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Now, lets all wait for the "I'm obviously joking about being the head coach" replay...I hate trolls.
Phil! Is that you? It's been so long man. Its good to see you're still out there barnlizarding it up...Oh, by the way, this is MJ. Mr. 23. You know, sometimes its hard to get people to believe who you say you are when you use anonymous screen names... What an idiot!
"Forever a TrueSon"? I'm not sure you can call yourself that if you leave the program early for any reason other then an injury. Good luck to this kid, but he is no TrueSon.
Don't worry Kelly, crist isn't a real journalist. He writes his opinion sans research and then spews it out as though it is fact. I don't even think he proof reads the crap he writes.
Missouri is really a "fire the coach mid-season" (cough...florida) type of team, but I doubt Odem will be around next season. The defense has really fallen off and our offense isn't making the necessary step forward that it needs to.
Is it just me or does Butch Jones have the most punchable face of any of the SEC coaches?
Tigurrr, you can start with the Lauries and the Kroenkes, and include if you will the Walton's themselves (they donate to both Mizzou and Arky). Then continue down the list. Do you remember the "Paige" Sports Arena? That entire $75 million for that facility was donated by Nancy and Bill Laurie. I'm sure if the AD reached out to any of the top donors, MU would be able to come up with a few million for a 2-3 year contract to bring in a top tier coach.
Perhaps you should familiarize yourself with the group of donors who are responsible for the recent upgrades to the Mizzou sporting facilities. The $50 million being spent on the new stadium upgrade is a drop in the bucket for some of these people. Trust me, if we need to be competitive with another school to get a coach, we will be. Money is not an issue for Mizzou.
If this dumpster fire continues, I fully expect to see the AD clean house this spring. We may be in for Mizzou Dark Ages 2.0 also know as the Widenhofer/Stull/Smith run.
Yes, the entire offense is to blame for not scoring. However, Heupel, you sir are to blame for the horrible play calling that made the offense one dimensional. What happened to the tight ends? What about the outside sweeps, counter traps, and reversals that Mizzou has been so good at running in the past. Perhaps, you should open the playbook beyond the third page and try running a deeper set so the offense doesn't become predictable 3 minutes into the game.
Am I the only one surprised that Lock hasn't fallen into "last place" in this opinion poll?
That is a very good point. Unfortunately, Missouri isn't as an attractive coaching destination as those you point out, I would say if that fiction were to become a reality, we would end up with a previously unknown coach. Possibly a former MU player with ties to the Athletic Director...unless Les Miles is still available, and want's a job. On the other hand, the one thing that Mizzou has going for it right now is the big money donors really want to see MU competing both on the field and in the recruiting ring. That's why the new stadium expansion was approved and should start this off-season, and that's also why if Odom does get fired, and we can find a well established coach to take his place, he'll have a hard time finding another school willing to pay as much as MU will. Especially if the AD and Board of Curators feel like this new coach can turn the program around.
The only question I have is, "what happened to our tight ends"? Why didn't we seem to use them like we did last week?
Odom has been calling the Defense since about mid-way through last season. I believe (total speculation, mind you) he let Cross call the first half against the Missouri State Bears but took over in the second half after Cross play calling allowed the Bears to score 35 points.
That is a good point. However, I'm not sure that there is any team in the SEC right now that can beat Alabama, and at the end of the season that is all that will matter. There will always be an excess of excuses and vague reasons why the East is down or how the West is always better until the East can match (at a minimum) the West in cross division games and then win the conference.
Also, I noticed that I typed Missouri State's score wrong. Should be 43 not 42...I hate these damn sausage fingers.
Agreed. It'll be interesting to see how we do against another SEC school. I have never been more angry after a win than I was this past weekend. It seems like the dumpster fire might just continue. But you are right, this weekend will tell us a lot.
I was responding to tiger td incase that wasn't clear.
You obviously didn't watch the game. The Bears scored 42 on our high school-esque defense. We had to keep Lock in beyond the half way point in the 4th just to ensure a win. Some of the "Mizzou Fans" on this page do not pay attention, hell I'm not even sure they watch the actual game.
I don't understand how aTm's back is number 1. He had fewer TDs than Tennessee's Kelly, a lower yards per carry than Mizzou's Crockett. He had zero catches. Also, it's pretty ballsy to put aTm on this list at all (let alone twice) considering the monster collapse.
I'm pretty sure we all know to whom you are referring. Please understand, this particular individual does not speak for the True Sons of Missouri. This Tiger fan is just hoping we're able to extinguish the dumpster fire that was last year and make those important steps back to playing good football.
Adam Spencer, your representation of Lock's completion percentage in the following contains a simple logic error and as such is incorrect, "...completed 54.6 percent of his 237 of his 434 attempts..." It should be worded in the following manner, "completed 54.6 percent, or 237 of 434 attempts..." What you have written is basically Lock completed 54.6 percent of 237 completed passes within a set of 434 attempts, and that doesn't really make sense.
Why? The Big 10/11/12 had an odd number of teams for quite a while before Nebraska joined.
I don't quite understand how Mizzou "didn't make the cut". We have 4 games that are almost a guaranteed win, and if you assume those that we will win half of those that will be close, that give us exactly 6 wins. Those wins being: Missouri St. (guaranteed), SCar (close game that we'll take because it's at home), Purdue (almost a guarantee), Idaho (almost a guarantee), UCONN (guaranteed), and finally Vandy (another close one that we take). I truly believe that the games I've listed here will be wins for Dear Old Varsity. The defense should be much improved after last years disappearance, and it appears that our offensive depth is increasing. After the last two years, I'll be happy with a 0.500 season.
That isn't entirely true, wolfman. The amount associated with personal consumption is legal, and I believe that amount is less than 10 grams. So, if the reports are correct and Crockett had 35 grams, that would be a classified as a misdemeanor, again, I think this is correct, but I haven't looked at the city ordinances on weed since they legalized the personal consumption.
The problem as I see it, is we are failing against teams with momentum. LSU, Florida, and MTSU all had some momentum coming into games against the Tigers. Now, our offence played fairly well against MTSU, but we didn't have enough on defense, and with UK coming off a big win against State, and our tow major loses on defense, I just don't see us winning this game. As a matter of fact, I'm not entirely sure we win two more games this season. It's pretty rough when you're worried that you might lose games against Kentucky and Vandy in the same year. Hell, I'm not completely sure that we can win against SCar.