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Wait how is early offensivs line struggles the biggest surprise? We knew all four of the 2020 maroon goons were gone lol.
Lol exactly. and the guys on broadcast media are wrongly hyping it up.
It is really getting obnoxious. Then there are idiots like Finebaum that for the wrong reason wonder why Jimbo keeps bringing the issue up.
Exactly. Isn't the "eye test" also a big factor here that fans and the committee love to talk about?
Paul Finebaum, this is why Jimbo keeps having to repeat himself.
Jahmir Johnson has been the problem this season in regards to allowing QB pressures and sacks. I don't understand Jimbo playing him. Having Green at LT and putting Trainor at guard seemed to work so well against a good Alabama defense.
There was another great one where they had CULT spelled vertically and for "T" they wrote aTm.
I'm guessing you didn't watch football after the 2019 season? lol
Oh yeah consistently get top recruits but finish with losing record. What a great program you've got.
This is very well said as well. Sick of fans of programs dwelling in the past because they've got nothing good going for them in recent years. Does previous titles get you to championships? Hell no. Every year is a different team. Keep daydreaming and we'll just keep progressing.
I mean what does LSU have that A&M can't offer? We're already recruiting nationally and this recruiting class is about to explode. Not sure Jimbo would be working his ass off this much just to walk away to LSU.
The Ole Miss defensive front will be significantly outmatched by our guys upfront. Calzada will feel uneasy playing SEC road game at night but our ground game should ease him up.
Heather really has the worst takes. Oregon???? What even
Bruh but A&M had a backup QB and two freshmen on the O line :(
Auburn's 0 is going to be a problem for our ground game. It's going to be a dog fight. We really need to contain and pressure Bo inside the pocket and not let him scramble or else our offense won't be able to keep up.
By your logic, all top 10 recruits every year should commit to either Georgia or Alabama. Doesn't work like that bud.
Now if it's a one score game, we'll still be clueless as to what to expect.
Ole Miss is probably the most complete team on the offense behind Alabama. Matt Corral is Matt Corral but we can't overlook Ealy either. It's going to be a game where we need the Alabama Calzada to show up. I wish I could put anchors each on his happy feet. Literally a penguin when he's inside the pocket.
Sounds like a coach who's interested in the position, and rightfully so.