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The problem here is the LSU Compliance Department. We have strict rules here and if you keep testing positive (weed), they don't allow you to compete (think the Honey Badger, et al). At AL, Saban doesn't care how many times a player test positive! It's why D. Rosenthal can transfer and play at any other D-1 school, immediately. AL uses this against LSU during recruiting (i.e. D. Moses, D. Smith, Tim Williams, etc.). It's been a problem here since Saban was here but Saban had the two main culprits (shall remain unnamed 1 man, 1 woman), relegated to season ticket sales during his tenure here. You have a short, selective memory... in 2019 we embarrassed AL (at home) and completed the greatest season in CFB history (beat 7 Top 10 teams) and none of the Playoff games were even close. Elephants usually have longer memories!?! 2020 was an anomaly because of Covid. "We coming and we ain't holding back... "!
In 2019, LSU won the Natty with the best team, against the hardest schedule, and as even the most casual CFB knows had an unprecedented loss of personnel. In 2020, they had trouble fielding the minimum number of scholarship players. O isn't scrambling, he's bolstering his staff and reloading. Go check the recruiting rankings for the past 5 years and you'll see that LSU is in the Top 5. Unfortunately, they play in the hardest Division (SEC West) and competes in the hardest Conference (SEC), in CFB. OK, Ohio St., and Clemson are in Conferences where they are in a cakewalk to get to the CFB Playoffs, not so in the SEC - Big Difference, Huge Difference!
Spoken like 'AFan' who knows nothing about CFB. Transfers have seen a huge spike in recent years in college sports overall, thanks in large part to the advent of the graduate transfer and transfer portal. This summer, we may even see the NCAA vote on a one-time waiver for players to change schools without sitting out. It's about receiving more playing time, if you are not starting at your current school... has nothing to do with LSU. The closest you have came to attending AL, is going to a football game and it shows - clueless.
OLine is the least substituted position group in all of football. It is not uncommon, barring injury, that teams (NFL & CFB) go through an entire season without substitutions on their OLine. Why? Because, the OLine is more about working as a unit, than talent alone. Your predictions are nothing but speculation. And your AL team's offense will not be as good as usual. Why? Because, your O.C. is nowhere near as talented as either of your last two (Sark or Kiffin) and you have a first time starter at QB. Your Defense had better be better than ever, this season!
You, obviously, didn't watch Damone Clark play last season? He was exposed on D time and time again! You don't start at MLB for the Tigers by making plays 10-15 yards down the field or being unable to get off of OL blocks. Baskerville had to come in and play MLB for much of the season because Clark was out of position for so much of the time. Sorry, but he was just in over-his-head.
Williams was probably talking about his 4.59 at LSU Pro Day. Obviously, they run more than one 40 during their careers. So, I think that's a moot point. Myles Garrett was playing with a painful oblique injury during Sunday's 22-17 loss to the Chiefs. Bayless is a tool.
"... with all the constraints of a pandemic... ". Which meant that teams were at a disadvantage due to the uncertainty of the pandemic and missing players. In 2019, LSU beat 7 Top 10 teams (when played, all were ranked in the Top 25 at season's end) and played each team at full strength. AL played teams missing many starters (LSU played AL, FL, & Ole Miss with around 60+ Scholarship players), while most teams are allowed 85 Scholarship players! Don't be ridiculous... which is why this article was written because Rogers made such a ridiculous statement.
Arik has some things that he needs to work out. Everyone's situation is different. Let's hope he works out his issues and returns to football, wherever that may be... hoping that he will return to LSU but wishing him well, wherever he chooses to play!
I think this is a very accurate assessment of LSU by Les East! But this was a VERY young & inexperienced team, which gained valuable P.T. that will help immensely, going forward. We have reinforcements on the way with a very good Recruiting Class on the way but need OL help/depth with that class or retaining current players (esp. Arik Gilbert, back)! The attrition if the 2019 team, due to the Draft, early-departures, and opt-outs was was unprecedented! I feel like 2021 will be a seminal rebuilding year and with another Top 5 Recruiting Class (in 2022) and possibly a DC coaching change (AU’s Kevin Steele is my choice), LSU will be near the Top again! A lot of young talent here at LSU, right now! Geaux Tigers!!
