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Wow, I didn't realize he was doing so poorly there. He was outstanding as an assistant at Mizzou, wouldn't mind him coming back.
Yep, that was our curse under Heupel. Our offense would go 3 and out in 30 seconds and the defense was right back out there. When it works, it's fun. When it doesn't, it's painful to watch.
I'm a little jealous, Leach is a solid coach. I wonder if Mizzou had even considered him, but I think he would've been a good fit in COMO. The West definitely got more interesting, and Arkansas looks like they'll be in the cellar for years to come.
I have to believe you're correct, as it's otherwise hard to justify the timing and reasoning. I think coaches may be hesitant to take a job at a place that's trigger happy. You have to give a guy 3 years, minimum - UNLESS there are extraneous unforgivable issues.
Huh? We played for a conference championship in 2014. The future shouldve been brighter, and I have no doubts that what happened in 2015 squashed all our momentum.
Absolutely agree. NFL players spend a 15 year career playing 16 games, not including preseason or playoffs. It's literally the worst argument I've ever heard.
I meant Wisconsin, but Minnesota looked pretty good too. UGA, Baylor, Oregon, and Wisconsin could've rounded out a really fun championship tournament.
For every overrated team (Oklahoma) there's a dark horse (Minnesota). The dark horses deserve a chance but rarely get one because of perception and strength of schedule issues. We must move to 8 teams in the playoff to determine a true champion.
Say it again for the folks in the back.
We got what we deserved when we decided to hire Odom. A half-assed coach search that led to embarrassing losses, terrible recruiting, and finding ourselves celebrating mediocrity. If anyone needs a manual on how to destroy the upward trajectory of a football program, see Mizzou circa 2015-2016.
Drew Lock went 4-1 on a bad team after coming off a serious hand injury and not getting starting reps for most of the season. I can promise you that fans in Denver could care less if some jackass in Mississippi isn't impressed.
Drew Lock had every bit as much talent as Burrow or Tua or any other QB mentioned. The only difference was Drew did it with a supporting cast of 3 star guys and constant coaching changes while the other guys were surrounded by elite players. Seriously, Drew Lock throwing 60+ TDs in a season with Bamas or LSU's players isn't hard to imagine.
I disagree that it carries more weight. One of our guys made an elaborate video that he posted about committing to Mizzou, had friends and family in it, etc. Then de-committed not long afterwards. One platform or another, you're still going public with your commitment, knowing full well that your message on twitter is as far reaching as anything shown on ESPN.
"Stay Classy" If you're looking for "classy", maybe stay off of SEC message boards so you don't get your feelings hurt. Maybe there's a Mr. Rogers website with affirmations that will help you feel better about yourself. Make sure you wrap yourself in bubble wrap before you step out the door today, precious. As for my comments about playing dirty, if you aren't cheatin' you aren't trying. I was commending arkansas for doing it, not chastising. It's the world we live in. Eat or be eaten. Y'all have taken several recruits from Mizzou the last couple years, despite no real reason for a recruit to be attracted to Arkansas over Mizzou.
It happens, Ranger. We've had guys say they're "100% committed, forever a Tiger, etc, etc", and then decommit a week later.
We don't know the whole story, but I sincerely doubt our brand new coach would host an athlete all weekend and promise him he'd be a running back to his face while secretly plotting to make him a linebacker. Someone muddied the waters and it feels like sabotage. As for Curry, enjoy him. I think he's going to be a good player. Recruiting is dirty and Arkansas seems to be playing dirtier than us.
What Im saying is that Drink didn't seek out, recruit, and offer scholarships to any of these guys. They aren't "HIS" recruits. He very well may not have went after guys that Odom liked. The fact that they decided to stay and play for Drink is nice but, in my opinion, Drink doesn't get any credit or blame for the success or failure of the dudes in this early signing period class. Now, let's see what Drink does between now and national signing day. He'll get 100% credit for anybody he can bring in.
I think Sterk has done a fine job at Mizzou. My opinion on him will change based on Drink's performance though. We got the RB we really wanted, but I do find it odd that Arkansas is more appealing than Mizzou to some guys. Arky stole a 4 star WR from us last year. I don't get it.
I am not a fan of a head coach calling plays. I think they should have input and manage the game, but hire an OC and let them do the job.
I, for one, am not happy about Odom going to Arkansas. Despite his failures as a head coach, I do think he's a decent coordinator. But more than that, he's a Mizzou guy and as a person I think he's a good man. It feels like a spit in the eye that he went to Arkansas. He wants to flush his legacy for a chance to get even.
Odom's dumb coaching lost us several close, winnable games. Lock underperformed frequently in big games, despite his talent - Which means he was poorly coached.
Tigurr, this is Odom's class that was just signed, not Drink's.
We may have some dark days ahead. Odom's horrific recruiting the past 4 years is rearing it's ugly head. I really thought the new facility would be appealing but it doesn't seem to be having an impact yet. And Drink's offensive scheme is worrying me. We already know our defense stinks (unless we're playing a garbage team). Bah Humbug, everyone.
"Considering Tagovailoa averaged a TD pass every 8 attempts, it’s more than fair to imply he would have broken Lock’s SEC record and potentially set the bar at 50" We can play "what if" too. Sure, Tua and Burrow broke Lock's record, but what if Lock had a receiving corps that consisted of Juedy, Ruggs, Waddle, and Smith? Or if he had Jefferson, Chase, and Marshall? Jerry Jeudy can routinely take a bubble screen or 5 yard slant for a 75 yard touchdown. Drew Lock could have then 60 TDs with those dudes as targets. Hall and Moore get too much credit, the fact is that Mizzou hasn't had any decent receivers since 2014. Lock did more with less. If you want to subtract his TDs against cupcakes, fine, but you'd have to do that for Tua and Burrow also.
Pretty sad state of affairs when we can't even keep 3 star guys in our own town. I wonder if this kid honestly believes PJ Fleck will still be at Minnesota after next year...
Truth. If you're leading in tackles, it means your defense is on the field too much and your teammates aren't contributing. I'm never impressed by someone leading the conference in tackles.
Coach Orgeron has become my favorite SEC coach. I used to think he was a bumbling idiot. After seeing more from him this season, from the kindness he showed to an ill child, the passion he has for LSU football, even the silly video of him belly flopping on the beach...it's all really humanized him. His players love him and he's clearly a great program builder. LSU is lucky to have him.
To his credit, Drink did say that he will slow it down when necessary. The problem is when you go 3 and out in 30 seconds and the defense is right back on the field without getting a breather. I personally don't think it's wise to begin a new possession with high tempo, no huddle. I'd say get a couple first downs, then launch into it and be aggressive.
We're going to have a coaching staff full of G5 guys. Not inspiring alot of confidence, sadly. I'm worried about going back to a no-huddle, high tempo offense under Drinkwitz. We saw how that experiment turned out, our defense would be gassed the whole game. That crap works at smaller schools but not in the SEC.