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Shutout Auburn, Bama, and Tenn! Looking forward to the SEC Championship Game with Arkansas!! Bring your Lucky Charms, Crushed Gatorade bottles, and Nutella!! The winner of Saturdays game will become a FIRST TIME SEC CHAMPIONSHIP... MIZ!!
So, Eli proved (once again) why he needs an OC. Eli's poor clock management in the last two minutes of the game gave Army about 1:30 left to go down and score...and they did. "Thanks, Coach"!
LOL! BTW, what shall Texas' abbreviated name be? UT is already taken by Tenn. Maybe UTx or Ut? LOL
Excellent point. It wouldn't shock me if he decided to play for the love of the sport and his teammates, BUT it's a risk so taking out an insurance policy makes sense. I don't know enough about football and insurance to know how this works, but I hope that's done if he decides to play.
Mizzou needs an OC. Drink needs to stop two-timing it as the HC and OC.
Congrats to Badie! He's been amazing. The offense runs through him. MIZ-BADIE!
Awesome to have a Coach/Veteran do the uniform video during Veterans Day weekend. Thanks for your service, Coach Luper!!