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"...the vast majority of guys who opt out of a familiar situation for an unfamiliar one are leaving for a good reason: Their prospects of remaining on the field in the former case were slim to none." "BUT THEY'RE QUITTERS!" ~ slobbering obnoxious spoiled college football brat-fans
Putting on my tinfoil hat here, I have to wonder who got to him. Who showed up and told him they'd give his family $100k. Even with teenagers, it's absurd to commit and then 5 days later change your mind. No one twisted his arm and forced him to commit to Mizzou in the first place, so why suddenly change your mind? Just seems odd, and I am certain that recruiting is dirty.
It means that Bamatime can't get enough neurons to work together to create a counter-argument, so he just posts the score of the game. He makes it easy on himself by just rooting for whoever the best teams are, and thereby just thinks he wins arguments by default simply because it says "roll tide" on his bib.
Running a 4-2-5 defensive scheme seems stupid when the position we are weakest at is defensive back. We have good linebackers, we should just run a 4-3. If we were LSU or Florida and CBs for days, then go for it. But we're getting destroyed when opponents pass the ball, may as well bring a LB and pressure the QB.
COMO is Columbia, MO. I assume SOCO is supposed to mean South Carolina.
You really haven't even made a coherent argument, at all. You initially stated there's "too much hilarity to unpack", then later admitted that all the games I mentioned were close games. Can't you just admit that you never actually had a point?
It sounds like you just need to google the definition of "moving the goalposts" because you don't even understand the words you are using. That's some hilariousness that needs unpacked. But to clarify, the games against UK, SC, and UGA were all close games that could've been won by Mizzou with one or two more defensive stops. The thing that UK and SC had in common was it took the final play of those games for Mizzou to lose. That's not 'moving the goalpost', since those are still part of my same argument. Try again.
So you're saying that prior to 4 years ago you did cry when your team lost? Or do you still cry, just haven't had to as much? I love football too, but a grown man shouldn't be crying. Punch a pillow or something.
I don't think it's a forgone conclusion that Arkansas will be better this year. Sure, most coaches improve in years 2 and 3, but that doesn't mean that Morris will. Some coaches just suck. Not saying he sucks, but there's nothing to go on right now.
"...with a nice bowl" Unlikely, even if we get the ridiculous ban overturned, the SEC can't help but match us up with a mediocre Big12 team regardless of good our record is. I am truly fed up with playing the Big12, and would die happy if we never had to again. (Other than Kansas, of course) Someone in a big office somewhere has it in their head that Mizzou fans want to compete against the Big12 in bowls. Give me the Big10 or ACC any day.
Kirby got lucky, UGA was a 9 or 10 win team when he took over, so he never had to rebuild. But he's turned a good team into a great team, and alot of coaches cant do that. I think he just needs a national championship or 2, ...and he'll be up there with Saban and Dabo.
I believe his offensive scheme was publicly criticized by some NFL team before the draft, and was equated to a high school offense. I don't know how much truth there is to that, but something is holding Auburn back from being as dominant as I think they can be.
No one twisted your arm and forced you to read this. If you're not interested, move along.
How did I move the goal posts? That logical fallacy isn't present in my statement. And what assumptions did I make??
I have talked far too much trash for us to lose to both SC and Kentucky. ;)
Any news on how Swinson is performing at TE? Is he not progressing or something? He was injured last year but should be healthy now, and Im surprised we're not hearing much. Scales and Parker shouldn't he above him in the rotation but clearly they are.
Being a Kentucky fan I am not surprised that you have grown accustomed to the taste of tears.
Sorry Kentucky, but you just used up your last cheat code when you stole that game from us last year. No more extra plays when the game has already ended. The streak against Mizzou and SC is remarkable, and certainly something to brag about, but it ends on both accounts this fall.
Just facts, hillbilly. Our defense stunk horribly and it still took SCar and Kentucky's very last play of the game to beat us. Nice dodge though, just LOL like a school girl and can't make an argument.
Joe has a serious stick up his @$$ about Mizzou. 90% of his comments are negative trash about Mizzou. He must've lost some money betting against us or something.
He had issues catching anything that wasn't a 40 yard over the shoulder bomb. Glad he got picked up in Tampa Bay, need to make the most of it!
I am curious if Auburn, South Carolina, and Georgia fans agree with this. I personally don't think Kirby Smart should be any less than 9 (I'd put him at 10). And are SCar fans really at a 4 with Muschamp? Auburn seems up and down on Malzahn.
I would agree, to an extent, that Kelly Bryant has helped put Mizzou in some conversations. But offense was not our problem, our defense is. And for the first time in 2 or 3 years I am optimistic that our defense can be average. Not great, but average. And if Mizzou can just be average, then we don't lose close games to Kentucky and SCar and UGA, etc. While it's nice to be ranked, I've been a Mizzou fan long enough to know that we tend to underperform when expectations are high.
Ol' Mizzou, I have about 2 years of history with some folks on this site. My comment wasn't out of the blue by any means, there is context that you're not aware of. Stick around long enough and you'll see.
Im hoping they're anticipating that, which is why Daniel Parker is still a TE instead of going back to DE. Also, I think Messiah Swinson could be a really good player.
Didn't take long for the racists to show up.
Just a hunch, but I am thinking they wanted the profile of the tiger's face to resemble Mizzou's tiger logo. In defense of the sculpture, it's a difficult thing to sculpt and cast a bronze statue. How often do we see a bronze bust of a famous person or athlete and it looks nothing like the person. It's just hard to capture a likeness in bronze.
Yeah, we stomped your @ss in Athens. That was fun. in '15 and '16 UGA escaped by the skin of their teeth. Last year you got a completely bogus fumble return for a TD that changed the game, along with a blocked punt. Otherwise the game was close as well. We play you guys closer than you'll admit. Don't give me the injury excuse, UGA has 4-star backups. No one is feeling sorry for you there.
Isn't Auburn more known for the war eagle thing? Just change to that already.