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Well, he’s a tackle so less of a concern with the height. DL is really stacked so can’t really see a conversion here. Really like the depth in the trenches. Also so much bigger than when we entered the conference. Less bulk projects. If we can get the position coaching better- which has been a major problem IMO- across all positions. I think this will change also. The problem with wilks was he was a pro coach so he was used to players already fundamentally grounded. So he spent his time on schemes that his players weren’t capable of executing. Again my opinion but we need better player coaching on each side of the ball. Now with the higher caliber players we are getting maybe we can also out athelite the opposition also.
He kept the defenses wondering why he was starting. Particularly after he got hurt
Trolling the internet I found reference to a 4.31 forty. Wow! If we can find a way to coach up as in the old days I see a field stretcher rather than a surplus WR received room candidate
Mizzou has 4, with more to come. Most of the SEC wil flood teams with FAs. Here’s to hoping some make the most of their chances. These are fine young men
I’m so excited for this. Congrats to the dawgs and all the others. Big 12 with 0!!!! Talk about a recruiting advantage. More kids considering the Small 12 will be reminded of this constantly. Hope it bodes well for my Tigers!
Blue Mountain University is a TV sitcom. It’s not a real college. This list is a joke
Totally agree, considering what we lost and what we gained, how was the portal not a serious upgrade for the roster. Considering the recruiting class, us like Kentucky continue the momentum of the programs., the east is on the rise!
Do any of the recruiting classes figure in portal transfers?
We did better than I thought especially losing several more key defensive starters during the game. A new QB, etc. Depth was a problem but we knew that going in. This will be a lot less of a problem next year. The team didn’t quit, we did a lot better against the option than anyone expected. Obviously service academies also have an additional advantage in there are no opt outs. I hated the confusion on the 2 point conversion, I hope we get a real OC. On the whole though I’m very optimistic about next year. Happy holidays everyone
This makes sense. Particularly without Tyler. Any prep by army just went out the window
I’m pretty sure Woods signed. It was announced 23 hours ago
Idk how a DB can be a NFL draftee with no interceptions. Hope he does well.
Geez, I hate this game. Not only because of the matchup but it’s against God and Country kinda feeling. Thankful for your Dad’s service
“With the tigers winning 3 of those games” Don’t remember us beating Arkansas. I hope he unleashes the beast. Pray he doesn’t get hurt.
I think Cook for sure. They really. Must not have faith in any of the other QBs
I second all that. Mizzou fans like UK fans. Your program is admirable. The games between the two teams great. Couple of things went against you this year like the dawgs having the best team on the planet. We hope to continue our progress sooner than later and help make the east as competitive as the west. Win your bowl game. You deserve it.
Totally agree- Arkansas winner for kicking Mizzou’s B u t t. Their HV for the turnaround Drink loser for not putting in a QB to give Missouri a chance to win
Great Point “ Pepperridge Farm remembers” Better yet! Lol. Good luck! Your Team is awesome
True, but booing is the only way the fans have to call for another player
You too man. Ark scares the hell out of us. The passing attack on Alabama, even more so. At least you have a plan B.
Exactly, stopping the run, and getting off the field
Agree Mag. I think we were lucky though. All those throws off the back leg cause inconsistent results. His big throw early on could have gone either way. Credit the receiver. I’m very nervous about using a non mobile QB against ARK who is inconsistent.
I was with Auburn fans during our Championship game with them and afterwards at the bars downtown. Great bunch of folks!
Ya, valid point for sure. It’s that versus motivation and being at home. Wish it was cold!
Maybe the new DL coach is better at recognizing talent and shifted attacks to utilize that talent. Isn’t the pressure now coming from the inside rather than the outside?