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KState is beating Oklahoma @ Oklahoma. They are pretty darn good
Drink has recruited well and is a missed fg and fumble away from being 3-1. Our team has improved vastly this week. let’s back him and the team.
Defense played well, we ran the ball well, our punter played well; I feel better about our team after the game than before the game. Heartbreaking loss, but move on and win the next one
I agree with you…our Team colors has always been Black & Gold…over the years we have had different tones of gold but in 2012 Nike made a Mizzou Gold color that was to standardize the gold through all sports etc. You see how disciplined we have been since then lol I disagree with having a gold helmet, let’s keep it black with our standard center striping I can do Block M or Tiger Oval, both are on brand and look good. Block M has more history but if we do the Block M on helmets I like the Tiger Oval on the sleeves of the jerseys like we had during Chase Daniel era. Those uniforms were slick especially when we wore the gold pants both home and away uniforms
Can’t complain 1.) Black helmets with our traditional center striping. That’s good 2.) Tiger Oval is our actual logo and is recognizable as Mizzou. That’s good. Won’t complain this week lol!
Was the last time we played Auburn in the SEC title game? Doesn’t seem that long ago when we were both good. If we could happen to beat Auburn… 3-1 is where most of thought we would be at this point; some of us were optimistic predicting going 4-0 to start, but season is still ahead of us. Need a reboot, but not all is lost like most of you make it sound. Don’t have to win pretty.
Oh and the most basic miss…our school colors are Black and Gold. Not Yellow. The people making these decisions seem to forget that. I really think they don’t put any thought into our helmets and uniforms. They don’t care about Mizzou Football, preserving our Traditions, or the Mizzou Brand… Someone in the athletic department has to put an end to this lack of care, lack of brand discipline, and apathetic decision making when coming up with the uniforms and helmets.
Because we have no Brand Standards anymore. People making these decisions either don’t know or don’t care about Mizzou Traditions, or The Mizzou Brand.
I hate always being negative, but I now have to question if the people making these uniforms and helmet decisions even give a darn about Mizzou or Mizzou football. 1.) Yellow helmets have never been worn (except the last couple of years where we seem to be having an identity crisis). There is no Tradition with Yellow Helmets and heck they even got the stripe on the helmet wrong. 2.) The Tiger script is something completely new and unrecognizable. Remember in 2012 when the Athletic Department said we had to get rid of the Block M…Today we just make new brand elements up on a whim…note: branding doesn’t happen overnight. 3.) When have we ever wore white uniforms at home. We are not LSU. LSU has established their brand.
He is trying to keep the locker room. He is working with 19 & 20 yr olds, reading all the negativity online; I don’t blame him for addressing the message board comments etc. it is an issue that the program has to deal with. Winning solves everything. I don’t like our fan base’s negative because it is really counter productive. But I would rather have upset/caring fans than apathetic/absent fans
He definitely would be a great coach! Mizzou could use an OC! Chase Daniel / Mizzou Football it is meant to be!
Our AD didn’t hire Drink so that is one strike against him from the start. She got rid Conzo Martin to get her her coach…so Drink will need to show the program is heading in the right direction by the end of the season or our AD may get her guy. Saying that, Drink has recruited good and we are just in week two. Everyone needs to take a deep breath and see how the rest of the season plays out. Drink should be safe, his guys are freshmen and sophomores…give Drink two years and reevaluate. Can’t fire our coach every 3 years.
We had some receivers open, missed too many throws.
We have to have continuity in coaching. Every year you fire a coach you set the program back 2-3 years. If we would have fired Pinkel we may not have had our good years. Drink has brought some good talent in, let’s not over react.
A game like this you just throw away the game tape and move on. We have too much talent to get embarrassed like we did. Play calling has to improve. We will see if Drink can keep the Team inspired. Can’t let one horrible loss affect the next game. Season is still in front of us. Have to play better, we have enough talent to win some games but have to continue to work. MIZ
It of course is another branding/ design inconsistency, home uniforms don’t have lettering across the front and away uniforms do. Just come to expect it it now, haphazard use of brand elements with no standard.
I think we have too many variations. Pick the 2 to 3 best and stick with them. Branding is based on consistency. P.S. No Yellow Helmets! Ever!
This is not Mizzou Gold. Last year and this year for some reason we changed to Yellow. The best uniforms we had were in the 2008 era google the Sports Illustrated Cover in 2008 Best Uniforms hands down. I agree with other comments lose the strips on the sleeves replace with oval tiger. Go back to 2008 gold colors Where there are different tones of gold from Block M Helmet to Numbers, to gold pants. I would use our current number font to stick to brand standard across sports. #Drop the Yellow…we want our Gold back! Looking forward to the game this weekend MIZ!
I like this schedule model. Several differences from mine; but I think this would be acceptable to all teams and checks most all the boxes.
Agree, I wasn’t following this train of though either. Also, the basic premise of round robin scheduling makes no sense in a conference that has 16 teams.
You criticized my schedule? LOL Have you put any thought into this? No Georgia vs. Auburn. You have LSU playing Vandy over Alabama, Ole Miss, or Texas A&M? This can’t be serious; you have lost any credibility for anyone to take your comments seriously. Good try
Texas A&M and Mississippi St. apparently have a small rivalry, I know several A&M alumni and they seem to like Miss St. as there third permanent opponent. I agree that Ole Miss & South Carolina don’t have a rivalry but after doing what I thought were the must have games, trying to have a little parity, that was what was left. There are some teams that have more than 3 rivals. Tennessee fans have told me they see Kentucky as more of a rival than Florida, Arkansas fans said that LSU was not a must have game as long as they had Texas. A lot of stuff like that before I settled on this as the best schedule.
Alabama: Auburn, LSU, Tennessee Arkansas: Mizzou, Texas, Oklahoma Auburn: Alabama, Georgia, Vandy Florida: Georgia, South Carolina, Kentucky Georgia: Florida, Auburn, South Carolina Kentucky: Tennessee, Mizzou, Florida LSU: Texas A&M, Alabama, Ole Miss Ole Miss: Miss St., LSU, South Carolina Miss St: Ole Miss, Texas A&M, Vandy Mizzou: Arkansas, Oklahoma, Kentucky Oklahoma: Texas, Mizzou, Arkansas South Carolina: Georgia, Florida, Ole Miss Tennessee: Kentucky, Alabama, Vandy Texas: Oklahoma, Texas A&M, Arkansas Texas A&M: LSU, Texas, Miss St. Vanderbilt: Tennessee, Auburn, Mississippi St.
I hope he is right. This seems like the best approach. Models I have seen keep the major conference rivalries intact.
Right on, Mike Anderson had our basketball program going great and had he stayed we would have got Otto Porter and I could see him eventually having a statue at Mizzou Arena. The fans loved his style of play and seemed like a great fit. Mizzou Arena was one of the best atmospheres in college basketball during Anderson’s era. Coach Anderson stopped recruiting once he knew he was lined up to get the Arkansas job and it never clicked. I wonder if asked if Coach Anderson would say looking back he wished he would have stayed at Mizzou? I hope Coach Gates can get the Program rebuilt and I hope he stays when he does. I want him to be like Norm Stewart. Coach Anderson I think had that opportunity but passed it up for Arky…that didn’t go the way he thought. MIZ!!!