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Don't self report have my permission to make that your new motto!
Thankfully the NCAA always makes the best decisions!
I just hope we win the SEC media day championship!
The press conferences alone would be worth it. I am good with this news. Even if we don't get him, I like the idea of Mike in the SEC.
I am a State fan. You are obviously an NCAA fan. I like your strategy though, I guess if you don't have any insight you should just continue to troll.
If by admitted you mean self reported...yeah. Nothing points toward the University bring involved other than the discovery. Did you do any research Mike5675? Nevermind, you already answered that.
I hope they sue them if the appeal is granted and there is a complete reversal. This is a mental screw for every coach, player, recruit and fan. I am pretty sure at least 5 Mizzou guys had a stroke yesterday while reading SDS.
The NCAA are about to hear from alot of people I believe. Odom is wrong, alot of people are saying "poor Missouri" and even more are seeing how invincible the NCAA thinks they are. I truly hope Missouri brings the pain and does not settle for a reversal. Throw the flag: "targeting on the NCAA".
I understand where he was going with it but....ah, nevermind. Free Missouri!!!
She did so of her own accord. The University discovered the infraction and self reported to the NCAA. Missouri cooperated with the investigation....but don't let these facts interfere with your uninformed opinion. Have a nice day
I have more of a problem with the NCAA rolling dice or flipping a coin to decide who gets the hammer. UNC serves up dumb@$$ soup and NCAA investigators ate it up and came back for seconds. Missouri self reports and aides the investigation to get slapped around. NCAABS!!!
NCAA statement: "Self declaration will not be tolerated so be a good school and lie to us like UNC did." NCAA makes the federal government look like a well oiled machine!
Good for him. That was a good showing for Odom. This is NCAA overreach and I hope Missouri rubs it in if/when they win the appeal!
If the "no school involvement" story is true, this punishment seems insane. Does anyone know if Missouri discovered this and self reported?
It is public intoxication. Lock him up! How is this even a story. He is a young person in college. Unless the story of how he got the charge is outrageous or he is an alcoholic....nothing to see here.
The "positive" that came out of it was the test results. The young man may or may not have intentionally taken the substance but it was in the A and B samples. I wonder, what outcome they expect?