UTK '66

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FIRST - let's set the record straight that the belly achers on here DO NOT speak for all of us, and we Vols are NOT fair weather fans by any stretch of the imagination. I've been orange-blooded since 1963 and, while I am deeply distressed and disappointed over the 2 losses this year, I think the hurt is so deep to so many of us because of the hype and expectations we brought on ourselves. Having said that, I too feel like our 2H offensive play calling was woefully lacking in both losses, and did not help us win. However, I think the hard core reason for both losses was in the preventable, but odd-ball defensive lapses in the last 5 minutes. There is no way to expect what happened yesterday on that last FL touchdown to occur. If the FL receiver had hesitated, or made a move other than the one he did after catching that ball, our d backs would have had him. As it was, he cut at exactly the right instant and direction to get outside the coverage to go all the way. Let's admit that this is the first year we have had the talent to compete at the high level the hype has instilled into our hopes, and accept that hard losses will still occur. Butch has brought the talent back to our first string, and I've always felt it takes 4 years of a given coach to get everything back - deep talent, coaching and talent in synch and play calling (O and D) that matches the talent. Losses like this next year cannot be tolerated, but this year, I think we have to chalk it up to growing pains - as much as I hate to lose to FL and as bad as I feel for our players. Mike (UTK '66) in NC
That's a BIG improvement in UT special teams from last year - GO VOLS!
From the looks of it, we should be signing his QB aas well!!!!!!!