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I like the white helmets with all the mizzou logos.
Again, most of that is explained by what I previously stated, our top receivers have been nursing injuries for weeks and we have true freshman filling in for them. I'm not arguing he hasn't regressed, but yes he absolutely is a top 3 QB in the SEC. It's pretty ridiculous to argue otherwise.
Auburn got beat by UCF, the only thing they're nationally relevant for is embarrassment.
Wolfman, it was the depth on Auburn's bench that outmatched mizzou after they wore us out running the ball all game. I know you disagree, but Alabama wouldn't be Alabama if Saban was using 2 star recruits. I dont think the star rating system is perfect and it certainly misses a great many players, but that doesn't change the fact that the most talented players in the country find themselves with 4 and 5 star ratings. I guess I'll sum it up bu saying NEWSFLASH: Some people are more talented than others, and it's measurable.
Mizzou could win 9 games this season, and if you consider the robberies that occurred with Kentucky and South Carolina, Mizzou could easily have been a highly ranked 11 win team this year. It's an ugly myth that Mizzou can't win in the SEC. Auburn might be a great fit for him too, but he'll be contending with LSU, Bama, and TAMU so winning there is certainly no guarantee.
Drew Lock is still in the top 3 of the conference despite the new offense with a focus on ball control and running. We've also had significant injuries to our top 3 receivers (Hall, Brown, Okwegbunam). It was stated well before the season started, by Lock himself, that he would not put up the same numbers this year due to the new system. Kelly may decide to go somewhere else but I don't see it being for the reason you stated.
2 star recruits? Huh? Do me a quick favor and check Mizzou's roster and let me know how many 2 star recruits are on there. Actually I'll do it for you. The answer is 1, and it's the punter....THE F%$king PUNTER, you asshat. And he just happens to be one of the best punters in football. I looked at 5 years worth of recruiting, the only other 2 star guy I could find in a recruiting class was Charles Harris from 2013. He ended up being a first round draft pick to the Dolphins. I've seen several people say that Mizzou recruits 2 star players and Im just wondering where the hell they're getting this crap from?
The white helmets are awesome, really hoping we keep them in the mix in the future.
The Dline has been impressive, they are personally responsible for the win last weekend and probably several others this year.
Yeah? Do they get a lot of snow in Texas, Louisiana, Alabama, Florida, Mississippi, Arkansas and Georgia? The largest part of the SEC footprint doesn't see snow, which was obviously my point.
There's 3 games left in the season, including our bowl game. It's too late to say that Lock and his receivers haven't met their potential yet. They should be firing on all cylinders at this point. They are what they are. The injuries have arguably been the biggest issue with the passing game. Hall, Floyd, Brown, and Albert have made things difficult with them being hurt but honestly I expected more from guys like Jonathan Johnson and Ofodile. Ofodile was a 4 star recruit with a few years of college already under his belt at Oregon. Not to mention his father is the receivers coach. It's stunning that he wasn't more prepared to step in and take advantage of a golden opportunity when the team needed him. Instead we have freshman doing the job, and while that bodes well for the future, it hasn't been a good look for this year.
Yeah, looking forward to it! Not sure why SDS thought it's relevant that we got snow when we're not playing at home this weekend. Missouri is a midwestern 4-season state, so I suppose snow might be interesting to folks down south.
You probably haven't paid much attention to Mizzou but we've lost 2 games that should easily have been won. Kentucky and South Carolina got wins due to poor coaching decisions and baffling penalties. I have 100% confidence that Mizzou is more talented than Tennessee, but I can't predict how the coaches and refs will throw a wrench in the gears. Mizzou should win, but they tend to let Wins slip through the cracks at the last minute. That's not an excuse,that's reality. It's what happened against USC and Kentucky and nearly happened again last week against Vandy.
If this were a home game I'd say Mizzou would run away with it. Mizzou has struggled on the road though and Neyland will make it tough. Still think Mizzou wins but might be another 4th quarter stomach turner.
When McCann missed that field goal, I thought we were looking at another loss. Glad we were able to protect a lead and win a tough one.
I hate the idea of schools playing games away from their stadiums. It just ruins the game day atmosphere. I sincerely hope Mizzou keeps our home games at 'home'. I absolutely hated having to play kU in Kansas City.
I assume you meant to say South Carolina instead of Georgia. The monsoon was tough to deal with, especially with the game delay. Georgia beat us though. Despite our chances to keep the game close, it was pissed away with a pick 6 and blocked punt.
It's true, Bama games leave little room for non-fans to enjoy the game. Im sure Bama fans love it but it's tiresome. It is incredibly difficult to make the playoffs, and Bama has been in it every year. Most fanbases would give their pinky toes if their team made it just once in their lifetime. Bama fans are beyond spoiled.
Vandy is not giving away any wins this year. Mizzou should handle business but can't overlook them.
So the article and the video argue that bama's dominance is actually good for college football. Maybe try reading next time before posting instead of whining about some conspiracy against bama.
I think the tide should be worried about tuas health. His knee looks like it's about to blow a gasket. I'm not saying bama can't win without him, but he has taken their offense to new heights. They still might be the best team without him, but they're far worse with any other QB.
Odom is certainly a Mizzou guy and I hope he works out. We've already put in the 3 years to train him up so it's time to deliver results. He'll get another chance in 2019 because Sterk won't fire an 8 win coach and I have a really hard time seeing us lose to anyone left on the schedule. Next year he'll really need to have the little things cleaned up and he cant allow questionable plays to turn a sure W into a L. And he needs to recruit better. While I agree that 10 wins was probably the ceiling, I think 11 wins could've been possible if you remember the way we lost to UGA. A bad pick 6 and blocked punt that went for 6 changed that game. A slightly better coached team could've beat Georgia. Odom can hopefully show us that lessons have been learned. Truthfully, I'm nervous about the 2019 tigers.
Its actually a benefit for Kentucky to lose the East. There's no chance they'd beat bama in the SECCG and Mizzou fans know first hand that the bowls put a bigger penalty on losing a championship game than they do losses during the season. If they win out they'll get a better bowl than they would've if they won the east.
And your comment makes zero sense. Cribs don't have locks. Do people in Georgia lock their babies in cages? No wonder you're all mentally handicapped.
Mizzou could finish with 8 or 9 wins. That's a hell of a cellar dweller.
That's true, but Florida needs to move on from Franks. Not sure how much more proof they need that he stinks.
I saw that girl as it aired and I knew she'd end up as a meme.
I thought the exact same thing prior to the season, I had imagined that Mizzou would be looking up and only seeing UGA in the way. I think that inexperience on the coaching staff has been our stumbling block, though injuries at receiver and inconsistency at QB has been an issue.