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Auto-bids for conference champions are a given in an expanded playoff. Remember who’s voting on expansion (conference commissioners)?
We haven’t seen that Bama team all season. Will we see them again, or the team they were in 12 other games? However, Young - who was not nearly as presumptive the winner as this site makes out - did secure the Heisman in that game.
When you evaluate record you also have to evaluate the history of the program. Despite recent success, Baylor can’t compare to an LSU, OU, USC, or even an Oregon (which, while cash-rich is not on the level of the first 3) in terms of resources. 8 wins at Bama in Year 2 is mediocre. 8 wins at Vandy in Year 2 is phenomenal. Additionally *trend* is more relevant than raw numbers. 6-6 then 10-2 is a different story than 10-2 followed by 6-6. Also, it has been long established in athletics that pay is driven by potential, not performance. You or I may not agree with that, but the precedent has long been set.
HC experience is only one metric to use in evaluating a coach. Jimbo Fisher had no HC experience and won a National Title in Year 4. Bob Stoops had no HC experience when he won a National Title in Year 2. Larry Coker had no HC experience when he won one in Year 1. Oregeron and Chizik had spotty records before and after and both managed to win the big one. None of them had the portal, free transfers or NIL.
Natural result of CFP, early signing, free transfers and NIL. Things have changed. A little jolt of energy from a splash hire can bring faster results than in the past, and mega million $ coaches are selected and judged against a timetable of maximizing all of those at once. It used to be “Let him get a full roster of his own guys.” Then it was “Let’s see what he does now that his first class are all juniors.” Now it’s “Next year or ‘nah’?”
Promoting the young superstar coordinator from within worked for OU (well, initially). I hope he’s successful. Kelly raised the Irish back up to national relevance but couldn’t get them over the hump (yes, multiple CFP appearances, multiple Top 10 recruiting classes, and multiple consecutive 10+ win seasons is ‘relevant’ by any realistic definition) maybe Freeman can take them to the next level.
If Cristobal backs out, Diaz should resign and leave the university administration holding the bag.
“Well, in the past we’ve certainly looked at the whole season as a body of work to determine who the best four teams are and how to rank them , and we may well do so again someday! But last night we decided to look solely at each teams most recently played game while we waited for the call from Bristol to tell us where to slot everybody.” — also Greg Barta, probably
It's not 'starting' now. Many people have felt this way for awhile.
They don't deserve to be mocked for losing. For *how* they lost ....
True, after tonight everyone knows Georgia doesn't handle the spotlight well. Also, not exactly masterful at managing the QB room under the current regime, lol.
Dear Georgia fans: Since Mack Brown and Texas in 2005, if you haven’t won your first National Title in the first 4 years at your current school, you haven’t won one. El Choke-O is in Year 6 ... Just saying.
Since Mack Brown and Texas in 2005, if you haven't won a National Title in your first 4 years, you haven't won one ... Good luck breaking a 16+ year trend with *that guy, lol.
Arch wasn't picking Georgia anyway, lol. Smart is the opposite of the kind of coach the Manning clan wants him to play for.
It's probably too late for a change to have a dramatic impact. Daniels hasn't taken enough live snaps recently to jump in against playoff-level competition and be expected to set jhf world on fire.
Update: Those is exactly what happened. LSU had Da Coach O. UGA has The Choke O.
Done deal. By the way, Bama was #3 this week so that they could be selected at #4 with a close loss as well.
All of the last five #1 recruiting classes were on the field tonight. Can anyone explain how three of them were Georgia's? Smart was, again, simply unprepared for the big stage. Not the first UGA coach with that problem, by the way.
That probably takes place in the semi's.
Kirby will not win a National Championship until Saban retires.
Choke City, USA. I really think it’s mental at this point. Kirby just spits the bit when he sees Nick and helmets with numbers on the side, lol.
I'd be more concerned that they'd play (and/or coach) too tight under the pressure of of the national spotlight, high expectations, and having no excuses not to finally beat the team that has been repeatedly taking their lunch over the past several years.
"You spin me round, round, baby life's round. Like a record baby: round, round, round, round ..."
Are you actually arguing that Notre Dame had no other options, phone calls to make, interest to vet, etc. ... ZERO ... except to hire in-house? I don't think that's plausible. "I get how it happened ..." Fickell is a seriously legitimate candidate but the timing literally could not be worse, maintaining this year's team's stability may hold the playoff door open, you think you have lightning in a bottle with Freeman ... I get all that. But, c'mon: "Freeman was the ONLY possible choice!"? I disagree. As I also said, if he's what they think he is then everyone involved deserves credit. I genuinely hope he is. But it's more risky than the average hire, and no hires are certain.