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I would think ECU (Eastern Carolina Pirates) would be in the discussion somewhere. They regularly fill a 50,000 seat stadium, beat NC and NC State often and occasionally SC. I think they merit more discussion then some of the teams mentioned
Ya, that’s horsesh!! . We are going 7-5 and if we keep recruiting like this we will make bigger waves than Pinkel ever did and I love him. Odom was a total step backward.
Like who Tig? Haven’t seen anything negative in a long long time
I agree with Gatorgrad. Chase was a baller and would have put up points against the best defenses in the world (because that was what the SEC was)with that team. IMO he would have still made the pros, but no Heisman, no way, not with the talent of this conference on both sides of the ball.
And let’s not forget all offensive stats will improve with the non conference additions to all schedules
I would just like us to get competitive with Bama
90%? The power 5 is 46%. Don’t understand the point anyway. Don’t care about the article either.
Plus Chism had only 1 touchdown. Doesn’t sound like a deep threat unless there are other threats on the field to take the safeties away. Guys maybe like Lovett and Cooper. He’s big. Reminds me of L Washington if in the right situation.
Sorry, don’t know how I did that that , doing 3 things at once and thinking about that first win. No disrespect intended.
“ If State can get some decent work on the mound, and pound out enough timely hits at the plate to win Tuesday, then everything changes for a potentially decisive Game 3. State could rush Will Bednar back for that one, and while Kumar Rocker would likely take the mound for Vandy, he probably doesn’t have a ton left in the tank. The plan for MSU has probably always bit to win 1 of the first 2, switch all the pressure to the favored Commodores, and then, when all the chips are down, get a big hit late, as they have for much of the season.” Wow, that’s a a lot to go right to have them right where they want them. Should be something to see though. Vandy definitely in the driver’s seat to win its first national title.
I don’t understand how a teams fans could make week to week arrangements to follow their teams even if they had the money. I’m all for the expansion. I just think some home games would be paramount in the thinking here.
Crisis what crisis? We will get Allen this week too!
@Ol’Mizzou. Totally agree man. I think Allen is coming! More Bat signals next week hopefully
Z-O-U. I like this, I like this a lot. Nothing for 2020. Did he sit for Covid? Anybody know? All American twice. Hope he can do that against SEC talent. Fills a big hole. Left tackle. Got to love that.
Yes, Mizzou had no answer for Auburn’s rushing attack but fought the whole game. There was no shame losing to such a dominate team. It doesn’t change the season though. We finished 5th, beat a lot of great teams and belong in the conversation. Also, the Auburn fans were absolutely great to us.
Idk, I think the thing is he had to blanket covering the guys in that throwing league or he would have given up more. Receptions. I hope.
What’s does everyone think of the two Tulsa cbs in the portal with Mizzou landing their old position coach? Akayleb Evans, Allie Green IV. Any chances? That would dramatically improve the season
Post Dispatch said he had a knee injury. How many corners do we have on this team?
I think Middle Tennessee State was the worst loss in program history. That was just a horrible butt kicking. I flew back to Mizzou, I’m 62, and my brothers are 67 and 74 and we agreed it was the worst home game in history. Indiana was bad. Wyoming was stupid scheduling. (Let’s start off the season 6000 ft above sea level)
You know looking at rivals and 24 the 3 stars we have in this class are ranked very high. One or more could potentially pop to a fourth star!
Hey if your a six year player and you look around and realize the other talent is better than you, why wouldn’t you leave. This guy was I think a class act. If you want one more season to smell the flowers go for it. On the other hand if you can’t get it done in six years.........
Totally agree with that nova. It’s the one thing I think that would have a dramatic impact in the ranks of 4 & 5 stars.
I would add Mizzou has done something in the SEC that many other teams has not done in Mizzou’s brief existence in the league. They have played inside a dome in Atlanta at the end of the season twice!