What? That's the most ridiculous thing I've ever heard you say! Here are the stats and M. Brennan is clearly better and the has the more experience. The Defense, early in the season, was pathetic... that's why they lost to MSU and Missouri, not Brennan. Individual Passing Statistics # Player GP Rating COMP ATT INT % YDS TD Long AVG/G Brennan, Myles 3 154.74 79 131 3 60.31 % 1112 11 75 370.67 Johnson, Max 6 134.80 88 150 1 58.67 % 1069 8 47 178.17 Finley, TJ 5 118.25 80 140 5 57.14 % 941 5 54 188.20 M. Brennan's QB Rating was 20 points better than Johnson's and almost 40 points better than Finley; of the 3 INT's, one was tipped and one was a Hail Mary. Come on, your knowledge of the game is better than that...
Maason, go pick up the phone and bring your bestie, Korey Foreman, to B.R. to play side-by-side!! It would be such a great tandem on the right side of the LSU D. Can you imagine, J. Roy, B.J. Ojulari, Ali Gaye, Jacobian Guillory, with M. Smith and Korey Foreman!?! Keep em coming Coach O!
Was cautiously optimistic about the Pelini hire, due to his previous record (3 Top #3 Defenses) at LSU. But I have to admit, it's been a disaster! Players don't seem to relate to his style or trust his schemes. I think our next best choice resides on the Plains. He's Kevin Steele, a former DC at LSU for Les Miles. He's currently a lame-duck Interim Coach for Auburn. LSU should do whatever it takes to bring, one of the best DC's in CFB back to Baton Rouge. Coach O and the entire SEC knows this DC is the real deal! Everyone in the SEC copied the way he defended Joe Burrows & Company after they held LSU to it's lowest output and closest game of 2019. Coach O, don't let this guy go to another SEC team!?!
Coach O needs to contact Kevin Steele (Auburn DC) and get him to come back to LSU and be the Defensive Co-ordinator for 2021 and bring Terrance Lewis (#1 ILB) and Armoni Goodwin (RB) with him! This Bo Pelini experiment should be put to rest and Kevin Steele is one of the best DC's in CFB and is, currently, the Lame-duck interim Head Coach at Auburn, while they wait to hire a new Head Coach. Don't let this guy get away...
LSU had lost 17 starters, two coordinators and a myriad of key on and off-field assistants due to graduation, early-NFL departures, transfers, and COVID-19 Opt-outs. That's an unprecedented amount of turnover, which has also NEVER happened before. No team has ever lost so many players and coaches in a single season. But LSU will be back in short order with an elite recruiting class in 2021 and an inordinate amount of freshmen gaining valuable experience! Geaux Tigers!!
"... they needed 7 overtimes and a BUNCH of help to win the 1." Worst officiated game I have ever seen!
The 2020 Tigers faced unprecedented losses from NFL early-entries, Opt-outs, transfer portal players, and coaches & coordinators. We started the season with only 60+ scholarship players on our Roster, when 85 is the norm. A rebuilding year was to be expected but 2021 will bring a more complete Roster (prob 78 players or so), along with (hopefully) a more normal practice schedule. The Tigers will be young but talented in 2021 and competitive again! We are not even a year removed from the 2019 NC...
Wishing Myles the best outcome, either way. He has been patient and a great team player... hoping for a quick & complete recovery!! Geaux Tigers!!
What?? You do understand the reason why Finley "got the ball out quicker" and the "receivers caught Finley's ball better" is because the offense was simplified for Finley and the WR's couldn't even run their normal routes-trees? The passes called were short, quick reads (designed to be QB friendly) where he wasn't asked to go through his progressions. His two TD passes were 7 yards and a 6-7 yard slant that Marshall's 46 YAC yards made it 52 yards total. The short, quick 3 sec. reads didn't allow Finley to be sacked. Also, LSU was able to rush the ball, at will, gaining 273 yards, when they only gained 290 in the other 3 combined (i.e. didn't establish a run game). This allowed much, much easier throws because of the play-action. Trust me, Kevin Steele (AU Co-ordinator), will have "the book" on Finley and will make it much, more difficult for him... should he have to start next Saturday! If he can play, Brennan will be your QB because he is so much more advanced, don't kid yourself. Don't understand how you can say that Finley runs "much better" than Brennan? He may run the QB sneak better but he is 6' 6", 240ish lbs. and slow.
What about LSU's Terrace Marshall Jr. - 11 Rec. Yds. 235 TD's 3 Long 75 against Missouri!?!
