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"A quick release can be with “mustard” or without “mustard.” They are not mutually exclusive." That was literally the entire point of my reply to you. If you believe that every throw that's ever made must be a bullet pass then we simply disagree on that. I think putting the right touch on the ball is far more effective.
Did we just get a compliment from bamatime or was there an unfortunate auto correct that just made it seem that way? But yes, we shot ourselves in the foot many times. That was our chance at a big time win and we simply blew it.
A quick release beats a swat, and drew has a quick release. Putting some touch on that ball is the difference between a decent gain and a costly turnover. In any case, a swatted pass is far better than an interception.
As upset as I am, I'm happy to know that our team is better than we thought. We quite literally gave the game to Georgia. They don't win without the silly mistakes and horsesh!t calls by referees. I think outside of poor play at cornerback we matched up pretty well with a team that was supposed to be light years ahead of us. The announcers seemed shocked at the blown calls..... the "fumble" by Albert after forward progress stopped, the "missed" field goal, the dropped ball at the goal line. Why the hell don't we have a pylon camera? Our 2 big mistakes were the blocked punt and the interception that bounced off Johnson. Drew needs to understand that he doesn't have to fire a howitzer to a dude 10 yards in front of him. I don't blame Johnson for that, when you look at how high that ball bounced off him you realize there was too much mustard on that throw.
Not trying to start a fight with Kentucky fans, but I find Benny Snell to be annoying. He has this cocky, arrogant attitude and I have a feeling State is going to shut him down.
Maybe we got away with one there, but as the article states, Mizzou took the ball right back down the field and ran out the clock in front of their goal line for a field goal. Whoever had the ball last was likely to win the game, it was just that kind of game. But just because it shouldn't have been overturned doesn't mean the dude actually caught it.
Jesus dude, are you serious? These articles are in no way disrespecting UGA. THey're simply pointing out what Mizzou needs to do to have any chance of winning the freakin game.
Drew could have a career day and still lose. Mizzou's defense will be laser focused on stopping the run game, which will allow Fromm to pick apart our crappy secondary when they do decide to throw it. (which will probably be 15 to 20 times at most, unless we're in a shoot-out) Im looking forward to the game, Mizzou tends to play UGA a little tougher than Dawg fans like to admit. 6 games in, we've won once and lost 2 that we could've won with a field goal. This UGA team is probably the best one yet though. Could get ugly early for Mizzou.
Because you're a delusional homer. I wouldn't take Fromm and Swift together for Drew Lock.
Apparently Lock can't be considered elite unless he plays for someone other than mizzou. His legacy is unfairly suffering because of the shortcomings on defense and the coaching staff. There isn't a team in the country that wouldn't trade their best player for Drew Lock.
LMAO. It's not a 50/50 ball when the QB delivers a perfect strike to a streaking receiver and the defender has zero chance of defending it cuz he's burnt like toast. I just rewatched the highlights from last years game....those weren't 50/50 throws by any stretch of the imagination.
I was legitimately nervous about that last kick. I was preparing for overtime. I also questioned Odom stopping the clock with 3 seconds remaining instead of 1 or 2. Just seemed like an unnecessary risk that the ball would clear without the clock hitting zero. If you watch the replay the ball hits the net before the clock runs out. Im not sure when they're supposed to stop the clock after a field goal but damn that was close.
Does the guy making the sandwich miss the bread when putting on the cheese sauce? Just kidding, good for him. But seriously though, quit missing field goals...
Yep, I'll own it. Realized the mistake after posting. As many have lamented, this site needs an edit button.
Starting this weekend, mizzou faces Georgia, south Carolina, and then Alabama. How does that not make the freaking list?
For the team as a whole, yes. But for the QB as an individual, very different. If you haven't noticed, our defense is pretty bad. If our defense held UGA to 14 points last year, does that suddenly change your perception of Lock's performance? If the answer is yes, then your previous comment should be retracted.
Mizzou's offense was different last year under Heupel. Basically a one trick pony. I wouldn't expect a similar game this time around.
Yep, I see his name and skip past his comment. Usually not worth reading.
I wonder if UGA has a cornerback with the balls to square up on a running back like Acy did.
This game will let us know where we're at as a team. I think mizzou can compete with (and beat) most teams in college football right now, but elite teams like Georgia are another story. We could lose by 40 points and it wouldn't necessarily mean mizzou is a bad team, it just means that elite teams are head and shoulders above everyone else. Since joining the sec we've beat Georgia, lost close games to Georgia, and gotten rolled by Georgia. It's tough to predict what kind of game we'll see on saturday but there's one thing that is certain - you can never look at last year and use it as an indicator for this year.
Because you can't seem to comprehend the fact that losing a game doesn't mean you played poorly.
And you're a garbage human being that your mother regrets sh!tting out.
The only East team I really thought was better than us was South Carolina, and they still may be but not by much. Kentucky is getting a little cocky and Im not sure it's warranted yet, but I guess they've got a lot of bottled up excitement that they've been storing away for decades and just need to pop that cork. I dont think they get past us.
haha. OK in hindsight I'd take Fatony and Albert O. over whoever UGA has at P and TE. Hall is talented but after dropping that TD against Purdue Im putting him in the dog house. Beckner might be our next best bet (until everyone else realizes that Chris Turner is the next Shane Ray)
Mizzou, Kentucky, and South Carolina seem to be grouped in the same area in most the polls I see. Seems like no one can tell if these teams are good or bad. I look forward to beating their asses to put the uncertainty about how to rank them to rest.
We've got you beat at QB. That's about it.