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Really hated to hear about this... such a gruesome injury. Best wishes to Nick Chubb and I hope he makes a full recovery and comes back stronger than ever.
Read the comments following the guy's picks. That's a direct quote... looks like I'm not the one who can't read here.
"Tennessee winning at Arkansas" tomorrow? Pretty sure the game is in Knoxville...
Hello all. Long-time reader, first-time poster. Lifelong resident of Missouri, two-time Mizzou alum (bachelor's in 2009, master's in 2011). Anyway, onto some picks: Mizzou 21, South Carolina 17. Battle of the freshmen quarterbacks. I don't think losing Maty Mauk will hurt us much; everyone knew this was eventually going to be Drew Lock's team anyway and he's looked fine off the bench. I think Mizzou's defense puts on another good performance and Lock generates just enough offense to win. Georgia 38, Alabama 35. For some reason I just see this game as being a shootout, despite how good Bama's defense is. The game lives its up to its "Game of the Year" billing, and Bama's kicker misses a field goal to tie in the closing seconds, sending the Tide fans into another frenzy. Auburn 34, San Jose State 10. Auburn is finally able to generate some offense and cover the spread. Ole Miss 34, Florida 17. Maybe I think Ole Miss is better than they really are, because (I admit) I fell asleep during the third quarter of the Bama game, thinking it was going to be a blowout... anyway, I don't see Florida being able to score enough to keep up with Ole Miss' offense. Arkansas 27, Tennessee 24. Could go either way, but I have no confidence in Tennessee's ability to finish out a close game, even at home. LSU lots of points, Eastern Michigan many fewer points. Meh. The final score depends only on how long it takes for Les Miles to let off the gas. Vanderbilt 28, Middle Tennessee 20. Vandy isn't as bad as the ugly Week 1 loss led people to believe, and they seem to be getting better. Mississippi State 35, Texas A&M 31. Another shootout that could go either way, but I'm just not quite sold on A&M for some reason. Dak Prescott makes one or two more big plays than Kyle Allen and comes out of College Station with a big win. Kentucky 27, Eastern Kentucky 7. Kentucky has a little bit of a letdown after beating Mizzou, but still has more than enough to win this one easily.