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He was ok in the NFL, did well enough to get a head job, but sucked so bad he lasted 1 year. So who knows. What I do know is there's a world of difference in the attitudes of NFL players vs. that of college players, and maybe his personality will jive better with younger players. As long as he's not Bo Pelini, I'll stay optimistic until he proves otherwise.
Earlier this morning I watched a bit of his presser from when he was hired as HC in Arizona. He said his system adapts to the players and their strengths, and I agree that's exactly the best kind of coach. He'll have plenty of decent DBs to work with (feels weird to say that as a Mizzou fan). I think we're OK at LB too, but the D-line is a big question mark.
Dear Eric Gray and Henry To'o To'o, Mizzou just sent Larry Rountree and Nick Bolton to the NFL and currently have openings at RB and LB. You'd look better in black and gold anyway. Sincerely, Mizzou
Interesting choice, he's definitely got a nice resume. He knows defense so hopefully his system works at Mizzou.
Yeah....my kids go to Blue Valley schools. We live in Overland Park, KS. Definitely not Topeka.
Yeah, if nothing else it'll be nice to have depth even if he isn't a starter. I just wonder if these transfers from small conferences are actually good. Chism wasn't as good as he was hyped, so I worry these guys are taking roster spots from guys we need to develop. Imagine if we panicked and filled Cale Garrets spot with some G5 guy and Bolton never got a shot.
Always welcome dudes who can play. Just wondering if this was a depth issue or if they're concerned with the quality of the guys already there. We've got some guys I've been wanting to see play, like Chad Bailey, Devin Nicholson, Jamie Pettway, Cam Wilkins, or even Johnnie Walker.
The actual espn article is an all Saban list, and discusses Spears from LSU. SDS screwed up by saying it's all Alabama.
That defense would absolutely dominate. The quality of players that bama attracts is pretty amazing.
I always know it's risky making a comment over here in the shallow end of the gene pool, you just can't expect any of the inbred mutants to be able to follow along. OK, tards, heres the recap: The article is about Colin Cowherd saying Saban deserves another shot at the NFL. Then captain sister-humper makes a comment about how funny it apparently is for Cowherd to make a "determination about what Saban deserves", which implies that he disagrees with Cowherd's affirmative opinion that Saban deserves a shot at the NFL. The logical conclusion from his comment is that he disagrees with Cowherd, otherwise it makes no sense to make a sh!tty comment about someone who said something that you DO agree with, even if you don't like that person. Long story short, he inadvertently dissed Saban and all 3 of you window-lickers were too dumb to realize it.
You do realize you can't do that in the NFL, right? And how is your comment even relevant to what i said?
...so are you saying Saban isn't good enough to deserve a shot at the NFL? Weird, but ok...
Saban ain't going anywhere. In the NFL you have parity, and competition. You don't get to have the top 10 picks in the draft every year, you have to make it work with what you got. At Bama, he gets all the best players and best coaches and best facilities, etc etc etc etc etc etc. He'll never have to worry about not having the best team on the field at Bama. Andy Reid was nothing special until he got McNabb, but couldn't quite pull it off. Then he got Mahomes and now he's an amazing coach. Belichek was supposed to be a genius, but once Brady left town he looks like a bottom feeder. John Harbaugh was on the hot seat in Baltimore, then he hit the lottery with Lamar Jackson. The list goes on, but the point is that coaches only can do so much in the NFL, unless you have an elite QB. I doubt he wants to tarnish his legacy by rolling the dice in the NFL. I'm not saying he isn't a good coach, because he is. But winning is a lot harder, and rebuilding a NFL team is a chore. You can't just reload all your talent with one recruiting class, and if you don't have a QB, may as well not even try. Look at the playoff teams right now: Rams (Goff) Saints (Brees) Packers (Rogers) Buccs (Brady) Browns (Mayfield) Bills (Allen) Ravens (Jackson) Chiefs (Mahomes) The worst guy on that list is Mayfield, a Heisman winning dude who went #1 in the draft. The NFL requires a good QB, period.
