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With our experienced o line and the duo of Crocket and Rountree, we could be much better in 2018. We also don't know how much passing we'll do under Dooley.
LSUMC, how am i lacking integrity in this thread? I'm expressing an opinion, not lying about paying off porn stars and colluding with a foreign adversary to steal an election. Big difference.But moving on, to your point about getting beat out by a better competitor, I think that logic works in most cases but there are certain individuals, like Hurts, who don't deserve it. I personally would rather have Tua and I think he's the better player, but I dont think Hurts deserves to lose his starting job until he starts laying eggs on the field. As usual, Bamatime mischaracterizes my argument and twists it to mean something I clearly dont. Im saying that guys like Tua and Hurts can look at the landscape at elite schools and decide that going somewhere else would be best. For instance, LSU! Hurts would've had the job from day 1 and held it until he left in the draft after his senior year. Bama, UGA, FL, and TAMU get 5 star QBs constantly so it's just not a smart move to go there. It's not about competition. Only a fool would gamble with his future just because of some temporary pride.
I've always said that TAMU is a team to watch, and for whatever reason they've dropped the ball. I think all they need is an elite coach and now they have it. They have all the resources they need to take over the West and put Bama in the rearview mirror. If you're a West team you should worry about TAMU.
My comments have nothing to do with Missouri, at all. It's about players and their chances of starting on teams that are already stacked. It's amazing that you folks can't follow the logic of a conversation without accusing the commenter of implicit bias instead of responding to the actual argument. Typically that means you dont have a good enough argument to form a proper rebuttal. I'll take that as a win.
um, no. Eason didn't hypothetically lose his starting spot and transfer to Washington...that actually happened, hence my argument. Do you know what hypothetical means?
So LSUMC says he should transfer and you think that's totally fine! Completely reasonable! BUT WHAT ABOUT COMPETITION, BamaTime? Shouldn't he quit being such a pansy and just keep on truckin' at Bama?On the other hand, he could've chosen a different school from the beginning and not had to go through this whole charade of BS, waste his time and transfer to a school WHERE HE'LL START....you know, exactly like I suggested these kids do to begin with. But a LSU fan suggested it so it suddenly makes sense to you. I didn't realize you carried LSUMC's jockstrap. Does he take your lunch money too?
Gump, universities dont recruit teenagers to play intramurals. Schools start recruiting kids for football when they're 16, still living at home with mom and dad. The parents are involved and if they're worth a crap they'll be steering their kid towards the best decision. If you think the parents aren't involved you're insane. Im also very certain that playing intramurals doesn't lead to a career in pro sports making millions of dollars. Your point makes no sense whatsoever.Whether Saban cares or not is irrelevant, my entire point in everything I've said is the athletes need to be smarter about where they decide to play, lest they end up like Hurts or Eason. Getting stars in your eyes envisioning yourself as the hero at Ohio State may be the worst thing you can do.
And my point is that if Eason had chosen a school like Washington the first time around he'd be on his way to his 3rd starting season and possibly a high draft pick in 2019 draft. Instead he won't even see the field at the college level until 2019.
Bamatime, I would agree that Bama's backups are better than our starters in many areas, particular defensive secondary.Mountain Dog, I think the student athlete should be able to trust that the school they choose has their best interests at heart. Jacob Eason is an awesome QB. Is Fromm better? Maybe, but he's not so much better that Eason's career should be derailed over it. Now he has to transfer and sit a year before he can get back on the field, and he has UGA to thank for that. Fromm may get the same treatment here pretty soon.
UGARMYRET, but Im not wrong though. I dont really back down, not my style.
Bruce, it's cute that you think that just being in Saban's presence can transform someone into a NFL player, but that's just silly. Bama sends players to the NFL because they get most of the best recruits to begin with. These kids are super talented before Saban even knows their name. I dont doubt that Bama has a great program and develops players, but that's not why Bama is Bama. Having the top ranked recruiting class almost every year explains things far better than "developing players". But to my prior point, if you think there aren't good players riding the pine at Bama, you're nuts.
At the start of the 2017 NFL season Mizzou had 22 players in the NFL, which is ranked 36th out of all colleges in the country. Is that as good as LSU or Texas or USC or Clemson? No, but it's really not nearly as terrible as you want to make it seem.
Bamatime, none of my comments have suggested these players should go to mizzou instead. You're trying to make this about Mizzou and I'm just commenting about recruiting in general.
