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I hope we aren’t able to do very well at all, it will serve Cohen right! Make stupid decisions you often get Stupid results!!!!
I agree with you, 100%. Apparently those of us who liked Moorhead were outnumbered and the ones who didn’t like him “ASSume” that we’ll stick around to watch the dumpster fire that is destined to be the Mississippi State 2020 football season. I was taught to never ASSume as ALL decisions have consequences! I liked the Coach we had, they fired him, so I may keep the money I usually give to the booster club and for season tickets and spend it on something else!
I'm still SO GLAD Mullen chose to leave....I've been told he was invited to look elsewhere! State is better off! Rome wasnt built in a day....Moorhead will get there! Mullen did okay, but we never beat Bama and only beat Auburn, LSU, A&M some of the time. Wait til Mullen only has players he has recruited, wonder how you'll look then!
Of course you would say that about Moorhead, you don’t want to see him to better!
Just another reason I'm a proud MS State University glad I chose to attend this game!!This was an awesome way to start the FB game! It gave me chills.....I hope we hear of more schools doing this!!!
The one that has mattered as long as I've been watching football was the AP.....if the Coaches think Bama was number 1, it just shows that some Coaches are lacking!
Both wins yesterday were great, but I wish they would stop saying OM beat the #1 team, as they did not! Bama was #3.....Florida State has been #1 since the Preseason and last I checked, still is!! Love how ESPN is ranking State above OM! #HailState