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There are at least 3 articles on SDS about the cease and desist from b12 to ESPN.
I mostly agree with that. I would just say that while I don't think those B12 schools can anchor a conference, I also don't think they are bad enough to be G5. Will be interesting to see how things play out.
Texas has a roster with talent comparable to UGA, Clemson, bama, and Ohio state. I think all they've needed is a good coach and/or a QB. It's very possible that Texas comes into the SEC and is competing for championships sooner than some of you think. Also, for what it's worth, everyone said the same thing about Mizzou, and we proceeded to win the East twice in our first 3 years.
Yes. I think that's what most people overlooked in that whole thing. Taunting is Taunting, regardless. It's the same as one player flipping off another player. People are gonna lose their minds when they see points come off the board. In college football, if a player commits a taunting penalty on a touchdown, the touchdown is called back and the 15-yard penalty is enforced from the spot where the taunting began. Coaches need to be telling their players not to do it, period.
I think that's a little short sighted. Iowa State is a highly ranked team, Baylor and TCU are sold, Oklahoma State can keep the pace with anyone outside of the elites, etc. I could see arguments for KU, K State, and Texas Tech being G5 material.
Knox was underutilized at Mizzou. His best year was his freshman year when he played with Drew Lock. Unfortunately after Lock left, he had to suffer through Kelly Bryant and covid. Ole Miss is getting a nice player, he was smart to choose to play with Matt Corral.
He'd fit well at Alabama. See, we can both say ignorant sh!t.
Yeah, the click bait is strong in the headline...
This was settled long before we knew about. They wouldn't be doing this if it wasn't already in the bag. Will the rising tide raise all ships, or will it submerge the low and mid tier schools? I'll choose to be optimistic.
Yeah, Mizzou just can't stand all the money and attention of the SEC and wants out asap.... If I rolled my eyes a little harder I might have gotten whiplash.
Sterk has broken fundraising records TWICE in only 5 years at Mizzou, brought us back after the 2015 issue, oversaw facility improvements for football, got the new practice field approved for construction, hired Drinkwitz, etc. Sterk was outstanding, I really hope Mun Choi knows what he's doing. I can't imagine this isn't related to Oklahoma and Texas joining the SEC. Sterk probably realizes that it's going to hurt Mizzou's chances of recruiting and winning the SEC. Mun Choi is just thinking about the dollars rolling in. Sterk may have just simply told him that if he votes yes, he wants to leave.
So you think that Sterk may have been involved in illegal behavior, and instead of being fired and removed they're just going to let him hang about until they find a replacement? Is that how it works in Tennessee?
He's Arkansas material.
I agree. Sterk has done a great job so it's odd and very sudden. There must be a massive disagreement about something and the OU/UT issue could very well be it.
Can't wait to see you guys on the field again!
I really think you're mistaken. Texas could rule the big12 but they just simply will not be able to do that in the SEC. Not only is the SEC not built that way, but there are multiple schools that are just as powerful. I get that some of us former big12 people are still holding a grudge but the idea that Texas is going to walk into the SEC are start hogging money and calling shots is just silly.
Well that's the hypocrisy of the GOP. They won't hesitate to use the government to do things they like.
2019 college Football attendance rankings: 72 Vanderbilt 31404 30 Kentucky 56819 28 Missouri 57211 27 Mississippi State 59477 26 Ole Miss 60250 23 Arkansas 65588 SOURCE: Collegefootballnews Mizzou is always listed in the top 30 ncaa home attendance records, and it was just reported that our season ticket sales are currently up 150% now that Odom is gone and the 2015 issue is well behind us. My point was Mizzou is on par with several other SEC schools, and that number will increase this fall. Compared to the top schools in the country, it's nothing. But of the 130 schools in D1, 102 of them are below us. Some of you SEC fans have such a superiority complex.
This all started when Mullen started an actual fight on the field last year after Mizzou smeared Trask on a clean hit. Clearly, Drinkwitz hasn't forgotten.
Poptiger, Mizzou averages as many or more then Ole Miss, Mississippi State, Kentucky, Arkansas, and Vandy. It's false that Mizzou's attendance isn't up to par with the other SEC programs. It's actually comical that you don't know this.
We don't know all the facts yet, but it seems like TAMU leaked this story with the sole purpose of getting the legislature involved prematurely in an attempt to take the power away from the 13 other SEC schools and sabotage the deal. To me, this is just an example of TAMU being the very thing they accuse UT of being....a selfish pouty bunch of whiners who will do anything to get their way. TAMU shouldn't be allowed to burn the house down when they don't like the guests. I think they should be punished or asked to leave the SEC. Personally I don't think the additions are great for Mizzou. Yes, it's more money but it makes the SEC that much harder to win and recruiting will be even harder. So it's not that I disagree with TAMUs position, but their underhanded tactics.
And Mizzou also had a bad coach for 4 years. Nice try, but no one gives us sympathy for that so don't expect any for your worthless coaches. And go ahead and add Mullen to your list, I'm sure he'll be on the hot seat in December.
Lol, I can guarantee you there isn't a coach out there who wants to be anything like crybaby Mullen. Mizzou just spent $100 million just on the south endzone, please tell me which high school out there has that. Can't wait to stomp your @ss again come November.
Yeah, you guys won't have Trask, Pitts, or Toney this time. And it's in COMO, in November. Both schools should be firing on an cylinders by then, this might be the game of the year as far as importance for Mizzou. Add in the drama from 2020, Tigers should be motivated.
If it's gonna happen, may as well just do it. I think it's good for the conference. For Mizzou, there's a tradeoff. It gives us some historical rivals back and increases revenues, at the possible expense in recruiting losses to OU and UT. But Drinkwitz seems to be a capable recruiter.
"It kind of sounds like the SEC did A&M a little dirty on that." I think A&M did the SEC dirty by leaking the story and trying to sabotage the deal. OU and UT are leaving the big12 and whoever they join will be getting 2 of the top universities in the country. It's not A&Ms right to sabotage the whole conference because they're mad and want the entire state to themselves. They have their vote, just like the rest of the schools in the conference. Instead they leaked the story in hopes the legislatures will stop it. A&M should be removed from the SEC if this falls through. They want to accuse Texas of being swindlers, I think they're a pot calling the kettle black.
17Tide is right. Texas could get their way in the big12 because no other university could tell them to shut up. Does anyone really think Alabama, Georgia, or LSU are going to bend over and let Texas call the shots? In my mind it's not even a concern if they join the SEC.