The fact that this is even being discussed is a huge positive but it's ludicrous, at best. The multiple factors enabled this win is 1) the OL opened holes for the LSU running game, which makes the (play-action) passing much, much easier. Two the Defense, actually, got some stops, and 3) LSU got TD's from Rushing, Receiving, Special teams, and from the Defense, which enabled the W! Finley was, never-the-less, remarkable in his first start.
This LSU team is talented but young & inexperienced. Had too many players, graduate to the NFL, declare early, or opt-out. But you had better take advantage of them early because they are talented and are gaining valuable experience! They'll get better with every snap and next year... hold on to your hat! These young guys, plus the 2021 class we have coming in, is going to be special for years to come. No team loses 30+ players from their Championship run and continues to compete in the SEC without some losses!! Don't give up on these Tigers, cause their coming... and they ain't holding back!!
Klatt is a moron, he picked against Ohio St. and Clemson every time, even after watching LSU maul all their opponents in 2019. He picked Clemson in the final, after they had beaten no one, except his darling Ohio St. team, while LSU had beaten 6 Top 10 teams to date! Guy loves the Big 10 and is clueless as to why Clemson goes straight to the CFB Playoffs every year. The Big 10 has 1 decent team and sets up their schedule to be back-loaded so that OSU, Michigan, and Penn St. can stay unbeaten as long as possible... thus being ranked late in the season by beating the likes of Rutgers, Maryland, Illinois, Northwesters, etc. There are high schools teams with more future 4-5 star players listed on their Rosters than most Big 10 teams. Meanwhile the SEC has won more CFB NC's than all other Conferences since 1998... when #1 starting playing #2 and then to the Playoff system, hence no more media (Paper) titles! Since then, the Big 10, Notre Dame and USC haven't done squat...
Put this on Bo, Washington has shown the way to defense Mike Leach is to take away what he likes to do the most - Pass. They play a six man zone and dare him to run the football and have shut them down continuously! Bo want to apply pressure - why? Five sacks and man-coverage (with very few DB's) and they killed the inexperienced DB's with yards-after-the-catch! Crossing routes against D. Evans (Nicholls St. transfer) and Jay Ward (who hasn't practiced in 2 weeks), which they just couldn't keep up but Bo refused to help them by using a zone!?! BTW, MS St. had 7 sacks, using a 3-3-5 defense, which flooded the short routes and confused Brennan during the first half (just like AU did J. Burrows btw). Put this on Bo!!
MS St. ran a modified 3-3-5, which zones (floods) the short routes and can make the "quick read" more difficult and the QB has to allow the deeper routes to open-up. Auburn ran the same defense in 2019 and it confused Burrows for a half in the closet game of the season. Brennan also improved during the second half. Remember, it was his first SEC start. Go back and compare past LSU QBs (including Burrows) in their first SEC starts and Brennan did better than most. The O line allowing 7 sacks, the depleted DB situation, and Pelinin's refusal to play zone (went man coverage wasn't working) had more to do with the loss than Brennan "not being ready".
He also had a couple of uncharacteristic drops too!! Would rather see him make all the routine catches and miss the spectacular ones. Moss didn't drop a pass the entire season and you can count on one hand, the number of passes that Chase & Jefferson had. "Marshall needs to be the lead dog." - Coach O.
Fair. Tebow always gives a good assessment of the teams. LSU replaces NFL caliber-talent with 4 & 5-star players but without experience. The team will be good but maybe not be able to make the big plays that last years team was consistently able to pull off to be the SEC & National Champs. Watch out, though, for the 2021 team...
IMO, Mac Jones is in the worst position possible. He is expected to win a NC at AL, this season! Most fans at LSU don't expect J. Burrows numbers from M. Brennan this year and realize that he has lost over 30 players from the 2019 NC team so, he will be given time to get better. He is also a 4 year player at LSU with way more experience in this system than Jones and he'll have another year to prove himself. Jones, not so much, he will be booed from the first INT to his last as, everyone is just waiting for B. Young to come in and save the day... and a Natty will be the only acceptable end. Brennan is backed-up by two (a 4-star & a 3-star) inexperienced freshman so, we know he'll get better with more game experience. Jones will be considered a failure, if he doesn't have a great game, each outing! Brennan is going to surprise a lot of people, who think that the talent is all gone from Baton Rouge! No such room fo error from Jones...