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Forget Florida and Georgia - until UK can consistently beat Tennessee I'll not consider them a contender. It doesn't matter how awful Tennessee gets, Kentucky finds ways to lose to them.
Beating a team without a quarterback isn’t anything I’d be bragging about. Then again, as a bottom feeder you take what you can get no?
You lucked out and caught the team right after the backup QB was injured but before the playbook was reformed around Bowden. Beating a team without a quarterback isn't anything I'd be bragging about.
His level of education is revealed by his attempts at insults at the PAC-12 and BIG-10. Only a 4 year old would think that's funny enough to type, and I don't think he's much smarter.
^Exactly this. Tangent - I've always wondered if the pro game would be better with a 34 week long bi-weekly schedule. Same number of games played, but no team plays on consecutive weekends. The NFC would play one weekend, the AFC the following weekend. Bye weeks would move a team from one conference bracket to another to play their cross-conference games. Increasing the time between games would give players more time to heal between games, especially if scrimmages were banned the week after playing. That's an upside for players, coupled with the downside of a longer season overall and summer games. Before someone calls me an idiot for proposing this understand I'm not entirely sold on it myself. I just think it's a curious proposal. It's also something the pros can do that colleges can't.
You can't that knee injury home to grandma and kill her with it though. It's one thing to risk personal injury. It's quite another to risk injuring and killing family.
I hate to break this to you Connor, but these are schools, not minor league programs. Classes are already starting or will start in the next two weeks. They have to apply and be accepted and the school itself before the sport can even be considered. And the idea that the rosters of the SEC schools are so devoid of talent that they can absorb the rosters of the closing conferences is absurd. Almost as absurd as the idea that they can learn a new play system and be ready in just over 4 weeks. The NCAA is crap, but this article is just stupid.
You bring up some very good points I hadn't paused to think about, particularly players quitting midseason to insure their health.
Try 10 times lower. Truth is coming for you and those with you who put your faith in charlatans and liers like Fox News and OANN. When Biden wins in November it will be largely because more Republicans died of COVID than Democrats.
BLSINSC - just keep doing what you're doing. Darwin will take care of you soon enough.
Also - New York, Democratic Governor - after 3 months of pain the virus is under control as it is in Europe. In Republican states like your own Florida the virus is out of control and no signs of abatement. So my statement stands. So, here's hoping for your sake that you and those you love don't live one of the 51 counties of Florida that has no more hospital beds thanks to your Republican governor's policies. Cause having to bury someone is a rotten way to be forced to re-evaluate your politics. And with the hospital beds now gone any health emergency - heart attack, appendix burst, car accident - can kill you. An awful bed to lie in to say the least - have fun.
You're boy's the one in charge and calling the shots, so that card is unavailable to you. Try again.
Indeed. To even be possible the cases would have to be leveling off. There's no end in sight for the current upward trend. Folks, this is what happens when you elect politicians who's mantra is "Government is the problem, not the solution." They are utterly unable to deal with a situation like this which requires government action.
If we're lucky a vaccine will be ready by December to allow spring football. There isn't going to be a fall season folks. Expecting otherwise is magical thinking.
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@JTF, He's on camera calling it a hoax. Look it up on YouTube. You're asking us to deny the evidence of our very eyes and ears. We're not going to do it.
And when the young go visit the old what then? Also, although rarer, covid-19 can kill at any age. Go ahead and ignore the warnings. Catch this and kill off your elders. And no one is blaming Trump for this. I will hold him accountable for his piss poor response which has panicked the markets and tanked the economy.
It's an issue of courtesy. There's no reason Emmert couldn't have informed the commissioners before telling the press. They have a right to know first. At most it would have delayed his press conference by a day.
Several schools had withdrawn prior to the announcement including blue bloods Kansas and Duke. Several of the venues are in cities with bans on gatherings of over 200 people. Even without the fans a tournament will involve that many people.
Y'know, drinking that much kool-aid can lead to poisoning.
Matt House went from the Defensive Coordinator at UK to the Defensive Coordinator of the current Superbowl champions. So you're sorely mistaken.
I'd give USC the edge since they're at home. They'll lose to Kentucky largely for that reason barring another rash of injuries. If the Vols win though it won't surprise me, and I'll pull for the Vols in this one cause I do not like Muschump (misspelling intentional).
It depends largely on who the quarterback is. Terry's injury is one of the hardest leg injuries to fully recover from. Gatewood's eligibility is up in the air. I think Sawyers has another season left but he doesn't inspire confidence.
Agreed. I'm not saying Kentucky deserves to be on that board, I'm saying Louisville should not be on the board if Kentucky ain't, and they shouldn't be within 5 spots of wherever Kentucky is placed.
Stopped reading the article at the Louisville ranking and skimming to see if Kentucky was anywhere to be seen. As usual, nope. Author is a moron - Ranking Louisville and leaving out Kentucky proves this.
Here's a solution to the problem - but it's a bit outside the box. Split the conference into 4 pods. East - Florida, South Carolina, Georgia North - Kentucky, Mizzou, Vandy, Arkansas South - Tennessee, Alabama, Auburn West - Miss St, Ole Miss, LSU, TAMU Each team in the 3 team pods has a permanent rival in the opposite pod as follows: Tennessee - Florida, Auburn - Georgia, Alabama - South Carolina (sorry cockies). On odd years the divisions are formed by combining North + East vs. South + West. On even years the divisions are North + South vs East + West. With this scheme all the most important rivalries I know of are maintained. At worst though schools play each other every other year, and a home and home series will complete within a student's four years. There is the curious wrinkle that it's possible for 2 teams that face off in a championship game to be in the same conference - LSU and Alabama are one such example.
@brk4wc Until you can consistently beat us, I'd advise leaving Georgia and Florida the Hell alone. Go pick on Vandy or Arkansas - that's more your speed.
Frankly a coaching change should release all the players. That might not cool the heels of the idiots who think a football program can be built in 2 years, but it might give the ones making the decisions pause - in any event it would keep kids options in case the incoming coach has no intention of playing them. Such a rule change would require the NCAA to view the players as people. It doesn't. It views them as slaves.
I wonder where LSU would be if they fired Orgeron after 2 years? Stay bad MSU, stay bad.