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And I'm thinking...you have completely lost your mind. Thank GOD you're not Mizzou's coach, and I have a really hard time believing you were even a mighty mites coach.
Crappy journalism is right! This article is legitimately dumb, and a poor attempt at humor. NEXT.....
"Southern" is a pretty broad term and be characterized a lot of different ways, care to elaborate on that any? There's a large part of the Ozarks I guarantee is as southern as any place you're referring to. Have you ever been to Missouri before? Hard to argue that the northern part of the state isn't mid-western but I personally consider all of south western to south eastern Missouri..."Southern" culture.
Well...no honestly I didn't put 2 and 2 together on the longitude lines. Yes I knew he was talking about Jeff City but gosh dang man, where does this stuff come from? lol
I don't know if you were being serious or not but I obviously don't think he's really a Bama fan. (Sarcasm) He's clearly, a Mizzou fan. But he is an embarrassment to this fan base that's why it matters to me. If I were going to vote for a representatives, it would never be him. I cringe reading his comments..I suspect he wouldn't be your first choice in representation either, why would my comments matter to you Kelly? Probably the same way Wolfman's matter to me.
Bama is going to destroy State. Just like everyone else on their schedule.
"But, man, that Missouri defense just isn’t that good. (Florida) could have lined up and run it right down their throats and won that game." Ehhhh, Idk..I'm not saying Mizzou is amazing or anything like that but Mizzou is currently the No. 25 Rush defense in the country, behind A&M, Bama, and Miss St in conference. So idk if that's a well thought out statement? I'm pretty sure we've faced the SEC's best backs already this season. Maybe if they had said pass it down our throats id buy it, but that's exactly what Florida tried to do and failed..so idk it is what it is.
completely irrelevant Wolfman...Geez your so embarrassing. I think you're secretly a Alabama Fan, just trying to make Mizzou look bad. And by the way...Its working great!
Wolfman...Wtf are you smoking dude? How did already get your medical marijuana card?
That being said, the way things turned out..he deserves another year.
I love Odom, but I'm not 100% sold..Huepel bailed Mizzou (and himself) out this year.
"Lock threw for 448 yards and five touchdowns Friday against Arkansas." And he did this on the road while breaking the SEC record for most TD passes in a season...Bias, sure?..but he deserves the #1 spot!
Dare I say Les Mile..? Or maybe Dave Aranda..? Perhaphs Matt Canada..? Seriously though idk, All I have right now is hope so just let me dream please.
Good news is there's only one way up from the bottom...And we should be getting a big name coach and hopefully with the facility upgrades, we will start seeing better recruiting! The best is yet to come! Can I get an MIZ
Good news is there's only one way up from the bottom...And we should be getting a big name coach and hopefully with the facility upgrades, we will start seeing better recruiting! The best is yet to come..MIZ!
Ummm.. You're an idiot. Esec said we should have shaken hands as in they wouldnt have pissed off Kentucky and in turn Kentucky wouldn't have beaten up on them. I was saying..We'll shake anyone's hand so we stop getting our a$$ kicked. It was a joke that obviously your to stupid to comprehend. Good Day Sir.
So for 3 weeks in a row and at the end of last season I seem to remember Odom saying, I think I've been running a to complicated Defense, trying to do to much on Defense. Uhhh...Ok? So change it dude. You cant keep saying the same thing every week.
Auburn (-16.5) at Missouri So your telling me there's a chance!? :)
For the second time in a day, and the second time in a lifetime really... I agree with Wolfman, Heupel is probably worse than Odom BUT..Odom is the head coach, responsibility to hire competent coordinators is his job. Maybe we would be having another conversation with a better offensive coordinator. Either way, both guys have probably lost their jobs. And Hot Seats are for Head Coaches..not coordinators.