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So just curious. How does the $76M buyout compare to 10 year $75M contract?
Sure, back then. But wake up? It's 2021. No one can deny it isn't about the money.
Yeah and with that $$$$ they gonna try to take over SEC like they've done with the Big12.
That's what my realistic self sees happening as well. The first four five games will help us get the real game experience but they're (o-line & qb) mostly still young. Ole miss and mizzou (match after bama) scare me.
Holstein would never pick LSU. I heard he transferred high school bc he didn't want to wait behind Walker Howard (2022 LSU commit).
^^^^ in the end we're all the same. Except for Bama of course.
Let's keep Hezekiah out of the mix of group of receivers that will help carry our offense. We've seen enough to know what to expect of him.
It's just sad seeing people here who just can't stand the news of other school taking a stance against recurring power houses. Just bash at any chance you get.
The kid came to spring practice with gained weight at 250 lbs. A WR at 250 lbs whining to be on the first team. The joke's on him. You'd burst out laughing if you saw his picture at practice.
I agree. Smith may be still listed as RB but I see him being used more as a slot because we lack a bit in the WR room. Smith is still the best route runner in my opinion.
LSU (other than Bama of course) is really of a concern for me. They have the roster to be at the top and be a completely different team from last year. I guess it'll depend on how the NFL coaching staff O managed to haul in will perform.
Probably one of the reasons why we have less articles than other programs xD
Keeping my fingers crossed. Heard and saw good things about this guy.
Smith is such a stud... He can literally be great at ANY position.
I think it's the type of atmosphere Jimbo is bringing and his class that show his great character.
If he is coming to A&M, hopefully Jimbo and Henson will talk right senses into him.
Well thankfully, crystal ball for LJ Johnson now leans heavily towards A&M.
Oh sh*t! Did not expect him to come back after accepting the Senior Bowl. This is awesome. We'll be loaded on D. Quick question though... if he's graduated, he just plays football?
I would love to see the '20 Bama vs '19 LSU... I think '20 Bama would win though.
Congrats on the win! Wonder how the score board would've been had Waddle been healthy. You know... like when A&M played Bama's full roster :)
I don't know why but hearing this gave me chills (wasn't able to watch the game). This is awesome.
The last time we had snow like this was in 2017. Not too long ago but it is on the odd side that we had snow in a 3 year gap. Usual is once in 10 years lol