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I don’t understand this at all. The guy is good, had injuries and everyone knows Mizzou lacked resources, so the new guy is going to be given a better situation ?
So true. Let’s remember Peyton had a bad first year and look how he ended up
Does anyone know why he wasn’t retained?
Wow. Big News ! NCAA finally finding something to do. Hey let’s take the fun out of everything. Great NIL comment
I think that’s the first NCAA victory in the first year of a head coach in Mizzou history.
Wow, what a QB. Really lays it in there. Think he will be a 4th star. Hard to believe the 4th best player in Nebraska is a 3. Really don’t care though. Video makes it plain why this guy is the target QB.
6’2” and 18 pounds. Can’t wait to see this guy
Idk if you can factor the Las Vegas bowl in judging the fitness of Florida. Pretty sure I saw 2 ball boys in the lineup that day. Can’t wait for K-State at Mizzou
The Dawgs were a fortress. The rest of these non SEC teams are a joke. How can Georgia not have the best OL in the country?
Come on Booches they were up by 35 before they took off the gas. They may bomb against KY but they were golden for a night.
Yea, I’m 63 and thought ,especially during the Pinkel and Devine eras, that one day I would see an NC. All these players , games, being close. It’s like age, it wears you down. I will be ready to go next year though when these great recruiting classes come of age.
I’m excited that our two high ranked recruiting classes will hopefully be coming into there own and get some valuable game experience. I will be cheering for all SEC teams and especially the Dawgs! Bring it home, good luck to all
Geez, I would have taken that win in 0. Zip seconds. You know what boring football is? Losing football. My gosh look what you all have come from and what you got. How can you not be proud of your team. When expansion comes I want the wildcats, the Sooners and the Hogs as permanent rivals. Yours is a game I circle every year on the calendar
Tough loss Hogs. Not to worry. In our game a light pole will fall killing Luther Burden en route to a game winning touchdown.
Ya, saved the game for you. Your defense rocks btw. Best of luck
Well, congrats wildcats! Can everyone agree that rule needs to be changed? Maybe say the tackle box is 25 yds from the line of scrimmage? Wow. 63 years old and yet another way to lose a football game.
“ That’s an even earlier tailgate for those who participate. We’d say the 10:30 estimate is considerably later than most would be starting Saturday morning.” It was a Joke! That’s why he said everyone has to sacrifice, - to drink earlier to get game ready. Geez!
And a 30 minute drive for the other half. What a great way to get more fans interested in going to como and a great recruiting tool. If we could put one in Arrowhead ditto the other side of the state.
“ If asses was dirt, he’s chewed enough of them to be in China by now.” Let that be the only thing I remember about this game
Umm. You wouldn’t have tried for a touchdown at the end of regulation?
Yeah it’s really sad when this comedy of errors isn’t close to your worst loss!
Well, he’s a tackle so less of a concern with the height. DL is really stacked so can’t really see a conversion here. Really like the depth in the trenches. Also so much bigger than when we entered the conference. Less bulk projects. If we can get the position coaching better- which has been a major problem IMO- across all positions. I think this will change also. The problem with wilks was he was a pro coach so he was used to players already fundamentally grounded. So he spent his time on schemes that his players weren’t capable of executing. Again my opinion but we need better player coaching on each side of the ball. Now with the higher caliber players we are getting maybe we can also out athelite the opposition also.
He kept the defenses wondering why he was starting. Particularly after he got hurt