Money Shot

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Ok Ole Miss fan. Us state fans don't want to see our rival win. That is how the rivalry works.
WOW, you people are still whining about that. Did you even know the full story?
at least we don't cheat, do drugs, get rejected by porn stars, and guess what CHEAT
They must have not paid him enough. Ole Miss fans calm down it is a joke.
I get what you are trying to say, but I am just looking at the bright side of things( like if no one gets injured or suspended ect.). And I am so certain we do not have the least talented roster in the West (I think it is Arkansas and maybe Auburn). I think with this new defensive scheme we are going with will really help this defense( at least in the front 7). I am mostly comfortable with where our offense is at right now. I think our o-line will get better and we have more than one good receiver coming back( some people may not know this due to Dak throwing the ball to Ross and Wilson so much). And there was no reason for a run game for us because our o-line was so bad. Just hopefully one of our quarter backs are consistently average or good.
Why are some people saying it is impossible for msu to get 9.5 wins? I know there are only 2 games that we will absolutely lose (Lsu and Alabama). Then the other 2 threats are Ole Miss and Texas A&M. And if we lose those four, we will still have 8 wins.
Are you kidding me?! Out of the 2 sec football teams in Mississippi, OLE MISS SHOULD FEEL DISRESPECTED IN THE SEC RANKINGS. Smh