to Arkansas? Funny Bootheelhog, lmao!
Big XII or whatever they are going to call themselves are like the minor leagues for the Big 10 and SEC. They get the 2-3 star guys, develop them in weight room then if those players pan out they transfer to the big leagues. Perfect example is the K-State QB transferring to Ohio St. If I was a corporation I would not tie my name to the Big XII. You will pay a bunch of money and be associated with minor league college football. I think I would rather be like Academy Sports, Bush’s baked Beans, etc. who get seen by big national audience paying 1/10 the price and being associated with Big League College Football.
He isn’t bad, I would just rather listen to Hall of Fame Coach Saban’s perspective than a retired NFL punter. But McAfee’s role is more comic relief. They got rid of Pollack because he was Herbstriet Light. Mcafee completely different personality
As Charlie Sheen would say, “Winning”!!! You all should check out this kid’s offer list. Drink you keep doing what you are doing! Winning! Let the losers out there troll! MIZ!
I don’t see Drink leaving. He is building Mizzou Football back. He can be a legend here. Mizzou is all in on football, money is no issue. Mizzou has done everything he has asked. New weight room, new indoor facility, stadium improvements in-process, healthy NIL, in state talent no competitive in-state schools to fend off. Drink ain’t leaving SEC for ACC. KU coach makes sense ;)
I can’t complain too much; we have a lot of afternoon/night games which I love. I just wish the A&M game would have been one of those; I got tickets to that one and I’m not looking forward to baking in the Texas sun at 11-2am. Will give us more time to celebrate afterwards so there’s that ;) Excited to see A&Ms stadium and traditions in person. The game I’m really excited about is the Oklahoma game! OU has ruined many of our seasons in the past…We embark a new era with a 16 conference schedule and my hope is the roles will be reversed. Drink is building something that can last and one day, I predict, he will have a statue in front of the stadium…I really think that’s possible. MIZ! Keep it rolling!
Who cares, Mizzou just beat out several blue bloods on an offensive lineman recruit…maybe write about that. Drinkwitz is building something special at the Zou and you are going to miss it writing about UConn basketball coach job offers. Only reason I clicked on article was to write this post
You will find out if you didn’t know already Texas is pretty full of themselves. Even when they were bad they thought their sh** did not stink. I think the Texas phrase “all hat, no cattle” rang pretty true for UT and their fans for the better part of the past decade and a half. Now it looks like they are back and that is good for college football. Just imagine how they will talk now that they have something to talk about it! Paul going to have to book some Texas fans as regulars on his show. I am looking forward to the SEC with UT and OU. As for OU, their fans remind me of Tennessee fans, the only difference OU has won more. I think OU’s dobber is a little down right now as they fear they have entered the league at a bad time. If they find a little success they will claim to be better than Georgia and Alabama combined. My hope is that they are the next Nebraska. Will be good times! I just hope Drink keeps us rolling. I am looking forward to beating OU’s a** as they did to us in the Big Eight/12 days. This will be Mizzou’s century, I feel it! MIZ!!!
Mizzou played and beat the reigning Big XII champ last year and beat a solid Memphis team. SEC is a gauntlet, need some tune up games to get ready for it. Oh yeah…we finished the year beating Ohio St.
So here is my suggestion #1 same as Conner #2 best conference loss or loses (based on the teams who you lost to conference record(s). If that equals out the go to strength of schedule #3 same as Connor’s #3 #4 best non-conference win. To me you should get credit for a great non-conference win its helps the prestige of the conference. Best non-conference win is based on Week 12 CFP ranking.
Here’s the solution. Teams have no control on their conference sos so it doesn’t make sense to penalize them on that. They do control who they lose to. So it’s simple: after head-to-head (Gara’s #1 tie-breaker), then it goes to who has the worse conference loss (that team would be out). In other words, all else equal, the two teams with the best loss(es) play. Simple and hard to argue.
2 points against your tie-breaker model. IMO 1.) your argument against the point spread is a good one and is exactly why it should not be used at all. I would rather have a drawing out of a hat as a last resort option vs. something that promotes behavior we don’t want (i.e. starting staying in too long, bad sportsmanship. Etc.) 2.) non-conference should matter at least at some point. Unser your system a team could have wins over non-conference top 3 ten teams and if their conference sos is less than a team that lost a non-conference #90 rank team that would not be considered. Everyone would be like what kind of system allows that?