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blah blah much garbage here. Game will be determined by turnovers and stupid penalties. Just like most GA-TN games of recent times
Name a team with no question marks after ONE game.. I'll wait...
Would you take 9 more just like it???? If so, calm down and just sing Rocky Top!
Are you drunk??? At least you're admitting SC isn't a blue blood - or even an above average program. Never has been. Never will be. What is it now - 128 years of football and barely over .500?? LMAO!! All you chicken fans are the same - whining, crying and blaming everyone else for your woeful existence. You had TWO HoF coaches and still couldn't win anything!! But I know - #chopthechump is the cry bout you GET SOME PLAYERS!!!
Admittedly biased here, but absolutely believe Guarantano shocks everybody with a huge season. He’s always had the talent and now first time with same OC, what should be a top ten OL and a powerful run game should all combine to free his head up and let it rip. Vols go 8-2.
Why? He’s Bentley 2.0. SC fans fell in love with his “story”, which is fine, but he’s average at best as SEC QB. Chickens will be cleaning house by Christmas.
Turnovers. Turnovers. Turnovers. This game will be decided by turnovers. And the chickens will have plenty of TURNOVERS!
This is sooooo SC!!! Most schools would put up a statue of a great player or coach but since they have NONE of those to honor what do they do???? They put up a freaking chicken!!!! And THEY SCREW THAT UP!!! This dump is a complete laughingstock!!
That 40 year drought is really wearing on you Dogs. Every year same prediction, same result. But Kirby is the savior right? LOL!! GTFOH!!
This isn't real complicated. No decision by Sankey means no court battle. Just drag it out until it doesn't matter anymore is the obvious strategy here.
Keep'll start to believe some of it sooner or later.