Model 12

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Yep, on both counts. No brainer. Kid is the real deal.
My high school civics class taught me Delaware. Care to explain?
I wish the SDS main page would list the article's author BEFORE I click it...not that it matters much...
Nice effort Food City, but if you think anyone other than the paid TV lackeys are going to call it anything other than Thompson-Boling (or TBA), you are just wrong; but then again, any publicity is good publicity, and you just don't care. Oh, and it's "Commonwealth Stadium" too. I'm embarrassed to see this happen.
Surely we don't muscle Vandy out. They are a charter member. Ain't right.
Mr Pot, there is a Mr Kettle on the phone, he wants to discuss the color pallette.
Then he's in a no-lose spot. Success is the best revenge. Go out there and do it.
Was that before or after his phantom appointment to the Naval Academy? You can take his word as a Biden
So, we bringing back the Beer Barrel or what?
...but...but...we can't get clicks if we don't stir the pot!
Tomorrow I'm committing to eating breakfast. Cracker Barrel, Scrambled Jake's and IHoP have offered.
Nice pickup. MU is going to be a problem for everyone soon.
We will ALL be next. Evil flourishes when good men do nothing
If this is the criteria for NFL success, Joe "Sputnik" Milton will be a 5 time Pro Bowler. Please.
Perhaps CLK has worn out his welcome at the UM sororities. Greener pastures ahead.
Although I do not disagree with your message, shouldn't you wait for gwhite to post first before you pop this pre-recorded retort onto the site?
Bad footwork. Needs coaching up.
...and he would have gotten away with it, if not for you meddling kids!
bama fatigue. Many fans want to see fresh blood in ATL just to validate that we aren't only ga and bama. State, TN, KY, UM are all entertaining options for a fresh game Perhaps the Mustard Bowl rematch of unbeaten UT and Kiffin could excite the masses, and bama can go to the Sugar (not chump change).
It looked to me like the highly touted recruits were enjoying going over the wall to celebrate on the field. I spent a lot of time watching them, and they seemed relatively non-committal...until the end. Can't buy this exposure for 5 million dollars.