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I hope that Gamecock Nation has the good sense to realize that, no matter who the coach is, a substantial turn-around will not happen until the third or fourth year of his tenure. Muschamp's recruits will have graduated and moved on to selling insurance and the new coach's recruits will be in position to start. The new coach must have enough Football IQ to return to fundamental football philosophy and build our new team from inside out, 2-deep 4 and 5 star offensive lineman first then the skill position players. This was Muschamp's offensive downfall.
Two years ago, I sent an informative letter to then President Pastides, AD Ray Tanner, and Sport's Reporter, Josh Kendall, where I told them that, under Muschamp, we will soon suffer the indignity of bowl-ineligibility. The basis of this prophecy is Will Muschamp's immeasurable arrogance in boasting his ability to evaluate talent while, at the same time, overtly expressing his disdain for the star-ranking process using words that have now come back to bite us: "I know more than they do!" Muschamp's misguided strategy involves building this program from the outside-in (highly-ranked skill position players first) rather than inside-out (highly-ranked offensive linemen first), thinking that 4 and 5-star skill players can perform effectively behind 2 and 3-star linemen. He has now brought the entire football program (particularly, the offense) into the fog of his own delusion. I foretold this sad state of affairs two years ago. Now, unfortunately for the Gamecock Faithful, I must foretell yet another, more long-lasting, state of affairs: Unless Muschamp and his ass-backwards recruiting strategy is shown the door, USC will never rise above this level of mediocrity and will hover no higher than 3rd or 4th in the SEC East Standings for years to come. Ray Tanner has now all but guaranteed it by his comments. Oh, what might have been!!!
There is absolutely no 'Football IQ', whatsoever, at the top, viz., Tanner and Caslen. If they had any at all they would see Muschamp's philosophy for what it is: build the offense from the outside-in, rather than from inside-out, i.e., 4 and 5-star recruits on the offensive line first, then add your 3 and 4-star skill players, afterwards. Muschamp's arrogance will not allow him to do that. For example, he defies the star-ranking process and boastfully exclaims, "I know more than they do." And yet, we have to watch skill-position players struggle, mightily, because he chooses to put 2 and 3 star (FCS-caliber) linemen in front of them. As long as Muschamp's arrogance and incompetence goes unchecked, the Gamecocks are destined to suffer several years of mediocrity.
Muschamp's head is the clouds created by his own arrogance. He absolutely defies the Star-Ranking process, saying that "he knows more than they do." He has led himself to believe that he can develop 4 and 5-star-caliber talent on the offensive line out of 2 and 3-star (FCS)-caliber talent. He also suffers from the delusion that 4 and 5-star skill-position players can succeed and execute behind these 2-star (advanced high school) players on the O-line. All of the problems with this offense begins with upfront and with Muschamp's inability to see it. As he continues to shuffle this line, in an attempt to find the right combination, from one week to the next, he continues to sing the same song every week, after every loss. It's become 'boiler-plate'. All that is new is the name of the we lost to. In a letter to President Pastides and Ray Tanner 2 years ago, I told them that 'bowl-ineligibility was inevitable under Muschamp within a couple of years. I hate to say I told you so!