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He's played at Mizzou for 5 seasons already...not sure it's a big hit to the D-line as it's not unusual for guys to move on at this point.
the other Mizzou linebacker named Brooks is also in the transfer portal, he'd be a better pick up for ya.
So winning games makes it ok to use drugs, pull scholarships from commits, and harm baby cats? Weird take, I'll have to disagree. My comment keeps getting moderated for some idiotic reason so if they other comments suddenly appear, my apologies.
Yeah..from my understanding he's a pretty good kid. Drink is probably the one that bailed him out, doubt he thinks anything of this little incident.
I wish him all the best, hope he dominates in New Mexico. He had a shot at Mizzou when Odom was here and there was no talent at WR, he could've separated himself from the pack, but never did. The WR talent seems to be changing, with guys like Hester and Maclin and Cooper...even Chism, Knox, and Dove all being better options than him...he just wasn't going to play at Mizzou.
Too many good QBs, someone is going to leave Sabanville.
It's impossible without an expanded playoff and a guaranteed entry for a G5 school. It does not matter how good a G5 team is during a season or what their record is, they'll never be able to show their "strength of schedule" is worthy of frog-leaping a 1 or 2 loss P5 school. And for the most part I agree with that, as it's not really fair allow a school into a tiny playoff when other schools have had a tougher road. But... if you expand the playoff then you're at least giving them an opportunity to compete for a championship without sacrificing the dominant P5 teams. Not to mention the margin for error shrinks massively. The 5th, 6th, 7th, and 8th best teams in the country are all deserving of a playoff berth.
Everyone in the SEC knows who Nick Bolton is. Yet no one can name a single Tennessee defensive player. Go home, you're drunk.
You have a joke for a HC, no QB, and your program is burning in the dumpster. I'll bet on Mizzou.
You should pin this comment, will be fun to discuss next December.
Diesel, when Heupel was our OC, our defense was CONSTANTLY on the field. Even with Drew Lock as his QB, we'd go 3 and out in about 45 seconds and the defense was back on the field before they even sat on the bench. Not sure what the case was at UCF, but it's irrelevant to what happens in the SEC. G5 defenses aren't exactly comparable to the SEC.
Im also a Chiefs fan and I live in KC, and I know very well what a successful football team looks like and what it's like being around die-hard football fans. I'm sorry that your sad little state can't attract any pro teams, but we have several and that hogs up a lot of the sports money around here.
Well this is what I'm wondering about....are they charging $50 a ticket and parking fees? Otherwise I don't see how they're recouping the costs. A normal highschool game is what...$5 to get in?
I was hoping Mizzou would grab Mason as DC. I think Drink made a good (better?) choice with Wilks, but it looks like defense is coming back to the SEC. Mason, Muschamp, and Wilks are all great minds with tons of experience. Does anyone know if LSU decided to play defense this year or not?
I am genuinely wondering how a high school can afford to build a stadium like that. If that was a private donation or something, then that's awesome. However if the school district funded that, then I think that is an excessive waste of money. Most schools in the country are massively under-funded, with teachers paying for their students' supplies and kids going without lunch. I've got no issues with building a decent stadium to accommodate a popular school but that stadium makes Vanderbilt jealous.
I don't remember him overthrowing many passes when he shredded the Mizzou defense. He had some dimes in that game. It's worth mentioning that it's fairly difficult to overthrow guys like Waddle and Smith, they can get under anything. But Jones is a first rounder.
Coach Drinkwitz is also the offensive coordinator.
It won't be on nfl network, only Amazon.
And the NFL has 110 billion reasons to not care about people like you.
I wish some team would give him a shot to start, just to put to rest all the debates about whether or not he's any good.
Mizzou might be lower than 9th based on proven production. Our leading dude has 400 yards and 1 TD... But there's some reason to believe that will change soon, and I think Mizzou will be top 3 when they do this article next year.
If Mizzou was able to get 5 wins with all the challenges faced in 2020 against the all-SEC schedule...then it's pretty absurd to see only 4 wins in 2021 considering cupcakes are back on the schedule and Mizzou is easily the 3rd best team in the East.
The WR position has me excited. Hester, Lovett, Cooper, Maclin, etc. It's hard to imagine that at least a couple of these guys won't be elite players, which will do wonders for the offense if we can have multiple threats on the field at once. I still think Knox is a good player, just disappeared last year for some reason. And maybe we'll get to see a little more of Drink's system, as I have a hard time believing that the run-heavy stuff we saw in 2020 is really his style.
Awesome pick up! Our QB room is loaded, Baz better start throwing some TDs. Coach drink can recruit! With the QBs and WRs we got coming, Mizzou is going to be a handful for defenses. He's got that tall, lanky body like Trevor Lawrence. Hopefully he plays similar.
What do you call a girl from Alabama who can run faster than her brother? A virgin.
Mizzou does a decent job of sending offensive linemen to the NFL, really not sure why he'd want to leave. Bummer though, wish he would stick it out.
I don't think anyone takes it seriously, it's just a ranking based on a few metrics. Truly nothing to get bothered with. Obviously it can't predict the future. I think it's good that these exist, as it gives a snapshot of where your program is, and then you get a chance to exceed expectations.
I'm ok with this as long as it's not taking a scholarship. My wife went to culver Stockton.... it's not exactly known for football. They must really need depth.
Blaze Alldredge coming to Mizzou was the most likely cause of this. Mizzou's defense doesn't allow for many opportunities for Linebackers so I don't blame him. Too many better guys ahead of him and to few spots.