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“With the tigers winning 3 of those games” Don’t remember us beating Arkansas. I hope he unleashes the beast. Pray he doesn’t get hurt.
I think Cook for sure. They really. Must not have faith in any of the other QBs
I second all that. Mizzou fans like UK fans. Your program is admirable. The games between the two teams great. Couple of things went against you this year like the dawgs having the best team on the planet. We hope to continue our progress sooner than later and help make the east as competitive as the west. Win your bowl game. You deserve it.
Totally agree- Arkansas winner for kicking Mizzou’s B u t t. Their HV for the turnaround Drink loser for not putting in a QB to give Missouri a chance to win
Great Point “ Pepperridge Farm remembers” Better yet! Lol. Good luck! Your Team is awesome
True, but booing is the only way the fans have to call for another player
You too man. Ark scares the hell out of us. The passing attack on Alabama, even more so. At least you have a plan B.
Exactly, stopping the run, and getting off the field
Agree Mag. I think we were lucky though. All those throws off the back leg cause inconsistent results. His big throw early on could have gone either way. Credit the receiver. I’m very nervous about using a non mobile QB against ARK who is inconsistent.
I was with Auburn fans during our Championship game with them and afterwards at the bars downtown. Great bunch of folks!
Ya, valid point for sure. It’s that versus motivation and being at home. Wish it was cold!
Maybe the new DL coach is better at recognizing talent and shifted attacks to utilize that talent. Isn’t the pressure now coming from the inside rather than the outside?
What is the record for most rushing yards for a game in the SEC or for college football for that matter? Because the dawgs are going to own it next Sunday. As for VB, why does a college team throw against Mizzou? Makes no sense.
Pick em game. Looking forward to this one. Great respect for both teams. I think UK here though, can’t really see them being the underdog here. Is the MSU run defense for real? Key here. Can’t wait
Don’t know which comments that you are referring to, I think 90% of Mizzou fans regarded UK with the total respect they deserve. Puzzled by that comment
True that! A bold prediction would be Mizzou holds Tamu to 200 yds rushing!
Yes your right. I don’t know the depth of talent on UK. It’s just so many things have to go right to start 6-0 in the SEC. if you have the chance now you need to take it. UK can be great for a very long time. Just like all the SEC you don’t know when you can get another chance at greatness. Could be next year or 30 years. Looking forward to this one, what a test.
Kentucky dominated Mizzou in every facet of the game. They are more talented and hungry.That is undeniable to almost all Mizzou fans. They have our total respect. We need an upset to keep recruiting high. UK needs to beat Georgia but if not now, when. This needs to be their year. It won’t be easy but that’s why you play the games. I think UK can do it. This isn’t throwing shade on GA. That’s one hell of a football team that oozes talent and depth. Game of the week
Not a chance. I mean if you look at the season so far, in order to be competitive we have to limit the opposing team to 275 yards. I don’t see that 4 more times this season.
Interesting comments. Could be he is frustrated, trying to get more out of his troops. Also he could have an eye on potential LB recruiting with the added “you will play right away”
Great Win Cats! We were overpowered in the middle of the line. There was obviously a talent disparity across the board. We need to keep recruiting like we are this year to catch up to your class. Win it all Cats! Good Luck!
Oh you are right, I missed that. That does stink to high heaven.
Idk cat. It could be simple math. Our 3*s are rated mathematically very high. Some have a great chance to be 4*s after the season. Our 4 stars are also ranked mathematically high. He less so, he was only ranked a high 3 by rivals. We have more 4s than 3s so it is possible to add him and have the average slip slightly. This is a great team. His addition helps a lot. I share your opinion on bias in some cases. It is hard to argue that adding him lowers the quality of the team
I would think ECU (Eastern Carolina Pirates) would be in the discussion somewhere. They regularly fill a 50,000 seat stadium, beat NC and NC State often and occasionally SC. I think they merit more discussion then some of the teams mentioned
Ya, that’s horsesh!! . We are going 7-5 and if we keep recruiting like this we will make bigger waves than Pinkel ever did and I love him. Odom was a total step backward.