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What the hell are you talking about? Mizzou fans called him a douchbag and moved on. The incident was brought up TO DREW LOCK AT SEC MEDIA DAYS....and then SDS POSTED ARTICLES ABOUT IT. SO we called him a douchbag again, and moved on. You made a mountain out of a mole-hill, which i previously called you out for, and you continue to do so.
The incident was widely covered at the time both here on SDS and on ESPN after the bowl game. I wouldn't expect a fan from another school to remember it so your request for a reference is fair. You can search it on Youtube.
Bunker Buster, I simply can't understand your point of view here. A college coach at one of the most recognizable colleges in the country is on TV, during a bowl game, mocking an opposing player from the sideline. Almost every college player celebrates on the field, but what you dont see happening is the head coach on the opposite sideline acting like a child and mocking him. It's not about Drew Lock's dance, it's about Tom Herman being a dipsh&t. By all means, if you have evidence that this is common practice and highly esteemed then please let us know where we can verify that. Otherwise Mizzou fans, and all other sensible adults, will continue the believe that Tom Herman is a petulant child.
There were only 2 Mizzou fans in the whole thread, and most of their comments had nothing to do with Drew's dance. Not sure where you fell off the wagon but maybe try again. For the record, Drew's dance is idiotic and I wish he'd never do that again. But if he throws 44 TDs I can live with it.
As if that's solely and only my opinion. I've heard countless coaches echo similar sentiments, it's ALWAYS better to have your starter identified early so they can get the starting reps in practice. That's not exactly rocket science. The more you talk, the less you seem to know about football. Does the asylum staff know you've wandered outside the facility?
Bama lost to a team that lost to UCF, i guess they are the national champion.
Im no college coach, but if I were I'd want to have my starter identified in the spring so that I could spend all summer and fall with him working with the starters. They're only hurting themselves by not giving Tua the keys right now. Besides, Jalen wouldn't transfer at this point anyway, he'd have to do it basically right now or he'd be sitting out for quite a while. May as well get a degree at Bama and play somewhere else as a graduate transfer. It's obvious this is what Lane is referring to, which is why Saban isn't telling Jalen he won't start.
What are you laughing about? Technically every team Bama plays is "worse than them", so is it somehow a knock against your team for being the better team now? Sooner or later you and LSUMC are going to realize how stupid your point is. It's like saying "OMG Mizzou sucks so bad because they were better than the teams they beat!" Get a clue, guys.
Is it a smart move by Saban or a jerk move by Saban? I don’t think anyone actually believes that he hasn’t already made up his mind on who he wants to start, but he’s pretending as though it’s a competition so he can keep his depth. Everyone knows that Saban uses the media as a megaphone to speak to his players and recruits. The message was for Tua and Jalen, not the media. “Please dont transfer! I need quality on my bench or I might actually have to out-coach my opponents rather than relying on talent alone”. Some coaches beat you with Xs and Os. Saban wins with Jimmys and Joes.
We agree, that isn't debatable. What I think you keep ignoring is the other indisputable fact that Mizzou clearly was playing better football the 2nd half of the season. It's a silver lining if nothing else and the schedule is what it is. I wish we had played South Carolina and Purdue in November, we'd have had 2 more wins.
If this were the first time Herman has been a douchbag you would have a point, but mocking a college player during a bowl game showed a bit of his character so it's not hard to believe that he's just a total man-child.
LSUMC... LSU lost to Troy and beat that awful Florida team by 1 point. Auburn basically UCF'd it against LSU. TAMU lost to UCLA and Wake Forest last year, their only decent win was South Carolina. South Carolina had a nice win vs. NC State but aside from that, not a super impressive season. I think if you want to nit pick everyone's schedule last year you might find several SEC teams worse or barely better than Mizzou. That's ancient history though, we're less than 2 months from a fresh start. Lets move on.
Nah, save the tissues for the gator fans when Mizzou beats their ass again next year.
Dooley may have sucked at TN as a head coach but we dont know anything about his OC abilities. FL probably thinks Will Muschamp sucks, yet he's turned SC into an East contender. Lock seems to be pretty excited about him, and it's a big reason he stayed at Mizzou instead of going pro. We'll see how things go, but if and when he beats TN I wonder how the Vol fans will react.
Is their schedule really more difficult than ours? They're an elite team and the toughest teams they play are LSU and Auburn. Mizzou has to play them (UGA) and Bama in Tuscaloosa. Other than that it's SEC East teams and cupcakes for opponents, same for both teams. Georgia Tech may be better than Arkansas, we don't know yet.
One credit to Finebaum, he's never really backed down from Saban.
"It's always cold in Missouri". Ummm...no. The last Mizzou game I attended, we had to leave at half-time because my wife and kids were roasting alive in near 100 degree heat. But yes, in November in the Midwest, the season changes and it gets colder. You know...because winter and stuff. Cece Jefferson may have a rude awakening if he ever plays in the NFL. Not all your games will be played in the comfy warmth of Florida. Can you imagine this crybaby playing in Green Bay or Foxborough in December?
Herman continues to prove himself to be a childish ass.
I have a feeling we're going to see a ton of fair catches on kickoffs now. Im not sure the 10 second runoff after an instant replay is really very fair to the game. A losing team may need that time and it's not their fault the refs have to use replay to get a call right. They have to burn a timeout to stop it. That's dumb.
Well most Georgia fans can't count past 10 so that might be the source of your troubles.
When are you going to change your name to TAMUTime?
TAMU will be the new Bama here pretty soon. Bama fans will start chanting "We want TAMU". Or more likely the Bama fans will become TAMU fans.
There seems to be more Missouri football fans in K.C. than St Louis. St Louis is mostly a baseball town but also have competition with all the Illinois teams. K.C. is rabid for the Chiefs and baseball is kind of an afterthought. There's very little competition from kU fans, aside from their alumni.
I was mostly referring to the last 6 years, since we joined the SEC. But that's cool that we stomped Bama back in the 70's. Didn't know that.
Im confident my reputation on this site speaks for itself and no-one is taking you seriously. You're well-known as the village idiot here on SDS. I've never lied, but you have on multiple occasions misunderstood simple english and twisted my statements. You probably get into arguments with the directions on a packet of Ramen Noodles and accuse it of lying. SAD!
Some of these were pretty funny. For those who don't like the lighter side of sports writing, maybe take a Xanax or two.
Mountain Dog....Im not crowing or bragging about Mizzou as though we're some powerhouse. On the flip side im trying to stop this asinine narrative that we're the "laughing stock" of the SEC. No, we're not as good as UGA nor would I ever pretend to be, but Im sick of idiots making this case that we're some kind of pathetic doormat. We've proven we're not yet we still have ass clowns who think Mizzou is like Vandy or Kentucky. Use your head and quit taking offense when you know it's not offensive. You're usually more level headed, be better.