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I know it's early, but SCs recruiting has dropped off this year. I wonder if recruits are expecting a coaching change.
I would guess that the political stuff generates clicks, but derogatory comments deter advertisers. So writing the story and disabling comments helps to keep the lights on at SDS.
The staff at SDS can write an article covering sports related social issues without making racist comments. Unfortunately, the mouth breathers in the comments section lack that ability.
I'm assuming he just wants to get that blue stain off of his degree.
Shane Ray is a solid choice. Henry Josey and Jeremy Maclin would be up there too. Honestly I wouldn't mind Cale Garrett either, the way he was playing last year was pretty incredible.
Herschel is no pushover, but Tyson is also a freak of nature. Have you seen the videos he recently posted of his training? He looks downright frightening.
Michael Scott and Dwight are the best characters on The Office. And it's frequently the interactions with Jim that are the best. So it has to be Pam. Jenna Fisher went to my college (Truman State), and she's great. But she's 4th on the list.
Yeah, cuz every elite prospect dreams of playing at Tulane so they can soak up the glory of a randomly departing NFL player... You're insane. This kid will walk onto any blue blood campus and probably start as a freshman. ...Tulane... Jesus F'ing Christ...
Mississippi lawmakers just announced they have enough votes to change the flag. Looks like they are smart enough to see the stupidity of flying rebel colors on a US flag.
This kid has been exposed to the QB position since the day he was born. He has had unhindered access to Archie, Peyton, and Eli his entire life, to teach him everything he could ever desire to know about the ins and outs of the position. He lit it up as a high school freshman, and that's not something very many kids do. I bet his football IQ is off the charts. Not to mention having the benefit of a wealthy family providing every opportunity to hone his skills. I've heard he's passionate about football too. You're a fool if you think this kid is just milking his last name. He'll be a great player.
Boneheaded Barry drove me nuts, lost games he should have won. I'm optimistic that an offensive minded coach won't let that happen.
I'm certainly more optimistic about Drink than I ever was for Odom, but honestly the quality of these recruits isn't much different than what we had. .86 ratings typically land your class in the 30s for class rankings. We need to be in the top 30 before we start thinking we've turned a corner. It's entirely possible that Drink has a better eye for talent and these guys may be studs, but we don't have evidence of that yet. Fingers crossed.
These are decent players but nothing to get excited about. It's literally par for the course for Mizzou. We're high in the rankings solely due to the number of commits, not the quality. We have an .86 recruit rating average, which in a typical year will finish in the 30s for class rankings. (Assuming you have at least 3 or 4 4-star players, which we don't). We need to bump our average up to .88 to get into top 20 territory.
Congressmen may be bribed at times, but i sincerely doubt this instance has any financial gain involved.
So let me get this straight, you're so amazing that you were capable of acquiring a college degree and earning over $100k at your first job in your early 20s....but the black football player is too dumb to even have opinions about things?! In case it wasn't clear to everyone before this moment, you're a racist and an absolute worthless excuse for a human being.
From what I understand, Drink has changed our recruiting focus to Missouri and Big10 states. I think it's really smart. No point in fighting 13 other SEC schools for kids in Florida, Louisiana, Georgia and Texas, etc.
just noticed that our QB commit, Tyler Macon, is a top 20 finalist in the elite 11. Good sign that we got a baller coming to COMO!
Darrel is solely focused on trolling, it's not ever worth reading his comments. I scroll right past when I see his name. Responding to him just makes him feel important and he doesn't need that. Just ignore him.
Looks solid. Doesn't get much separation but he makes some great catches in traffic and goes all-out to make a play.
For the life of me I can't comprehend why people believe that Mizzou recruits 2 star players... Yes, occasionally we take a guy who shows promise (Charles Harris, 1st round draft pick). But it's rare.
"I made $110,000 a year at my first job out of school" Lmao, b!tch no you didn't. Unless you're a surgeon or selling meth, you didn't make that much. You're a loser, a liar, and nothing you posted is true. You have no grasp of how advanced civilization and society operates, you believe ignorant fox News BS about wealth distribution. You're the definition of dipsh!t.
In 2019, Appalachian State was ranked #9 in the country in offense. The only P5 schools ahead of them were Oklahoma, Clemson, Ohio state, Alabama, and LSU. I realize there's much to prove at Mizzou in the SEC, but going from 9th in the country to 11th in the SEC just seems ridiculous to me.
North Carolina has been on fire recruiting, Mack Brown has been doing a great job. It's impressive to beat them for a solid recruit who is looks like a 4-star prospect. NC already had 2 4-star linebackers in this class so that may have been a factor in choosing Mizzou. Happy to have him.
If you think a family making over $100k a year is a "have not", you are more mentally ill than we already suspected you to be. As for your moronic insinuations that all rich people are republitards, I think Bill Gates, Warren Buffett, and George Soros would laugh hysterically at you. I'm sure corporations love republitards due to the bribing of political support in exchange for tax breaks and less regulation. I'm glad you think it's awesome that giant corporations like Netflix and Amazon pay zero in taxes, but it's creating a situation where the poor and middle class are paying more to subsidize these government handouts for people who need it the least. (Billionaires) It takes a severe lack of intelligence to be a conservative.
Efftheright, you literally know nothing about me. Never posted my profession on SDS. And not only do I not care about you, I don't believe for a second that you're well paid. You sound like a 12 year old.
Looks like our little sister-humping Arkansas fan JohnnyReb guy himself a new account after getting banned by saying racist and stupid sh!t. What's the over/ under on how long he keeps this account active?
Free stuff? Another idiot conservative who doesn't know that the vast majority of welfare and food stamp recipients are poor conservative white people in southern states.