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Mark came to UK to win a Natty, so he could one up his brother Bob - "You resurrected Oklahoma. Pfft, I resurrected Kentucky." I don't see him leaving until he does what everyone says is impossible.
Have you actually been to UT? They have more than enough bars within half an hour's walk of the stadium to get the crowd more than sauced up.
I get that, but if he doles out 75 scholarships and only gives significant playing time to 65 players that's 10 players riding pine that could have made a difference at another school. One of the reasons college football is so unbalanced is the power schools can horde the 100 or so high quality players that come in each year. And honestly, this needs to stop. If Saban can win scholarships with 65 players he should only get 65 scholarships.
A smack on the wrist punishment that doesn't directly address the problem. Sankey just gave the green light for this to occur at other schools.
When a player leaves for lack of playing time the university should not be able to transfer their scholarship. There needs to be a penalty for 5-star hoarding.
New rule proposal: Any delay of game caused by fan behavior lasting for 10 minutes or longer shall result in a game forfeit by the home team, or a draw if at a neutral field.
CORRECTION - The Florida streak went for 31 games, not 27. The Tennessee streak was stopped at 27. I still have PTSD flashbacks from that number - it is seared into my brain.
"Gators are still undefeated in total yardage allowed." Fixed that for you.
My inner grammar Nazi started to point out that it's "loser" not "looser" - then I realized both shoes fit given UL's loose morals. So I don't know which one you meant, but fun pun.
Cry me a river - Forget cover, EVERY week opposing fanbases keep picking us to lose, and somehow we don't. You guys may well beat us Saturday, but you have nothing on us when it comes to getting no respect. Indeed, I bet losing Saturday boots us entirely out of the top 25 cause sport writers really, really hate Kentucky.
Touche. My company also has offices in Augusta Georgia, and that isn't much of an upgrade over Bama. I'm homesick but home isn't an option. The beach is nice though.
I'm just hoping for a clean game with no injuries. These are kids chasing dreams after all. Georgia likely will win, but Kentucky has a puncher's chance, especially if they get a freak play like a returned kickoff for touchdown. Unlikely, but not impossible.
Also, reading this comment thread you'd think it was Georgia vs. Alabama this weekend. Georgia's fans may look past us, but the players and staff do so at their peril. This isn't the 90's.
Georgia probably wins, but they don't cover that spread (23) which is ridiculous. I expect the total score by both teams to be within 2 of that mark.
Last year we did hold Georgia to 14 but could only get 3 up on the board. I see Georgia still being held to 14 but our offense will get at least two more field goals kicked for a final of 14 - 9. However, if we do get a pick six we may indeed have a puncher's chance. Kentucky has at least one advantage - they aren't expected to win so they can play relaxed and free of pressure. Georgia is expected to win and will be under far more pressure to do so. They've handled it well so far, but we're the best team they've faced and likely will face before Atlanta.
On the bright side, we don't have to look to the Reagan or Carter administration to see the last time we won there - 2009.
It does shake up the perception of West > East though, by quite a bit, especially since the two undefeated in the conference are both in the East. No matter what though, there will be only one after next week.
Congrats Dawg fans. We're the last two standing now. Wow, just.. wow.
Wow. Thanks to TAMU, Kentucky and Georgia are the last 2 undefeated teams in the SEC, and they play in Athens next weekend. Who could have imagined that going into the season?? Exciting times to be a Cats fan. Woot!
That's not a football drill - that's a hazing ritual. Disgusting.
Saban's win streak over former assistants has finally been broken. Hat's off to the Aggies.
Is it really that hard to predict a Kentucky win? Old habits die hard I guess. No respect.
Go Tigers. Stop stinking up our strength of schedule!!
Stoops has one of the rarest things in college football - job security. And he's not sacrificing pay for it. Nor is he sacrificing the opportunity to compete for a title - UK is still SEC which means if we win the conference we will get a crack at the Natty. No other conference can make that claim except, perhaps the Big 10. Bob rebuilt Oklahoma into what it is now. Mark is trying to one up Bob by building Kentucky into something on par with Oklahoma - essentially starting with less and building in a more murderous environment. Mark strikes me as one of those guys who will dedicate enormous energy into doing what they experts say can't be done.
Kentucky by 7 or less, if only because they haven't figured out how to win comfortably yet. Last time LSU came to Lexinton they were the #1 team in the country and Kentucky still won - albeit in 3 overtimes. This one will also be hard fought and won't be decided until well into the 4th quarter.
USMCDawg, I'm not predicting that outcome, it just wouldn't surprise me either. Kentucky has the best defense the dawgs will face before Bama. It also wouldn't surprise me if Kentucky gets shutout.
Historically no one lays an egg better than Kentucky. No team in the SEC is better at stealing defeat from the jaws of victory. Do not count out our ability to lose the unlosable game. Then again, is this a historic Kentucky team? Doesn't feel like one.
In 1996 we hung a banner from the balcony with our schedule "Bill Curry's Farewell Tour" I was there for the Florida stop of the tour - a 77-7 beating. So only 2 years removed from a natty are you guys gonna run up a similar banner?