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Attention Paul Skenes, come to LSU, you don't want to play against Dylan Crews & Tommy Tank!?!
We've got Walker Howard and are not the least bit worried!
Coach Johnson may have not gotten LSU to the CWS in his first year but he has used this time in the most productive way! He has gotten 4 quality players from the Transfer Portal already and don't think he is done!?! He is building a MONSTER, make room on the "Dominator" for more banners!! Lets Geaux...
Signing just became more real with LSU's signing of OVC POY, KJ Williams!! Things are def, looking-up for the Tigers!! What would put this class over-the-top, would be adding Adam Miller AND LA Tech's, Kenneth Lofton Jr.!?! Let's Geaux...
Jaxson Smith-Njigba, Jordan Addison? Here's the thing, the reason these players put up video-game numbers and don't make a splash at the NFL level is simple... it's their competition! Quick, name the best Ohio St. WR in the NFL. We thought so! Now look at the list of Pro Bowl, All-Pro WR's from the SEC. Here's a fact: Of the Top 20 DB's in the Recruiting Rankings for the past 4 years (current rosters) 80 total, the SEC signed 33 of the 80! Including 8, 5-Star and the #1 DB from every class! The Big 10 signed only 9 and only 1, 5-Star (Michigan). The three other Power 5 Conferences signed even less. And when "Jaxson Smith-Njigba goes full video game mode", just know Utah had only 1, 4-Star DB on it's Roster!?! My point is the SEC WR's are already playing against NFL-type DB's EVERY Saturday. The other WR's may or may not excel at the next level but you already know what you're getting from a battle tested SEC WR. And that goes for every other position, as well! Of the 2022, Top 100 Recruits, the SEC signed 52. The Big 10 - 17, ACC - 12, Big 12 - 7 and Pac 12 - 7. So, the SEC signed more than the other Power 5 Conferences, combined!?! You just named the WR's from just LSU, didn't even mention the AL WR's (by name). The SEC WR's are dominating the NFL, Ohio St... not so much!
Burrows numbers would have been, even more stupid, had he played in the Big 10 for OSU. Ever notice how the ISU QB’s put up video game stats and then flame out in the CFB Playoffs against SEC DB’s and later in the NFL!?! Why, simple. In the last 4 year sample (current rosters), of the Top 20 CB’s in Recruiting Rankings (80 total) the Bug 10 has only manage to sign 9 with only 1 being a 5-Star! The SEC signed 33 of these DB’s along with 8, 5-Stars and the #1 CB from each class! It actually matters who you play against! And remember LSU’s (2019) team record, included wins over seven ranked teams, including the teams that finished No. 2, No. 4, No. 6, No. 7 and No. 8 in the national poll.
You’re a little late to the party Dan, those of us who knew, he was head and shoulders above Justin Hebert (who won ROY). Most of us thought Justin Jefferson should have garnered that award. Justin Hebert went to a much better team than Burrows and barring injury, Burrows would have easily walked away with the award… 2021 just reinforces the fact…
What is Flott thinking? He's not one of the Top 50 CB's... bad decision. He's getting some real bad advice...
Luvdaride, stick around, we'll see if you're on here boasting after the Dawgs stomp your team in the Natty!?!
To win a Natty, you have to beat the teams in the CFB Playoffs. Here are S. Bennett's stats against the better teams in the SEC. Last season, GA played 3 good teams AL, KY, and FL. Bennett was a combined 32 of 69 (46%) with 3 TD's and 6 INT's, he had 1 win (14-3 vs KY) and 2 losses (AL & FL). In the SEC CG he was 29 for 48 with 3 TD's and 2 INT's. Of the 3 TD's, one was a perfectly blocked screen-pass behind the LOS that went for 32 yards, another was B. Bowers catching a short pass and breaking 3 tackles for an 18 yard score, and the other a 5 yard pass to 6'8" TE Washington on a much shorter LB. None of those, were over 7 yard throws. Of the 2 INT's, one was a 42 yd, pick-6. Another just a bad throw. He also, had an sure pick-6 dropped on his first throw and had a fumble (recovered by AL) overturned by a false-start penalty on GA (i.e. lucky break). If GA beats AL in a rematch it will be because they stop Bryce Young and are able to run the ball, consistently, against the AL defense... not because of anything that Bennett might do! Kirby Smart has probably had the best roster 3 of the past 4 years and has yet to win a title because he likes to sit the 5-star QB on the bench, until they transfer.
I would love to see Brennan beat the socks off TX A&M, and their paid players with no loyalty to school or coach, and reward a QB for, actually, staying with his original commitment for over 5-years!! LSU loves Myles Brennan. Geaux Tigers!!
Quincey Wiggins will forever be a hero in Louisiana and Shazz Preston and Aaron Anderson will never be welcome in the state again… hope you make big in Alabama
He's just what LSU needed at this time. Coach O had lost control of the team, recently. Too many players opting-out, putting mid-season with injuries, and generally quitting on the team. Against TX A&M we only had 50+ scholarship players on the field. But our freshmen class shows promise, just hope Kelly can right the ship and save some of our current recruits...
Typical this must be an AL graduate because he, clearly, can't read or comprehend an article.
