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Real impressive highlight down 30 vs. Memphis, garbage time giant!
Big deal. It's not that historical yet. We've been doing this a few years. SEC is better at the top and bottom ends by a little, not that special
And yet UT cratered UGA, guess it was magic.
Because the French I used got autocorrected? Go mate with a cousin or something.
Someone needs to stop telling these kids the SEC is so special. The big schools in all the major conferences get generally equal athletes to play for them. This SEC bs gets to their heads...
Dude, most if the points were scored after it was a fair accompli. Didja watch?
You're actually worried he might leave? No chance. He was shaky through the first part of the season, had a couple solid games, and then got hurt. NFL teams won't be banging the door down to get him. He will be back.
I like this Mizzou team, but don't forget we were only 5 points better than Vandy on our home field. Okie State lost by a single point to one of the playoff teams, and beat three other ranked teams. Three of their other losses were by a TD or less. We can most definitely lose this game.
Irrelevant. The same thing happened when we played Texas last season. Key players sat out, but we got our a$$ handed to us. Mizzou needs to win this game. Terrible match up -- a 6-6 team: We beat them, who cares? We lose, humiliating. And they're good enough to beat us.
5.5 hours from here in CoMO. Not thrilled about our opponent. Not a very interesting team since we played them in conference for half a century, as well as in one of our most recent bowls. We also won't get much credit if we beat them, as they are a 6-6 team. Plus they could very likely beat us, and we stand to look pretty bad losing to a 6-6 team. The bowl itself is fine. The Liberty is actually one of the oldest bowls, having been played for about 60 years.
Easy there, gimp. Something tells me you've got no legit affiliation to ANY place of higher learning.
Then you must not have watched Georgia, or college, football at all in 2013, when he was QB for a team that stomped UGA and finished one of the top teams in CFB. Or maybe you're just too stupid to run an internet search?
The music's pretty good, granny! What would you prefer, something from Hee-Haw?
Almost a half century of block M makes it a classic. The numbers on the helmet look good too, like Bama. We could go either way. This corny stuff has to stop.
Almost back to our classic logo. Good programs don't mess around with corny uniforms. They had to weird this up with that bizarre rock pattern. Anyway, we're getting there, I guess.
I agree. We need to bring back the "M" and get rid of the weird Voltron lion/tiger/bird thing. Plus, we're black and gold. Not sure what the deal is with this sick yellow. Another thing our athletic dept. can't get right: the great schools (Alabama, UGA, Ohio State, OU, etc.) have classic unis. I hope they cut this corny crap out soon.
I watched Scarnecchia come in vs. UK and he looked great. While many Mizzou fans thought that Bentley being out favored us, I warned them that Scarnecchia looked better by far! Bentley looks terribly sloppy compared to Scarnecchia. Bad decision to sit him back on the bench! Muschamp must be blind.
He said he would support me as Mizzou Coach for Life? You're not making any sense. What do you take issue with here? Are you thinking Mizzou has a shot at this one?
Cincy and USF are undefeated and in the top 25 for the same reason UCF is. Don't make me laugh.
If Barry Scrotum wins this one, I'll support him as Mizzou Coach for Life. Won't keep my hopes up.
Let's look at UCF's schedule... UCONN, SC State, FAU, Pitt, SMU, Memphis, ECU, Temple, Navy, Cincy, USF The only game vs a Power 5 opponent (UNC) was cancelled. Sure, world beaters. Would love to have that schedule so Mizzou could be considered a powerhouse as well. Give it a rest, UCF will never be respected until they play a respectable schedule. End. Of. Story.
Just gotta chime in RE: 'most Missourians'. 1. It's "Bootheel". 2. "Most Missourians" don't live in, or anywhere near the Bootheel. There are 6 million Missourians, most live along I70 in STL, KC, and Columbia areas, about 4 hours north of there and have never even seen the Bootheel.
Welp... We may not win the game, but we definitely won the hype video throw-down. Here's to having a top level J-school!
GatorBoy still taking that loss to Kentucky real hard, man...
No. I'm saying you're a creep, because you're a creep. Every time I read anything on this site, there you are, acting like a weird gimp. Def something wrong with you, but it's never too late for self improvement.
Not saying we're going to win. But they play these games for a reason, creep.