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Oh sh*t! Did not expect him to come back after accepting the Senior Bowl. This is awesome. We'll be loaded on D. Quick question though... if he's graduated, he just plays football?
I would love to see the '20 Bama vs '19 LSU... I think '20 Bama would win though.
Congrats on the win! Wonder how the score board would've been had Waddle been healthy. You know... like when A&M played Bama's full roster :)
I don't know why but hearing this gave me chills (wasn't able to watch the game). This is awesome.
The last time we had snow like this was in 2017. Not too long ago but it is on the odd side that we had snow in a 3 year gap. Usual is once in 10 years lol
Honestly wouldn't be surprised if we did. Loss in the OL will be big. Couple that with our young QB.
A&M will be a really young team but a talented one. We may not finish the season like we did this time but hey, they need the experience they can get.
Probably the better decision for him and the team. He started from that eye-wrenching UCLA game and finished as the Orange Bowl champion. Ended on a good note.
Lol that would be an interesting game to watch just for the coaching staff switch.
and you'll hear his name plenty on Monday and make your head hurt.
Alabama has too many key players to compare with Clemson. It won't be a blowout but Bama will get the job done. As always.
I don't see anything wrong with wanting to become a head coach. What's wrong with that? Much respect to him for wanting to finish out to the end. It shows his love and respect for the team.
I remember reading somewhere all Jimbo wanted at his time at FSU was what's best for the players both athletically and academically but the school just would not accept it. He has no problem with that here. He'll continue cultivating this new culture and we're on the right track for a great program success.
That's what I felt also. It wasn't just a "wow what a season". It was very deep and an emotional hug.
Chapman, Demas, Banks. I hope our WRs develop well during the offseason.
Knew Rebels would win this one. I always thought the b1g except for OSU was overrated.
A tough day for Wydermyer catching but his assigned blocks were phenomenal.
The style of the games we've played all seem to be one or another: dominate early or keep it close while pounding the opponent defense and pull away in the last 10 minutes of the game. The latter seems to be the case for the games after Covid hit our team.
I honestly think Auburn's going to win this one. Northwestern had so much trouble defending against OSU's run game and their offense was really at best pitiful.
The shift in attitude though. Being loyal to their college fans seems like a show now and with the agent speaking money into their ears, the fake loyalty surfaces.
Love the way he answered that. I have so much respect for the level of class Jimbo and Elko embodies. Would be awesome to have that kind of mindset passed down to all players as well.
I think my fellow Ags who've been through the ups and downs of Mond's time here have explained it well for me!
Noooo. Please. You were great but it's time to move on.
As a Houstonian, I feel so bad for Watts and Watson. Such a waste of talent but still sticking around for whatever reason. So much respect for them.
Yesss. I'm looking forward to the young players and the new guys coming in early for spring training. Excited about what kind of style Stowers and King will bring!
Let's just move on. Looking forward to next year. How am I going wait another 8 months...