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He's alluding to something we Kentucky fans are too familiar with - stupid penalties can destroy you no matter how good you are. I've never seen a Saban coached team rack up this many penalties at inopportune times.
Paris has admitted to being a Louisville Cardinal fan. That should explain all you need to know.
We need to go to an 8 team playoff: Power 5 gets one autobid each, ND gets the 6th bid if they finish 11-1 or better, two at large bids with priority given to any remaining undefeated teams. And yeah, 8 teams makes the argument about #8 v #9 more heated, but no power 5 conference need fear being shut out due to internal strife.
If you think Mizzou is a step up over UK then you're clueless. Kentucky has quietly poured a ton of money into their facilities since Stoops was hired as stipulated in his contract, and it's paid off. To be honest I still don't understand why Mizzou was let in the conference. Historically they are a basketball school at best and football futility for them is the status quo. Being in the cellar is just a return to form for them. Stoops came to Kentucky to do what everyone said was impossible - win. Bob rebuilt OU. Mark wants to one up him by building a national title contender from nothing at all where his brother at least had some burning embers to work with. Time will tell if he succeeds. If he jumps ship it will be for an upgrade - FSU where he's coached before worries me the most. Alabama (Saban has to retire one day), Norte Dame, Southern Cal, those are the caliber programs that could lure him away, but he'll always be in the shadow of those who came before. UK offers no such shadow (Bear Bryant did coach at UK, but only for 5 years and most people associate him with Alabama where he remained much longer). If he wins here, he's a legend. It's his program now. But Mizzou? Downgrade. You're delusional to think otherwise.
In all fairness, if it was business as usual Kentucky would have been upset instead of Tennessee.
8-4 sounds about right. It really depends on how fast the secondary gels. While we won, Toledo exposed them in the first half. They did listen to their coaches and adjust in the second though.
UK finished 7-5 after a similar shocking opener loss in 2016. Don't lose hope.
Yes, Sublem - but apparently you didn't read my post. Again, 3 years ago we opened the season with a loss to Southern Miss and everyone was ready to give up on the season. I myself got caught up in the doom and gloom and predicted an 2-8 finish for the year. We finished 7-5. It's too early to say if UT will grow stronger from this horrible loss or turn the corner. After living in Knoxville for 14 years I have a soft spot for them as long as they aren't playing Kentucky, so I'm hoping they get their act together.
Indeed. I'm also very happy to see that our coaching staff continues to adjust well in the second half. I'd much rather have a slow starting team that adjusts and wins in the second half than the Kentucky teams of old that could get an early lead on pretty much anybody, then fold like a wet paper towel.
Muschamp is the Peter Principle in action. He needs to become a DC somewhere - it's what he's good at.
It ain't over till it's over. Just two short years ago Kentucky lost a home opener to the University of Southern Mississippi, then got plastered by Florida 47 to single digit something, and played a horrid half against New Mexico State then - turned things around and finished that year 7-5. These are the times that try men's souls - and now we'll get to see what the Vols are made of.
Also, even if we lose on 9/28, USCjr still owns the longest losing streak UK has ever dealt to anyone.
I'll pull for any team, including Duke, that plays UNC. They should have had their entire athletics program closed for the African American Studies scandal.
Cry about the refs some more. I enjoy the taste of your salty tears.
If the same answer works each time, why not use it? Especially a three word retort - brevity is the soul of wit.
Alabama - who we've beaten once in 90 years - can make that claim. You, at around .500 against us historically, cannot. Mullen's gone. You guys will be back to par soon enough.
When your team is finishing behind Vanderbilt in the standings and losing to them on a consistent basis, trying to throw shade on them isn't convincing. Pathetic, but hardly convincing.
200 years? Football hasn't existed that long. Once again, a Tennessee grad fails at basic history and math. You guys won the battle with us last year - and hey, every dog has it's day - but at 2-6 conference record you very clearly lost the war. Even Vandy was 3-5 heh heh.
Josh Allen was rated a 2 star by recruiting services. This time last year you and other pundits where saying, "Josh who?" Can the defense reload hinges on this question - was the coaching staff good at teaching Mr. Allen, or lucky to find him?
GOUGADAWGS> Hardly. Even if USCe wins, they still have been beaten by UK more years in a row than any other program, including Vandy. That's a mark they can't make go away like our 31 year and 27 year long scars.
MSU isn't better on a neutral field in my opinion, but the home team has a 5 game win streak going and they have home field this year. That said, this is spot on.
Same here. I don't see beating UF (31 years of futility isn't entirely out of my system yet) and think UK can hold against a rebuilding UT program on their home turf. One of the streaks on Vandy, Mizzou or USC will come to an end, but I don't know which one and hope it isn't USC's cause their fan base produces the most salt.