Hopefully we get a guy who can recruit. But as we saw with LSU this year, talent isn't everything. You have to have a good scheme as well.
Probably for the same reason that our terroristic president lost access to social media. You morons are a danger to our nation and no one needs to see your drivel.
Negan, it wouldn't be a war. Liberals would kick your toothless ass. Conservatives are pussies, plain and simple. You're unAmerican, fascist, authoritarian, and weak. Whenever republicans try to overthrow the country, real democratic patriots will be there to squash you like a bug. Whether it's 1864 or 2021, the result will be the same. LOSER.
The DC spot is open at Mizzou, Drink should consider him. I don't know enough about him to have an onion, all I know is he sucked at Texas. But it's not weird for coaches to suck at being a HC but still be a pretty good coordinator. Worth an interview, at least.
Booches, the recruiting angle does concern me. Hopefully we can keep the momentum in StL. I still think Mizzou (and Drink) are far more appealing than whatever is going on at U of Illinois. But keeping our footing on the warpath is likely to rely on who we get to replace Walters. Hoping for a homerun.
Typical trump supporter.... makes a lot of noise, but has no valid points, arguments, or evidence to support yourself. The US is as blue as Kentucky right now, better head for your bunker!
You very well could be right, but I think it's more far fetched that Illinois would offer him a million per year. I'm sure we'll all find out soon.
Yeah totally. Weird how every republican judge, governor, and secretary of state couldn't find a single example to submit for evidence.
lol, ok. Enjoy living in your little fantasy world of being terrified of evil socialist Chinese democrats. Maybe there's a safe space for you somewhere out there. Thoughts and prayers.
Sic'em, not sure where you've been the last 50 years, but inflation in the market happens regardless of who is getting taxed or what wages are. This is part of why the middle class has been destroyed and why every family must have 2 working adults just to make ends meet. You've fallen prey to the millionaires who want dummies like you to believe that you need to bear the tax burden instead of them because otherwise they'll have to raise prices on a happy meal! Oooooh Scary! Don't fall for it.
Im obviously speculating, Tony. No one willingly walks away from a $900k salary and takes a worse job somewhere else. Is it possible? Sure, but doesn't really make a lot of sense.
Tim, how can you so easily point a finger at Hunter Biden, yet turn 1,000 blind eyes to trumps criminal behavior? You really don't have any credibility if you're a trump supporter. And FYI, Hunter Biden isn't the president.
Well it's only shocking because people actually got out to vote. I think there's a misconception that the south is massively conservative. I think the truth is that democratic voters dont vote in the south, usually because the conservatives have bent over backwards to take their votes away. Stacey Abrams was able to help thousands of voters get registered and motivated, and it appears they exercised their rights this time around.
Your completely uneducated take on this is exactly the problem in this country. You have no idea what the democratic tax plans are, do you? Stop being a typical right wing low-info voter. This information is easily available yet you choose to be ignorant. FYI: President-elect Joe Biden, according to the tax plan he released before the election, would enact a number of policies that would raise taxes on individuals with income above $400,000, including raising individual income, capital gains, and payroll taxes. Biden would also raise taxes on corporations. So I appreciate the compliment but unfortunately my family doesn't quite earn $400k per year. I don't feel bad that people who make that much will pay higher taxes.
He was making $900k per year, which is a lot for a DC at Mizzou. I think he was told to find a new job or he would be fired. I don't think he was terrible but the defense needed to be elite to justify his salary.
Don't care about the article, just wanted to drop in and thank the state of Georgia for saving this nation. Im no fan of your governor or secretary of state, but in the face of treasonous pressure from our criminal president to attempt a coup and rob America of our chosen president, they stood strong. Beyond that, electing Jon Ossoff and Raphael Warnock ensures that republicans can no longer threaten our country and protect their criminal friends. Yesterday was a horrific day in America, and Retrumplicans are to blame. But Georgia stood strong, made the right choices, and in my opinion, saved America. Thank you, Georgia.