RT819, I'll restate my case since it seems to be lost on you guys. I am talking about the select few 4 and 5 star recruits FROM THE PERSPECTIVE of them and their families. I have no problems with competition and agree it makes players work harder. I'm simply saying that if my kid wanted to be a doctor I would want him to go to a school that best prepares him for that career. Only in med school you dont have to sit out of the class if the other students perform slightly better than you. If my kid wanted to play football in the NFL, Id want him to choose a school that gives him the best chance to play and I'd be pretty pissed off if Saban came to my home begging me to send my kid there, and then benched him for the other kid he asked to come there a year later. Take off your fanboy goggles and think about it from a human perspective and maybe it'll make sense.
I am solely talking about the select few elite 4 and 5 star players who all choose to go to the same schools despite the fact that the roster is already full of talent at their position. If a 2 star guy beats out a 3 star guy at Mizzou it's not the same thing. Those guys most likely didnt have a future in football anyway. Like I said, nothing wrong with competition but for those unique highly recruited athletes to ride the bench because they "lost the competition", it's ridiculous.
Are you really that short sighted? NFL scouts can't scout you if you aren't playing. College coaches may not always get it right, and with Bama's roster it's a certainty that talented players are not seeing the field. While other positions might rotate out, that doesn't happen at QB, so losing that job is a dagger in the back. Hurts has his best football in front of him as a junior and senior, and he'll be robbed of showcasing his development at Bama. I think that's a tragedy and he deserves better.
Yeah, I dont remember Brad Smith or Chase Daniel or Blaine Gabbert or Maty Mauk* or Drew Lock having to lose their spots to younger guys who were brought in to "compete".*Maty Mauk was a coke addict and was kicked off the team
And it's also not shocking that only UGA and Bumma fans are butthurt about my comment. Stacking 4 and 5 star talent is great for you, but for the kids who dont get to play it's not such a great thing.
You guys are just fan boys and you fail to look at it from the perspective of the student athlete or the parent. There's nothing wrong with competition especially on a football team. But for those select few 4 and 5 star athletes you should really think twice about having to "compete" for a starting job when you absolutely should be a starting player. Anyone can have a bad game or a bad practice, imagine losing your entire future because another player may have temporarily performed better than you. If your kid was a 5 star talent, would you want him to go to a school where guys like Nick Saban could care less what happens to them after they graduate and continues to bring in guys who might take your spot? Jalen Hurts is a good player, 26-2 with a championship and will probably lose his job because Tua threw one TD pass in overtime. As a parent I'd be pretty pissed off. College football isnt the NFL, these kids choose to go to a school where they're subject to rules that restrict their choices. Once they sign, they pretty much have to stay there or sit out a year to transfer.Sure, if I had one tooth and cheered for Bama I'd be hollering about "competition" too, because as a worthless fanboy it would serve my interests to have tons of good players at every position on my favorite team. But since Im not, and I care about the players, I think they should make wiser decisions about their future.
Prime example of why you should never trust a team that continues to recruit elite athletes at your position. I just wonder how many former athletes are working day jobs instead of playing in the NFL right now because they rode the bench at a designer school rather than being a star somewhere else. The same thing is going to play out in Florida and Georgia here in the next year or two. Mark my words.
I dunno man. 1 time in 150 years doesn't seem like it makes us experts on it.
I think Mizzou will be better last year. Whether or not that translates to a better record is another story. I think we can get to 7 wins, maybe 8.
Bama Baby never responded...Im just SHOCKED! Shocked, I tell you.
Mizzou is going to march into Tuscaloosa and stomp Saban's ass, will be ugly for the Tide. The West will be Auburns in 2018.
LOL, says the guy who CANT LET GO of the hunger strike from 3 years ago. We can't talk about our good years but apparently the one bad thing that ever happened to us is fair game to be brought up in every conversation from now to eternity. You're an idiot and a hypocrite.
Remember TROY! Mizzou isn't the only SEC school that occasionally loses to worse teams, but at least Purdue is a pretty good Big Ten team and not F'ing Troy. If you want to bash a team for a bad loss, start with LSU. Ass.
NOt at all, in fact I'll give him the chance to prove me wrong. So go ahead Bama Baby, enlighten us. What EXACTLY are you referring to when you say that Missouri is an embarrassment to the SEC. Go ahead, I'll wait. Am I reading too much between the lines? maybe, but lets be honest, if it weren't for the incident on mizzou's campus in 2015 we wouldn't be hearing these statements that we're an "embarrassment" and we dont fit in with "southern culture". Again, Im happy to be proven wrong, but you know Im not.
It always cracks me up to see these comments because everyone knows it's a veiled racist comment intended to point out that we don't fit in with southern culture. I have some tough news for you, most universities are pretty liberal including southern universities. It's just what happens when you put a bunch of highly educated people together. As for the state of Missouri, we're a very red state with Trump supporters as far as the eye can see. As far as pots and kettles, I'll let you and your fellow mouth breathers figure out which is which.