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Have we seen this kid play outside of his high school games? Was looking forward to seeing him at Elite 11 but that never happened.
You're on SDS. I learned to expect the least of the least with the writers here.
This comment tops all the articles SDS writers poorly attempt to write about A&M's future.
Yeah I hope teams we go against doubt Caden Davis like you, Glenn. His range and accuracy is off the charts.
Lol this guy's been all over Jimbo-Saban posts and have been over and over proving to us how low and dense he is.
Lol... Bama fans talking about it via keyboard and those talking with their mouths are different people? Aren't they all Bama fans? And Gabertr seems to care A LOT here.
"And yet you still needed to return a kick". Are you actually serious? I know we were manhandled 2020 and the years before but man you're just screaming "I'm a loser" LOL. Isn't returning a kick part of the game as much as throwing a TD is? You're talking as if that's some cheap and easy way to score. What a clown.
LOL "the woman doth protest too much". How far down below do you want to reveal yourself.
The thing is this isn't even new news. Bjork twitted out there way back when this first stsrted that he's asked Sankey for sanctions. The president just co-signed.
Just incredible what Schlossnagle was able to do right from the get-go
In the SEC West, winning the division is basically winning the playoffs. Saban built a dynasty of 10+ years in the works. How long did it take Kirby Smart to beat Saban.
They're going to suck on this juice box until the season starts I'm afraid.
So I guess none of y'all read between the lines at all or take certain implications whenever reading or conversing? Y'all are straight up lying to yourselves if you answer, "no, I do not".
I do agree Jimbo could've done better on some of his word choices going at it at Saban but who wouldn't be angry when everyone is undervaluing the work that was put in by the staff by simplifying '22 recruiting as simply "bought". And this was the second time he had to bring it up in a press conference, and this time by Nick who Fisher has no ordinary relationship with. And bro, most comments about the amount of $$$ involved just aren't credible either.
Real curious. Do people actually read through Negan's comments? Whenever I see a long post with Caps I just know it's him and scroll down.
He had texas stuff removed weeks ago. And didn't he just finish his spring semester at Alabama? Heard he'll be enrolling in June. Addison's going to USC.
No they're not. And if Chase Lane is the starter at Z which is where he was practicing in spring, I'm going to lose it.
No surprise there. He also had the stupidest takes and "inside sources" when we were moving to SEC that never happened lol
Hez and Land missed most of 2021 but based on 2019 and 2020, they were alright. Not enough to provide offensive threat. Nowhere near Chapman's level. Moose still seems inconsistent but he lacks experience so getting him out there more may help him get better. Preston is a beat after catch but good lord he cannot catch a football. Brown has a small catch radius but like Preston can make plays with the ball in his hands. We've never had a player that can create separation, win a man to man, catch the ball, and be able to run once the ball is in the player's hands. I don't know if this is a developmental issue or just severe lack of talent in the players but whatever the reason, the lack of productivity in WRs is one of our key issues to this date. But I am hopefull Evan, Chris, and Noah along with future '23 WRs we're about to recruit will fix that. Hey Jimbo said it himself. There are plays he couldn't run because he just didn't have the guys that can.
Alright. I'll correct it to "serviceable". Our receiving corps is still horrendous though compared to the recruiting and the amount we're paying the receiver coach. Since Jimbo got here, name a single great receiver we had relied on. Hez hasn't shown much. Lane is very bad at creating separation. Moose has shown his moments more than the aforementioned two, but is still inconsistent. Chapman is the only guy I can say was reliable except that was based only on a single game. Ainias is the only overall injury free & pretty reliable receiver we have.
The typical "oh i've seen those type of guys" before you actually find out how worse they are. Don't say we didn't warn yoh.
Yeah people still seem to sleep on Marshall. I'm actually more excited to watch him than I am with Evan.
Some good points added here that debunks this article. Especially about how those players on the list had great veteran receivers. Unfortunately, A&M's not in the same situation. Most of our veterans just suck. Also, Connor goes about those receivers and then suddenly goes off the rail in bringing up Demas. You actually think Demas and Stewart are at the same level in terms of skill set? And I've never seen Jimbo talk highly of a Demas's work ethic, skill and character at the this point of time. Just terrible comparison all around.
Yep. Coop goes down and we'll have serious problems. Really wish we could've kept Perkins.