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I didn't realize LSU had that many guys out, which clearly explains the score. Also, there's no brag in my comment.
We had the Florida game circled on the calendar the whole year.
I know these are just for fun, but it's also interesting to be able to check the temperature of your program in the eyes of outsiders. Mizzou isn't getting much love, unsurprisingly. I can't argue that sentiment but the reality is Mizzou should absolutely win that game against K-State. Losing that game might start the hot seat convo for Drinkwitz. I think it's a must win game, we need to see improvement on both sides of the ball. K-State isn't terrible (they just dog-walked LSU) but a loss can't happen.
You can sit at our table, Texas. We're the step child that was too good looking to be accepted by the new family. I think it's because we had all our teeth.
So dumb. Here's my 2 cents: Fisher did nothing wrong, he's just lying about it for some odd reason. Everyone knows that #1 class was bought. Saban did nothing wrong by pointing it out, and he's just mad that recruiting is harder now.
Why is it a problem though? Saban's point was that players should work to earn the money, so would you all be satisfied if they were required to "earn" it? Let's be honest, there's nothing Bryce Young did to "earn" $1 million from NIL. He's being paid to play at bama, plain and simple.
I haven't fully made up my mind on the collective thing, but I'm leaning towards supporting it. If rich people want to buy players through a fake marketing company, so be it. Saban is right though, the coaches may not even play that player and they might transfer. But at least it gives parity to college football (hopefully). I do think Saban is having a much harder time recruiting and that's a source of frustration for him. TAMU is smart for doing what they're doing, if it's not against the rules then go for it.
Outside of the elite few, it kinda feels like these rankings are simply a reflection of perception and bias rather than performance. Are there coaches I'd rather have than Drink? Yes. Are there 45 of them? No. Beamer, for instance, is ranked higher. Why? Based on what? Mike Leach is higher, why?
Honestly it would be very difficult to be worse... The defense should improve simply by default.
Man, this is his 4th stop in college. That doesn't even sound possible. The message is pretty clear though, Drink is not satisfied with Cook and Macon. I'm not convinced Abraham the answer.
It's hard to get experience until you get a chance to play. So you don't really have a point. It's possible they are both terrible, we just don't really know yet. Macon's first and only start was in Athens against the national champion Georgia Bulldogs, who just sent a record number of players to the NFL. I think it's a little unfair to write him off based on that game alone. Also, Drink isn't running the QB room. That would be Bush Hamdan. The bigger issue is coach Drink. His offense sucks and the QBs didn't develop much the last 2 seasons. Not to mention the embarrassing display on defense last year. Good coaches adapt and learn.
Fun fact, in the SEC, only 5 teams have winning records against Mizzou. LSU isn't one of them.
I think it's too early to decide that Cook and Macon aren't any good. I think Macon could be very good, I don't think the game against Georgia is a fair assessment, they just had their entire defense get drafted. He deserves another shot. As for Cook, I wasn't impressed with the bowl game but again, he deserves a legitimate chance to show us if he developed. Speaking of which, there's now a QB coach at Mizzou. That's a plus.
I'm fine with a big 12 pod, there will be some rivalry and history there. I'm all for it.
If we want to know what it's like to lose to our rivals, we'll make sure to ask LSU.
I guess we'll see if he's any good, or if he's what Mizzou's coaches thought. I suppose it's a good sign when we have 4-star guys leaving because they can't win a starting job. Our receivers are going to be good this year.
I think Cook will be the starter but I don't think he'll keep the job long if he's not performing. Drink gave Bazelak way too many chances, probably due to the lack of options. That won't happen again. As for Peat being a top 5 SEC RB, I hope not. I don't want a repeat of the last 2 years where Drink hands the ball off 75% of the game. These elite QBs and WRs on the roster aren't interested in the Peat show... and neither am I.
I think there's still 4 teams left, including Bama. Give the guy some slack, he can't do them all at once. I'm guessing the Mizzou article will be out in the next couple days. Also, it's a different writer that does those so barking at Connor is pointless.
Not necessarily, a "high floor" means he'll be "at least" that good, which is high praise.
One thing is for sure, the atmosphere is completely different. Pete Carroll is complimentary and believes in him, which never happened in Denver. Not saying that will magically make him a better QB, but I think it means they'll invest more into his success than Denver did.
Doubt he'll start but it never hurts to have some depth.
Im so tired of people getting butt hurt about GeOGrApHy. The moniker "SEC" is literally just a name for the conference, it's not a f#ckin requirement. My god, if the name of the conference dictated who could and couldn't enter then I hope you never find out that the Big10 has 14 teams and the Big12 has 10 teams...your head might explode.
I interested to see how this all plays out and how the divisions will be aligned. I like the Pod system with 4 teams per pod, you play your pod and 2 teams from each other pod every year. Thats 9 games with room to play OOC games and rivalries. I hope the reshuffle doesn't change our game with KU in 2025, though if possible it would be nice to get that game annually.
In other words, conservatives are amoral scumbags who can tolerate impropriety more than a difference of opinion. We always knew you guys were like this, thanks for admitting it.