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Meanwhile, over on the public access channel, Negan TV has Uncle Lou picking his nose 23 hours out of the day. Negan will comment on technique the other hour.
Yes. We choked. It was not unexpected at some point, but painful nonetheless. Sigh. Who is this "Danny Kanell" of whom you speak?
If he was "protecting himself" (after the so-called threat was long since gone), then he has nothing to apologize for, right? Right? Bueller? I'm with Booches on this one.
You CAN go home again, but it's very very hard to maintain. Phil Fulmer sends regards.
Ace Rothstein has the gumps by 8. I put down 25G...and a really nice watch.
We would just pay them again to get out of the deal. Easy-peasy.
Butch Jones to Notre Dame. History repeats itself. Pleasepleaseplease...
In before Corch responds to himself...
Perhaps the SDS staff misunderstood, and Cam is referring to the Jones/Newton tandem itself as "Mac and Cheese" (Cam is the cheese, you see...)
I'm with wolf on this one. Don't wrestle with a pig. You get dirty and the pig likes it.
AFan, don't underestimate the Mecum Farm Auction. Got some nice stuff.
Golden Goose syndrome. Why not limit each school to two incoming transfers per year, and slow down this mess until we see how this plays out? Season ticket holder since 92, and after Covid-2020 World Tour last year (and the NFL woke debacle), me and my money are starting to not GAD anymore. CFB has already nosed over, all of this junk will accelerate it. Might as well go watch competitive skeet shooting on the Outdoor Network.
Gooch will be a good one for you. Hope to see him play this Oct.
You think he is related to JC Louderback or Don Denkinger? At least Denkinger fessed up and said "I screwed that one".
So, is this delay how the announcers look like coaching geniuses? If I had a dollar for every time one of these talking heads correctly predicted some obscure play, or timely insight, I wouldn't have to work anymore. Surely the media wouldn't play me that way...