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If this is true, Mizzou fans need to follow Tennessee's example and f#ckin mutiny until Mcelwain crawls back into his hole. Absolutely horrible idea to hire that turd.
Odom should learn from Saban. Saban realizes that players get complacent when they think they can mail it in and still win. I literally posted a comment last week about this, I said "as soon as they start talking about us, we go down like the hindenberg". And that's what happened. There's something in the water at Mizzou, they CANNOT handle success and it doesn't matter what coaches or players are there. You have to get your team ready to play everybody, whether it's bama or Cupcake U.
...and then went to Ohio State, won tons of games including a national championship. Meyer is an elite coach.
Coaching is only half the story. I actually didnt see the whole game, but what I did see was Vanderbilt completely owning the line of scrimmage on both sides of the ball. Which is odd because that was supposed to be Mizzou's strength. I think we can put this one on the players, though you can make the argument that Odom simply can't prepare his team to win on the road. If you can't go to Wyoming or Vandy and win, good luck winning anywhere else.
Red and black is hit or miss. I dont like the Arizona Cardinals look or Louisville at all, but I think UGA pulls it off.
It's a tiger head, looking to the right. Which isn't all that different than, say, an alligator head looking to the right. Explain yourself.
I understand that, just disagree with it. Most of the greatest teams to ever play have their names on the back. Not only does it look dumb, it just feels petty.
You're not keeping me from enjoying it. But you seem to insinuate that they shouldn't exist simply because you don't enjoy them. Fans dont need hype videos, they're just meant to be entertaining and to build excitement while we wait for the real thing. It's like party favors, they're not necessary but it's a nice touch and shows you went the extra mile.
As for uniforms, one thing that bothers me is when they don't put the name on the back of the jersey. Schools like Penn State and USC could have better uniforms if they put the names on the back. If you're watching a game and you're not familiar with the team, it's harder to know who the players are. It's just a way for the college to take away a player's opportunity to promote themselves and keep the focus on the school, which is sad. Plus it's a point of pride for the player, to make their family proud. Also, I prefer the traditional look for the numbers on the jersey. Im not a big fan of Mizzou's number style. The slanted font just doesn't feel like football, but overall I like Mizzou's look. They have their weeks where they mix weird colors that don't work, but sometimes they really nail it. The white helmets are almost always killer.
Yeah, I don't understand why people get mad about hype videos and uniforms. Mizzou actually gives a damm about their fans and they put in some effort to get people excited about the game. If you don't like it, feel free to move along and let others enjoy it.
That's funny because the link I posted proving my point is also under moderation. You should call into Paul Finebaum today and ask him for me. Unfortunately I lack the proper southern drawl so I don't think he'd talk to me.
Ole Miss needs to give Plumlee the keys and turn him loose. That kid was hard to stop, and he's only going to get better. Not sure how Ole Miss got him and Matt Corral, but the 2 QB thing isn't going to work for very long. I actually felt relieved every time Matt Corral came on the field, even though he made several plays as well. I thought Plumlee's passing was pretty good for a freshman, just needs the starting reps to keep improving.
Again, please cite a source on that. I've found nothing that indicates what you're saying is true.
Do you have a source to cite on that? I am genuinely asking because the things I've read say that the ban is stayed during the appeal process. I just reviewed an NCAA document that states that if you are appealing specific punishments, the those punishments are stayed until the infractions committee makes a decision.
Agreed, the schedule makes it easier. But that's true for all teams. Alabama plays SC and Tennessee from the East, making their schedule pretty easy as well. Last year we drew Bama from the West and took the L, but a W against a SEC foe would have tied us for 2nd in the East with you guys and Kentucky.
Mizzou is currently NOT banned from post-season, and should not be treated as such. During an appeal you're not subjected to the punishment. If our appeal is denied, we will be banned at that time.
That comparison between Richt and Smart is really interesting. Richt had 2 more wins and no losses at home to scrubs. But Kirby took them to a national championship game, and some of UGA's losses are in the playoffs against the best out there. I think Richt is a better coach than UGA fans will be willing to admit, but I'd still rather have Kirby.
Not even an honorable mention for Mizzou from the coaches.
No, those rocks are from the original stadium that was torn down in 1927. I suppose it's possible rocks have been replaced over the years. But as I understand it, those are the original rocks. Another Mizzou fan might be able to shed some light on that. Every year the seniors on the football team choose a rock to keep after the season ends. Long story short, the rocks are significant.
Why would you think we're unlikely to succeed? Normally I wouldn't have much faith in the NCAA to do the right thing, but as it turns out Mississippi State recently had the exact same issue and got a slap on the wrist. It seems to me that it would be pretty egregious for them to treat 2 universities completely differently.
I will give Odom credit, this game had me nervous even in the 4th quarter. I kept thinking this was the game where we lose it at the end despite being up the whole game. But the team held on. That's progress. Plumlee is going to be a problem and I am glad we don't have to face that dude again any time soon. I think if they kept Corral on the sideline, they might have walked about with a win. They need to trade Matt Corral for some extra draft picks. In all seriousness, I expect to see one of those guys in the transfer portal within a year.
Just how we like it. Once they start talking about us, we go down like the hindenburg.
Derek Mason seems like a good coach because when he's on camera he seems like he could motivate Paul Finebaum to take out Connor McGregor in the octagon. But it's not translating to the field for some reason. No one expects vandy to really compete in the SEC outside of 2 or 3 conference wins, but they should beat the cupcakes at this point in the season. It's not like it's game 1 and the team is learning to gel (Mizzou at Wyoming). I think Mason is gone after this year.
Not sure how I feel about this. At the end of the day, it's probably vandalism in some form and opposing teams shouldn't damage the property. If opposing teams tried to take rocks from the rock M, Mizzou fans would lose their sh!t too so I get it. But it's just a hedge, and it'll regrow. And it does make for a cool souvenir for beating a great team at a great venue. Maybe just make it a thing, if you beat UGA in Athens you can take some hedge when you leave.
LSU should be sliding into the #3 spot, unless they decide to keep Ohio State there.
Rankings are significant. These crotchety old men don't seem to comprehend the significance of being ranked, but thankfully their opinion doesn't influence the polls.
I doubt we'll see many more QBs like Plumlee, though if Bowden keeps playing QB at Kentucky we could very well have our hands full with another running QB.