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Does anyone really want to watch an offensive lineman's highlights?
Agreed. Ofodile must have been a last resort last year. The receivers clearly were underperforming, causing drew lock's completion percentage to look worse than it ever should have. He's the most accurate passer yet folks think his accuracy is bad solely because of the completion percentage.
Fun fact: After the NFL didn't work out for him he got a job at the company I worked for here in Columbia. Got to speak with him a little. I miss having receivers like him at Mizzou.
I like Ford but he cost us a superbowl for a pretty stupid reason.
I think the draw is the coaching personalities. Hell if East Mississippi Community College can get a Netflix (Last Chance U) show than any SEC school could probably be interesting.
"Yankee", lol. When a racist calls you a yankee, it's a compliment. I wonder if he's one of those ass clowns who support the confederacy yet hate Kaepernick for kneeling for that yankee flag. I actually think he's too stupid to know he's a hypocrite.
Kirby is no saint,he simply didn't need any of mizzou's guys and is trying to stave off any future Mizzou poaching of uga players should the opportunity arise. I think Tennessee is within their rights and I think Odom is justified in being annoyed. I take it as a compliment that a school that out recruits us is begging for our dudes.
I am a little surprised he didn't transfer. Hopefully things work out for him.
Gatorfan, please consider that Drew Lock is just one player. Mizzou lost a great many games due to piss poor defense and bad game management from coaches. Look no further than our Kentucky and South Carolina games last year...we should've had 10 wins. If we had LSU's defense, Drew Lock would suddenly be enshrined as the greatest SEC QB to ever roam the conference. But it was Joe Burrow who got the benefit of that defense, not Drew Lock. My favorite Mizzou QB is probably chase daniel, but drew would be 2nd. If either of those dudes had played for us in 2013, we would've won a national championship.
I wonder how much the post season matters to these players. Mizzou wasn't exactly contending for a playoff spot and it's not uncommon for talented seniors to sit out of bowl games anyway. So I'd be pretty surprised to see anyone leave unless they were guaranteed a starting spot with an elite team. Having said that, I still think it will say a lot about Odom if everyone stays. #MizzouMade #TrueSon
nope, football actually. I know you know that but you're too embarrassed to admit it. Do you honestly believe there aren't any liberal professors at Mississippi State? Im guessing you have a GED at best and have no idea that the vast majority of highly educated people are liberals, even in Butthole, Mississippi.
The ncaa should make sure players cant be bought by universities, and I think the ncaa got this right. Im sure this kind of thing is far more common than any of us realize, and not just in basketball.
Historically Mizzou has a winning record against the sec with an 8-2 record against teams from Mississippi, so I can see why you're embarrassed.
That was a pretty scathing rebuke of the NCAA, wasn't expecting to see him question the need for the NCAA as a governing body! They stubbed their toe on this one and Im thankful Mizzou and the SEC at large is against this.
Much appreciated. Aside from a couple trolls, it's been really refreshing to see SEC fans come out in support of Mizzou and show solidarity with us. I think some punishment was in order but a post season ban and sanctions on our recruiting is an absurd overreach. I think the NCAA thought they could make a sacrificial lamb out of Mizzou but it's not going to be that easy for them.
Hopefully Sterk wins one for us unlike when he got screwed by that c%nt who coaches womens basketball at south carolina.
Mizzou wasn't exactly going to challenge or a playoff spot next year anyway so it's irrelevant. He came to mizzou to put up numbers and improve his draft stock. Besides every time we make it to the post-season the freaking SEC will just force us to play some lackluster Big12 scrub regardless of what our record is.
From what I've been able to understand, it seems the stupid tutor took it upon herself to cheat for the athletes. It doesn't seem fair for the NCAA to levy this hefty of a punishment without being able to prove that someone employed by Mizzou athletics asked her to do this. Someone told her that athletes "had to pass a class", which she seemed to interpret as cheat for them rather than doing her freaking job and TUTOR them. All colleges have tutors and not just for athletes, tutors know what their job is. I sat in with tutors when I needed help with a class, their job is to help you understand the material.
There is zero chance Brent Venables leaves clemson for Mizzou for the same position and a lower salary.
Im not pretending we're better off without Crockett, I'd rather have him than not have him. Im simply looking at who we have and I don't see a big drop in production. Im a fan of Badie. It's fine if you aren't.
I'm triggered by all the idiotic responses, you're a special kind of stupid.
Oh, right. Sorry I forgot that you guys cherry pick the bible and only follow the rules you think are convenient.
LSUMC, are you that dumb you don't know what averages are? They had 2 classes in the top 10 and 2 just outside it, averaging at 10 not 11. 10.75 is still 10. You're argument is so pathetic it's painful to read.
Reading before age 1? It's literally impossible, you must be confused. Some children can do sight words or memorize short stories at age 2 but certainly cant read. If you had an infant that could read you would be quite famous for it.
Why should I care about bronze-age literature? Can I play too? Therefore you are to observe the sabbath, for it is holy to you. Everyone who profanes it shall surely be put to death; for whoever does any work on it, that person shall be cut off from among his people. Exodus 31:14 Hopefully you've never worked on a Sunday or you'll have to be put to death. God commands it!
Tpatten, is reading difficult for you? Have you tried sounding out the letters? My son in kindergarten finds that helpful. It's not humble for him to give credit to a mythical deity that had nothing to do with his teams success. It's inappropriate and disrespectful.
I don't think he can do it elsewhere, I think these coaches need the prestige of the university to draw the athletes. I dont think Saban or Dabo or Meyer could recruit well at less popular schools - and this is proven by the fact that these guys themselves never won championships when they were coaches at other schools. Saban didn't win any championships until he coached at LSU and Bama. We'll see if Les Miles can turn Kansas into a powerhouse. When he doesn't, I'll accept your apology.
You have a misunderstanding of the definitions of the words "indisputable" and "fact". Let me help you: God does not exist, therefore cannot create anything. The indisputable fact is that there is no evidence whatsoever that anything supernatural has ever occurred.
Bravo, what a display of brilliance. You sir are a force to be reckoned with! I have now seen the light and will live out my life striving to achieve the pinnacle of intelligence that you brought forth this day. Statues will be made in your honor and songs will be sung about the day Bill Brocius decimated the mean ol atheist.