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In Arabic the word "Crusader" translates as "Jihadist". They may fight against each other, but they are very much the same - people willing to kill to spread their superstition.
I'll put even odds on UK men's basketball finishing behind the football team at this point. I just don't see them getting above .454 with this quality of play.
Will the UK men's basketball finish with a worse winning % than the football team for the first time ever? Their current win % is .250, the 5-6 mark of the football squad is good for .454
Also agreed. Also, as noted by Picard once, "It is possible to commit no mistakes and still lose. That is not a weakness. That is life." Termination without severance pay is only justified if mistakes were made. Football coaches, dependent as they are on the talent and work of youths, can do everything right on their part and still have a losing season.
In a real world without unions and worker protections you mean. Just remember, the 40 hour work week and 8 hour work day, among other things, exist because unions fought for them and some died. If your masters had their way 112 hour / week, 16 hour days would be the norm.
So you'll be firing the next coach next year then. Cool. We're passing on the escalators. We're headed up, Y'all going down to the cellar to spend some quality time with your Nashville cousins.
That and the enforced parity. In college ball players choose where they go and the best among them tend to glom onto the same handful of programs to have a shot at a championship. Saban won most of his games this year through his recruiting efforts alone and before the kickoff happened. In the NFL the league doesn't allow this - letting all the stars pool in one place. In chess anyone can look like a grandmaster up a rook and a queen from the start of the game. Get used to playing that way and you lose your edge - which is why college football coaches at a high level tend to fail when they get picked up by an NFL squad. On the rare occasion an NFL squad poaches a college football coach from a non-blue blood it usually turns out better because those coaches haven't been able to win the game through recruiting before it even starts. Footnote: I'm not trying to cry sour grapes here, just being realistic. Saban and his staff work their ass off at recruiting and deserve everything they get out of it.
Once upon a time when you saw a Tennessee you'd be reminded of a dumpster fire. These days it's hard to see a dumpster fire without being reminded of Tennessee.
Yep. Steve Spurrier, Chip Kelly, Nick Saban...
I wouldn't go that far. It's a WordPress site, and those are a mixed bag. This one is better than most. It's reasonably well secured. I can't parse out the version number in under a minute and I'm too busy to try anything more elaborate than just looking at the page source (If you know what you're looking for, most Wordpress sites betray their version # there. Hell, even this one betrays it's running version 5.5.3 of some shortcode plugin). There are modules (aka plugins) for everything in WordPress, and that includes better conversation threading. Getting them to work with all the other modules is another matter entirely.
Unpopular Opinion - Perhaps Football should take a page from Baseball and deploy a force down - akin to a force out - to remove the need for some of the more dangerous hits. For example - a rule that makes a quarterback in the act of passing down on 2 hand touch - tackling him is only required if he tucks the ball and becomes a runner. Similarly if a defender has two hands on a receiver when they complete a catch or puts two hand on them before they can take 2 steps they are down, no tackle required. This would remove the problems of the targeting rule and make the game safer. I think this is an unpopular opinion though because most of the "fans" of this game are quite ok with the occasional dead or quadriplegic 20 year old as long as they get to see their big hits.
Terry Wilson needs to follow Randall Cobb to the wide receiver position.
@UGArmyRet - Backing Trump's bid to overturn the election at this point requires you to break the oath you took to uphold the constitution. Do that and you put yourself in league with the likes of Benedict Arnold. Just as there is no higher calling than serving your country, there is no fouler deed than betraying it.
And my point is proven - hate is all y'all have and all you know. Cry some more babies. Cry some more.
A superior program doesn't lose to 1/2 a football team. The UK defense whipped you with virtually no help from the offense this year. You have a better history, but history doesn't win future games. You're on course to a future battling Vanderbilt for cellar-dweller and Music City bowls, and nothing more. One day Alabama will break the record for longest win streak against an annual opponent (Notre Dame 43 over Navy) - they just got to beat you 31 more times. And there's no reason to doubt they'll do it.
@cds - DieselNova's sentiments are to be expected. He, and all Trump supporters, hate democracy. Thinking frightens them, they want an authoritarian government that doesn't let them think and they hate all people who do think. They hate liberty and freedom. They hate knowledge. They are far too stupid to parse out that the root word of "liberal" is "liberty". It was liberals after all who started the revolution. The conservatives of 1776 fought for King George under Cornwallis. They still hate us for taking away their beloved king and burdening them with freedom. They hate us for taking their slaves away under Lincoln. They hate us for not allowing their bigotry to flourish. They hate. It's all they do. It's all they have.
@DieselNova "I dont call teams bad after we lose to them lmao" - I'm pretty sure you still rag on Kentucky all the time. I'm also too lazy to look it up.
Connor proudly predicted we'd lose to Penn State two years ago and Virginia Tech last year. I'm pretty sure Hell would need to freeze over for him to pick Kentucky to win a bowl game. He's a biased hater and not important.
First they got to play. Tennessee is out. Kentucky's game is doubtful.
At this moment UK Football is 4-6 on their season - the basketball team is 1-5. Even if they beat Louisville (unlikely) they'll finish they year - not the season - with a worse record than the football team. And frankly, if they don't get their heads out of their ass they could easily finish with a worse than 40% win rate, which is what the football team posted this season. I find just a little humor in that. Gallows humor, but humor.
Surely he could have made a joke about how the football team has somehow finished the year with a better record than the basketball team :P
Hehe, Cal's finding out that COVID is kryptonite for the one-and-done approach.
You're taking the necessary steps to become just as bad, or worse. Kentucky fired Bear Bryant, then Brandon Collier, and that set them down the path into a long night. You're doing the same, and it couldn't happen to a more deserving fan base given how you've treated your coaches. Cause let's be clear, the best coaches will not tolerate being treated like crap. They will not coach for a program that mistreats it's coaches. There's a reason why Tennessee has to hire the Dooley's, Jones'es and Pruitts' of the world - cause they can't get the top flight coaches to touch the situation with a 10' pole. Whoever Auburn gets at this point, they are going to be Derek Dooley caliber. You'll fire them in 2 years. Rinse and repeat 5 times over the next 10 years. Look to Knoxville - there's your future. Enjoy.
@King Negan - I don't normally correct people's grammar either and normally it doesn't matter much to me. However, when you call someone else ignorant and make a glaring grammar or spelling error in the same sentence, it screams "I'm a idiot with no self-awareness" like nothing else can, and it's more than fair to point it out.
I honestly haven't seen a program mismanaged this badly since the Vols fired Fulmer. Get ready for 2-10 seasons and SEC shutouts Auburn, you've earned them. And honestly, the way you guys mistreat every coach you've ever had, here's hoping this is the start of an Iron Bowl futility streak that will, when it's all said and done, last longer than Kentucky's losing streak to Florida.
No less than Nick Saban himself said there was really no fair way to decide this season due to things like that and I tend to agree.