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Hopefully, it'll be a good game next year. I believe we'll see the power of the SEC swing over to the East in the next few seasons. I'm hoping your team plays well. I'm sure there's a lot of Tennessee fans turning 21 next year hoping to be able to celebrate the first SEC championship their Volunteers have won in their lives. Maybe they can all drink up in the shirts THEY bought at Walmart next to the knock-off red Alabama ones you guys must sell up there.
Sorry, that was me, sitting at my computer, eating cheeseballs - smirking as I type out how the same "dynasty is over" and "program in decline" argument happens every year Alabama doesn't win a national title. I was hoping it would point out to you why it's way too early to make those claims. As I stated earlier, it may be true, but back-to-back 10 win seasons is certainly no indicator.
UTfoosball - You may want to think the Tennessee win is Alabama's best this year, but I'd put almost every other team on the schedule as a better win than Tennessee. There is exactly one fanbase who thinks beating Tennessee means anything and those are the ones in orange and white on Saturdays. I will admit Alabama has had weaker schedules lately. We all secretly hope Tennessee gets better soon so our SOS can improve a bit.
Because I can look past two seasons? 2009 - National Championship 2010 - 3 loss regular season (oh, no! dynasty over) 2011 - National Championship (oh, nevermind) 2012 - National Championship 2013 - Loss to Auburn (no natty this year. team is in decline) 2014 - SEC championship, inagural CFP, loss in Semi's (see? told you) 2015 - National Championship (oh, well, maybe not) 2016 - Loss in CFP game (here we go. Dynasty is over) 2017 - National Championship (well, maybe not yet) 2018 - Loss in CFP game (is this the end?) 2019 - 2 loss regular season (yeah, this time is the time. dynasty over) Just go ahead and read all the stuff in parenthesis in your own, natural voice. You sound exactly the same this year as all the other years.
Wait - sorry I missed that. Tennessee won 9 games in 2016, had back-to-back losing seasons, lost to GA State and BYU at home THIS year to start what MAY BE an 8 win season and you say they're trending up? Your other comments make sense now. They're all peppered with delusion. There may be a Conference USA site you can join.
Alabama played for the national title last season. This was the same outcome as 2017, 2016, & 2015. You're saying last year - a year in which Alabama played for the national title - is somehow a decline from the previous year in which Alabama played for a national title? Sure, they didn't win last season, but that's your definition of decline? I'm bringing up Auburn and Tennessee because it's Auburn and Tennessee fans talking about Alabama's dynasty being over and their program being in decline as if either program would have any clue what either of those things look like. Auburn is a program without a dynasty in their history and Tennessee is a program for which bowl eligibility is a goal, nevermind any sort of championship.
To be clear, you're saying if a program doesn't play for the national title every year, it's in a "clear decline"? All of this has been said before. It was said in 2013 when Alabama lost to Auburn. It was said in 2010 when Alabama lost three regular season games. It may be true, but a single season doesn't make that clear. I mean, is this all programs like Auburn and Tennessee have now? Since 2008, neither team has managed more than an average of 8 games a year. Alabama averages 12. At least Auburn wins some along the way. I mean, Tennessee, shouldn't you at least win a division title before you talk smack about other teams?
Just out of curiosity, as an Auburn fan, how do you know what a dynasty's lifespan looks like?