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Mizzou did a billboard for all their recruits, not just the ones in Arkansas. I've seen alot of the responses from the recruits themselves on Twitter, they really appreciated it. This article tried to spin it as a jab at Arkansas.
The game went as it should've, but I was nervous that this was going to be the easy game that Mizzou mysteriously loses. Arkansas should be worried about their future. They're just bad. Like Chad Morris bad. Did anyone else hear that clip of John Nabors talking about how Arkansas is such a better program than Missouri and he just can't understand how Arkansas always loses? That's what pig fans believe, despite a decade of evidence that Mizzou is by far a better football program. Mizzou should get a NY6 bowl but I can see us getting screwed. They'll probably make us play Tulane in some turd bowl. I have no desire to play a big12 team either.
I agree that LSU should be rated higher based on the head to head, however I think a rematch would be a mizzou victory.
Glad to have him! However...not to rain on the parade, but both major recruiting sites have Mizzou's class rated at the bottom of the SEC, above only Mississippi State who doesn't even have a coach. (We're ranked 15th out of 16 teams...yes Vandy is doing better apparently.) If it weren't for Nwaneri, how bad would this class be? I think there's some good players in the class but apparently the scouts disagree. Drink recently made a comment that he's no longer having to recruit, instead he's "picking" players and turning others away. I'm a little confused about that considering his current class is rated so low. I'm hoping he can snag some guys in the transfer portal. Schrader, Wease, Cooper, and Hopper were all transfers and boy did they change everything for Mizzou. I'm wondering if Drink is simply prioritizing the portal over recruiting? Also, Theo Wease is criminally under-utilized. I love Schrader but Theo deserves a lot more opportunities, so does Mookie Cooper. I don't know if we've ever had WRs this talented all at the same time. NWO.
Because I think he's already the frontrunner for the Heisman and this was wholly unnecessary. He could've left the game with half the stats and still solidified his standing, instead he just looks like a douchebag.
It's pretty clear to me that LSU was just wanting to pad his stats to seal up the Heisman. Honestly I find that to be a little lame when you do that against a pathetic little cupcake team. He had no business even being in the game in the 4th quarter, but you do you, LSU. I like LSU, and I think Daniels deserves the Heisman, but this just sours my opinion of them. Not that my opinion matters, but I have a feeling im not the only one.
Mizzou came out playing pretty conservatively for some reason. It almost felt like Drink-ball all over again. We have some of the best receivers in the sport and all Mizzou wanted to do was give it to Schrader. I love Schrader, but we can't have him do it all. Somehow each deep shot seemed to be a huge miscue though, our WRs were nowhere near some of them. The refs blew a couple calls, a missed facemask for one. The other being the ridiculous "late hit" that was originally called as targeting. Watching that replay made it perfectly clear the defenders began their tackle before the QB initiated his slide, yet somehow it's a late hit....?? Luckily they withdrew the targeting. It was comical, the guy they called for targeting didn't even touch the QB, he leaped completely over him. The SEC refs are simply awful. That TD to Norfleet got called back due to the WR not lining up correctly...just can't happen. Had to settle for a field goal. It's the silliest mistakes that can cost you a game. Gators were tough. Since joining the conference, we're 6-6 against both Florida and Tennessee. Hopefully respect has been earned from the blue bloods.
There's speculation that it's something in-house between the teams. I suspect that it has something to do with Josh Heupel saying something to Drink after last years game, something along the lines of "it's just business" after Heupel called unnecessary timeouts and scored unnecessary touchdowns. Drink has a long memory and tends to hold a grudge (See Dan Mullen, Darth Vader). I don't know with any certainty but clearly the message resonated with Mizzou's players, based on it also being said to the team in the locker room after the win.
Schrader deserves the Heisman. That's the takeaway. I genuinely dislike Josh Heupel and watching him lose today was such a great feeling. The Vol fans on here are classy, I'd root for you if I didn't hate your coach.
He doesn't have actual examples. He's just trying to make it seem like Mizzou didn't almost woop UGA's ass in Athens. The refs were bad for both teams, period.
Mizzou is 7-2 with close losses to the best schools in the nation. Those easily could've been wins barring late INTs from Cook, which I think were due to him getting banged up in the games (he starts strong and seems to struggle late in games). My only criticism is I'd like to see them continue to take the deep shots in the 4th quarter, but again, Cook seems to not be at his best at that point so maybe it's simply a limitation on his part and not the OC. Easily could've beaten UGA without those boneheaded INTs.
