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I agree. I do still fear Auburn and LSU despite how terrible they look this year because we've always managed to find a way to lose most of the games... Maybe I'm 2%ing
Diesal's going to be ticked off af seeing A&M on this list xD
I'd be more than happy if we get to NY6. I don't think we belong in the playoffs yet. These guys are going way too far with these predictions... But you really do need to get over the loss. "Lucking into a fumble to steal the game". When will people stop playing the if game. Then I can say, if there was no delay of game penalty in that field goal kick, y'all would've still lost. If you guys hadn't "lucked into a fumble" in the third quarter to steal Ainais Smith's ball, Florida still would've lost. There's no end to the if game. Just take the fact that A&M showed up to win on that day and move on ffs.
If there's one thing we've all learned watching the Aggies for the last several years, it's that you should never get hyped in the first half of the season even if this is Fisher's Aggies. The remaining games are all lose-able due to our weak secondary, but I believe as long as we're able to successfully punch through their dlines with the run game (I think we're 17-1 under Fisher when we run for more than 150yds/game), we may be able to go 9-1. The toughest defense remaining I believe is Arkansas but they've given up more average rushing yds than MSU has so far, so I hope our oline can take control in the trenches and the clock.
How many times does ND have to be blown off for the guys to realize they're overrated.... These guys are clueless af.
Ffs. Is this your football season ever? You don't play the if games to rank teams you moron... The "FACT" is, A&M beat you guys. That's it. Period. And yesterday, we beat MSU on road by two touchdowns and put up 180 rushing yards against a very very good defense who gave up an average of 75 rushing yards. And borrowing LynnBobTX's comment, if you want to bring out the TAMU vs. BAMA game, go look at Georgia's game against Bama yesterday. Keep playing the if game as much as you'd like if that makes you feel any better :)
Ok, genius. Who's the retard that put Florida ahead of A&M in the worthless list based on the assumption that if they played five times, Florida would win more. Yes, we've been inconsistent but we did beat you guys and then went on to beat MSU on road by two touchdowns. I wonder how pathetic the score would've been if y'all had played Bama lol
You really need to chill and stop the keyboard warrior attitude. This guy's not even saying A&M belongs in the top 4. Calm your @ss down. At least Mond is hella lot better than your 5th year starter lmao. I also don't think A&M is ready yet but we sure are showing signs of approaching there, unlike your degrading team.
I'd be more than content seeing Aggies go to NY6. IF we do make it to the playoffs somehow miraculously, we'll get rolled over so badly. We still have Arky, Ole Miss, Auburn, LSU that's a big concern. I include Auburn and LSU just because we always somehow find a way to lose against them most of the time.
I guess Demas isn't ready yet to receive the ball on field... had high expectation of seeing him play at least a few catch this season
Dang they really aren't buying in Arky...
Who the hell ranks teams in football based on who would win more by playing five games. You're dumb as hell xD. You do that with every 25 teams on there. It's based on whoever shows up and wins that day. Smh
I think this is the season where strange things are happening concurrently. Just today alone SCar and Kentucky broke their decades long losing streak.
Can't wait for ND and OSU cowboys to be exposed.
Georgia still deserves to be in the playoffs even if they lose to Bama again in the SECCG. 1. Clemson 2. Alabama 3. Ohio State 4. Georgia. I just don't see any other team that deserves the #4 spot.
Wait so who's the keyboard warrior here? xD I remember your name vividly because your keyboard warrior attitude stood out the most in a lot of posts.
Of all the places the ball could have deflected to, it goes straight to the MSU player who was next to Mond haha
Putting 186 rushing yards against MSU's defense is crazy.
It'll be a good game for sure. Y'all look like a completely different team on Pittman's first year.
It would be weird to have Georgia vs. Bama back to back if this week's game gets postponed.
Not a good news for A&M that Florida has seen dozens of confirmed cases. I wouldn't be surprised if we start having positive tests two weeks later but of course keeping my fingers crossed...
Yeah I hope the numbers don't increase too much for you guys. It would be terrible.
I feel like this will be another shootout game just like with Mizzou
I just hope our lines on both sides can manage theirs... Our o-line really showed up yesterday against uf but MSU has very stout guys in the trenches.
This is the dumbest comment I've seen this season. Respect to Florida's offense, but A&M's both fronts all mediocre??? Our O-line had entire control over y'all D-line. That was not luck by any means lol. I'm going to borrow a comment I saw here: if you're gonna play the "if only Florida hadn't fumbled" game, we also had Ainais Smith fumble I think in the third quarter, we would be up by two digits. Buddy, football isn't about IFs...
Yes. We remember the pain all too well. Although I don't understand the logic, as long as Mond and the team show what they displayed yesterday CONSISTENTLY, we can always climb up the ladder.
That's what I was thinking too. But then I guess you need the non confernce games to get more schools to bowl games and playoffs. But every single game so far has been electrifying.