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I don't have a problem with sending out so many offers. It's a numbers game and you may not end up with a very good class if you dont. And scholarship offers don't have to be binding. Academic scholarships can be revoked if you don't get the grades, so likewise sports scholarships shouldnt be binding if the athlete isn't good enough. Also, I would think that getting a scholarship offer at a young age would be a motivating factor for the kid to do well. He would know that his grades and performance can jeopardize his offer. Might also keep them out of legal trouble.
Wolfman, unfortunately the results on the field betray your argument. The schools that get all the 4 star and 5 star rated athletes are the schools that end up in the top 15 EVERY SINGLE YEAR. I agree that the star rating system is flawed, imperfect, and can't possibly accurately predict the liklihood of success for every single high school football player in America. However, if what you are saying is true, we should see a lot more parity in college football. Teams should come out of nowhere on an annual basis and compete for championships. Instead we get the same playoff every year. Bama, Clemson, Ohio State, Oklahoma, UGA, and the few others who've sniffed it. Saban is a good coach but he isn't winning all the time because he's smarter than everyone else. He simply has better players, and when another team has equal players (Clemson) Saban loses.
Really? Odom was 2 plays away from being a 10 win coach with one of the toughest schedules last year. Throwing him in the basement doesn't seem fair to the job he's done. People forget Mizzou was a dumpster fire in 2015 before he took over. Last year He destroyed 2 of the coaches you just grouped him with.
I wish Odom was a better recruiter, and sometimes his game management decisions are questionable....but I think he's done very well bringing Mizzou back to an 8 win team. His game management cost him a couple wins, easily could've been a 10 win coach in the SEC. Maybe he deserves to be a little higher on the list, Id swap him and Moorhead.
Mizzou is famous for having the integrity to immediately take corrective actions against the students and tutor who cheated. Saying mizzou cheated is just plain idiocy and ignorant. If Mizzou was really guilty they would've buried it and not cooperated. Moron.
and just to add, Kelly Bryant played a better game against Syracuse in 2017 than Trevor Lawrence did in 2018. Had their running back not scored a TD with 40 seconds left on the clock, Lawrence would've also lost to Syracuse. Syracuse seems to bring their A-game against Clemson.
If Bryant gets the blame for losing that game, fine. But I guess he should also get the credit for beating #13 Auburn, #14 Louisville, #12 Virginia Tech, #20 NC State, #24 South Carolina, and #7 Miami that year.
Congrats to SCar on this recruiting class, shaping up to be a top 10 class.
If people in Manhattan, KS want to think of him as "legendary", go for it. However, just because Snyder coached there forever doesn't mean he's legendary. Legendary coaches win things. K-State hasn't won anything that I can remember.
I have literally never heard of Lamar. I say TAMU try to make it interesting and just let freshman play.
On a list of 5 towns, Adam lists 3 cities in Tennessee....and a Tennessee fan still b i t c h e s about it. (Memphis was listed as a pro for living in Oxford). Get a grip, TrashCan. Im Sure Athens, GA is a really great town, and this list is subjective and entirely Adam's opinion. (Maybe re-read the question that he was asked!)
I actually like the Aggies chances in this one. Should be a good game.
It's always a fight with you. Why can't you just have a conversation?
...and when was the last time a back up QB was taken in the first round of the draft?! Apples and oranges. A "back up" running back still gets a significant amount of playing time in big games. That doesn't happen with QBs. I know you know you're wrong, stop being a douche.
Or maybe he'd like to go to the NFL instead of ride the bench at Transfer U.
He didnt seem particularly fast or agile in the video. Just seemed like he was bigger and stronger than the defenders. I'll take a bruiser any day, just need to make sure he's not just a big fish in a small pond.
Just needs to ask himself if he wants to go to a school where he'll be THE MAN for 3 or 4 years, or does he want to go to Transfer U. (UGA, Bama, Clemson, etc.)
Keep thinking that. Kentucky just finished 2nd and Mizzou could be really good this fall
I believe the ACC only gets those games under certain circumstances. From wikipedia: Currently, the Citrus bowl has tie-ins with the SEC and the Big Ten, holding the first selection after the CFP selection process for both conferences. Since the formation of the CFP, the Citrus Bowl has a chance to occasionally host an ACC team, replacing the Big Ten representative. This will happen the years in which the Orange Bowl is not a CFP semi-final game and selects a Big Ten team to match against their ACC team. This happened following the 2016 season, as the Orange Bowl was not a CFP semi-final and invited Michigan of the Big Ten to face Florida State of the ACC; the Citrus Bowl then invited Louisville of the ACC to face LSU of the SEC.[6] The next year, Wisconsin was invited to the Orange Bowl, so the SEC's LSU was pitted against Notre Dame, who received an invite in lieu of an ACC team
I'd say Michigan should be #1 and Notre Dame #2. Alabama could go years without making a playoff and Saban wouldn't lose his job, not seeing the pressure there. They've been spoiled rotten. On the other hand, I think Michigan has had expectations that Harbaugh would get them a championship, and they're coming off a strong season. I think they have their eyes set on the prize next year, and will be disappointed with anything less. Notre Dame had a perfect season and got squashed by Clemson in the playoff. They are going to have extremely high expectations next year and a first round exit from the CFP wont go over well.
Nice, the SEC will finally play the PAC12 (Vegas Bowl). SEC (10 bowls) 2020-25 lineup: Sugar vs. Big 12 Citrus vs. Big Ten Las Vegas vs. Pac-12/Belk vs. ACC Outback vs. Big Ten Texas vs. Big 12 Gator vs. ACC Music City vs. Big Ten Liberty vs. Big 12 Birmingham vs. American Gasparilla vs. American
I just looked and he did have an offer from Tennessee. He also had offers from Alabama, Auburn, Georgia, LSU, Texas, Michigan, Nebraska, and TAMU, among many others. I agree with most of what you said, but this guy was on a lot of radars, which is odd for a 3 star kid. Hope he's a stud.
And we've moved up one spot in the SEC recruiting rankings, climbing all the way up to number 12!
Not true, bamatime. Fans know when they got away with a missed call.
I dont think he can just come out and say that the officials are crap. He's being political about it, he doesn't want to make a public statement that delegitimizes the results of games in the SEC. It says the firm is reviewing the officiating, not how the commentators talked about the officiating. And honestly, the analysts are usually right.
Mizzou vs Arkansas has been on Friday the last few years. Are you certain it was "originally scheduled" for that Saturday? I have a feeling you have your facts wrong there as Friday seems to be the preferred day for this game.
Im not "acting" like it, Sankey is. Hence him hiring a firm to review it. And I just happen to agree with the masses that the officiating isn't up to snuff. Im glad everything is perfect in Bama-world, but the rest of us would prefer better refs.
Despite what Sankey says publicly, I think he's privately annoyed with the officiating and needs this to support a future decision to make changes. When the announcers are scratching their heads during a game, it's not a good look for your conference.
I said D-Line, not pass rusher. Im aware the article is discussing pass rushers, i made a larger point regarding our D line. We've had at least one or more big names on our line for the past several years (DTs and D-ends combined).