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Not worried about Kansas. But better learn to hate Arkansas. They have the 12th ranked recruiting class in football and they will be tough ito beat in a couple of years. Once they start beating Mizzou, it will be like the way Illini have dominated Mizzou in basketball.
It was Kelly’s last year. I don’t blame anyone for transferring. Jalen Hurts can still play one more.
If Connor Noland is not good enough to win some games next year then he was an over hyped recruit. Arkansas has done a terrible job evaluating and developing talent.
Now if Hogs could only play SMU’s schedule they might win 5 games. Wonder if Hogs could get the quarterback from North Texas?
Now if Hogs could only play SMU’s schedule they might win 5 games.
I bet ole Chad said “that’s unacceptable. That’s not what this program is going to be about.” Hammer Down!!
I’m also in my 60’s. It has been just wait till next year for many years. People forget that as good as the Hogs were Petrino’s last year, they still could not compete with Bama or LSU. But they said just wait till next year and next year never comes. And don’t put to much hope in recruiting rankings. Sure it has to help, but coaches must develop players and this year I saw no development.
I thought Chad Morris looked like a deer in headlights. He says “Left Lane Hammer Down” and then won’t even go on 4th and 1. He reminds me of Barney Fife. Barney said “we defy the mafia” and Morris said Hammer Down. Neither guy can handle the job.
Petrino had to be fired. Not for having an affair or for getting beat up by her boyfriend. He hired his girlfriend for a position for which she was not qualified. Besides,if Bobby had stayed he would have crashed and burned just like he did at Louisville. The Arkansas job is tough because of their schedule. It is really bad when they can’t even beat the teams they pay to play them.
If Malzahn is fired from Auburn next year, Chad Morris may be moved on to open the job for Gus.
Daniel had a lot better talent around him. Drew Lock is lucky he survived his first two years, plus it is a different conference. Chase Daniel was a special player. Just wanted to defend Drew Lock. He did all he could do.
Be good quarterback for Arkansas. They have nobody on campus with the ability to compete in NFL.
Why do you keep hiring bad football coaches? I’m not impressed with Jeremy Pruitt either. If he is a good coach, his lack of proper grammar is a bad look.
Looks like if you belong to the John L Smith (Tree) or small bush, you get fired.
Senior Leadership is very important and the reason Mizzou overcame the two losses that hurt so much. Drew Lock and Terry Beckner and other seniors are the reason this has been a season that has turned the program around and put it back on track. It when your seniors are getting arrested that the program suffere. Hate to hear about the recent arrest. I hope after these Seniors leave this is the kind of leadership left on the team.
A hope Dillingham is being paid well for the abuse he is already taking. And Paul, what’s your point? Gus needs to call the plays. That’s how he got this job in the first place. However, he won at Shiloh Christian and Springdale because of superior talent. Have you ever noticed how any coach can call plays when he has better players? Gus has a big problem. No big time quarterback to make him look smart. I predict that he will be back in Arkansas in 3 years as soon as they buy out Chad Morris. Then at least he can keep his job by beating Ole Miss and Mississippi State.
Fans don’t care about words. Only results will slow them down. I don’t care for Gus, I think he is a fantastically over paid high school coach, Auburn has to be the job with the least chance of being successful because to be successful he must beat Alabama. Those red necks in Alabama are not going to be happy unless they beat Alabama regardless how many games they win.
It would be a lot of pressure on Chad Morris and his son should he choose Arkansas. I see the good and the bad. If he is very very good and is far superior to his completion for the position and Arkansas wins a lot of games it will be good. But knowing Arkansas fans, will they be patient if there are some growing pains as he develops into a sec quarterback? If not, the Morris family will be miserable.
Not surprised Bryant chose Mizzou. Most of offensive production will be back. Offense will prepare him for next level and the facility renovations will be completed. Missouri is on the rise even with lower ranked recruiting classes than Arkansas and every other sec team. They must know how to evaluate and develop recruits. I will admit they will never be on Alabama’s level because of talent, but can compete with the others.
Drew Lock has saved the Missouri football program. If he does not play this year Kelly Bryant goes elsewhere. It is because he remained loyal to a fault that people are recognizing how good the other players are as well
It is not a rivalry because Mizzou fans are not the same as Razorback fans. The great majority of Mizzou fans are graduates of the University of Missouri. The majority of Arkansas fans are the regular joe. Basically everyone that was born in Arkansas. The Kansas rivalry was not about sports. The only hatred I have for Arkansas is their failure to admit Mizzou has a football team. Their failure to compete with Mizzou is the reality.
I don’t expect the fans of most SEC teams to know much about the last 15 years of Mizzou football. But Arkansas fans should have at least had s hint with the way Missouri humiliated the Hogs in the Cotton Bowl in 2008. Missouri had more speed, more size, and a good quarterback. Then there is the defensive line. A history of good quarterbacks and high draft choices on the defensive line is a lot more than Arkansas can claim.
Pulley isn’t good enough to play in NFL. And if Connor Noland is best option at Quarterback then it will be another long season.
Gus could go to Arkansas and win 3 games. He didn’t go because he is just a high school coach who won because he was always at a school with superior talent. He can’t build a program. If he has great talent his offense works but when it is level or below the opponent he has no clue. Same with Chad Morris.
I will be the first to report that Auburn supporters with deep pockets have come up with a plan to make up ground on Alabama. They have offered to pay Saban $20 million a year to coach ar Auburn. If he rejects that they will offer him 50 million to retire. They are buying out Malzahn. Arkansas will Fire Morris and Gus will go to Arkansas for a 49 percent ownership of Walmart and 7 million a year.
Why did Chad Morris say in his press conference after the butt kicking at Missouri that “it may not look like it but we are getting better? Does he believe Arkansas fans are that stupid or is he an idiot?
Winning 7 games at SMU does not qualify a coach for a job like Arkansas. It is obvious his teams are not prepared to play. No matter the physical talent, why do players continue to line up offsides, fail to block the player in front of them on offense, and just commit stupid penalties. All of this over and over. For those who say they lost some close games, the Ole Miss game is the only conference game they were really in. LSU just toyed with them. It wasn’t a 7 point game anyway. They took a knee twice at the goal line. Chad Morris is not the man. Arkansas has made another bad hire. They should have hired Les Miles, a proven head coach. Chad Morris is the Barney Fife of football coaches. He walks the sideline like a little Rooster. Looks like Barney telling people he is a crime fighter when all he does is writ jaywalking tickets. The Arkansas football program has never been a championship program but now it is a cellar dweller and the laughingstock of the SEC and power 5 conferences.