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Watched some of his highlights, kid can sling it. Nice tight spiral. He can run too. Its nice to know we'll be competitive at QB for the next 3 years.
If Mizzou had played the 2nd half of the UGA game like we did the first half, we might've beat them. I don't expect us to beat Bama or UGA next season, but everyone else needs to pack a lunch and expect a battle.
I'm not sure what you're referring to with Witter. I'm sure he's a good kid and a hard worker, but I'd expect any starting RB to be a hard worker. I just didn't see him running like Crocket or Hansbrough or Josey or Murphy, etc.Larry Rountree had 62 less carries than Witter yet scored the same amount of TDs and had the same average of 5.6 yards per carry.... as a freshman. Witter was a senior and was getting shown up. You might consider 6 TDs an over achievement but I find it mediocre. We need better.
A&M could really be dominant with Fisher in charge, the potential is scary.
I'm not disagreeing with you, but even BAMA didn't win the West last season and they have the best coach in history and always have a top recruiting class. Dan Mullen does wonders with QBs, and Franks was a top recruit. He might turn out to be pretty good, who knows. Mizzou came out of nowhere in 2013 and nearly went undefeated (damn overtime loss to SC...)As for Drew Lock leaving, he made a great decision to stay. He was a projected late round pick this year, but could potentially be a top tier first rounder in 2019 draft. He just put millions in his pocket. Dooley has a lot to prove and Odom's job security is resting on that hire. If we start out flat again I can't see either of them coming back in 2019.
Just imagine how many championships any given Power 5 school could claim if they played UCF's lousy schedule. If ANY SEC school played they're schedule every year they'd have it made in the shade. Sure, they beat Auburn. Other than that they're braggin about beating Memphis a couple times.... MEMPHIS! Apparently beating Memphis sets the standard for being a national champ.
UGA had a roster full of talent and all they needed was a head coach. Sounds an awful lot like what Florida will be in 2018, they've GOT the talent and we know Mullen is a great coach. I think UGA is certainly the team to beat in 2018 but I'm not sure it's "in the bag" quite yet. SC and TN could be much better as well and I'm not going to write them off. Even Mizzou could be a dark horse next year with our NFL QB coming back.
I think we'll improve on offense, I was never very impressed with J'mon moore or Ish Witter. I think the defensive guys might be harder to replace, our secondary is pretty shabby.
Mizzou didn't come to the SEC to watch some supposed "blue bloods" own the division every year. We have ups and downs, recently down due to overcoming some adversity. We might surprise some folks in 2018. South Carolina could be pretty good for the foreseeable future as well. UGA will be tough to beat and FL looks to be in good shape. Not sure TN will be good any time soon, we'll see I guess. They've lost to Mizzou 5 times in 6 years.
The East is always fun to see who emerges at the end. It's tough to think anyone but Georgia will win it though. I'm certainly not interested in having "Bama East" win it every year. South Carolina could be pretty good though. There's no telling what Mizzou will look like next season, we've got a ton of starters coming back, including Drew Lock, but we don't even know what kind of offense we're running yet. J-Drop Moore is gone so hopefully we'll see better play at WR. Odom needs to get our D-Line back to harassing QBs again or D-Line Zou could be a thing of the past.
Bama won the natty so no point in debating it. Whether they deserved to be there is another question...
Finishing in the top half of the SEC is pretty awesome considering we had the worst start in our history. Not sure if that says more about us, or the state of the SEC.
All they are doing is trying to grab headlines in hopes to bring attention to their pathetic little school. It's like a baby crying in the theater, sure they have everyones attention but they're annoying and just need a diaper change. no-one thinks you're cool, UCF. Go away.
The only thing I see him switching to is running back, and he'll be competing against Najee and Damien. In other words, he's still screwed at Alabama.
Also, There are no "terrible draft grades". They give you 3 grades: 1st round, 2nd round, or return to school. Lock was advised top return.
I mostly agree, but winning those games means, at least, that we're better than those teams. In other words, we're not very good, but we could be worse.
Its hard to be perfect all season long, you're going to have a bad week. If Ohio State played Iowa 10 times, they probably win 8 times. And if they're truly inferior, then the top 4 should win...right? So what's the problem?
Anyone who thinks the regular season would be diminished by adding 4 more teams to the playoff is a moron. YOU STILL HAVE TO PLAY ELITE FOOTBALL TOP BE IN THE TOP 8!! It just puts more elite teams in the competition so we don't end up with some committee's subjective champion. It seems like some of these writers forget that teams 5 through 8 still had amazing seasons, losing 1 or 2 games only. The stupidity is infuriating.
Nah, no-one considers State a middle pack team. Bottom feeders sounds more like it.
I'm reserving judgment on DD until we see what we have. Sure, he sucked at TN, no doubt. But you know what? Nick Saban wasn't "Nick Saban" at Toledo or Michigan State or even LSU. He didnt start winning championships until his 4th head coaching job, with Alabama. DD has surely learned some things in the past few years. Like I said before, I'm not excited about this hire. But I'm not going to crucify him until he shows us he deserves it. And Odom really can't afford to F this up either, he should know he's on thin ice.
Look at it like this; imagine a race between a NASCAR stock car and a whole bunch of Ford Mustangs. Sure, the Ford Mustangs are nice, maybe even fast. But to give the driver of the stock car credit for winning that race is just kind of silly, there was no way he could lose. It's the same with Bama, you are 3 deep with the best players in the country and, to be honest, winning there just isn't that impressive. Let's see him win a natty with lesser talent, which is the TRUE mark of a great coach. You have to develop players, have a great system, and manage a program through the adversity. That's why I think Chris Peterson at Washington may be one of the best coaches in football, he just wins no matter what he has. Saban can't say that. Sad but true.
No doubt about it, Drew Lock is the face of Mizzou next season. Dooley better not f this up, we've got good players. Coaches need to set them up to succeed.
Not really. The only thing Saban has proved is he can win championships when he has all the best players. He sucked in the NFL.
He should go to the NFL. Prove he can do it at the next level, and get out of belicheks shadow. He'll always be known as Belichek's assistant.
Bama is in the same position they're always in. Kanell is a stooge. Paul finebaum could be bama's QB and they'd still be a contender.