Model 12

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Gooch will be a good one for you. Hope to see him play this Oct.
You think he is related to JC Louderback or Don Denkinger? At least Denkinger fessed up and said "I screwed that one".
So, is this delay how the announcers look like coaching geniuses? If I had a dollar for every time one of these talking heads correctly predicted some obscure play, or timely insight, I wouldn't have to work anymore. Surely the media wouldn't play me that way...
Man, what an opportunity. If you could hold the coalition together and schedule NO ONE from the big 10, that would be beautiful. "Ohio State, you'll pay ME a cool million to come play at Auburn? Screw you." "Michigan will offer up 4 games to play at Ole Miss with no return game in AA? Up yours!" Let them wither and burn.
I wouldn't give them the legitimacy. It helps KU, does little for MU...other than the temporary satisfaction of a chicken hawk buttkicking.
Well deserved. Long time coming. JB kicked it off.