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Bama is solid, they kicked our butt. The score is misleading, we scored in garbage time after they had backups in. Mac Jones isn't as good as Bamas previous QBs, but he threw a couple dimes. With LSU and UGA looking pedestrian, looks like the conference belongs to Bama and Florida (or dare I say, Mississippi State?!)
I'm glad he did. Every rep is valuable, and that last play may have helped earn Bazelak the starting job. Drink is still trying to figure out who can play and he didn't waste the opportunity to test his guys, despite the game being out of reach.
On the bright side, it's all downhill from here. Would like to see Bazelak start next week, Robinson just looked lost.
Buford and Robinson will be tough to deal with, we need the depth.
I don't disagree, but I think Drink needs to show recruits what he can do.
There isn't a single person on the planet who expects Drink to beat Alabama in his first game, regardless on the pandemic. He honestly shouldn't feel much pressure.
Yeah, it never occurred to me to ask for big Mac sauce. Bamatime has worked there for ages, maybe he has some tips for us.
The universe needs to self correct soon before it's too late. Some evil scientist in Lexington found a good football team in an alternate dimension, and we need to return this Kentucky team to their own universe before it leads to a rift in the space-time continuum causing the end of the world.
I've watched a couple of drink's press conferences recently and he doesn't seem like himself. All summer he was optimistic and excited, now he seems annoyed and stressed out. When he made this comment, he wasn't trying to be funny, he was saying he doesn't give a sh!t about the big10.
I was thinking Chris turner would have a breakout year. But he just opted out of the season. I kinda wish Daniel Parker had gone back to his original position (DE), but he's staying at TE. So I agree, D line will most likely be a weak spot this year. Defensive line was heavily recruited this year and we got some dudes coming to Mizzou that will hopefully solve this problem in the next few seasons.
I really don't know what to expect from Mizzou this year, mostly I just want to see a team that is competitive. A year 1 coach usually doesn't have a ton a success, now that's compounded by covid. But Arkansas is also dealing with a year 1 coach and little practice time. Their talent isn't better than Mizzou's so it comes down to coaching. Mizzou has the same defensive coaching staff and an offensive guru as a head coach (and play caller). In my opinion, if Mizzou has a good QB then this team will be really good, like 6 wins good. And certainly not worse than Arkansas. On the other hand, if we don't have a QB, 1 or 2 wins looks likely.
there were 14 other guys in quarantine due to contact tracing. But they won't have to miss the game.
Mizzou will stomp a mud hole in Kentucky's a$$.
Unfortunately he had 2 huge drops later on, and it cost the Broncos the game. Must be jitters, always had sure hands at bama.
Honestly anything can happen this year with covid. We're already going to be missing 3 guys against Alabama. You never know when someone loses key players before a game. It'll be easy to overlook a "better" team if they're missing people.
Tebow was one of the best college QBs ever, but one of the worst NFL QBs ever. His faith had nothing to do with his short career, so stop it with the poor persecuted Christian sob story. There are tons of outspoken Christians in the NFL. Just watch any post game interview, they all thank Jesus for making sure they won their football game against the other team that was simultaneously praying to Jesus for victory. Grow. Up.
It looks to me like the ref turned his shoulder and caused the contact
Right, but we'll play bama or LSU twice. (SECCG) So there's that.
I think our schedule is tougher. We play all the best teams in both divisions. LSU, bama, UGA and Florida, and then whoever we play in the SECCG.
why were you eating in the bathroom?
Powell was probably competing with Cook for 3rd place, and I assume he was losing. I don't think he had and attitude issues, I think he just wants to start before his college days are over and that isn't going to happen at Mizzou. I wish him luck, I think he could be a solid starter in the G5.
19 total commits, 13 are defense. 5 DEs (two are 4-star guys). Obviously you never know who will commit but seems the focus has been on defense.