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Man 6.5 and 295 as a junior! Judging from the power that’s not a soft 295 either!
Love this quote- “ Miley Cyrus has more Final Four appearances this season than the Big Ten” She was horrible but what great games
I just don’t get this at all. Even if your didn’t get your minutes, the amount of grads on this team would present a host of opportunities here. This is just disturbing.
It’s still a Wtf moment. I mean how can players be so disappointed this far into the program.
Totally agree bmlock. That ark team played nothing like the team that beat Mizzou. I think that your team can beat anyone. I hope you do!
Wow. What a disaster of a finish for a team of veterans who had the talent to beat anyone. This slide and the finish of this season has to be attributed to coaching. No excuses, and as Adam said - embarrassing.
9th seed ouch! 7 quadrant 1 wins? 7-0 non conference wins with 5 going to the tourney?Ok and Gonzaga. Rest of the SEC treated pretty poorly as well. I hope the SEC just kicks everyone’s butt!
How in the heck is Stokes not higher? He was like throwing into a blanket! So glad he is moving on. He will be a steal for someone. Pro bowl talent
Using the NCAA is like drilling a hole in a leaking boat to let the water out. It seems like it would make the HC job so much harder to fill.
Read the players had a lot of preference for Nashville vs Florida destinations. With limited capacity it was thought a bigger bowl wouldn’t matter and more players fans could make the matchup. Makes sense and probably ditto for Iowa too. Iowa could have a much more prestigious bowl, Great matchup! We will have our hands full
Just dominated by a superior team. Too much 4 and 5 star talent. Especially in Covid.We need more recruiting needed like the one drink is building now. Nice win UGA
Wow. Really? Seems odd doesn’t it. Hurts too, seemed like a good guy who brought a lot of pressure from the outside. Walk out on your team?
I’m really having trouble with the definitions of trolling and targeting.
Really looking forward to this one. I’m worried because one thing Odom defenses can do is usually stop the run. Mizzou usually must have Roundtree active and successful to win.I think a key to a Mizzou win would be misdirection. I’m concerned because I don’t know which receiving core will show up and with our inability of late to throw down field I see potential problems. Should be a great game, Mizzou defense needs to win this one.
Absolutely terrible, soul crushing story. Prayers to the families
Loved the opening tribute. Loved Vandy reaction even more. Class
Loved the game. Loved the tribute. Loved Vandy declining the penalty even more. Class all the way around
I think it’s just typical of a few fans reflecting poorly on the program. We all have some. I know the vast majority of Mizzou fans think they were treated to an unbelievably exciting football game vs a team loaded with talent and a glorious past.
Upset-an unexpected result or situation, especially in sports competition. There is always a chance. The sweetest memories of sports are upsets - if you are a MIZZOU fan.
Really don't understand this. This year of all years would be the time a nonstarter could see valuable minutes.
Truer words have never been spoken. I have become so positive of this man. I'm proud to have him as our coach. I'm certain, with time, he will put a good team on the field and put out good players and men.
Wow, don't know about this! I will say we are pretty certain of a bowl game. Of course with the number of Bowl games versus the number of teams sitting and the need for programming I think every Power 5 school that suits up in the fall will be in one.