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So that's why he didn't play in the bowl game.
Maybe Long will stand up to the BB coach at KU and allow them to schedule Mizzou?
Missouri is favored over South Carolina? How in the world is that possible.
How does one go about "giving away" a conference school?
As long as we win, I'll take it this year!
"but, after counseling with ESPN management" - is counseling a word?
Dang, another MIZZOU game on the SEC network. We can't get the SEC network in Indiana.
Wish we could get the SEC network in western Indiana.
Oops again on #29. Florida, Tennessee, South Carolina, and Mississippi State all travel to Columbia, Missouri, which is further north than Lexington Kentucky.
So this article, rating all stadium environments, was written by someone who has only visited one third of them. Aren't there any writers who visited all of them?
B1G shares money equally. The Big 12 Texas conference, not so much.
Arkansas would have beaten anyone in the country at the end of the year? I seem to remember the last game of the year, against Missouri, they lost!
Some Missouri fans understand and appreciate satire!
I am a football fan. I am not utterly insulted that a team with a better record is ranked ahead of Arkansas.
Uhm, who cares what they said about Alabama at the National Championship media day. They are not playing in that game.
How much could it hurt losing what would be their 4th string QB?
So an actual SEC victory, MIZZOU in the Citrus Bowl, doesn't make the top 4? Sigh.
Yes, but we were smiling after the Arkansas game :)
There's no shame in going 10-3 and losing to the #1 ranked team in the SEC championship game. Alabama was the better team. It was another great year to be a tiger fan; there were fans of 12 other schools wishing they were in Atlanta.
Kansas is the most hated team, in Kansas? How appropriate!!!!!!
we had to "sweat" out many of those close wins
Yes, Arkansas has won the last two games. Missouri has won the last five. Why is it unrealistic to pick MIZZOU?
It means Missouri beat Florida and South Carolina, and Georgia didn't.
Is Morgantown really "up north" from Columbia?