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When a team thinks an opponent will be a cupcake walk, that is when it is upset time! Looking forward to seeing the Alabama Georgia game.
All of this talk is useless because Georgia is going to roll over the Tide. UT has a coach finally. The SEC is the best conference by far!
The fumble by Corral when no whistle blew was a terrible call. This set off many fans and frustration boiled over later in the game, but golf balls thrown is so terrible. There is no excuse for throwing things on the field. Running quarterbacks make for exciting plays but always risk getting hurt in the long run.
Georgia is going to stuff Kentucky’s dreams. The dawgs will rule the SEC.
Georgia is going to stuff Kentucky’s dreams. The dogs will rule the SEC.
Bama has some weaknesses. The Georgia game will be very interesting. Games are won in the trenches.
Big talk here considering you cannot ever beat Bama! The tide rules G.
Kirby has the talent but cannot win the big ones.
Recruiting is important but developing players is what counts. Then injuries can ruin a season in a snap!
Rick Barnes knows basketball. He can take 3 star players and turn them into 5 star. Every team can have a bad game.
This trash talk is cheap guys. Get some class.
LSU is battle tested. Played tougher teams. SEC is no tee ball league.
Saban’s blood pressure is through the roof. These kind of games can age a man quickly.
Talk is cheap, guys. What goes up must come down! Don’t get too haughty.