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Brought to you by your tier 2 expert, South Carolina fans.
Wonder if this is the result of that late hit he took when running out of bounds....
Are you high? aTm a good defense?
Yup, nothing's changed here. Except you know, we ended the streak and beat Florida. =)
It's not excuses, it's facts. Give us a 100% healthy defense, hell even leave the 7 turnovers, and we win that game.
Uhh likewise, the strip on Kamara near the goaline also was a difference maker. We just didn't catch breaks anytime with fumble recoveries when we needed to. It happens. Oh well, it was fun exposing your "improved rushing defense".
While this may be true, there is a better chance of us beating them in our first matchup I believe.
Does gig'em mean almost losing a game where the opposing team had 7 turnovers, a depleted defense, and more offensive yards? If so, gig'em.
Recent daily tradition would be more applicable, although still a stretch to establish a trend in 3 days.
You're totally right man. No one on our team is worth scouting. Obviously they are all there to only watch Alabama. Shut up you moron.
He would have been 4th string what? 2/3 years ago? Not a valid point.
Yup, if that's what he had than medical personal probably advised against him flying.
I know you guys would love to play Florida again in the SECG for an easy win, but that ain't happening last year.
aTm was better at stripping the ball than making open field tackles, otherwise we were running all over you. Only thing that saved you that game. Also, not ALL the fumbles were forced, we had one caused by a miscue handoff between Kelly and Dobbs.
aTm did a better job stripping the ball then open field tackling.
This guy is just acting (/is) a fool to get youtube hits.
"Playing on Oct. 29 forces the Georgia-Florida game to be pushed up a week, which is a hardship on the city of Jacksonville, plus it puts Florida into a situation where it has to play Georgia and LSU back-to-back while LSU has to play Florida and Alabama back-to-back with Alabama given the advantage of having an off week before the LSU game." Tennessee played Florida, Georgia, aTm, and soon Alabama over a 4 game stretch. This argument has no merit for excluding the Oct 29th game.
Yea, I seem to recall him making a few good plays last year against Alabama too. It'll be interesting to see what the backfield situation is like after Kamara just put a show on A&M. John Kelly had a good game too with some hard runs, despite the fumble, but I don't see him entering the rotation with Hurd back. Still, it was good to see a new runner enter the fold.
Aside from the throw we came back down 17 points. The catch at the end was just icing on the cake.
Uhhh we won 2 of 4 quarters, you guys had 2 offensive yards in the 3rd quarter.
I'm not judging the coach so much as society itself. Weed should be legal and student athletes (hell NFL even) allowed to use it.