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The conference championship games in 2007 and 2013 remain my most painful memories. Winning those games would have put us in national championship games, but it wasn't to be. Despite the disappointment, those were amazing seasons. We're due for another run, Drink will get us there.
If the alternative is no football, then I'm all for it. It might actually be interesting to see if summer makes a difference in game attendance.
Supposedly he's a great recruiter, but this guy puts me to sleep every time I hear him talk. I don't understand the appeal, he must behave differently when cameras aren't rolling.
Last year they had no QB and still had a great season. I wish Stoops would just find another job already, I'm sick of losing to them!
2013 SEC championship game, Mizzou vs Auburn. Auburn outlasted us at the end of the game unfortunately, but had Mizzou won we would have played for the national championship. Big thanks to Adam Spencer for being a voice for Mizzou when no one else will. The cold shoulder we get from the media and fans has tarnished my appreciation for the SEC.
Don't worry brooches, despite the fact that it flew right over bamatimes head, I understood what you meant. LMAO, dude legitimately thought you were saying this was an official SEC sanctioned list. That's typical though. He always misunderstands, then hurls insults about Mizzou when he can't defend himself. It would be comical but my momma tought me not to laugh at "special" people.
Top 10 is probably an over statement. I think he'll do well though.
I have a hard time thinking of MPjr as a Mizzou guy. He contributed next to nothing for the tigers due to injury, then went pro. All he did was wear the Jersey.
Everyone wants to add to the list, and seeing as we didn't get a single person on the list, I guess I'll throw some names in the hat. Mitch Morse On March 13, 2019, signed a four-year $44.5 million contract with the Buffalo Bills, making him the highest-paid center in the league at the time. Connor McGovern just signed a three-year, $27 million contract with $18 million in guarantees with the Jets. Drew Lock has some work to do, but he'll be on this list next year. Probably top 10.
I think all the new coaches are going to really suffer from this. They can't recruit, they can't have spring practice or a spring game, they can't teach their system, they can't really even get a feel for what kinds of dudes they have on the roster. If Arkansas has it worse, it's only because they're the worst team in the SEC...and they play in the West. Even if Arkansas vastly improves under Pittman, will we even be able to tell? We're all in a pickle, Arkansas doesn't get to say they have it worse than the rest of us.
Those scam pop-ups only happen to me when I use Chrome on this site. I have to use the Samsung internet browser app on my android to look visit SDS.
While we're on the subject of terrible voices, Jim Rome's voice makes me want to gouge my eardrums with an ice pick. Dude is obnoxious.
Still waiting for you to make an actual argument, instead all you can do whine and and insult me. The funniest part is that you somehow think I'm insulting drew Lock and you're all butthurt about it. I love Lock, he's an elite QB. Easily my 2nd choice of all Mizzou QBs. But again I ask, which passing records does Lock hold over Daniel?
Dartha you defeated your own point. True, not all conferences are equal, so a 3 loss LSU team could be better than a 1 loss Pac 12 team. Without automatic bids you don't have a fair way to assess the competition between the conferences. Every conference deserves an opportunity to send their best team or teams to the playoff and let the chips fall where they fall.
I think Taylor Powell has played his last snap at QB for Mizzou. I think he'll be 3rd string at best this year, and I think he'll be behind Bazelak, Cook, and Macon in 2021. He's still young, I believe he'll be a junior this year. If he's interested in being a starter, he needs to transfer. I forgot Micah Wilson was even on the roster, I don't expect to see much out of him at WR.
The obvious thing hasn't even been mentioned yet. The playoffs need to be expanded to at least 8 teams. Otherwise we are going to see the exact same playoffs on an annual basis. We're almost always getting Bama, Clemson, Ohio State, Oklahoma, and occasionally the 2nd best SEC team or a surprise from the PAC12. I love college football but watching Clemson and Bama every single year is getting old. Here's my short list: 1) Expand the playoffs 2) End the one and done targeting rule 3) Allow ADs in a conference to veto a ruling by the NCAA 4) End the transfer punishment, allow student athletes to play and study wherever they wish. 5) Change the film angles for TV audiences to allow fans to actually watch a play develop instead of only getting to watch the QB. Many of the big-time games already offer the birds eye view and I would love to see every game from that view. Currently, you have no idea who is open and who isnt, you can't tell if the QB is making good decisions or missing open guys, you can't see what the defense is doing, where the safeties are sitting or the scheme, etc. The QB-focused side-line view doesn't allow fans to truly get a sense of the game, which is sad.
After reading his comment I was shocked that a SEC fan wasn't clamoring to have Mizzou removed from the conference. But it seems he's either trolling UT or he's a fake account stirring the pot.
It's more of a shame how you are oblivious to the fact that there's a huge difference between a college QB and a pro QB. Tim Tebow ring any bells, genius? Amazing college players aren't always good in the NFL. Lock would not have started over Daniel at Mizzou, but he would in Denver.
Feel free enlighten us on which records Lock holds outside of the 44 TDs in a season. I think the world of drew Lock and I am certain he's a better pro prospect than Chase. But in college, Chase was better. More yards, more TDs, more wins. Case closed.
When you dominate at the 6A level, you must be talented. I think this guy could be special. The QB room at Mizzou is getting crowded. Bazelak, Cook, and Macon are going to heat up the competition and it looks like the future is bright at that spot.
Is that so? Considering Lock had more starts yet less wins than Daniel, I think you might be wrong there. But lets look at other numbers, shall we? Mizzou Record holders; Passing Yards: 1) Chase Daniel, 12,515 2) Drew Lock, 12, 193 Single Season: 1) Chase Daniel, 4,335 2) Chase Daniel, 4,306 3) Drew Lock, 3,964 Passing TDs: 1) Chase Daniel, 101 2) Drew Lock, 99 Single Season TDs: 1) Drew Lock 44 2) Chase Daniel 39 3) Chase Daniel 33 4) Chase Daneil 28 Drew Lock 28 Career wins: Chase Daniel, 31 Drew Lock, 21 Heisman Trophy finalist: Chase Daniel, 2007 If you prefer Drew, more power to you. He's outstanding. But your argument about "losing, losing, losing" is pretty ignorant. Losing pretty much describes Drew Lock's career at Mizzou.
He's the best, I'd take him over Lock as a college QB. Not that I want a guy to suffer an injury, but I would love to see what Chase can do if given a chance to start a full season. It's ridiculous that Blane Gabbert received so many starting opportunities while Daniel watched from the sideline, but clearly it's worked out pretty well in the end.
Quick update here; Fox news suspended Trish Regan for her idiotic comments. Clearly they realize their agenda is bullsh!t and theyre trying to save face. Bunch of goons.
The source was a scientific paper, which was quoted in the Vox article. I specifically referenced the paper. Vox was where I read about it, but was not the source of the science. C'mon, man...
"virologists who’ve parsed the genome and infectious disease experts who study coronaviruses say they have enough evidence the virus is brand new and came from nature. A large group of them, citing genome analyses from multiple countries, recently affirmed in The Lancet that the virus originated in wildlife." Source: Vox, referencing a paper uploaded to Virological . Org ; The Proximal Origin of SARS-CoV-2
I believe it was the beacon of bullsh!t known as fox news.