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Congrats to Coach Smart on his first SEC win. Hard nosed, great effort from both teams. That's a tough loss for my Tigers. #SEC #Mizzou
@thought2009 - This isn't a sarcastic response to your post. It really isn't. I'm just venting because this is the 9 millionenth comment like this since we joined the league in 2012. You are correct. You have a bigger stadium and you fill it to a higher %. You have a historically better football program than us as well. You've won 3 of the 4 games against us since we proudly joined the SEC in 2012. Our attendance was down 0.25% in 2015 vs 2014. Alabama's went down 1%...and we know their level of success. We filled our stadium to 92% capacity. But have to give it to you here, your filled yours to capacity 100% and you were the same in attendance 2015 vs. 2014. So once again...better. Here is what grinds me. I'm convinced that no matter what our level of our success is, we'll never gain the respect of fans like you in my lifetime. Our all-time record against SEC schools in football is 40-25. We are 16-8 since joining in 2012. We've won 2 East titles in 4 years. But that's all luck, injuries to other teams key players and let's not forget favorable scheduling draws. Our players and coaches didn't earn any of that. It was all luck. So congrats @thought2009, you are better. You are a favorite to win tomorrow so you should obviously take care of business as you straight up do have a better team than us at this point, I can't argue that. Oh, and lord forbid we win the game...it will be luck. You'll have an injury that caused it. And, of course, ESPN will just say Georgia is down again, not that we are any good. Such is the life of a rookie conference member. I get it. We'll have to earn it. Might take 40 years. We'll just keep doing what we do. Get lucky, stay humble, outwork people with less talent, less fans, less resources, less press, blah blah blah...and we'll just put in the work. #ShowMeStatePride #SEC