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There is zero chance Brent Venables leaves clemson for Mizzou for the same position and a lower salary.
Im not pretending we're better off without Crockett, I'd rather have him than not have him. Im simply looking at who we have and I don't see a big drop in production. Im a fan of Badie. It's fine if you aren't.
I'm triggered by all the idiotic responses, you're a special kind of stupid.
Oh, right. Sorry I forgot that you guys cherry pick the bible and only follow the rules you think are convenient.
LSUMC, are you that dumb you don't know what averages are? They had 2 classes in the top 10 and 2 just outside it, averaging at 10 not 11. 10.75 is still 10. You're argument is so pathetic it's painful to read.
Reading before age 1? It's literally impossible, you must be confused. Some children can do sight words or memorize short stories at age 2 but certainly cant read. If you had an infant that could read you would be quite famous for it.
Why should I care about bronze-age literature? Can I play too? Therefore you are to observe the sabbath, for it is holy to you. Everyone who profanes it shall surely be put to death; for whoever does any work on it, that person shall be cut off from among his people. Exodus 31:14 Hopefully you've never worked on a Sunday or you'll have to be put to death. God commands it!
Tpatten, is reading difficult for you? Have you tried sounding out the letters? My son in kindergarten finds that helpful. It's not humble for him to give credit to a mythical deity that had nothing to do with his teams success. It's inappropriate and disrespectful.
I don't think he can do it elsewhere, I think these coaches need the prestige of the university to draw the athletes. I dont think Saban or Dabo or Meyer could recruit well at less popular schools - and this is proven by the fact that these guys themselves never won championships when they were coaches at other schools. Saban didn't win any championships until he coached at LSU and Bama. We'll see if Les Miles can turn Kansas into a powerhouse. When he doesn't, I'll accept your apology.
You have a misunderstanding of the definitions of the words "indisputable" and "fact". Let me help you: God does not exist, therefore cannot create anything. The indisputable fact is that there is no evidence whatsoever that anything supernatural has ever occurred.
Bravo, what a display of brilliance. You sir are a force to be reckoned with! I have now seen the light and will live out my life striving to achieve the pinnacle of intelligence that you brought forth this day. Statues will be made in your honor and songs will be sung about the day Bill Brocius decimated the mean ol atheist.
and yes, those recruiting classes do average out to be top 10. Calculators are helpful. Averages to 10.75, which if you want to fuss about the decimal we can round to 11. Saying it's 11 instead of 10 doesn't exactly topple my argument.
Losing a championship game does not end a dynasty. Bama will be playing for it again next year, and so on. Dynasties don't end until they have a bad season. I dont see that happening any time soon.
Giving credit where it's due is exactly what Dabo didn't do. I can't even fathom how your brain construed my comment that way, I'm not hurt at all. I just think Dabo is an idiot for saying anyone can win a championship when we've seen over and over again that only a select few schools in this country are capable of winning a championship. Ohio State, Bama, Clemson, LSU, Florida, Florida State, Texas, USC, Oklahoma -- These are most of the schools who have won championships in the last 30 years. All are storied blue blood programs with elite recruits. Nebraska, Miami, and Notre Dame could be added to the list as well.
VK, in his capacity as a FOOTBALL coach at a secular university he should not be trying to proselytize. It's fine if he believes those things but it's inappropriate to use his position to influence young people towards his beliefs. Would you stand up in front of your employer and clients and start trying to evangelize after you were successful in something at your job? NO,you wouldn't and neither would anyone else because people realize it's not appropriate. But for some reason football coaches don't have this common sense.
It's not, actually. It's bigoted for him to go in front of the world and offer credit to a deity that doesn't represent the university he works for, as there are MANY people at Clemson who don't hold his views. Beyond that, his players are extremely talented and THEY deserve the credit. To have their butt sniffing coach go and give the glory to his favorite deity is disrespectful to every player who worked hard to earn what they achieved.
And that's my point, genius. He says anyone can do it, but no they can't. You have to have top talent to do it. He just won a championship with a roster composed of top 10 classes (averaged over the last 4 seasons)
LSUMC Im not "cracking on Dabo". Im giving him credit for being a great recruiter and turning CLemson into a champion. Clemson is Clemson, they've been average and they've been great, and are a far better program historically than Iowa State. It's pretty ignorant to say they were basically Iowa State when he took over. I was annoyed that he has these elite recruiting classes and then gives credit to god instead of his team. There's no magic here, it's talent and hard work.
Clemson's recruiting rankings: 2015: #9 2016: #11 2017: #16 2018: #7 Can "anyone" do it? No, Dabo. You won because you had the players. You can't go to Iowa State and win a championship. By all means though, prove us wrong. I'd love to see you and your magical sky fairy win a championship at Kansas.
I like Crockett, but he's not as good as Rountree and quite frankly I like Badie more than him as well. Rountree clearly out-performed him this year so not sure why you're convinced Crockett would have the starting job.
To Batmans's point, there are literally children dying of cancer tonight and instead of god intervening to cure them he instead makes sure that Dabo wins a natty. god is a joke.
Yes, Arkansas idiot. He shouldn't mention any religion. Its hilarious that you are pretending to be persecuted though. That's cute.
Oskie there's nothing interesting or intelligent about your comments whatsoever so maybe hit the brakes before saying other people are low IQ. Remember, your sky daddy is watching so mind your manners!
Pick up a bible to learn grammar?! The only thing you learn in the bible is what contradictions look like.
nice pivot! That's a typical response of a brain dead religious mouth-breather who can't think of anything intelligent to say.
Clemson isn't a private christian school, and their most high profile public figure shouldn't be going on national TV and preaching about Jesus. There are students, players, and employees at Clemson who aren't Christian. This game wasn't Dabo's game. IT was Clemson's game. He needs to leave his beliefs at home.
Isn't it hilarious that these folks think their imaginary fairy is a huge fan of their favorite team and helps them win? Really guys! you think your fairy intervened in the game to help you win?! Isn't that cheating?
Why don't coaches realize they're representing public universities? Dabo goes on national TV and disrespects his players and every non-christian at Clemson by giving all the credit to his magical sky fairy.