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Mizzou's defense is currently 127 out of 130. Only 2 schools have allowed more TDs this season. For perspective, we've allowed 30 more TDs than Georgia has.
South Carolina is winnable, of course they are looking at us the same way. Honestly I really think if we could just get Baz to quit throwing INTs we could make up a lot of lost ground. We legitimately could've beat BC and UK if he didn't throw INTs at bad times. But our ceiling seems to be 5 wins right now. Little to no chance we beat anybody with a pulse for that 6th win. I'd give my pinkie toe to beat Florida though, just to see Dan Mullen cry about it.
I seem to remember this all starting when Bama fans were butt-hurt because he said something slightly negative about Bama. I think it's mostly a matter of thin-skinned fans who got their feelings hurt because of a benign comment and just can't take the pain any longer and this man must be canceled. (cancel culture alive and well in the conservative south, where it was born and raised)
That is absolutely absurd, it's so bizarre to see such a bad defense on the field. Dudes are literally running untouched against this defense. They don't even have to break tackles, there's just literally no one in their way for a good chunk of the run.
The hurry up offense is a form of cheating if you think about it. The whole point is to constantly catch the defense out of position and confused because they don't even get a chance to get lined up or call their play. If you're gonna play that style, can't complain when your opponent tries to level the playing field.
Bazelak must constantly be injured then. If he is, sit his butt on the bench and let Cook play.
Also, if winning 5 games is "setting the bar too high" then we hired the wrong guy.
I didn't expect Bazelak to be this bad this year, really thought he would develop into a top 5 guy in the SEC but he gets worse every week. His interceptions are bewildering, obviously not on the same page with receivers.
We always seem to find great QBs, glad that will continue with Horn!
They can practice their passing game after they run for 5 or 6 TDs, no sense in wasting valuable reps for a young QB.
No, our best players are lured away by Oklahoma, Nebraska, Ohio State, etc.
The defense is just too much of a liability, there's nothing to stop them (or anyone) from scoring. That's simply all there is to it. This isn't a situation where you have to analyze the X's and O's and all the Joes. It's one team playing with a major handicap against a team that just beat Bama.
Mizzou's offense might be able to put up 20 or 30 points but A&M should easily put up 40 or 50, especially if they run frequently. Thus far there's no reason to believe Mizzou can stop anyone running with a football.
....and for those who may be interested, the above comment was what I tried to post yesterday but it went to moderation. So I just copy and pasted it to see if it would work and it went through just fine today. I Didn't change anything. Would be nice if SDS could do the bare minimum to make sure their page actually works.
Honestly at this point I just don’t want to be embarrassed, winning isn’t really on the table. I already know they’re rolling with the Forest Gump game plan but can we just not let them get to 400+ on the ground?
Same for me, I posted a completely benign comment on this article yesterday and it's under moderation. I just wish they would explain what does and doesn't trigger it so we don't waste our time with it.
Kickers are taken for granted, I'm glad drink is keen on investing in them. Mevis is worth his weight in gold, and he's a hefty fella.
I genuinely find it sad how certain programs feel so entitled to success that they'll instantly turn on a man who just brought them a national title. Admittedly LSU should probably be doing better then they are, but the losses aren't terrible. Kentucky is a dang good team, and you lost to ucla after being displaced by a hurricane. Auburn beat you with some ridiculous plays by Bo Nix. There isn't a Joe Brady and Dave Aranda hiding behind every bush. It's hard to find great coordinators, we're suffering the same issue right now. Somehow guys with tons of experience just don't pan out (Wilks, Pelini). Just fix what's broken without burning the house down.
I'm surprised our defense is so bad with all these badass transfers from Rice, Tulsa, and Wyoming....
Dang, I also forgot about Hester. Lots of more talented guys on the bench.
You might be right but you also might be wrong. Lets get a couple games with the new guy and see if anything changes.
Can't speak for everyone but I think he's done a pretty good job. He made a bad choice for a DC, and it's overshadowing a lot of his momentum. He finds ways to keep us in games, and sometimes win when other coaches found ways for us to lose (See Arkansas Vs Mizzou last year). This year, despite being horrible on defense, we nearly beat Kentucky and BC and had it not been for some extremely untimely INTs by our QB, those could be wins.
I've seen enough from Chism, he's no #1. He makes 1 or 2 catches a game. I'd rather see Lovett, dove, Smith, Cooper, Bannister, and (hopefully soon) Maclin.
I don't disagree with that, but the scheme clearly sucks.
Seems odd that he's suddenly 100% healthy but whatever. All I ask is for Chism to take his spot on the bench.
Lol. I'd still run the ball if Mizzou had 12 guys in the box.
Tony how would that be any different from keeping the starters in there? I'm glad Drink let the team know these results aren't acceptable.