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They aren't bouncing anywhere good at with recruiting classes ranked somewhere between #70 and #60 each year where Kentucky has creeped up to around #20 (which amazingly is still almost dead last place in the SEC). Satterfield isn't Petrino and can't pull off the same coach 'em up miracles - even if he could this isn't the Kentucky Petrino faced with 75th best classes in the country year after year.
Note, last time we played you needed overtime to win. You've yet to come within 3 scores of beating Bama. You're a lot closer to us than Bama.
BTW, that "Blue chip talent" argument only goes so far. Part of being an awful coach is being an awful evaluator of talent. UT has had a knack for finding 4 and 5 star busts - which in hindsight should have been unrated or rated as 1 or 2 stars. Guys like Guaran-turnover.
The dominant school is the one with the best record in the last 5 years, which is the work of the current players on the roster. UK is 1-4 vs. UT in that time span so no, we aren't dominant and barely competitive by that measure. However, it does make South Carolina and Mizzou's yapping fun to mock given UK is 4-1 against both of them in the last 5. And Vandy isn't even in the rearview mirror anymore. I think Kentucky is ready to take the next step and get to a winning record over the Vols in the last 5. But more importantly, they need to at least be able to get 1 in 5 against Florida and Georgia.
Heh heh... As a rule of thumb, the smaller the dog, the more it barks. Confidence is all fine and well but a chihuahua isn't beating a pit bull any time soon.
Depends on how you bust. I'll pass on the money if it means being in a wheelchair for life.
For how long? And I wouldn't put UCF itself making the jump entirely out of the Realm of possibility. The largest obstacle is the two conferences that make the most regional sense already have Florida schools. I wouldn't put it past the Big 12 to consider adding them to get back to, well, 12 schools again, but it's reach (no worse than Boise St. joining the Big East before it imploded though).
>He left for Kentucky and I believe later said that he regretted the decision. Kentucky sure regretted it. Took Pitino nearly a decade to undo the damage.
Stating the obvious here - but the only way UT can stop Connor from writing garbage like this is to start winning. Until then the mockery will continue.
Yeah, and the Ken Pom engine crowns UK the 1950 Champion, but we aren't rushing to hang a banner at Kroger Field or put another ring on Bear Bryant's finger either.
Answer me this - when was the last undefeated NFL champion? The Dolphins back in the 70's. The pros use a playoff system for a reason - going undefeated for a season against real competition is almost impossible. College has shown us time and again the only way you can have an undefeated champion consistently is to rig the playoff with one strong team pitted against much weaker teams that lucked into winning their conference title. Division II manages a 16 team playoff bracket. There's no reason other than Not in Tournament Bowl money that stops Division I from doing the same. The bowls don't want the playoff expanded cause they know it further pushes them into NIT style ignominy.
Ah Miley, the second worst thing Billy Ray Cyrus did the to the world. "Achy Breaky Heart" remains the worst.
F seems a bit generous. F- seems more on point.
> How does this happen? Basketball. The best team isn't guaranteed to win - there's a significant luck factor. There's a reason why the pros use series of best of 7 to determine champions. Baseball is just as flukey, and in college that's recognized with a double elimination tournament. I would really rather see such in basketball - an NCAA field of 32 double elimination bracket than the current setup. That would have 64 games played in all, and it would be better basketball than some of the 16 seed v 1 seed matchups of years past.
Nah, it's a Scottish Martial Art. Fuh Kyu is its name if I recall correctly - it's mostly just headbutting people and kicking them when they're down.
Here's how I filled mine out: Gloom, Despair, and agony on me. Deep dark depression, excessive misery. If it weren't for bad luck I'd have no luck at all. Gloom, Despair, and agony on me. Pro baseball season starts in a couple weeks.
Yeah, and many UK fans were happy in the 60's when Rupp refused to put black players on the floor. That doesn't make it right.
@LSUSMC - I didn't use two different methods. 9/25 = .360, and I posted the normal win loss ratio (If you had a firm grasp of math you'd know 9/16 isn't close to .360). 5/11 = .454, and for some reason I slipped up and put 5 - 11 as the win loss ratio instead of 5 - 6. I'm human, I make mistakes. A rational person, knowing there's only 11 games or so in a football season, can spot the mistake quickly. You, not so much. I'm sorry your math skills are so bad that you think those are two different methods, but that's not my problem.
We have video footage of the man being beat with a fire extinguisher. He was mutilated by your friends so badly they couldn't open the casket for viewing. Drink that Kool-aid, Trump cultist.
I know. It's called making a mistake. It's something humans do. Deal with it.
COVID severely limited workout and practice times as well as cutting out the exhibition games in late October. Teams with veterans can handle that. All freshman teams, not so much.
I'd rather have never worn the uniform than to be a disgrace to it by voting for a scumbag who treated veterans like crap. You and your cohorts are the lowest of the low - traitors.
You can't play that card after your boys stormed the capitol building and murdered one of the officers. That's far more disrespectful to the nation than any amount of kneeling would be. Your motives are transparent though. What the Trump mob at the capitol did is ok because they were white. What the UK basketball players do is not ok because they are black. You'll claim I'm wrong - but no one impartial will believe you. You and your cohorts have lied far too much for anyone to believe you anymore. Lies are all you have. Sad.
You're sniffing glue. Wasn't Trump supposed to be sworn in as the 19th President back on the 5th. You poor deluded fools are just bouncing from delusion to delusion and crying like babies. Cry some more. It's entertaining. Just keep in mind you can't vote from a mental asylum.
I posted wins - total played, the numbers used to do the calculation to find the win percentage. Sorry I didn't clarify that.
Since this is mainly a football site I figure many will find this tidbit amusing... The final basketball team record 9 - 16 makes for a win percentage of .360. The football team's record of 5 - 11 is a win percentage of .450 So for the first time, maybe ever, UK's football team beat its basketball team. That they did this without clearing .500 shows how truly awful the basketball team was this year.
Still sore your God-King Trump lost I see. Cry some more.