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It wasn't locked. Craig James did kill two hookets at SMU though.
Amen. Also calling any dime package, zone coverage in general, or receiver cushion 'Prevent'... Double-ignorance-bonus-points: "It prevents you from winning! Hurhurhur! Go Dawgs!"
‘… and a blonde. Tall. Big yams …’
Look at this comments section and tell me how Georgia fans can argue with any honesty that they are not the worst fanbase on the site by a mile.
I thought he was impressive on and off the field. I wish him all the best.
Even Spurrier didn’t run the Fun and Gun at SC. It was very much a function of its time and place … and the brilliance and courage of a coach to run it in the early 90s SEC where they said it couldn’t be done. Elements could be carried over (it was heavily Run and Shoot influenced) but as a system it’s not serviceable anymore (mostly because it’s protections were too few and too simple). There are other contrarian approaches available, which is what an underdog needs (VU should have gone all-in on the Air Raid about 20 years ago when it was new). But the FnG isn’t the answer.
Really? What’s the knock? Every team that looks at him will say ‘He’s got talent. If only he were surrounded by better players like ours … ‘ Now will they be right? I don’t know. Lea’s making measureable progress in Year 2 and finished strong.
This is not good trolling. Too obvious. You’ll still get people to bite though, especially if you can get it up higher in the comments. Not the brightest crowd around here.
Then you should be more upset by your fanbases aggregate behavior than by me pointing it out. Some groups police their own. Some don’t. I’m just calling it like I see it. And please, don’t come back with ‘But (some other school)!’ Georgia leads the pack right now by a mile.
Oh, I have lots of thoughts on this topic … It’s a terrible fanbase on par with Ohio Stare and WVU. It’s a small club, but you guys have really earned your way in!
Doug, All the vitriol in the world won’t erase those 40 long championship-less years. Enjoy the present. Say ‘scoreboard’ or ‘good game’ or write another love letter to Kirby and and move on. Life’s too short.
He was so focused on going into the portal it seems like he forgot how this statement might impact his ability to get out …
I don’t hate Georgia. Georgia is an excellent team with a very good, albeit currently overrated head coach (No, he’s not even approaching GOAT status yet). I really like Stetson. No, I don’t hate Georgia. I hate their jackwagon fans :)
Have to agree with 1967, Georgia’s ‘bandwagon’ fanbase (so they say …) has been showing their backsides mightily this year with nary a word from the ‘true’ fans. Good fanbases police their own.
To be fair, they’ve always been paid at Georgia.
Knowing Leach I’m betting it sounds something like: ‘Yeah, I said it.’
To be frank, this statement kind of screams ‘not tough’ to me … I honestly hope he finds success and a better fit elsewhere.
OSU is probably the most talented team UGA has left to face. We’ll see if they remember to have a safety deep this time or Bowers will feast. I think there’s a legitimate ‘toughness’ question after the UM game, as well. Conversely, they can attack deep on the outside … we’ll see how that plays out during meaningful game time (LSU moved it through the air with a backup, but the game was already decided at that point. UT could not). Georgia will have to show up mentally though.
Better than ‘95 Nebraska beating 4 Top 10 teams and annihilating the SEC champs in the final game? Better than ‘01 Miami with a full NFL lineup in the two-deep? Better than ‘04 USC, wire-to-wire #1 with two Heisman winners? Better than ‘19 LSU which went 7-0 vs the Top 10 and set the all-time scoring record? I’d pump the brakes on that one, hoss.
Hey! My cheering section is here! And keeping it classy as usual!
SECCG says otherwise. Everyone saw it. It’s his job to score points, so I don’t know why you guys are so defensive about it. But it is what it is.
No, it’s just - by far - the two worst fan bases in CFB. They actually deserve each other … so I guess it’s kind of poetic, in a way.
My only disappointment with the Peach Bowl is that both teams can't lose.
Stetson's earned the trip to NYC. You can say it's not a 'career achievement' award, but it's not a 'best stats' award either (though it's clearly been both at different times in the past). It shouldn't be a 'best QB on a Top 5 team' award either, but here we are. Was he one of the 'outstanding' players in CFB this year? It's really hard to say he wasn't.