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Wait, Kentucky is ranked and Florida is not? Hell has froze over.
Same here. The Florida game sets the tone for both our teams this year. But at least we can go in without the "haven't won since the Reagan administration" hazing. I don't want to speculate about any game on the schedule after that one because that's the game that will show what kind of team we have this year.
Tennessee has won the East three times since 2001, 2004 and 2007.
Likely? No. Possible? More than in any year since 1950.
SDS is build on Wordpress. There is an edit function - they've just deliberately turned it off.
I can agree with everything but the assessment that we were close to the outhouse - no, we were in the outhouse.
Ok, that was a good one. ((Adjusts fragment of goalpost from the 2011 game on his desk)) A very good one.
I disagree to some degree here. Eddie Gran had the wide receivers spending an inordinate amount of time practicing blocking for the running backs, and this drove away recruits when they witnessed this during practices and spoke with the players already on the roster during visits. If Wilson had had Coen as a coach from the get go he would have gotten more practice time with his receivers than Gran allowed to - this in addition to the scheme changes. I'm not willing to be that down on Wilson. He's the first quarterback in 40 years to notch wins against Tennessee and Florida, and he broke the Florida streak. Some might argue those accomplishments happened in spite of him, but I don't buy that. If Terry hadn't gotten put out for the season by those goons from Eastern Michigan (with an illegal and blatant horse-collar tackle) we might have cracked 10 wins that year.
I prefer this situation to the days of Joker Phillips, where most of the coaching staff consisted of incompetants no other team was gunning for, and the average rating of the recruits was 2 stars. Yeah, Joker had a 5 star in Morgan Newton - a five star that was so talented he managed to tackle himself.
Bamapilot - “The Party told you to reject the evidence of your eyes and ears. It was their final, most essential command.” ― George Orwell, 1984
Evil people do not win by convincing anyone they aren't evil - they win by convincing people that everyone else is just as vile as they are. Trump is a truly evil man, and orders of magnitude worse than any president in the 20th century. Andrew Johnson and James Buchanan are about on par with him, but even they stepped out when they lost the election instead of starting a riot that left over 100 police officers injured.
> "and it will be until they are on the level of Vanderbilt." That will be sooner than later at this rate. The worst thing you can do to a program is make the head coach position an impossible job. The actual reason Bear Bryant left Kentucky is the Kentucky state legislature passed a law requiring 90% of the team be in state. He saw the writing on the way and noped the Hell out. After ten years of that insufferable yoke Kentucky was firmly in the cellar and is only now getting it's head out 50 years later. If Harsin is fired after one season it will drive away any and all competent coaches that might even consider the job. No one wants to coach where coming up even slightly short leads to not only being fired but also blatant character assassination. No one can turn a program around in 1 season in the SEC. No one. Until the Auburn boosters accept that reality they're going to continue kneecapping their program. The greater Auburn fanbase deserves better than that.
There wasn't anything bad to say about the guy until what he did on his way out the door - recruit poaching - which is at best frowned upon.
He knifed us in the back on the way out the door diverting at least one kid he was recruiting to follow him to 'Bama. Which is just not cool.
That Eric Wolford's move from UK to Bama doesn't even get a story on this site is a testament to the quality of the journalism here. I get ignoring UK, but Bama's the golden child of the site.
Mentioning roaches around college kids might put thoughts of Mary Jane in their head.
I guess we're moving up in the world if we can be ribbed about not winning a Natty (albeit disputed) all since 1950.
And if he loses out to the incoming 5* freshmen in spring camp his dreams of seeing the NFL are dead. He made the right choice. The era of blueblood football programs recruiting and not playing top talent are over. Sure, you'll get the creme de la creme (I know I butchered the spelling of that), but the kids who can be stars elsewhere now have that chance rather than being locked out of their dreams.
The NCAA is corrupt. That's really the only explanation. At the same time Pearl was hit with this UNC was allowed to skate for doling out fake classes to their football team - a scandal that got them put on academic probation by their accrediting board.
Hurts to lose, but I have a soft spot for Bruce Pearl - I think he's a standup guy and the way the NCAA forced him to leave UT was totally wrong.
While all the schools have their share of trolls, ever notice that the worst of the trolls tend to be from the programs that are underperforming?
All polls before October are garbage. It's really impossible to tell how well the incoming players are going to step up until they are tested in competitive play.
We're used to it. We're the Rodney Dangerfield of the conference - No respect I tells ya.
To use a plugin you have to be an admin. To those of us with an IQ north of our shoe size that's obvious. You, not so much. Now go do the world a favor and play Russian Roulette with all chambers loaded.
Take a look at Kentucky's offensive and defensive lines. Ohio players are off to the SEC at the nearest possible school of that conference. Hell, Kentucky's slow rise to respectability has been accompanied by becoming as large a force in recruiting in the Big Ten states as any of the schools there.
Oh come on, I can do better than that. It's been 410 days since the Gators last beat Kentucky.
Then they need to get a more effective banhammer. The one I used to use on Wordpress wouldn't close the offender's account - it would just not list their posts for anyone but them. So they can s post all they want, no one else can see their tripe. I've watched troublemakers hang around for months before figuring out no one could see their posts. Then there's the old "miserable user" hack, that instead of banning them just caused the server to behave in a very buggy manner when they are logged in - losing posts, timing out logins every 3 minutes to an hour or so at random and so on.