You do realize that your comment has absolutely nothing to do with what I said...right? moron. I was pointing out that Burden's production in the game was due to him getting another injury (he was already injured). The writer made it sound like UGA shut him down. Sorry but even UGA isn't that good. Burden is one of the best in the nation, sorry if that fact doesn't fit your narrative. UGA fans are f#cking insufferable. my gawd.
I'm just wondering what you're looking for? The offense went from inept to scoring 35 per game. Our QB went from the bottom of the SEC to one of the best. Our WR is at the top of the league. Our RB is leading the league. To say you're not impressed is, quite frankly, just ridiculous. What Kirby Moore has done is pretty incredible.
Just a quick thought on running backs, I really think Nate Peat should not be the backup. He's pretty terrible. I think it's ridiculous that Tavorus Jones isn't getting a few opportunities per game, he certainly can't be worse than Peat. I'd even like to see Jamal Roberts in there. Give these young guys some reps!
Im glad we've reached this point, but many of us have been yelling this from the roof tops for 3 years now. It was obvious that Drink's offense was extremely one dimensional and ineffective. Not to mention his inability to develop a QB. Coach Moore has done a wonderful job. Better late than never so I give Drink credit for showing humility and doing the right thing. I think Drink is now able to focus on the things he's good at, which is what the HC should be doing. If you want to call plays, then don't take a HC job, just be an OC somewhere. If you want to effectively run a football program, then hire coordinators. I think Mizzou is in a good spot.
"Georgia adjusted, Burden managed just 1 catch for 7 yards the rest of the game" No, Burden (and Cook) were injured. Georgia is good but they wouldn't have continued to hold Burden the entire game. But this is known, Cook and Burden are both questionable next week for Tennessee due to injuries. I really think mizzou would be undefeated without our best guys always getting hurt. Somehow Burden and Schrader have found ways to lead the SEC while dealing with injuries most of the season. Tough dudes.
Really proud of the Mizzou Tigers, that was a heck of a game. Unfortunately, the interceptions spoiled an opportunity to win. I think Cook played a good game but those interceptions were realllllly bad. Really poor decisions on both accounts, particularly the first one.
LSU looks like the best in the SEC, Daniels is incredible.
Poptiger, that's because an LSU player was twisting his ankle under the pile. That's dirty as hell.
I'm actually glad they're calling it. Vanderbilt nearly caused a fumble against us when their defender faked a snap clap. It also happened to Texas A&M.
Yeah, I agree. 4th and 32 is not doable.
It's easy to focus on the calls that screwed your team over without thinking about all the calls that you got away with. We've also got a laundry list of calls that were bad. Let's be real, officiating was bad for both of us.
Honestly, it was Mizzou's idiotic play calling in the 2nd half. Drink tried to be conservative instead of attacking LSU's weakness in the secondary like they did in the first half. Just really poor coaching decision when you know your defense can't hold up. The multiple drops by our TE didn't help either. You probably see it differently, but I think Mizzou should've won that game but, in typical Drink fashion, he gave it up at the end. I've never seen a coach who's so good at finding ways to lose winnable games.
LSU played dirty there, sad they had to stoop to that.
I knew as soon as mizzou took their foot off the gas in the 3rd quarter that we wouldn't hold the lead. It's one of the things I hate most in a coach, is when they start playing chicken-ball to protect a lead. It never ends well. They should've been throwing it downfield all game long, LSU couldn't stop it. Congrats to LSU.
This is exactly right, Gator. As a Mizzou fan I'm pretty hesitant to say that Mizzou is a real contender right now. Yes we stacked up a few Ws but I already expected to win all those games before the season even started. Every SEC team should expect to beat the cupcakes on their schedule (I consider Vandy to be a cupcake, sorry but it's just the facts). K-State was a nice win but LSU is a different beast. Mizzou's pass defense is a real liability right now and I really don't see how they're going to stop LSU.
Brady Cook is finally playing in a real offense and I think that can't be overlooked. Drink's offense the last 3 years was basically a run-only scheme, with his passing game being just an extension of the running game. There's finally someone else running the show and it's paying off. Kirby Moore deserves all the credit for anything good happening for Mizzou's offense.
Kentucky looked really good, that running game is terrifying. Great defense too. 2nd best team in the east right now, with a chance to take 1 next weekend.
Mizzou's pass defense is looking like a real problem. I would've thought it would be a strength. I hope it can get fixed but if Mizzou can't cover or generate a better pass rush against our SEC opponents, we're going to get destroyed by Tennessee, USC, LSU, etc.
I like Schrader a lot. Peat, on the other hand, doesn't deserve to even be the back-up. I'd rather see Jones or Roberts on the field behind Schrader. The offense just seems to stop when Peat is out there.