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Maybe you should stay off comments that have nothing to do with you.
Everybody here is forgetting one very important thing about this article. John is an idiot and usually doesnt know what he's talking about.
The story that I read stated that he wanted out after last season, but Butch ran more of his style of offense in the bowl and promised him that he would get more looks like that this year. If the coach is lying to the player I see absolutely nothing wrong with him wanting out, and to think him leaving to find a better fit for his talents is a bad look for NFL personnel, you also have to consider that putting up bad numbers because you're playing in a scheme detrimental to your playing style is just as bad.
There's two parts to the targeting rule. If the player in question leads with his helmet and initiates helmet to helmet contact, it overrides the defenseless player portion of the rule and is still targeting. His feet left the ground and hit helmet to facemask, so hard in fact, it broke his facemask. That was definitely targeting. Most likely case scenario now is that the SEC front office will review it and he will probably miss the LSU game in a couple weeks. (assuming thats Bama's next game, im not 100% sure of their schedule)
That was a player leading with the crown of his helmet initiating contact with the helmet of the other player. That was textbook targeting. You're either blind or stupid if you think that isn't targeting.
Ill comment here since I didnt get my response. If you're trying to highlight players that have truly excelled and not the ones coming into the year with big reps, you'd have Quincy Wilson on here instead of Tabor. Tabor was the one coming into this season as the big name player in Florida's secondary. The only thing he's done this year better than Wilson is that he currently has one more INT than him. But Wilson overall has been so much better.
In what way is Tabor in the top 10 but Wilson not even in the just missed the cut? Wilson has been so much better than Tabor this season. And as for the knock on Cece, you do realize that they moved him to DT and he isnt playing pass rush from the end this season, right?
supposed UT fan who only shows up to troll. Just ignore the stupidity
The flag was already in the air when he flopped, I think whats being misconstrued here is the actual call itself. That they threw the flag for the penalty, but decided it was a punch after he flopped.
oh. my bad. i didnt realize the Tennessee defense called the plays for the Florida offense. Florida tried to run it up the middle 8 of their first 9 plays in the first half. runs up the middle are called dives. do i need to simplify it any more for you?
Wait, why is there talk of the UT/UGA game already? The second half of the UT/UF game hasnt started yet.
I saw a quote from Mac yesterday, basically taking the blame for playing not to lose in the second half and said it wont happen again. Things could get ugly in Nashville this weekend.
it's not pride. He's right. they took their foot off the gas. No discredit at all to what Tennessee did in the second half, but you arent going to win football games when you go 3 and out 3 straight times, and you've got a very high chance of doing that when you try to run it up the middle every single play. 3 times they went 3 and out. 9 total plays. 8 were dives. Once Tennessee scored and the momentum swung, the players quit.
out of those games specifically, Arkansas stands out as the one that we drop. That being said, we could easily lose to LSU and UGA if we get a big halftime lead and come out running dives on every play again. Mizzou its fools gold right now imo. They're putting up stupid good numbers against bad teams. Thats something i can definitely relate to watching our defense.
I think we know they can get off to a fast start. But how about finishing strong? Can't try and run dives on every play in the second half no matter what your lead is.
edit: ejection. it shouldnt have resulted in ejection.
Its really not a question of whether or not it was a penalty, because that was clearly an unsportsmenlike conduct penalty and the flag was warranted. However, it wasn't a punch by any means and it shouldn't have resulted in a penalty.
I dont know that his strengths would have been played to if he ended up at Florida. He likes to run, and Mac wants a pro style pocket passer 95% of the time. Still though, makes you wonder "what if?"
Was definitely stupid on his part to react to the UT player. That being said I'd have been frustrated to if I was in his position.
Not sure how dominate I would say the UT defense is, especially with the injuries currently. That being said, it wont take more than a decent defense to stop Florida. This is going to end up being an ugly game and it'll probably come down to which team can keep composure and limit stupid penalties.
With a line like that I would have to take UF against the spread. Can't say they'll win, but they definitely wont lose by 8.5....
This is wonderful. Also is she drunk? Sounds like she's slurring a little bit.
But it doesnt even concern the bulldogs so why bother butting in here? thats obnoxious. Worry about your own team and their games before coming here going after other fans.
Weren't you the guy who told us Kentucky was gonna surprise people this year? And the way Kentucky has looked, I dont think its disrespect at all. The team looks like it doesnt care, as soon as they see any adversity at all they quit.
no no, he isnt drunk. he's actually naturally that stupid
The difference between Florida and South Carolina is that when Florida plays an ugly game against a lesser opponent, they win. When South Carolina plays an ugly game, they are the lesser opponent.
Its ok, a different Florida school is taking the beating this time.
Gator fans can quit talking smack when they've been given a reason to. UT fans have been spewing the hype and talking crap to EVERYBODY the last couple months on here. Now UT has looked bad to start the season and they get quiet and the Gator fans are getting crap for wanted to talk crap? Ridiculous.
Are you serious? You're getting on a UF fan for talking smack to UT? Have you even been on this site recently? A majority of the UT fans on here have been spewing hype and talking smack for the last 2 months. Get out of here with that crap