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Why? The Big 10/11/12 had an odd number of teams for quite a while before Nebraska joined.
I don't quite understand how Mizzou "didn't make the cut". We have 4 games that are almost a guaranteed win, and if you assume those that we will win half of those that will be close, that give us exactly 6 wins. Those wins being: Missouri St. (guaranteed), SCar (close game that we'll take because it's at home), Purdue (almost a guarantee), Idaho (almost a guarantee), UCONN (guaranteed), and finally Vandy (another close one that we take).I truly believe that the games I've listed here will be wins for Dear Old Varsity. The defense should be much improved after last years disappearance, and it appears that our offensive depth is increasing. After the last two years, I'll be happy with a 0.500 season.
That isn't entirely true, wolfman. The amount associated with personal consumption is legal, and I believe that amount is less than 10 grams. So, if the reports are correct and Crockett had 35 grams, that would be a classified as a misdemeanor, again, I think this is correct, but I haven't looked at the city ordinances on weed since they legalized the personal consumption.
The problem as I see it, is we are failing against teams with momentum. LSU, Florida, and MTSU all had some momentum coming into games against the Tigers. Now, our offence played fairly well against MTSU, but we didn't have enough on defense, and with UK coming off a big win against State, and our tow major loses on defense, I just don't see us winning this game. As a matter of fact, I'm not entirely sure we win two more games this season.It's pretty rough when you're worried that you might lose games against Kentucky and Vandy in the same year. Hell, I'm not completely sure that we can win against SCar.
A lot of good points made here, however, I don't think our chances at going bowling are as good as this article makes them. Middle Tennessee has the number 5 ranked passing offense in the nation and Vandy will be flying high. With the way the Mizzou has played the last two games, both of these games are very losable. Add into the mix that Tennessee is playing real hard and still trying to prove themselves after taking two bad beats and Arkansas is playing out of it's mind. There is a real potential for Mizzou finish out the season around the 5-7 or 4-8 mark. These next two games against MTSU and KY can really set the tone for the remainder of the season. I'd like for Mizzou to finish out at 6-6 or better (unlikely though), but I'm preparing myself for the dumpster fire to continue.
I do believe we have a pot/kettle situation on our hands...
I hope Coach O gets the HC Job. I've always been a big fan of him. He has a tremendous work ethic and seems to genuinely care about the student's he coaches. I think that if anyone can salvage the LSU season, its him. I also love that I can never understand a word he says.
Alabama vs. Kent State??? How is Kent State less pathetic of an opponent than Del. State? Go ahead, I'll wait while you Google some random (and mostly unrelated) little factoid so you can provide a "response".
There was only one short throw that went long, it was a WR screen that the receiver broke for 85 yards and a TD. He had several that went 20+ through the air.
Just in case you're not quick enough, the 28-3 score I refer to in my reply to your nonsense was last years MU/AR game.
First of all, the score of that game was 28-3. So, that's less than a 4 TD lead (you're math skills are the stuff of legend...). Second, if Bielema "sat" on the ball for the last 20 minutes, then how did Allen get intercepted in the middle of the 4th? Oh wait, arky only threw the ball 17 times that game as compared to their 52 running plays, that must mean that Bielema was sitting on the ball the entire game. And while were on the topic of little sisters of the poor, if arky is so good, why did La Tech almost win your season opener? At least we started with a Power5 team.
Please don't feed the trolls. It only encourages them.
That some good english he spek.The entire University of Iowa must me so proud.
Any word on AP's status for Georgia? I still can't seem to find anything.
I loved that they compared him to the Fridge. Not sure if he's there yet, but I'd really like to see more of him in at fullback.
Anybody know what happened to Aarion Penton?
This is what I don't understand (now granted, I wasn't able to watch the game), but how do you put up 462 yards of offense and only score 11 points? Especially with 2 interceptions and a recovered fumble. Did we leave our goal line scheme in Columbia?
Its actually very simple. John Crist has a huge lady boner for Chad Kelly.
Quick edit: "...Linebacker at Hickman and has exhausted..." should read "...Linebacker at Hickman and if he has exhausted..."
I'm not sure why Coach Odom would joke about playing J'den. He was a Linebacker at Hickman and has exhausted his eligibility for wrestling, why not let him suite up (assuming he can pack on about 25 pounds). The guy is an amazing athlete and I'm sure he wouldn't be a burden.
I wonder if this has anything to do with Kap's awful hair choices as of late???
I believe Chase has been named as the Eagles starter.
Tell me again how Tennessee is going to win the east. I mean, Appalachian State, that should have been a tough win...or sarcasm.
A TrueSon never, but never capitalizes the k in kansas, regardless of what pile of crap its in the middle of.