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Geez as an Aggie, this is a premature confidence and kind of embarrassing.. I remember last year before season started, he was saying he was the best QB in the conference. Lol. I guess this statement is a continuation of that.
Well I was just referring to how so many people don't even wash their hands properly after using the restroom. Kids I understand. But man, I've seen so many adults just go straight out after they're done. Disgusting... Can't expect everyone will follow proper hygiene.
Finally. An article that does not mention $75 million for once. Geez.
lol only if it were actually that easy for people to follow the basic hygiene and manners...
Oh wow! The 2012 season, right?! Are you just talking about that one single year? Wait. How long did he coach for? Why couldn't he do that again in the following years? That's right. He had Johnny Manziel. Guess what, he also had Kyler Murray and Kyle Allen and guess where we went with them. Another 8-5 season. You're simply obsessed with looking at w/l records, right? For each year Sumlin was at A&M, go look up his w/l records. Jimbo finished just finished his second season. First season he finished 9-4, which is an incredible surge compared to what we had seen with Sumlin for the previous 3-4 years. Jimbo, on the other hand, finished 8-5 in his second season against the most brutal schedule in college football. Your Vols would've probably finished with 2-11 record at best with the schedule we had lmao. It's common sense buddy. Seriously, stop embarrassing yourself XD
Yes. I think this is the biggest task left for Jimbo. Recruit and develop an elite QB. Hope Mond proves me wrong but from what I've seen the past three years, he'll stay as a "good" QB. Nothing more.
No. I'm laughing at your stupidity, really. You're actually embarrassing yourself by mocking something without actual knowledge. Sumlin or worse result? LOL You're actually retarded. Next time, do a little bit more research before posting another dumb and pointless comment.
I get the second part about upshift in recruiting, but didn't Jimbo recruit O'Neal?
This is a surprise. I wonder what the reason is behind so many A&M players entering the transfer portal... or has it been this common before?
lol A&M ranks second in NCAA total revenue. The school won't come even close to being bankrupt. Not sure if you've seen Kevin Sumlin coach. Jimbo already started with a 9-4 season and back to back top 10 recruits. He also hired two Georgia staff and I'm loving what Mike Elko has done with A&M's defense so I would say his coaching staff hires aren't bad either. I would worry more about your school.
That's what I thought... They seem to overhype Penn State. A lot. A&M's no exception though lol
Is Penn State really that good of a team to be up there? I honestly don't know about them so I'm just asking.
Hey, buddy. I see you have problems reading and comprehending : ( even your own sentences as you seem to have nothing to say back… It’s alright if you don’t know what to say. You don’t have to just because you’re enraged.. It’s only embarrassing you, buddy. The only two things I was referring to as hard truths and cold hard facts were the past performance and records Mond showed. I never said what’s to happen in the future are “cold hard facts”. Hope you are the one at peace! Seemed like you were mad yesterday haha. Have a good day, buddy!
Honestly, I really do hope Mond's light bulb goes off. I just haven't seen any signs yet. And I do agree that Mond is the only choice we have. I wasn't saying we need to change QB. I was just saying he won't be able to take us to the next level based on what I've seen for three years. I hope Calzada and King mature well as Jimbo's needed QB.
Okay “buddy”. You think Mond's performance and record you've probably seen with your own eyes are simply my opinion? Go back and read what you wrote.. If the team is able to show a better record only during less competitive games or games where our guys have much more experience than other teams, that isn't really proving how good Jimbo's offense is or seeing a “glimpse of how dynamic Jimbo’s offense is”. You want to see an offense does well only in less competitive schedule? The team ain’t going anywhere if that’s what the expectation is. The first comment here was saying Mond and Jimbo are an unimpressive duo. To that you said, "I’m not sure you understand how dynamic Jimbo’s offense can be when he has the right personnel", which I'm assuming because you wrote that, you don't think he has the right personnel. So we’re all agreeing on the same thing that Mond is the problem xD Buddy. He had three years. Three years. That’s more than some QBs ever get. If he’s had some capacity left, we would’ve already seen it by now.
And you know we've been barely beating Arkansas, right? (2016 exception). Even during the 9-4 Jimbo's first season, we won by a single TD.
You're the blinded fool if you think we're the only school improving from the last season.
Sometimes you gotta learn to accept hard truths. I would love to see myself proven wrong, but based on what we've seen so far, which is the cold hard facts, I see us struggling. With Mond gone, then we will start to see "a glimpse of how well Jimbo can move the ball".
struggling o-line and elite competition are a bad combination for Jimbo. I mean isn't that a bad combination for any coach? I think it's just Mond. The two mentioned reasons are true, but I just don't think Mond has what it takes to become an elite QB that will take A&M to the next level. We're getting good recruits and slowly building Jimbo style team but Mond is stationary. He's been stationary for the past years. Some analysts hype up A&M for Mond's experience and the situation that has most SEC West teams relying on a new QB or new coaching staff, but it's just going to be the same old' Kellen Mond. We're dropping against Auburn (again), Bama, LSU, MSU, and even possibly USC.
Why don't you go ask Fulmer cuz according to him, one year of good recruitment means y'all are back lmao.. which is the only comment I was making which seemed to trigger you so hard xD You're going around every non-Vol comments and attempting to throw down other schools but in fact UT had the worst season out of the schools commenting here. Before you say A&M went 8-5 as well, look at the programs we lost to and compare to yours ROFL. Oh right, you don't think w/l matters in football. Then it should be easier for you to soley look at quality of the schools your team lost to and weep in a corner lol
Dang.. we lost him to Brown but he comes back after one season to coach another SEC school :(