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Amused to see UGA fans, who were absolutely adamant almost exactly a year ago that Kirby was not and could not possibly be responsible for the actions of his players, clutching their pearls at the concept that DeBoer does not have total knowledge and control over the career decisions of a 47 year old grown-@ss man. Grubb has been a hot name for a couple coaching cycles. He was always going to take the best job available - for him and his family - that he could. We now laud players for acting in their own financial self interest ... but still blame coaches?
Unclear on why Notre Dame should be punished for being an independent. Given that there are good, average, and bad teams in every conference (plus cupcake games!) ND’s schedule is historically as good as anyone’s and often better than most. There were many, many major independents in the past - championship independents - and it is a legitimate choice for any university to make, if they can afford to. Furthermore, on several occasions in the past the Irish were denied entry to the Big 10 because of anti-Catholic sentiment by one power broker or another. “Dude, that was like a hundred years ago!” 1. It wasn’t. And, 2. Like it or not, one hundred years is not a long time to the Catholic Church. Notre Dame hate is rarely logical … but the cause is always pretty easy to figure out.
The impact of a coordinator change isn’t how it impacts player fee-fees. t’s the impact of installing a new system and everything that goes with it: additional time spent in camp, upperclassmen not knowing the system any better than fresh, verbiage, focus or highlighted positions and how that translates to touches, confidence and processing time by the QB, etc. etc. etc. It can be far from insignificant. Believe it or not, there are a lot of things that significantly impact a football team other than some 19 year olds precious feelings.
No one here is surprised you think McAfee is awesome given the WWE fanbase he appeals to. CFB doesn’t need to become the NFL … What!?! Despite where it’s currently headed … What!?! But it sure as heck doesn’t need to become the WWE … What!?! And that’s the bottom line, cuz Stone Cold MLC808 said so! McAfee sucks.
Ohio State is decidedly not a ‘high level academic institution’ - doubly so for the ‘students’ recruited to play football. Those who matriculate at the Cardale Jones College of the Gridiron ‘Ain’t come here to play SCHOOL. Classes are POINTLESS!’ … if you didn’t remember.
Chip was always a better OC than head coach. Could be a great hire. Time will tell.
That’s a contract signed based on an expectation, prior to him appearing on the show. Kinda like Dennis Miller on Monday Night Football, it’s not proof the hire will go over. It is also specifically not proof of an impact in ratings since he began appearing (and wearing out ‘mute’ buttons all over America …
Can we see proof of McAfee ratings impact? GameDay has never hurt for eyeballs.
Pollack was a great commentator and ESPN blew it by letting him go. He was, however, a huge UGA homer and it always showed. It was really his only weakness, and admittedly at least somewhat understandable/forgiveable as a great former player at Georgia. But it was always very obvious.
Dues are a pittance compared to the rights and protections afforded by collective bargaining. Go look at working conditions before the rise of organized labor. Go look at how inflation adjusted household income has decreased as union membership has decreased. Remember that it is corporations that oppose unions for one reason ... poor workers with no rights are cheap and completely under their control on or off the clock. Do you know what a weekend or a vacation is? Thank a union member - they didn't exist for most workers before unions, which provided a 'rising tide that lifted all boats'.
Amazing transition from 'Kick out the non-competitive teams (serious academic schools)! Gimme more $$$!' to 'College football as I grew up loving is dead and buried.' Bravo.
Money talks and no one else is even close. Any conference that doesn't roger up will find themselves on the outside looking in.
It begins. This is literally 'the quiet part out loud': the SEC & B1G alone will govern the future of CFB.
Correction: his finance degree is actually from the University of Georgia. However, he did get a Masters in PE from Florida State, so I'm sure he'll solve cold fusion any minute now ...
'Championship team'? UGA is neither a reigning conference nor national champion.
Perhaps just 'returned to' that state. The NCAA only really attempted to exercise any control beginning in the 70s-80s. Bryant outright said how much cash he needed, and the names he expected to get it from, in order to win the SWC in his *interview* at Texas A&M (as related in 'The Junction Boys' amongst other sources). It's how the game was played for decades.
With zero roster continuity consistency, quality of play, and then ultimately viewership will drop. The NFL has already noted a decline in skills and readiness to play amongst rookies with more and more players spending only 3 years in school split between multiple systems/programs. It will show up on the field in college too. You can't 'out-NFL' the NFL. Without some further stabilizing changes CFB has likely peaked. I'm not saying it will collapse ... but we may well be seeing the high-water mark.
I'd bet the 'job you did for free' didn't provide you food, housing, some clothing and transportation, and the only source of highly personalized training, education and experience required to get the opportunity for a next job where the lowest paid people are millionaires ... on top of innumerable other perks and privileges. All arguments about coulda-woulda-shoulda aside, pe-NIL football players didn't get 'nothing' and weren't 'working for free'.
The idea that high school recruiting no longer matters is ludicrous. Yes, everyone will need NIL to go after the big blue chippers, and the portal to fill gaps. But for winning programs depth comes from in-state recruits - always has, always will. Programs in larger population, talent rich states (Florida) will always have more potential than those in small population states, even those with a high per capita number of talented recruits (Mississippi).
"Era: a long and distinct period of history with a particular feature or characteristic." *All* of Florida's success has come in the 'modern era'. The game - as played on the field - has not had a significant rule change since 1978 (allowing the O-line to block with their hands). That kind of change, the kind that alters the game fundamentally, is what defines an era. Other examples would be desegregation, the forward pass, platooning, etc. Mullen had back-to-back top 10 seasons with double digit wins less than 5 years ago i.e. *some of those players are still on the roster*. The only reason it wasn't sustainable was the leadershop failures of Dan Mullen, not the potential of the program.
My argument is rock-solid, as always: UGA failed to defeat Alabama in the SEC title game. The most recent results, especially HTH, are the most significant. Seethe all winter, spring and summer over your title-less season, bum.
CFB is a business now, so 'grow up and move on to life' really just means entering some other industry. Therefore your personal shot - at a guy you don't even know - doesn't make a whole lot of sense. Are the rules & exceptions stupid? Maybe. But they will be in the working world too, lol.