LaterGator, do you remember how many of Saban's staff came with him to LSU from Michigan St.? Zero but that has zero to do with how they both hire as a coach... and both have done very well, hiring assistants. You should be concerned about the sh*tshow that is Florida football and how you can recruit against FSU & Miami!?! During the last decade, LSU has won 7 games while losing only 3. We'll be fine.
Mickey, you may want to wait to move the family up there!?!
Klatt is a moron and a Big 10 homer. Anyone who knows football, knows Michigan St. is a pretender, who hasn’t beaten anyone of significance… ditto for Ohio St. it should be Ga, AL, OK, and Michigan St., until Ohio St. wins the pathetic Big 10 yet again and then Oregon should move to #4. I remember Klatt picking Ohio St. in the 2019 CFB Playoff to win the Natty before losing to Clemson, who lost to LSU!!
Unfortunately, Coach O didn't know how to handle success. Birght lights, pats on the back, TV time, new book, etc. Coach O forgot what the narrative at LSU was for him. Take a smaller salary (than other SEC coaches), hire the very best assistants, and recruit his a** off. He got distracted BIG TIME! Got divorced, photos of young blonds on Twitter, running around shirtless in public, etc. The lights got so bright, he hired his Defensive Co-ordinator and Passing game co-ordinator (Brady's replacement) without even an interview... too busy to interview, such important positions!?! LSU has talent but that talent isn't playing for him any longer. There has been a disconnect in the locker room and many think it's because Coach O's ego has become a bigger issue than preparing his team. Players are opting out, transferring, and basically quitting on him left and right... he's lost the team. Dead man walking...
The TE position has become such an integral part of our Passing Offense. With Jake teaming with his brother Max... it will only benefit the Tigers. The TE position will provide an easy over-the-middle target or relief valve throw for the QB and these two have a vast familiarity with one another. This is a win-win for LSU at a position of need!
Apparently, he much smarter than Mark Right and Kirby Smart because he has more Natty's than both of them combined!?!
Guice, grow up and start respecting your fellow man/women or run for Governor of New York!?!
"Yeah, there was no way around this one. Alabama just put what feels like a billion wide receivers in the past 2 NFL Drafts just to reload with this group of potential pass-catching stars." - SDS Staff Please, compare the NFL season debuts of the WR's that AL put into the NFL. Jeudy and Ruggs were both selected ahead of LSU WR Justin Jefferson. Jefferson had 88 Receptions for 1400 yards with 7 TD's with 23, 20+ yards! Jeudy had 52 Receptions for 856 years with 3 TD's with 3 TD's and 14, 20+ yards. Ruggs had 26 Receptions for 452 yards with 2 TD's and 8, 20+ yards. Jefferson had more Receptions, almost as many yards, more TD's, and more 20+ yard receptions than the 2 AL WR's combined!! Ruggs and Tua are already being mentioned as NFL Bust. Typical Bama love... no real research, pure speculation...
The problem here is the LSU Compliance Department. We have strict rules here and if you keep testing positive (weed), they don't allow you to compete (think the Honey Badger, et al). At AL, Saban doesn't care how many times a player test positive! It's why D. Rosenthal can transfer and play at any other D-1 school, immediately. AL uses this against LSU during recruiting (i.e. D. Moses, D. Smith, Tim Williams, etc.). It's been a problem here since Saban was here but Saban had the two main culprits (shall remain unnamed 1 man, 1 woman), relegated to season ticket sales during his tenure here. You have a short, selective memory... in 2019 we embarrassed AL (at home) and completed the greatest season in CFB history (beat 7 Top 10 teams) and none of the Playoff games were even close. Elephants usually have longer memories!?! 2020 was an anomaly because of Covid. "We coming and we ain't holding back... "!
In 2019, LSU won the Natty with the best team, against the hardest schedule, and as even the most casual CFB knows had an unprecedented loss of personnel. In 2020, they had trouble fielding the minimum number of scholarship players. O isn't scrambling, he's bolstering his staff and reloading. Go check the recruiting rankings for the past 5 years and you'll see that LSU is in the Top 5. Unfortunately, they play in the hardest Division (SEC West) and competes in the hardest Conference (SEC), in CFB. OK, Ohio St., and Clemson are in Conferences where they are in a cakewalk to get to the CFB Playoffs, not so in the SEC - Big Difference, Huge Difference!
Spoken like 'AFan' who knows nothing about CFB. Transfers have seen a huge spike in recent years in college sports overall, thanks in large part to the advent of the graduate transfer and transfer portal. This summer, we may even see the NCAA vote on a one-time waiver for players to change schools without sitting out. It's about receiving more playing time, if you are not starting at your current school... has nothing to do with LSU. The closest you have came to attending AL, is going to a football game and it shows - clueless.
OLine is the least substituted position group in all of football. It is not uncommon, barring injury, that teams (NFL & CFB) go through an entire season without substitutions on their OLine. Why? Because, the OLine is more about working as a unit, than talent alone. Your predictions are nothing but speculation. And your AL team's offense will not be as good as usual. Why? Because, your O.C. is nowhere near as talented as either of your last two (Sark or Kiffin) and you have a first time starter at QB. Your Defense had better be better than ever, this season!