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True but a victory over Texas in what was basically a home game for them would have helped our recruiting in what is a critical recruiting area. It was a bad loss for us
It will come down to how good the coaches are at instructing technique. We need a stragtegic OC and tactical position coaches so bad. How ya been Wolf? I left a couple years ago when I was sick of the coverage slant. Wow they really tried to change. Take care and happy holidays
I respect WV. In many ways they remind me of us. A very respectable program with a long history that has never broken through. I look forward to a great series. I will be at the opener and look forward to a great game. I believe we will win as our offense would be hard pressed to be worse and our defense will once again be a dominant force. The game I believe is more critical for us. A win there would much to wash away the taste of last year and set the table for more momentum forward into becoming a better program.
This one has me excited. 6-5 , 330 and a 4.9? Welcome to the Zou!
I think this is perfect. There are too many questions. I mean the defensive positioning is a joke. Losing by less than a touchdown multiple times, with a terrible offensive and return game. Hey, all new coaching staffs have to prove themselves. Pick us last.Prove it Mizzou. I have doubts about all of them. The top three look right. Can't wait.
Really Bamatime? Still classless after all these years. I'm always just amazed by you. You won the last meeting , lead the series, yet still are so compelled to grind our faces in it. It must be terrifying to realize that one win and we tie the series. Why not just enjoy what you have rather than "try" and I do mean "try" to tear down others. It really does make you look bad. Compare your posts to the Auburn posts. I know you can give a "rata$$" that we respect the Auburn fan over you. Well you win that too. Classless
I'd like to see him line up sometimes at RB. Tough to defend a real passing threat at RB with 4.5 speed. Makes the safeties think about providing coverage while reinforcing run protection.
Kinda missed the article where Mizzou fund raising was up $30 million and is on a record pace.
I like how many times Odom has emphasized that coaches are teachers. I think that's part his philosophy and part what he might have saw lacking from last year.
Sorry for the spelling between my eyes and this phone it's not easy
I respectably disagree. I think targeting a Missouri legend who did what he thought was right and is dying of cancer is wrong. I also think come election time they will pay for this. If he hadn't done that recruiting would have suffered more but more to the point he would have supported his players no matter what. As far as he his salary. It's less than the difference between his salary and Odoms for one year. I hope he can fundraise because this isn't helping and these people are discrediting OL Mizzou more than a dying man voting his conscience. Imo
I think this is a superior hire to Wilson. Love the fact he's coming right from a dominating 3-4,
Hey Wolf, totally agree we could go farther south. Who knows but the defense I think is improved. If we could have scored a mediocre 22 a game last year we win what 10,11? Have no idea how we will be but I'm excited the targeted guys by this coaching staff are signing!
Wow, just totally lost on what your trying to say Sean. The biggest miss has to be the obvious one you thought you had but got flipped.
I'm sure people will read my post and say what legacy. He never won a CC or NC but we Mizzou fans know he started at the foot of Everest and guided his climbers 3/4 of the way up before being forced to stand down. He will never stand on the summit but the good Lord willing he will have enough years to see his boys plant the flag
Kelly, your a class act. You've never wavered in you convictions and what you believe. I too supported the team and coach in almost everything but gave up responding to the bs the second day. You didn't need any help. People who are right and stand up for their convictions seldom do. I applaud you. We will be back, and standing up for our players the way the coaches did won't hurt recruiting with a good hire. GP was unbelievable here and it's up to others to continue his legacy and his will to improve.
Very proud of the effort. Great post game show at the stadium and the SEC network. Good win for the a SEC when a bottom dweller can upset a 7-2 team. Great win by the team for Pinkel
Thanks for the memories. Prayers and peace
Sorry about my last sentence. My anger got the better of me.If the editors would like to pull that post and this one I would be grateful. I have posted a family friendly version
Well said bball. If Pinkel and Rhodes are putting their careers on the line by supporting a strike against their bosses -Wolfe and Lofton- that will have a financial impact against the school it just adds to the seriousness of the situation. Your either a family or your not and once again I think they just proved they are. They young men know what's at stake. They saw Michael SAMs fall in the draft and the huge financial hit he suffered in signing bonus for taking a stand. Some say they wouldn't be doing this if they were undefeated, I would like to think they would. The administration is totally at fault for not taking action sooner and for blowing off the homecoming protest. Wolfe doesn't survive this. This does hurt fans planning to attend the games. That's our part we can do. I will be seeing more games next year. Proud of our Tigers.
Great win! Good luck the rest of the way. You've got an absolute beast at QB
Great win! Good luck the rest of the season.
Yea, what a performance! We hit him all night. The rain, just an awesome job!
First off to Zoucat I said sets, so you wouldn't see it a lot and I don't think blocking would come into it. Sean there would be a difference in that you are pitching to the leading rusher and a player who has thrown 42 TD passes.
They don't owe us anything but to win. I think we need to move McGovern back to his natural position. Get away from clapping the hike count to give the line more of an advantage. Arrange sets where Lock is the QB and Mauk is in the backfield, a pitch to Mauk means the defense does what? Cover the run, protect the pass? Move lefty to the slot, let that speed help stretch the field. With Mauk on the move in the backfield the DEs will hesitate. The above would cause the short game to open up. Maybe some rushing yards will occur, an occasional pass would be caught. Ish would have less carries. Who knows he'll we could score. We've given up 40 points in 3 games, any offense and we win 2 of 3. The only thing we can't do is nothing. You can say I'm crazy. Lay some other options out.
My heart goes out to everyone involved and the entire Aggie program and their fan base. As far as printing it, I agree we follow football to escape this stuff. We can all read tragedy in the normal outlets. This doesn't need to be here in association with the Aggie program.
Has Anyone else notice we clap a lot to hike. Why would we do that at home? Isn't knowing the count vital to getting of the line rather than both lines being able to go at the same time? I don't remember this in past years
I just don't understand how an Oline can lose basic fundamentals year to year. The same players have a year more weights and become weaker? We are a sieve. It's embarrassing. If someone throws a TD the games out of reach. The defense should beat the crap out of the offense. Hold Ga. to 120 yds on 45 carries and lose? I have never ever been a quick call on coaching changes but Ricther is a disaster. We have young guys that have to be developed also. Offense F, return teams F. It's like every time we are getting the ball I can't breathe.
Great effort Gators. Your the class of the east.